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Hidden Truth & Unconditional Love & Trust Epi pg27 (Page 11)

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updating last part of this os

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Glitter Text


Last Part:-

Maan hold her face in between his hands and kissed her forehead and said geet phir shaadi k eek aur kasam hain hum har halat pe ek doosre ke sath denge , chahe oh skh ho iya dukh ho, aur iye toh humari zindegi ka oh hissa hain, usse janna ka haq hain mere, bolo mujhe,humara baarein mein.mein tumhare sath phir se oh safar mein jana chatha hoon .bolo geet,bolo.

Geet open a cupboard and said iye kahani sur iha delhi mein nehi hui  iye kahani suru hui HP mein ,

Geet paused and said HP mere village , I born and brought up there, there is my family who , only believe in their believe only, they didn't care about other emotions wish, want, sply for women, for them .. anyway, I just passed my 12th from the scool and dreaming about further study but all dreams not to complete like my education , then suddenly the want my maarige and one day  a boy come see me…….

Here maan clinched his fist and look at her angrily when geet turned and see possessiveness oozing out from his eyes, she smiles gently and kissed his nose and said I'm ur maan only urs, maan ki geet.

Maan smiles and then take her in his lap and said phir kya hua.

Geet placed her head on his shoulder and said phir kya mere ghar wale bahut khush hue here that time I met with king of delhi ,delhi ka shensha samjhte the oh  , aapne aapko and giggle to remember their old days then sighed and again said u know he is king of delhi,

 I met him and u know what he saved me, mein haar baar kisi na kisi musibat mein parta gaya and he always saved me. He always giving me tough look, like angry young man but has golden heart.

Maan asked her:- do u loved him

Geet:-I worship him, he is my rab, Pyaar Rab hain , humara pyaar ko khud baba jee ka blessing hain.


Maan look annoyed when geet again kissed his eyes and said and my rab is here in front of my eyes maan.

Maan smiles and hugged her tight and said I'm sorry jaan, I think , actually I can't even think any one other than one. I don't know and when I just … mujhe tumhari adat ho gayi hain geet, with out u I can't live, mujhe chor ke kabhi mat jana geet, kabhi nehi.

Geet :-I'll not maan then she continue and said maan,

Maan understand there is big in their past and said age bolo geet,I' with u.

Geet sadly smiles and get up from there then said maan age ka rasta bhaut tough hain

Maan :- chahe jitna bhi tough ho , mein tumhare sath uss raste pe chalna chatha hoon……

Geet:-thik hain, then said maan,phi raise kuch hua mere zindegi pura badal gaya, puri tarah se, mere saare khatam ho gaya, mere vishwash, pyaar, sapne  sab ko tor dia gaya ,pairo tale kuchal dia gaya ,aur mere sath…. Geet break down and said maan they , my family make me marry to a person who give make me to see dream but in reality he break my dream, my innocence, my …. He cheated me and spends an night with me, used me and left me alone to suffer, he …..

Maan look shocked, devastated   when geet said he make me pregnant and left me in airport , abandon  me there, I was in lock up then my family went against me they want to kill my child, they tried but u know that time u come and saved me, u inspire and taught me stand for myself for my child and so I went against my family and left from there ……

Maan in a shaky voice asked who is that man who…. His voice is complete shaking in anger and geet said will tell u maan but u have to listen to me ,

Maan turned his face when geet said I know u hate me now but maan turns and hold her shoulder and said dare u again said this I will kill u geet, I can't hate u . u my life, u r inside me  how  can I hate u.

Geet look at maan with full of, respect and said that person is none other than DEV SINGH KHURANA .

Maan's hand fall from her shoulder when geet said he came with her wife, NT and mother Pammi and sister kamya and make my life hell.

Maan punch near by window and it's glass window and it has crack and maan's and make maan's hand bleed.maan feeling like killing some one he throw the vase near the dressing table then break the mirror .Seeing this all geet feel guilty and feared and scared about maan's safety, she hold his hand and cried out MAAN.

Maan turn and said y geet, y u did it?

Geet thinks he misunderstand her when maan again said u r bearing all this, y geet, y u r alone take all this, u didn't tell me anything about it ,yes I have ML but u know me, I told u don't hold ur self and u ,u decided to take all this alone, geet,if u tell this

But ,Geet almost falls due to stress when maan caught  her and said geet,

Geet look at maan and said maan trust me I never love him I just fulfill my wife duty as my family and mother taught me but it's my fault, y I trust that person, but it's my fault to trust person like him, he came and snatched everything from me, I lost everything maan, everything.

