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FF-Seduction-3- 122 - THE END- (note pg 134) (Page 32)

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WaitingDay DreamingDancing

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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 24

Every pair of eyes looked at him like he was something to eat. It was a petrifying experience, the moment froze. For a moment it was hard to breath.
"I mean mam!" maan coughed. Sat up on the sofa again, moving little way, looking here and there with his big eyes. Rather embarrassed.
Geet observed him with a shocking expression while rano already giving geet a glare of her life. What must be her mother thinking?
"he meant-" geet looked for a word to cover him up, no matter what he is her love and if her family looks at him with low eyes it will heart her more then anything. " it's just a joke we usually play mom!"
Rano smiles uncomfortably. Then slowly stands up. "your grand father along with your father on there way. Now maan I surly can trust you with no such a language. Maybe a name for geets grandfather?" she angrily looked at him with a taunting eyes.
"yea mam!" he closed his eyes "I mean no mam!"

He felt like a Meletary house. This surly will be his last visit, every pair of eyes only made him believe that he is not worthy of this angel. Geet came by, resting her hand behind his back, supporting flowing her mother.
"please keep your mouth shut in front of grand pa, you know our relationship depends on his decision!" she worriedly looked at the door after the finishing sentence.

Maan wasn't amused with her last word, rather annoyed and irritated. Why would there relationship would depend on a third person, he won't be the one living there life. It will be them after all. "why would our relationship would depend on your granddad?" he asked annoyingly.
"because it does. I always have respected his decision and elderly always think right."
"what makes you think he will be correct. It's our life."

A irritation was waking inside him, he hated the idea geet would give a third person right about there personal decision.

Geet's granddad took his entrance in a White formal suit flowed by Mr jerry. Few security guards were flowing behind. Walking with respect. Geets granddad was also very witty and cleaver. He believed in traditional value like geets mother. Well, he just couldn't control his son, jerry. Jerry loved his wife even more then any of his x-GF. Being a x football player wouldn't surprised him about maans plead.
He had a arranged marriage with rano and took him pretty long time to understand her worthy, only when they had geet and she was near death bed, going coma for over month where dr have completely thought she will be no more, mr jerry completely broke. Realizing the meaning of the name wife. Respecting how she have tolerated all his nuisance behavior and how incomplete would his life be without her. Along with rano in dead bed he was also in verge of committing suicide, purely because he could not imagine his life without his wife.
Geets grand dad was very proud that day, that how he is correct choosing rano because now his playboy son would not think anything other then his wife and kids & perhaps maybe that's another reason they keep geet so close to there heart, care and love her beyond world.

"hello, my boy. I have hard you will be visiting us today." mr jerry happily smiles. Putting his hand forward. Geets grandad observed maan up and down. He have very good experience about football players life, specially seeing his son nearly taking his daughter in law to death bed. Of course he could possibly not see geet there. His favorite grand daughter. Geet ran towards both of the elder man, hugging tight.
"oh grandad, I have missed you so much." she smiled... Hugging him even tighter. He laughed like a Santa, patting geets back lovingly.
"I was only way for two days."
Rano came along and took bless touching his feet.
"this is maan gran, you know!" she spoke with her eyes, hiding her face way from maan. Very sigh. How embarrassing it would be telling your elder that who you love. Her gran was the closest person in the whole house, every details would be shared with him, her every secret, from the day of the first school to the first fight...

"I see." he looks at maan, observing him up and down. Judging by the appliance.
"hello sir!" maan uncomfortably smiled. Maan didn't like another fact that how she easily left him in middle of no where, & specially how she loved her family more then him. She was so lost to talk to her grand dad that he completely forgot how mr jerry was Suffocating him with football conversation.

"tell me what have you plan in your two weeks off!"
Maan was about to open his mouth to say something but he starts again "I think you should observe football game, maybe learn how your opinion tackle!"

Maan sat there listening to the whole family and how he felt so unwelcome, not that geet looked at him last 100 times to make sure he is alright, trying her best to make a sweet conversation between maan and her grandad but rano and jerry kept butting in. Distracting. & in no time geets granddad disappeared. He was very tired. Maan didn't even get his chance to impress and by his look he hated maan. Jerry had plan to take rano out for dinner so left early. The last words of rano was keep maan way from geets grandad! Clearly suggesting maan is not her cup of tea.

