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MG FF:Limitless -Thread 3- NEW THREAD LINK PG1 (Page 22)

maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by amzu32

wonderful update!!!

Thanks dear!Big smile

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Big smile...Day Dreaming

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maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Thanks my lovely readers!

Loved all the comments!

Here is the update, but beware that some scenes are a bit 16+

Sliver and blue


Chapter 28: The truth

Even in my hatred

I crave for you


Even in my nightmares,

I search for you


Even if I run away,

I look back towards you.


He ground his body against her, making it impossible for Geet to stay unaware of the desire pulsating through his body. Almost in a reciprocal reaction her body clenched with desire.

She closed her eyes as she felt his breath against her face and then his lips brush across her face. His tongue darted across the corner of her lips to suck in a drop of sweat causing a moan to escape from her mouth.

He was slowly inching his hands under her tank top, with fingers that were creating havoc within her. She could hardly breathe with the intensity of the desire he built within her.

"How can you not understand how much I love you?" His voice weaved a magic around them, creating an ambiance that trapped Geet in a state of confusion. "Tell me how you can't see the love I feel for you?" There was such desperation and hopelessness in his words, that it caused an involuntary tug in her heart.

And before she knew it her hands were around him, pulling him impossibly closer and let their lips meet in a kiss that stopped the whole world.

She put all the love she felt in that kiss, all the anger she held within herself into it. She couldn't even delude herself into thinking that she wasn't in love with him, not anymore. Not while they were so close, not while she could feel it pulsing through her veins.

"Please love me." He pulled back and whispered against her lips. "Please love me again."

I have always loved you, Geet thought to herself but couldn't manage to get the words out of her mouth.

But the next moment thinking become impossible as Maan's hands unhooked her bra and brushed across her nipples. Her whole body shuddered at the pleasure the simple touch brought to her.

As his hands created magic with their touch, his lips traveled to her collar bone to suck and bite. Geet just managed to hold on to him, trying not to slide down. Her hands entangle in his hair, grasping on in an attempt to control her desires.

She whimpered as he bit down particularly hard but she couldn't muster up the energy or the will to push him away. At that moment none of the reasons why this shouldn't have been happening patter away in her mind, leaving only him.

One of her hands sneaked down under his shirt to feel his skin and she lets it explore the broad expanse of his toned abdomen. Despite having her hands closed she could almost visualize the beauty of his body.

With another throaty sound, in response to her touch, Maan's lips travelled lower down and he pulls her top up. Before she could move away, his lips were around her nipple, tugging and biting.

 In response her legs tightened around his and she started to move against his body, trying to find release.

But Maan was merciless in his attack. He continued to create a storm in her body, not giving her a moment of respite. He was like a mad man, unable to let go and unwilling to give her up.

She clutched his head and then bit down on his neck, trying to hold back. He continued to bite her but suddenly the sound of a door slamming jerked them apart.

For a frozen moment they just stared at each other, silently assessing the situation.

Geet's eyes widened as she looked at his face. No! What have I done?  She pulled even further away from him, and slid down his body. She leaned against the wall and closed her eyes, trying to avoid the situation.

But Maan was not having any of that. He sat down next to her and grabbed one of her hands before he leaned closer to whisper, "Can you deny what we share Geet? Can you deny that we love each other when we share moments like these?"

No, Geet's heart told her but she kept that within her. She didn't want to lose herself to him again, she couldn't let history repeat itself.

"We can work through this Geet, as long as you accept the fact that we are meant for each other. That no one else can ever take the others place."

Every word was like an arrow to her heart because of the truth they held. Geet couldn't lie to herself, but neither could she accept it.

So she stood up ready to run away from him and all the emotions he was bringing up in her but before she could escape he only said one word, "Please."

Geet closed her eyes in pain but still walked away, unable to tolerate the torrent of feelings.



He stood by himself, staring out into the Khurana grounds, willing himself to find the answers to his dilemma.

Am I doing the right thing by helping bro to get back with Geet? Or am I being selfish in wanting my brother to be happy?

 Dev had always treated Geet like the sister he never had, which is why they had never been uncomfortable living together. He loved her but in a manner that was platonic and pure in its honesty. But at this moment he was worried that he wasn't being the friend she needed, instead was fulfilling his obligations as a brother to Maan.

Suddenly he felt a reassuring hand on his should and turned around to face a concerned Meera.

"Dev, are you okay?" Meera spoke softly, as she saw the flicker of emotions across his face.

"Yes Meer." He sighed. "I am just worried for Geet. I don't want to see her'.like she was before." To a certain extent only they knew about the depth of Geet's despair as they had lived with her and seen her at her lowest. The others had seen only the fringe effects, but they were the daily witnesses.

Meera patted his back to comfort him. "Don't worry, everything will work out. And I am sure Maan is the right guy for him. If they love each other everything will work out."

If they love each other everything will work out. Meera's words touched Dev in the lie they held. For love wasn't always victorious and neither was it a blessing for all.