MAan himself don't understand and know what to do but first he will send DEV to jail when geet again said with a teary  voice maan, aapke hath, mein aapko bahut dard dia na.


Maan hugged her  tightly and said shhh, geet, tum ne mujhe sirf khushiya di, kabhi tumne mujhe dard nehi dia geet, mere hath pe khoon behe raha hain , toh behe jane do,kyuon abhi tak tumhare gunahgar bahar ghum raha hain when geet try to say something but maan stop her and said shhh geet, both remain there some time then maan said geet,, when she look at him with hopeful eyes , maan feel  to hide her from this cruel world and said  don't worry I trust u , geet, I know I didn't remember anything but I know u r saying truth cause itna toh mein tumhe janta hoon, tumhare liye sacchai bahut jaruri hain and humara riste ke buniyaad hi hain sach, vishwash, bharosha, pyaar,mujhe iyakeen hain ke tum saare baat mujhe pehele bhi kehe chuke hoga, iye mere ML hain ke tumhe phir se ussi dard bhari raste se phir se gujarna para.

Geet smiles weakly and hugged him by his waist and said maan, mein saare dard saha sakti hoon , jab tak aap mere sath ho, aapke vishwash mere sath hain……

Maan kissed her hair and said I'm with u always then said geet,aao iha baitho, then make sit in the bed and said lo thora pani peeo. When geet said maan,

Maan said mein thik hoon but looking other side when geet said aap mujhse chupa nehi sakte aapna dard maan.

Maan sat on the floor and said geet, tumhe abhi mere dard ka pari hain aur tumhara dard itna sab kuch ekele sahena.aur aapne gunahgar ko iss tarah khula dekhna, kyuon geet, usse saja nehi dia tumne.

Geet hold maan's hand then said maan, pehele aap thora shant ho jaiye, mujhe pata aapko kaise laga raha hain,maan, mere baat suniye, uske baad bahut kuch ho gaya, mere iha delhi meine aana then maan said phir kya hua, geet, mujhe saare baat bolo,tum aur humara baccha when geet crying and said maan, oh oh, hume chorke chale gaye  when maan closed his eyes in pain and think how much she suffered and then he hugged her some time and then said geet,mujhe ssare baat janni hain but usse pehele mujhe kuch kaam karna hain aur iske liye tum mujhe rokoge nehi, tumhe mere kasam.

Geet gasped and know what will maan do but she falls weak in front of maan's kasam, and then said maan kuch bhi karne se pehele, khurana khandan, dadi ma ke  baarein mein soch but maan cut her and said gunahgar ko saza toh jarur milega geet, na khandan, aur dadi ma, sach sab se bara hain aur jiske wajay se mere geet ko itni taklif sehena para oh aise ghume bahar nehi geet, I have full doubt he ever repent for his deed if he has then he should told this to nandini nehi, usne aise kuch nehi kya, humesha ki tarah sirf aapne liye sochta hain and aur oh nandini oh tumahara behen hain, huh, aise behen jisse aapne khud ke behen pe trust nehi , bina jane , bina soche kuch bhi kehe dia , kuch bhi bol dia, oh sayad bholl gayi hain tum iss ghar ke bari bahu ho, malkin ho, par aab sayd iss ghar ke rehene walon ko iyaad dilana hoga,aur tum kuch nehi kahoge mujhe naho rokoge, geet.

Geet get up and said maan,I completely understand  par mere kuch baat suniye, aapko pata hain mein dev ko kyuon maaf kya,iye mere liye easy nehi tha, par kya kyuon ki mein nehi chathi, dono bhai mein problem ho, dono bhai du chale jaye, ek bete ko mein uske parivaar se dur karu, ek bura dadi ma ko aapne pota se dur karu aur mere liye uske liye nafrat se jada aapke liye pyaar hain, mein usse bhula ke sirf aapke sath aapne zindegi ka nayi suruwat kana cahthi thi, when maan looked at her in awe and said geet, kabhi aapne liye nehi sochoge,

Geet smiles and said mein toh aapne aapko de dia hain, puri tarah se. when maan kissed her eyes and said geet love u more and for ur sacrifice, courage to forgive him just for our family, my love but shhh mujhe bolne do geet, mein mahan nehi hoon aur mere  iye  asan baat nehi hain, aur agar hum iye baat aise chor de toh na jaane kitna geet, ke sath aise hoga, geet, tumhe mere kasam tum ko saze dilana hoga, dev ko mere liye , mere pyaar ke liye humara pyaar ke liye, tumhare sath jo hua oh aur kisi ke sath na ho, aur agar dev maafi chatha hain still usse saaze toh milege phir maafi, maafi mangne aur chahne ke liye uske layak hona parta hain, and nandini , oh bhi.

