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FF-Seduction-3- 122 - THE END- (note pg 134) (Page 14)

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congrats for the new thread...
amazing update.. cant wait for more

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congrats on yr new thread...superb update...

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please add me to your pm list
read your whole ff in one day and found it awesome

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Still no updates! Please do update

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Part 23

The summer breeze touched the soft tender skin as she drove in her long black limo. Sliding the window down to it's lowest level in 60 mph speed along the highway, it's an incredible journey. Her long hair flowed right across maans face. The sweet fragments took his breath way, waking the inner desire. The tickling sensation was unleashing the inner temptation that he was holding. "don't move that leg!" geet twists her body slightly, facing maan. She takes her long arm sliding hair over her shoulder to one side of the neck then resting her self comfortably in maans embrace. He twists his hand around, in attempt to bring her even closer. She rests her palm on his thigh that was exposed with a firm grip. Pulling ligament couldn't be any painful when a big plaster laid covered, holding everything in a firm place.
"George, would you mind sliding the window up and also turn of the camera and voice recorder. " she sweetly asked the driver.

"yes mam."

after few fraction second when they were certain everything was turned off. She gently removed the spread that covered him and seductively started to message his soft thigh. Just above where the plaster have end. Near his knee cap.
"you are making me week and your self venerable."
"I hope you remember mr khurana, your leg is bandaged and a game is up in 4 weeks. Restrict rule, you are not allowed to move your leg for 2 weeks."
"then how will I make you feel special?"

he pushes his eye brow up with a jerk then down. Teasingly asking question with a sweet kiss. She gave in without a second question asking with her eyes. She answered in Rather plight manner. Her hand circled around her neck with a deep breath, brought her pink rosy lips just fraction far from his. She inhaled his sweet aroma and then slowly breath the warm air from the deepest lung. She drew a line, tickling the sensation. He closed his eyes with anticipation, to bear what's next. He stroked her expose thigh with his free hand. Trailing a lousy line with his index finger towards her waist. She shivered to show the affection of his big muscular hand. His good leg rests on her, with the tip of his toe gently stroking her pink little corner toes. The smoothness with no sign of single hair made his mouth hungry to lick the long legs. He brought his hand up. Resting on the top of back seat. Gently combing her hair. She smiled, giving in his warmth. He held the hair in tight grip with a sudden jerk, charging her lips towards his body. He chewed on her soft earlobe with a uncontrolled passions while she closed her eyes completely. Her eye brow quietly pleads to stop and kiss her tender lips. "I want to taste your smooth leg. It's driving me insane just to feel with my leg." her hand slides down from his chest and enters under his shorts. His big hard muscular manhood jerked. A hard form could be clearly seen over his pants but the moment was so helpless. She gently messages the tip while kissed his lips with passion. The moment was breathtaking. The rough noise of the passing car penetrated through the hard metal reminding where exactly they were. She teased with the sensation. Her one leg came over his, bending slightly so her thigh rests on his good leg. She slips side way, her dress flew up from the cool air that was coming from far corner of the limo. It discovered the pink sexy lingers with glitter diamonds. Maan trailed his hand over forming a line. He stroked the plum smooth chick but pressing her abdomen against his side hip bone, and in no time geet found her self brushing against his body. Her soft lips in his mouth became covered in his saliva. She twists and turns the tongue to obtain the last bit of the softness, claiming with out permission. He bite the corner of her lips to make her aware of his presence. His hand traveled towards the zip of her dress sliding down, then touched the hook of her bra. Geet compressed her self further to give in to the last bit of cotton that barely covered anywhere. He slides his hand on her hard buds and she shrieked. The attempt to free and cover her last bit of respect disappeared. Almost it barely matters when she is with maan. "maan" a wimp. It suppose to be a shout in order to free perhaps, maybe that would be the wrong word but a good try. He brought her even closer. Gently rubbing his nose along her cheekbone. Geet came over, carefully sat on his thigh. Her hand twisted around his thick strong neck. She took her sit just below his abdomen. Controlling the weight with her knee. There lips glued on to one another like never before. She closed her eyes to anticipate to fulfill the hungry desire while her hand gently messaged. Maan stroked her creamy but-cheek, the pink linger were just irritating. In some extent he pulled the lingers below, geet felt helpless. She pushed her pelvis bone against his. The below contracted and relaxed with a rhythms.

The Limo came to it's destination when she was in verge of ripping maans trouser off. "I guess we have to make our way to your parents house. Do you really have the plan to walk in like this?" the teasing was always present. It's maan after all. She stood on her knee, dress loosely hanging on the waist. The nickers on the verge of ripping. It stretched over both of her thigh. The bra lying on the other seat. Maan gently messaged her stomach, bringing her close slowly. Hiding his rough face in-between the big sexy curve that he have ever laid an eye on, the moment was perfect but geets family is far more important then there seductive passionate love. Geet hurriedly took her bra while maan slides her panty up. Pulling the dress down, giving the curve one last lick then hooking the bra back.