"No, sometimes love isn't everything." What about my love? What about us Meera?  Dev knew he should stop but the words fell out. "What about you Meera? Did your love work out?"

Immediately Meera's eyes filled with tears and she turned away from him. "Maybe not, but I want more for Geet. I want her to get the happiness that I couldn't'well I want her to be happy." There was such depth of emotion in those words, that Dev wanted to take back his words.

"I am sorry Meer." He reached out and pulled her into a hug before she could walk away. "I want you to be happy'I wish things were different and that I could tell you how much I-"

But before he could utter the words that would change their relationship, Meera covered his mouth. "Don't Dev, please don't say anything. We are friends and that is all we can be. You have a promise to fulfil for your mother'and I have a friendship to keep intact. Don't ruin it all."

"At lease let me hold you." He whispered against her face. "At least let me have this moment.

Meera didn't have the heart to deny him neither could she deny it for herself, so for a moment they clutched on to each other, savouring the last moments of such closeness.



Vicky stared out the window of his office in Khurana headquarters. He technically didn't work for Khurana Enterprise, but as one of the major shareholders he had an office.

Sometimes he enjoyed the irony that his father didn't have any shares in the company neither did he have any ties left with them, yet Vicky did. But other times the fact that he had any ties with Virender at all would cause bile to rise up.

All three brothers hated their sire, but none more than him. No one in the world could have more reason to hate Virender Singh Khurana than Vicky.

No that isn't true. Vicky amended. Ma had every right to hate him more than me. After all that he did to her and even after her death he tarnished her memory for all of us.

Lost in these thoughts, it took him a moment to realise that his phone was ringing and he picked it up immediately as he saw the caller ID.

"Hey girls. What's happening?" He said, knowing that all three women would be on the phone.

"Hi Vicky!" they said in synchrony, before Aash spoke up. "Vicky I am sending the files you requested, Mr Virender Singh Khurana's overseas business details."

"Thanks Aash. Amru, were you able to dig up who made those calls to Geet Handa's phone?"

"Yeah'.Vicky this might be quite serious. I am texting all the details I know, but be prepared to be surprised." Amru said ominously.

"Who is it?" Vicky was abrupt and to the point in his desire to know the truth behind his brother's problems.

"Sameera Sharma."

"Sameera? What the-"

This time it was Sanji who interrupted Vicky, "There is more you need to know. Someone else is the person behind the whole issue. I found it out while I was carrying out some jobs, from whispers between people who were in the peripheries of the whole incident."

"Who is it?!" This time Vicky's tone was much more tense and sharp.

"Your father, Virender Singh Khurana."



For the first time in his life Maan Singh Khurana wanted to run away from his responsibilities, away from the life that he had been born into.

It was becoming harder and harder to tell himself to be patient, to wait a day more before he would leave India and go back to his Belle. HE had tried to find out about Belle through Moe but that was a dead end because there wasn't much that Moe could tell him. He had to go back to their himself to find her out.

Just wait for me Belle'wait a bit more.

But things were hardly ever so easy or simple. He was stuck here due to obligations he had to fulfil, because of promises that had to be kept.

Maan you are my faith, my Iman. Make sure that your brothers get what is their right. Even Vicky'especially Vicky. Make sure that your father doesn't take away the last remnants of my life and destroy it with his greed and malicious ways.

And how could he refuse his mother's last wish?

Everything that Gauri Khurana had done for her family went beyond the norms and was immeasurable because of her sacrifices. But never had she given up on her beliefs and principles. So how could he betray the education and the integrity that she had instilled in him at such time?

His father was on a war path, trying to take over Kapoor Alliances, both to spite Maan as well as because of his greed. Virender couldn't tolerate the idea of someone else taking something away from him but Maan couldn't tolerate having Virender touch something that was his Mothers.

Virender had gotten the public involved and had twisted the whole story to his benefit. He had come of as the martyr who wasn't allowed to mourn his wife's death and was being denied the right to her assets by his greedy son. He also had the audacity to imply that Gauri Khurana hadn't been faithful during their marriage, which was such hypocrisy when one considers all that he had done.

All of this wouldn't have bothered Maan that much if it hadn't been for the simple fact that Dadima's health was deteriorating because of all the scandal. Khurana family had been synonymous with integrity, honesty and excellence for many generations but Virender had stained that name.

Dadima was trying her best to hold everything together, but he could see the stress and the pain she was facing. She had aged many years within the last few months, forcing Maan to stay and look after her as well as the legal issues.

Maan didn't want to get Dev involved in all of this because he wanted his brother to focus on his studies as opposed to getting dragged down into the dirty politics of the family. Dev had always been the sensitive one, the one who had witnessed most of Gauri's pain and the one who had tried to understand Virender. Vicky on the other hand had to grow up much faster than his age because of his circumstances and as such it was near impossible for Maan to keep Vicky out this sticky business.

But all three brothers agreed that it was time to make sure that Virender Singh Khurana doesn't hurt anyone anymore.