When geet gasped and said maan, she didn't know anything, she is possessive about her husband to but maan cut her said so she can come and insult her sister, humiliate her sister who loves her like her own child, geet ok for a moment if I understand her so called hurt, pain but still what she said to u in the morning, geet, u can tolerate all this, forgive and forget all this but no me MSK will never , and u know it , they hurt my geet and now will have to pay and now I'm warning u if u come in between justice and them then u will face me first.

Geet feared to see maan's angry and wild avtar and just hugged him tightly and said pls maan, aap jo kahoge ohi hoga, pls aap shant ho jaiye maan, mujhe bhaut daar lagta hain.

Maan hugged her back and after some moments said geet, I'm sorry for my reaction but I'm helpless jaan.

Geet start crying when maan cupped her face and said geet,I'm really sorry I didn't mean to but geet said aap mujhe itna pyaar kyuon karte , without any word, u trust me each and every word and ready to go against ur own brother .maan pichli baar I can understand u know manythings and many things u seen in front of ur eyes but now y maan y u trust me, when my sister didn't trust me. accused me,

Maan placed a soft kiss on her rose petal  lips and said geet, look at me then kissed her eyes, cheeks, forehead, nose and then said geet cause I know u, maybe I forgot my past life with u but me know u and I trust ,I know whatever happen my geet will never lie me.she know it and as I said our relationship is based on trust, understanding, love so,no more question, geet even I can't explain y an dhow much I love u but only I living for u, my existence only cause of u .u r my soul, u r my light who bring me from darkness , geet, tum mere sab kuch ho, pata nehi kaise samjahu, kiase kahu,

Geet smiles and wipes her and his tears and said kuch kehene ki jarurat nehi hain maan, aapka dil ki dharkan sab kehe deta hain mujhe, iye aapke chehera , aapke akhen sab bata dete hain , aapke dil aur aapke akhen mein toh sirf mein hoon.

Maan nodded in positively and said haa geet, sirf tum , tum mere ho srif mere and mein tumhara, humara pyaar, vishwash aur bharosha ek doosre pe hain jo humara rista ka takat hain aur koi bahar wala isse nehi tod sakta, and ha now chalo fresh ho lo mein kuch banata hoon khane ke then will go to mansion .


When geet said mein aapke sath hoon, mere liye aapka khushi sabse jada maine rakhta hain maan.

Maan smiles and said come soon, waiting for u .

Later after feeding geet , maan said come there geet, be strong and always know and think I'm with u, and remember it's my decision so don't worry about any one and any one mean any one.

Police and lawyer came in the mansion and maan said his complain against dev and dev accepted it when nandini said wait inspector I'm talking to dev's lawyer then dev said nandini , u will not and if u still I accepted all and I should get my punishment when maan ignore him and said inspector can u take him from here soon.


After dev leaving , nandini said wah maan ,when geet cut her and said nandini don't forget he is ur elder and my husband and ur jija jee so before taking his  name think and take his name with respect.

Nandini :- u don't speak , I never think u will stoop so low, ek sath do bhai but soon received a slap from geet and geet said NANDINI, maan said right it's my fault to think every one will good but no, I should learn from my past that this world is cruel and many people r double face and only think about themselves, maan is right I trust people so easily and doing this mistake, are mere aapno nehi mere sath dhoka kya hain aur phir bhi listen carefully , teji veer jee is coming and he will take u from here and it'll be better for u.

Nandini smirks and said do u think I will go, no I have full rights on this home, I'm wife of dev. When maan said u r not , well miss nandini , for ur information only putting sindoor and tying mangalsutra doesn't make it marriage when there is pandit fake, no rasam, and u r  still young nandini it'll be better if u concentrate on ur life, career not for marriage.

