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MG FF:Limitless -Thread 3- NEW THREAD LINK PG1 (Page 38)

maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 October 2011 at 10:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

Originally posted by maan-ki-sanjana

Originally posted by mechantefille

Do I get to hang out with Vicky today?? He's been over at Aashu's forever - kamini bhejti hi nahi hain!!
Howz the throat n cold Sanji?

LOL no Vicky today...he is having an emotional moment!

Feeling slightly better, though I have a sexy husky voiceLOL
I was having a nervous breakdown cause my laptop kinda brokeOuch
husky voice...koi na...
NPM is behra..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
what happened to lappyCryCryCry

LOL my voice is driving NPM crazy...too hot to handleWink part that attaches the monitor/lid to the laptop kinda my laptop is a bit fragile at the moment. Still using it though...but need a new oneOuch

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babaji iska lappy ki raksha karna..
badle me chahe NPM le lo..lekin lappy ko surakshit rakho!

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angili Goldie

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Posted: 14 October 2011 at 10:56am | IP Logged
Oye amru aash jao yahi se Vicky and NP ki sacha pyaar agate hai aka me LOL

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maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Sorry for being late!

Please excuse any grammatical usual I haven't proof read anything!Embarrassed

Sliver and blue

Chapter 29: History


Such pain your love brings,

That it knocks me down to my knees,

Breathless, with not even tears for relief,

I curse and bless you in the same moment.



The truth shall set you free.

 Gauri Khurana's words rang in Vicky's ears as he contemplated the truth that had been revealed to him. But for the first time he was doubting her wisdom, for how could such truth set anyone free?

How does one face the fact that their father was greedy enough to be the instrument of destruction of his own son's life?

Vicky knew that when it came to Virender Singh Khurana, anything was possible, because that man had no scruples or a conscience. He was like a disease, spreading misery and pain to all he touched.

Vicky had thought that he had accepted these facts, for his very existence was an evidence for the evilness in Virender. But he couldn't help with the thoughts that constantly beseeched him. Am I like him? Do I also spread this shadow in people's lives?

As he thought about his father it was impossible to not think about his mother, the woman he had never met.

Meher worked as a maid in the Khurana Mansion. She was only 16, but had been forced to work because of not having any family or financial support. Despite all the hardships that she had faced, she never begrudged fate. She felt blessed with the small amount that she had, acknowledging that there were others with even less.


She knew that she was good looking, but when one was poor being attractive was as much a curse as it was a blessing. She had managed to get through life unscathed, at least when it came to sexual abuse, but she was always conscious of the way men stared at her. The lust in their eyes disgusted her, but she helpless to stop that.


That was the very reason she had taken the job at Khurana Mansion, for she trusted Savitri Devi and Gauri ji. Both were such strong women, with each holding their own in a male dominated society. Never for a moment did they make her feel inferior nor did they dismiss her opinions. For the first time in her life she felt that she was worth something.


And of course there were the kids. Dev was only a little baby, had turned 2 last week. The little boy was one of the happiest and gentlest babies. He would gurgle happily when she would pick him, never crying that he was away from his mother. Within the small time she had started to love the child as her own.


Maan though was a different story, though no less in her affections. The six year old boy was such an intelligent child, always curious but an introvert. He would try to help her with small jobs, already a little gentleman and would never create trouble for her. Even in his silence, he was reassuring. Meher sometimes felt that if she had a younger brother, she would have loved him exactly the same way she did Maan.  That is why she was always hurt when she noticed the shadow of sadness in the little boy.


No one in the house was oblivious to the cause of this sadness; Virender Singh Khurana. Virender was definitely unworthy of the unconditional love of a child and attention that Maan bestowed up on him. He would come home and ignore the child, as if he was just another piece of furniture in the room. Sometimes Meher wished she could slap the man in the face, and tell him to reciprocate the love.


It was futile though, for it was painfully apparent to everyone that Virender Singh Khurana was heartless and the only person he held any emotion for was Gauri, his wife. Even his feelings towards Gauri were abhorrent. There were rumours that Virender had been crazily in love with Gauri and that he had done everything to win her over. He had cajoled her, pursued her until the poor lady gave in. But after they got married it was obvious that Virender was incapable of changing. His love for Gauri was twisted; for he openly took other women but would not let Gauri even look at another man. Gauri however was no wilting flower and had fought back. Their relationship disintegrated till it was just by name. 


Meher was also aware of the lustful way that Virender would glance at her. She felt violated by his vile stare but she didn't say anything out of respect for Gauri.

And that was the biggest mistake of her life.

