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FF-Seduction-3- 122 - THE END- (note pg 134)

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-Maan Khurana-
expensive, bad boy of the world... sneaky, unbelievably sexy, best player, one of the expensive
player in Manchester United.

-Geet Handa-
multimillionaires one and only angel daughter. her heart thump with anything... specially maans one word.

what happen when the seduction takes over both, will they ever reach the word love!

maan character is a inspiration from one of my fav book...




  part 24
  part 25/26
  part 27
  part 28
  part 29
  part 30
  part 31
  part 32- THE END




Part 22

Her eyes had millions of question with his one sentence. Looking through those dark brown eyes bluntly.
"I- I "
She mumbled. There are no reply to his word. She couldn't play cleaver Anymore. Like, reply 'really!' 'is that the truth!' she simply lost words.
"if I fail, will you throw me out just like your dad is thinking?"
Another question. Oh this words have far greater deep meaning then there 5 days old relationship which is nothing this days. When most of the time they have been making love and talk... 10 minute of talk perhaps.

She slammed her self in his embrace, dare not to look in to those dark eyes filled with passions. Her knee crumbled and twitched... Fighting to come even closer to show her heart. It truly, madly in love with this sinless man.
She twisted her lips over his expose chest, admiring the smooth skin. It's smooth like a marvel. She rests the palm over his heart, while the ear just below his manly buds. Listening very carefully how fast it started to beat in last 3 minute.
"I feel something different, I can't stop thinking the way you walk"
He shifted, holding her slim waist, pushing the soft parts up to level her beautiful face along with his. The White spread slips on the side with the rigid movement and his lips parts again to take the tender lips.
"the way you speak with the sweetness, the care with so much passion. The way you breath on my lips..."

He kissed her tight again, devastated with those few words. Missing her lips. She smiled, the beating heart felt a sudden happiness. She curled her leg up, right between his, her vee throbbed. The moment felt funny knowing how maan was trying his best to express him self with minimal words and she couldn't control the urge of loving him.
She held the pillow on the side with a fist. Trying the urge to control not to ruin there conversation. She wanted to listen as much as love him for ever and ever.
He cupped her red cheek, gently rubbing her lips with his thumb. The gaze of his eye slowly flowed from top to bottom, shivering with his lips to release some words that would make her special.

"i never felt this strong about any women, I could never-ever dream about anyone except you. God forbids me"

Geets breath became rapid, faster then ever. She freed the pillow on either side of his shoulder and pushed the long fingers gently through those semi long hair. Brushing ever so gently.
He twisted the bare leg over her thigh, pressing down, much as possible towards his abdominal, gently making his hand towards her but chick.
"it makes me feel special"

She managed to gather the courage to express her self in few words. Gently stroking her nose along with his, touching the chick...

"have you ever tried to read my eyes maan?" geet questioned. "knowing every aspect of truth of your life I can't control my self to fall deep in your heart. Every time I explore you I become more hungry to explore even more. The temptation & waiting impatiently to observe to feel, to smell you have become my goal." she stops..  Waiting to see his reaction, his facial expression.

"Why have you stopped? How can I explain how beautiful it feels to here those breathtaking words. It's simply unreliable for me. Do you know what I am doing now?"
geet slightly nodes her head a no "I am looking through those eyes, to feel the warmth when you hold me. To feel the delicate lips kissing the essence of my soul. I have this feeling of pride that you are my. Just my"

do I make you feel this special?" she smiled, twisting her lips not in a sexual tension instead a sigh need.

when I first saw you back in that room with your dad, I couldn't take my eyes off, I had this weird attraction to make you my. A dream perhaps was too good to be true. I didn't trust the despicable truth to unleash my desire my effect. I simply didn't know how to trust my self, but with you I feel far greater pleasure. It's beyond the hunger I always had for anyone."

She slowly observed his concern face. He slightly dips his head to feel the heat of her warm skin and tiles the head to look through her eyes, perhaps to read an unknown answer. Everything have been falling out of place uncontrolled like his heart. "sweet lord I am falling for you" he smiled , teasing. No matter what this nature seems like will not disappear.