And Maan knew that it was time to play things dirty. He had tried to do things the nice and easy way but Virender had taken things too far. Maan had lost all patience and was now going to take drastic steps.

"Hey I need to do something." He called up one of his sources. "Burn down the factory in Toronto'and make sure that there is no way that he can make any insurance claim. I want the factory to be burnt down to crisp."

Let the bloody bas***d burn. I'll make sure that he doesn't have a single penny left'that all his businesses vanish like puff of air. And then he'll be a bug I can squeeze to death.




Maan's body was tense with equal parts of desire and frustration. He had wanted nothing more than to just have her in his arms and make sure that everyone knew that she was his. Frustration built against the helplessness he felt in not being able to stop her tears. He wanted to wipe away all the pain and all the hurt that she had faced oveyr the years. Yet nothing could turn back time and fix what was broken.


He let out a growl in anger and punched the pillar in front of him, wanting to feel more pain. IT was almost as if he wanted to torture himself in an effort to reduce her distress. Logically he knew that it was stupid and not practical, but his heart wouldn't listen.

But he suddenly he heard a discrete cough behind him and a sardonic voice. "Punching walls isn't going to fix anything."

Turning around, he found an unimpressed Seb staring at him. "What the hell do you want?" Maan snarled at him.

"What I want is Geet to be happy."

That comment caused Maan to get even more pissed off. How dare he says he wants her to be happy, as if I don't want her to be!

Seb ignored the expression on Maan's face and continued on. "The way you are going about trying to win her over is good'but there are certain things you should know."

"Why on earth are you telling me this and why should I listen to you?" Maan spoke between gritted teeth, while he imagined himself taking a swing at the idiot.

"Because you love her."

Seb's answer took the wind out Maan's sails. "How do you know that? And why would you talk about this when you are her fiance?"

"Well first of all I am Geet's best friend and to your second question, there are reasons behind our engagement." Seb explained. "You have met Meliara'she is Geet's cousin's daughter. Geet, Meera, Dev and I have looked after her since she was a day old. She is Geet's daughter in every sense that matter'but technically Geet' parents are the one who are the next of kin to Mel and lawfully should have been her guardians."

I know all this, Maan thought. The file Vicky gave me had all that written.

"Geet's parent's want custody of Mel'.and will most likely win despite the fact that Geet has been Mel guardian for so long, because they are married were as Geet is a single woman. That is why Geet and I were planning on getting married. But then you came along and changed everything."

Maan's eyebrows rose at Seb's comment but even that didn't stop Seb. "Yes I know all about you and Geet. I have always  curious about the man who made Geet fall in love. I wanted to know who was responsible for all her pain. There were many things I wanted to say or do, but it didn't take me long to realise that you loved her just as much if not more. That is when I decided to take a leap of faith and help you out. So I am telling you that Geet and I aren't a couple, we are only best friends. But I will marry her for Mel if you don't win her over. I am not going to tell you how to win Geet back'because if you love her you'll know."

With that Seb strode away, leaving a bewildered Maan.

Maan didn't know whether he wanted to thank Seb or strangle the imbecile'possibly both. He was thinking of calling out to him but suddenly his phone rang.

"Hi bro."

Maan was surprised to hear Vicky's voice sound tense, for Vicky never lost his cool. "Hi Vicky. What happened?"

"There is something you should know. I finally found out the person behind the whole thing with Geet."

"Who is it?" Maan's voice was filled with anger but also satisfaction that he was close to his prey.




NONE!! Evil meWink


Chapter 29 - History - Pg 42


Hope you all enjoyedBig smile

Okay so now Maan knows the truth...and he can plan everything out.
While we all want VSK to suffer, it is not going to be that easy because he is quite powerful as well.

Please keep commenting and critiquing my writing!

PLEASE DO COMMENT and press the LIKE button!!

Nothing motivates me as much as reading your comments!Big smile


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Seb is backkk!!! As am I? Sanju next time I don't wanna sound ominous - to VSK, maybe. 

The bit bout Meera and Dev was so good. I hope u develop that. 

And Maan and Geet were mind blowing too - d'uh. 

Waise - WIll Seb n NT ever have a revelation about their lovestory???

Missed you so much

Vicky my vicky - dont be angry - be happy n I'll hug u tight.

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sanju baby u rocked!

finally maan knows the truth! seb is such a sweetheart!
i loveddd deveera convo...sob sob sob...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
and whreres mel??
ao my guess was was a custody issue...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Aah. Now we would have a raging fire that is ready to engulf Virender for all that he did to his own sons.

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i will kill his father...stupid many truths r revealed...meera and dev loves eachother i thought it's only meera...hhhmmm...
maan and geet's misunderstanding is all bc of his father...that was revealed before..but now maan know virendra will suffer 4 his deeds...
seb cleared his and geet's status...hhhmmm 
maan can be happy...
maan and geet's love is really beautiful...and maan's plead was heart drenching...

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