As the hall became empty geet came close. Twisting her hand around maan. "I am sorry. But I promise I will bring grand pa to your next football game..."
She could not end her words when maan took her lips in his mouth with a passionate kiss. 2 hours, feeling her warmth, the smell... And he couldn't touch her... Feel her...
"maan please..." she frees her self, pushing way a bit. "someone will see us" maan felt depressed and he surly did not fancy this geet.
"what's wrong with you?" he snaps out eventually. It took him long time to fight with his feeling, to compress him self in front of her family. To be a fake maan. That's not him. It's nothing like him who would know which spoon to pick up at dinner first, brought up with high vocabulary. Understanding when to react for what, listening to nonsense that he wish not to. It's not him, but so far his instinct pressurized him to endure all this for her. He closed his eyes in frustration. Calmed him self down.

Geet on the other hand was shocked with his high voice. Barely recognized that 5 second maan. She have never been spoken in high voice.
"what's wrong with you?" geet slowly asked with a low voice. She wanted to understand him, read him inside out but more she comes close to him more frightening truth she discover. She was afraid that there 5 days relationship comes to it's line soon.
"nothing! - I need to go!"
He spines around and heads towards the big door. Maans security guards came with his limo helping him to leave.

As he sat down, his long finger pushed one of the button to scroll the window down to have a last look at geets confusing face. She did not understand his plead. His eyes was saying something els while his reaction was something different. He slowly scrolled the window up again and directed driver to leave. Soon as possible.

PART 23 -prev-next-  part 25

next-Embarrassed time to make up!

3 more parts coming

some may not RECIVED PM.. please add this acc and my new one

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Me 1ST YAY YippeDancingParty

Awesome Amazing MindblowingClapClapClapClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStar
Geet tried To cover up Maans words but her Mom Poor MaanCry
Geets Dad was also a footballer niceSmileSmile
Rano and Jerrys relationship niceEmbarrassed
Geets Grand Dad his decision is important He know how Footballers are oh noCry
Maan  was trying to  impress her Grand dad but Jerry and RanoAngry
Hope they be together soonEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Waiting for Next part Continue soonDay Dreaming
Thanks KeyaThumbs UpHug

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Shimmerr IF-Dazzler

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awesome part!!
hope they will clear their matters.
waiting for more!!

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Dilsay IF-Rockerz

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heyee thanks for the update dear...
what a twist Confused
Maan the impatient didn't realize what he has done ..
abb lambi judaee...CryCry
waitng for the next one

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bring it on keyama, time to go into reality for Maan!

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Part 25

Geet walked back in, not able to understand his sudden aggressive tone. Does he know this maan? The man she love beyond her life. It's true she know nothing about him, but...

Geets grand dad walks down. He could never see his grand daughter this depressed, no matter what her happiness matters the most in the house.

"what's wrong to my little angel?" geet looks up with a surprise, she thought he was tiered.
"I thought you are tired grand pa!"
"well I guess I can ignore that. You see my little angel is all upset and depressed."
She walked close, engulfing her in his embrace and then head towards the big brown door, leading towards the big garden. They walked in silent for a while then sat on the big White swing.
"now tell me what's wrong?"
Geet hesitated for a while to open her mouth to say but eventually parts her lips. "maan," she whispered.
"yes I know maan!"
"I love him."
"we know that to, how you always used to hide and take the limo to see him..."
"I don't understand him. He just suddenly left. I was about to show him around our house. I don't know. I just don't understand him."
Geets granddad thought for while. Thinking maybe why...
"I don't see why would he behave such a way, like he barely cares... Like I don't know. I don't know how to put this in words."
"have you ever tried to understand what type of class he came from? He is not from our world geet. He lives in different world, maybe you should try to see that then the maan you love..."

Geets grand dad left with those words, leaving her to think...

She actually never thought about his prospective. Thinking he would easily settle in her life.

part 24 -prev-next-
next-Embarrassed make up carries on

2 more parts coming

some may not RECIVED PM.. please add this acc and my new one

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Res errr reed DDR DD d d

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