"families!" she mocked. Both stepped out, geet stretched her legs, twisting the mind far way from the car and concentrate what lye behind those closed door. She have spoken to her mother about maan attending the dinner, after all a mother improbable about the man of her life it's very important. Maan have managed to slide on a big baggy Gary Tracy along with a blue polo top. "do I look fine? I know it's not formal but!" he points at his bandaged leg. Geet smiled in amusement, came close, pushing his hair back in-order to make this dashing man look even more handsome.

"perfect, sexy, breathtaking, seductive & eatable." she replied. His thumping heart would not calm as the thought just hit him, his whole life depends on this one dinner perhaps. Meeting a girl parents could not be any more petrifying. He flowed the girl of his life. She slides the hand around his waist as he walked with the support of crouch. Limping along the long sledge stair. Silver Handel while manly animals statue. Fascinating as maan could easily guess they are rare collection. Security guards; wearing black suit with White ti, blue tooth in there ears while guns hanging around there waist, stood like a statue. Observing there each gesture, anticipating for any danger. A butler with a another set of black formal dress opens the door, addressing geet as a baby. Greeting maan as mr khurana. Very formal. He already felt the bad leg in verge of breaking. He may be a famous football player, have plenty of Money to waste where he wants but the manage, and those tatty act are still there. When he speaks, if no one knew about his fame then they surly would have given him a dirty look.

A long swirled golden stair stood in middle of a enormous hall. One side laid room for the guest while another private lounge. Geet and maan stood in the middle waiting for mrs Handa. Maans eyes gazed to a lady who stood by the stair case, wearing a traditional plain simple Indian sari with diamond stud and a small pendant. She slowly made her way down with a smile. Maan lost his sense there. His tummy came inside out. His eyes widens, drinking the saliva, no wonder geet was so beautiful. Well he is about have a amazing mother in law. Maan could only think about how he should say hi. What she may say, was he correct for her daughter? His thought had many intruders. Specially geets smile which distracted him. She lovingly looked at  her mother. The dimple he already Felt the rising heat in his body. She slightly freed maan's waist and moved few step forward to give her mother a enormous warm bear hug. After they have finished there warm "hello, hi..."

"hello, you must be maan, oh you do look very different from those big telly."

Maan puts forward his hand for a warm handshake but rano was rather disappointed. She always did want a traditional man for geet. Perhaps even an attempt to touch her foot for bless! She forwards her hand as a plight gesture but geet have seen the disappointment on her mother face. "it's because his leg..." she tried to back up. Rano ignored her sentence, like it mattered nun which made maan confused.

"please do flow me..." she held her daughter hand, showing the way while man flowed behind. He perhaps be from a Indian background but nothing matters to him. Nor the cultural value or tradition. He was born here, and of course brought up, staying with his friend most of the time, never really gave the opportunity to understand the world his background belongs to, well who knew if he had, maybe it could have contributed towards this day. Geet frees her self from her mother and slowly came towards maan. She held his cold hand, comforting. Her eyes pleadingly looked at maan, hoping everything perhaps would go smoothly. She twisted her lips, facing way from her mother, giving maan some reassurance smile. She helped him to sit on the nearby sofa comfortably. Taking his limping stick. He relaxed but body stiffened when geet came and sat next to him. Both sat there like a some school child. Hand neatly folded, resting on there thigh, a perfect neat inch gap, yet behind the coffee table they gently stroked one another toes. Rano took her sit just right opposite, with coffee and tea beautifully laid in front.

"coffee or tea mr khurana?"
"coffee mam, no milk or sugar."

Rano puled her eye brow up in a impressive manner, because she also had the same taste as him which geet usually made mockery. She could never understand how you can drink a coffee with no milk and sugar. Perhaps she should try one day. Geet passed maan and her mother coffee while she helped her self to a fresh apple juice.

"do you know mr khurana, my daughter hates black coffee" maan nearly choked on the hot coffee, while geet gave a glare at her mother. "I usually here her loud over rated voice nagging"

"that's not true maan!" geet gave her mother another glare to stop. Maan instantly brought in dilemma and a thought in exactly what mrs Handa trying to show and they not even have met with a proper words and she already could judge... maybe perhaps takes this as a joke...

"Aww I never knew yo don't like coffee!" he laughed in amusement slapping geets arm lightly but mrs Handa and miss Handa looked at him in shocking manner. "imagine, actually I will prank you now geet. Cherz rano!" geets eyes widens along with Ranos mouth fell open. Shocked.

"maan!"  his laugh disappeared...

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next-time to met the BIG DADDYConfused!

some may not RECIVED PM.. please add this acc and my new one

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waitin waitin waitin... jaldi jaldi update karo Keyama... Day Dreaming

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