Lucky came and said jija jee bilkul sahi kehe rehe hain, jaldi se packing kar le hum sab niakalene iha se shaam ke gari se .

Nandini shouts I will not , only for me age coming and what about this woman indicating at geet when maan said NANDINI check ur language and think again, and for geet, yes she is too young but she is well matured and independent . don't compare her with u, cause u can't even go with her level, she is today's woman, yes she is too young but she fulfilling all role, like a teenager, like wife, like a friend, like daughter in law, like a daughter, like a mother, and like sister .like a mentor

 She played with me,annie, adi and pinky like teenager   , she is my wife and give me love, care, respect, being with me in every aspect of my life, showing me light like true mentor, sharing her feeling, my feeling like we  r best friend, she is good daughter in law as dadi is too dependant on her and give her all responsibility and trust her more than me,she is mother , yes mother of my little sis annie, protect her from problem, scold her when she wrong, try to share her feeling with her like friend also, she is good sister of annie , even ur , lucky and teji but u never realized it, u have gem but u throw her, u accused her, u know still she forgive u, she never wants anything but only giving happiness to all of u but some people like u never understand her . all can I say u envied her to see her life, u want to be like her but for that make ur mind like her broad, but I doubt u can't , cause u don't have broad mind neither u will have, so forget it, GEET MAAN SINGH KHURANA toh sab hone chahenge par koi nehi ho sakegi kyuon meri geet toh sirf ek hain , iye maan ki geet,

Geet with teary eyes look at maan when maan said baas ek pareshani hain bahut roti hain ,paagli hain,and hugged her,

Lucky have tears and said sach kaha jija jee geet didi jaise koi nehi , jija jee nandini ko maaf kar dijiye, mein iske taraf se maafi mangta hoon when Nandini said y lucky veer jee aap but lucky look at her angrily and said baas nandini ek aur shabd nehi aur ja aapne kaamre mein.

Nandini giving glare to geet when maan said nandini itna sab kcuh hone ke baad bhi tum nehi samjhi  so it'll be better if u go out from this mansion and stay in the guest room , I'm allowing u to stay here cause u r geet's sister and a girl so now move.

Later teji and beeji come and apologized to maan and geet when maan said veeji, mujhe nehi pata amrtisar mein kya hua tha,parmein aapko jada pareshan nehi karna chatha sirf itna hi kehene chatha hoon take care of her, she is out of control now and this is my fault to take her with us as geet said it's my decision.I shouldn't. anyway, hope she will not repeat any of her mistake….

Teji shouts dekhi maan but maan cut him and said mujhe aur nahi geet ko kuch dekhna hain job hi dekhna aur sunna aur kehena hain oh aapko, mein aapke bura nehi cahtha aur nahi nandini mere dushman hain par usne jo kya, sirf aur sirf geet ki behen aur lerki hain mere geet koi isstarah se baat akre iye mein na kabhi bardasht kya hain nahi kabhi karunga.

Lucky take nandini along with her when geet take blessing from veeji but nandini again said aap ise kaise isse when veeje slapped her and said chup kar, teri wajay se mere sar jhuk gaya tu aapne behen ko is tarah, agar tujhe sacchai nehi malum toh is mein geet ke kya kasur hain, aur tu iha aayi thi, aapne parayi ke liye nahi iye sab karne ke liye.

When nandini look at teji but he turns and said tere wajay se mere beeji ka sar jhuk gaya, when nandini again shouts for geet every one insult me, scolding me , she is the reason of every problem when Maan shouts stop this and beeji take ur daughter from here . beeji hold nandini's hand when nandini said geet, u ruined my life, I will not leave u  r but maan again shouts again shouts NANDINI  when geet hold him and said maan.

Maan turn and said I'm sorry geet, but I can't take this any more, no one can insult ,and then said teji, it'll be better if we don't meet in future , all of u think may be I'm too strict but I can't, ur sister make me do this now pls leave from here.

They turn to leave and see dadi standing there . she looks disgustingly at nandini and said maan is right ,it'll better for every one….

Nandini come and said dadi ma geet send dev in jail when dadi ma said I know and respect her decision , and it's our family problem it'll be better if u stay away from our problem and family,

Nandini look helpless then said aapko aapke pote se jada iss lerki ki fikar hain when dadi ma said mind  ur language nandini, agali baarkuch kaha toh hum bhul jayege aaa geet ke riste dar thi,  when nandini said bahut achi tarah se jadu kya hain NT sahi kehethi thi iske baarein mein iye hain hi ek gir but before she can complete her sentence she received tight slap by dadi ma and dadi ma said nandini khabrdar ek aur shabd , humara khandan ki shaq nehi hain baat baat pe hath uthane ke  par agar koi humara bahu ko kuch kehe toh hum hath utheynge .