Meher was running around the house searching for Maan to get him ready for his music lessons. Not realizing that Virender was in the house, Meher rushed into the master bedroom. Virender stood there shirtless, causing Meher to automatically gasp in surprise, which caught his attention. Just as she was about to run out of the room he clutched her hand.


"What are you doing here?" His voice grated on her nerves, warning her that something wasn't right.

"Sorry Sir, I was looking for Maan." Her voice quivered, with unknown fear.


"Hmm'are you sure you aren't here for me?" The leer in his face nearly caused her to gag with disgust but what happened next was beyond her expectations. He snatched her and threw her onto the bed.


She tried to fight him, but he was too strong for her. In the large mansion, there was no one to hear her pitiful screams which with every jolt of helplessness receded. She could only feel pain and humiliation as he touched her in a way no man should touch a woman. Her body shuddered with pain as he entered her and tore her apart. She could feel blood seep out of her as he pumped into her aggressively. The touch of his greasy fingers and the smell of cigarettes on his body all made her nauseas. She prayed for oblivion, for anything was better than this humiliation and agony. Her only relief was the tears that clouded her vision, stopping her from seeing the face of the monster. She felt his body pant as he reached his climax, while she just felt burning pain.


She was brought out of her catatonic state by a loud scream. Standing at the door was a scared Maan who looked horrified at what his father was doing to his beloved Meher. He picked up a book from a table nearby and threw it at his father. Virender just laughed, fixed his clothes and walked away, not caring at all.

It was Maan who cried while clutching Meher and then ran to get his mother to see what was wrong. Meher stopped feeling sorry for herself as she looked at the innocent boy's face. No one deserved to have a father like this and absolutely no child should ever witness such a scene.


Gauri rushed into the room, not really understanding what had happened, for Maan could hardly explain. But the moment she entered, she instinctively knew what had happened and at that moment from the very bottom of her heart she wanted her husband to burn in hell.


Gauri tried to cajole, then force Meher into taking action against Virender. Savitri also tried to convince Meher. But Meher was adamant. Anything to do with the Khurana family would be in the media, and she didn't want to face that. She knew that she was being weak but she didn't have it in her to battle against Virender, even with the other two women on her side. She didn't want to stain their lives for something they weren't responsible for.


But Savitri made it clear that Virender was no longer welcome in the family or the house. He had been permanently removed from them, to ensure that he could do no harm to Meher or to the others.


Things got worse when Meher realised that she was pregnant, but the two women stood by her. She felt illogical guilt whenever she was around Gauri, wondering how the lady must have felt knowing that someone was carrying her husband's child. But Gauri never let her see her pain. She was the one who took her to the doctors and made sure that she stayed healthy.

But none of her efforts were worth it, for Meher's young body couldn't adjust to childbirth and she passed away after giving life to Vicky. With her dying breathes she made Gauri promise to look after her son and to make sure that he gets all the love he was entitled to.


Vicky had never known Meher, but had heard all about her from Gauri. She told him that even though he was the child of her heart, she felt it was a sin to withhold information about his birth mother.

Never for a moment did Gauri ever let Vicky feel neglected nor did she let him miss a mother's love. He was the pampered child, while Maan and Dev were the ones who got scolded for his mischief.


And all those qualities that he admired in Gauri were reflected in his brothers. Maan had been the person he compared himself to and held as the epitome of success.


Vicky had been bidding his time to take revenge on Virender, wanting to wait till he took the last shot to bring the man down. And now was the time, because Virender had crossed another line. You should not have messed with Maan bhai, because I would have been cold and calculated in destroying you. But Bhai will relish your pain.


So Vicky picked up the phone and called his brother to tell him everything.



Maan felt an unnatural calm overtake him as he listened to Vicky tell him all that he had found out. Logically he should have been furious and raging but it was as if something had finally fallen into place. He had gotten the last pieces of the puzzle he had needed to make sure that his plan would work.


Within him also rose a desire to annihilate Virender. Last time they had gone into battle, Maan had come out victorious, not knowing that Virender had hidden plans. But now that he knew what Virender had done, it was almost too easy to bring the man down.


And I will enjoy every single moment of it. Every time you'll suffer Virender, it'll only increase my happiness.


It didn't take more than a minute for Maan to put all the dots together and to understand how Virender had done all this. The unexpected part was Sameera's involvement. But even that he would find out, from the culprit herself.


 But Maan had to take permission from Vicky. "Vicky'I think you know what I have to get you to do. Are you okay with that?"


Vicky gave a sigh but there could be only one response. "Yes bhai, that is the only thing to do now."