After that drama , beeji and teji and lucky leave from there with nandini.

Dadi ma come and said I'm sorry geet hume maaf kar dijiye ,itna sab kuch ho gaya agar hum aapko jor nehi akrte uss din dev ko maaf karne aur iha rehene den eke baat se,

 When geet try to say something but maan said before that ,wait dadi ma it's u ,but y dadi ma, u taught me to take side of truth, cause truth is everything, and u.

Dadi ma with tear in her eyes said beta, hum ek dadi bhi hain, hum behe gaye the aapne pote ke pyaar mein,aur bhool gaye geet ka dard, Iye mere galati hain kisi galat ke sath de dia meine, par aab mujhe saare galati sudharna hain.hum dev ka sath age nehi denge bete,mein khud aurat hoke bhi, geet beta hume maaf kar dijiye, hum kabhi aapko dard nehi ke soche nehi par ….

Geet hold dadi ma and hugged her then said dadi ma bhul jaiye saari baat , ek bura sapne tha sab, kuch aapne khoya aur kuch mein khoya, iye baat suru hui thi, aur khatam bhi hogaya, aab mujeh bhi maaf kar dijiye meine par dadi ma stopped her and said nehi geet, aap maafi mat mangiye iye baat toh bahut pehele khatam ho jana chiaye tha , par mere,maan kabhi bhi geet ka hath nehi chorna iye toh sirf choti si baat hain oh toh aapke liye dev se aapke jaan bachane ke liye khoon bhi mangi when maan look at geet with wide eyes and feel  how much she loved him it's immense, no one can understand, it's divine,,pure  but his chain of thought break when dadi ma said khair choriye chaliye, dinner karte hain.

Maaneet hugged dadi ma.

After dinner, maan asked geet , kya tum naraj ho meine veeji , geet said maan nehi , mujhe pata hain veeji bahut acche hain par aap ne job hi kya mere liye, humara liye aur mujhe pata hain veeji will never want to meet me again.par maan mere kya kasur hain.sab mujhe ja rehe hain dur, mere dar jee, rajji, titto, ma, papa jee aur mere baccha.

Maan said humara baccha geet, humara, geet, trust me u will get ur every relation back and our child also,but now u take rest, and tomorrow also as tomorrow we r going for holiday and then u have to continue ur study then with me my office and my love  and nipped her ear seductively when geet blushed and hugged him tight.

Maan take geet in his arms and kissed her lips gently and said good night jaan.


 That night both sleep in each other arms  after the huge storm pass by them and want to break many thing but maaneet face it together with their immense love, respect, understand, care,   respect for each other, their unconditional love, and trust won the hidden truth .

Hoshiyarpur express ,dushat danav ne ek bahut bari jung jeet liya aapne pyaar se, vishwash se, bharose  se.



 Precap of epilogue

Epilogue will come also with maaneet romance and geet's success as C.E.O of KC and  beautiful, loving wife and mother of beautiful twins.and some past also come but happy happy


See the note below



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Hi all
how r u all
updated last part of Hidden Truth & Unconditional Love & Trust
pls read and do comments
 pls pressed the liked button
I hope I done justice don't know very nervous
 all of u like me also want to hit nandini
but as geet will never do for herself still she did it when she said bad against her husband
maan if want then he can but it'll against his character to hit woman,
 maan is with full of principal man
 so this reason I did't show maan hit her
and there r beeji, teji, lucky, dadi ma they can handle her
and y should maaneet make their hand dirty to touch her.
pls tell me how is the update

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anks_ams Goldie

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 9:04am | IP Logged
pls make it fast.. waiting eagerly dear:)

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 9:12am | IP Logged
15-20mins more will post the ud
sorry for late
 as it's long ud

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 9:35am | IP Logged
Thanks for liking my update
I'm so happy and it's encourage me lots
 hope I done justice with this part and hope u all love it

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 9:37am | IP Logged
updated last part of this os
hope u all like it
 pls read and do comments
pls pressed the liked button also
 link of the ud


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