"Well'then it is time for justice." There was vicious pleasure in Maan's voice. "He is coming for Dev's wedding'he'll be here tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I need to deal with Sameera."




Virender's rage was beyond anything he had ever felt before. He couldn't believe or accept that his son had the audacity to defeat him.


Kapoor Alliance was meant to be mine! I am the rightful owner!


For the first time in his life Virender hadn't been successful in his plans. He was unable to takeover Kapoor Alliances due to his son's interference. Maan had managed to convince the courts that the will Gauri had left behind was binding and as such Virender had been cut off from any inheritance.


His mother had also made it clear to him that none of the Khurana fortune would ever be his, because it was already in her will that Maan and any of his children would be the major shareholder of Khurana Enterprise, while Dev and Vicky would receive same amounts spread out in shares and properties. All that should have been his, had been taken away and given to his spawn.


But that hadn't been the end of his troubles. Overnight he had reports of his factories in Canada, being burnt down by accidents. All the shareholders were folding, not wanting any part of the business as were all his investors. It was almost impossible that everything could be snatched away so quickly but he had no doubt that it was Maan who was responsible. But he was hardly a novice, so even though he had lost the battle he wouldn't go down without bringing down his son.


"Sameera, give me the number." He barked into the phone, taking steps to make sure that his son was never happy.






Geet's heart was pounding as she contemplated what had happened. Her whole body was tingling with pent up desire, and frustration. Her skin was flushed with a sheen of sweat and her breathing erratic.  With shaking hands she touched her lips, feeling the bruised skin.


It shouldn't have happened! Why did I let things get that far?


There were two parts arguing inside her; one that was shocked at what had happened and the other that wanted things to have gone further on. It was her guilty desire to want him, for she could no longer deny that despite the anger and hatred, she also loved Maan.


Even now she could feel his fingers touching her and his mouth on her, creating a torrent of desire. Only he was capable of doing that, to make her lose absolute control. Flashes of the moment caused her body to ache with the need to go back to him.


But these emotions raging through her were just confusing her further. She didn't want to face these truths, not when her mind kept flashing back to the past.


I need to get away from this place. It's no longer safe for me to be here. The longer I am with him, the worse this feeling is getting.

But how can I leave when it is Naina's wedding?

No I have to leave!




Naintara Rathod prided herself on her intuition and her ability to understand people. She didn't make many friends but she always tried to be loyal to the ones she had. Yet today she felt like a failure on both counts.

How could I be so wrong? Or so blind to my friends?


She had gone to Dev's room to speak to him about Geet and reassure him that they were making the right decision when she had seen the moment between Meera and Dev.


 Initially she had been shocked seeing them like that as Naina had never thought about Dev liking anyone else. But as she thought about it, it made perfect sense. Those two were always on sync, their interactions calm and soothing.


It had touched and humbled her, seeing the two and know that the reason that Dev hadn't done anything was for her and his mother. Naina knew that Dev was a gentleman and he would never renegade on his promises, especially one to his mother.


HE would also not want to hurt her, for despite the fact that Naina hadn't loved Dev it was still painful to think that something that she had known her whole life was snatched away. From a young age she had accepted that she would marry Dev and had lived her life according to that, making sure that she didn't begin any relationships. Now that security was taken away, leaving a numb feeling.

But I can't let them sacrifice everything!


So there was only one thing left to do, to make sure that Dev and Meera could be together. With determined steps she went to the guestroom to see Seb.

Without knocking or any preamble, she barged into the room catching Seb off guard.

"What's up, crazy woman?" Seb said in his usual mocking tone.

"Marry me."



Chapter 30 - Revenge - Pg 61


So sorry for the delay!
But I was quite sick...still am. So there was really no way to updateConfused

Anyways...better late then never!
Hope you all enjoyed the part.Big smile

Well MSK is planning and plotting...I have given hints about how he'll take down any ideas?

And what do you all think about Naina and Seb?

BTW: Those who want to be PMed, can you please send a buddy request. IT makes it much easierBig smile

Also I want as many LIKES and COMMENTS as possible! Don't slow down people!LOL
Please keep commenting and critiquing my writing!

PLEASE DO COMMENT and press the LIKE button!!

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Dont know why, but aaj bahut mazaa aa raha hai aashu se panga lene mei. Lagtah hai I have got too stressed out with the presentation I am all set to make tomorrow. destreassing now. sorry Aashu.

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uthra sab mere peeche kyu padhe hai aaj???
what happened to ur presentation honey?
kar le kar le...
kla presentation acchi gayee to mereko party...

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awesome update love it truly
wainting to see maan's plan against a monster virendrAngry
continue soon

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nice one
thanks for the pm

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