A loud bang on the door brought both back to life. Maan did not wait to curse the girl who was standing by the door. Simple dress, with no fancy jewelry. Her small face was in verge of tears, and she ran across the room towards the bed. Completely ignoring that a girl was almost on maans lap.
she came across and surrounded her self over him. Curling the hand around his neck, hiding the face on hi s cheat with few drops of tears.

Geet felt maans hand sleeping way from her waist, leaving her to stand alone in the cold corner of the room while she watched how he comforted the girl.  Her mind instantly touched the phase of coma. Anticipating for maan to look at her, waiting for some answer maybe, who is she? And most importantly with this girl presence she felt A stranger.

"what happen to you? I was just about to walk in and found the news on the tell! Is everything alright? How and why? Do you know how much worried I was? I only have you! If something happens to you what will I say to god? Do you know how many thought was playing trick in my brain. I dare not to say but it wasn't a nice experience. The last 5 minute I will never forget."

ok-ok! Ok! Take a deep breath and calm down. Why are you late anni? I expected you to be here soon as I touched the ground. Something fishy here" maan laughed teasingly. Knowing his sister very well there possibly a excuse and a explanation so big that one life wouldn't be enough.  So, before she had the power to open her sweet mouth to start again, he distracts her. Brushing off some durst on the sleeve of her dress. She is a very clumsy girl. God knows how many time she may have been tripping from the corridor to this room.
look at your hair! It's a mess."  maan rearranged her hair, making her look very normal again. Her one big glass brought out the big eyes. Magnifying every vain in between the White layer. Her brown and touch of little green gave a shimmer to her beauty.
Just like a older brother maan always kept his sister happy. She was his life. The world is in one direction while his sister on the other. They had many trouble, and today there darkness have completely disappeared.
"I am ok." she irritatedly spoke. Brushing his hand off. She knew everything about her bro, and geet, she expected the same. Perhaps few days old.

Her hand showed sign of sweat... barely could control the urge of crying. Who is she? Why she is so close to maan? Why he have failed to look at her? Can't he read her eyes that how every second was tormenting her.
Geet pulled her dress downwards covering the expose thigh. Smiling happily.

The modesty did not exist, that's what her heart kept thinking. Frustrated with the manner of maans behavior, acting like a idiot, not explaining who is this girl and she stupidly standing here like a statue. Patiently waiting for her master to act out. She shouldn't feel jealous but who is this girl? No no... What if she is some type of relative! Geet tried to consul her self as the man of her life talking to a unknown girl. Laughing and then with care he kept fixing her hair. The gesture indeed was different. A lot of respect and treating her like a baby. Almost a daughter. God! Will she get jealous if they have child? Geet twisted her lips inwards to show the people around her mind just not think that, but of course the red cheek gave way.

"I want to introduce you to someone" he eventually spoke. Geet wakes up from the fantasy land of her and maans child. She looks at them with a surprise while anni with confusion.

"is she again one of your tatty girl friend?"
She gave one of the most disgusting glare at geet which she found rather offended. She always have been a good girl from home to school, lived a rather perfect life surrounded by happiness. Except, except falling for this asshole!

"no- no! No! She is my boss. Miss Handa. Daughter if our new owner."

Anni instantly looked down. Embarrassed. She didn't expect this, and most importantly she didn't expect her to be one of the good girl. She most probably here for his brother, worried about there business while she is for her brother.

"I am sorry.. Oh- actually!"

Geet didn't appreciate maans answer at all. She is his GF then why not tell this girl.

"bro never tells me anything about his business you know!"


Geet took a sigh relive, no wonder he was acting like a dad. Fixing her hair. Clearing the dust off! "well how she managed to get those dust?"

"it's ok! Not many people knows us by face. Just the name. For our security reasons." geet uncomfortably smiled at the sweet girl with a apologies face. She wanted to talk to maan badly and ask why he didn't tell her about there relationship. Introduce her as a GF not boss.

"bro, I will be out. I guess you need to talk to her. You seem fine... If you need anything do let me know. Call me." she waves the phone on air while taking steps back.

Geet comes closer and sits down.
"why haven't you told that I am your- umm... I am dating you!" she complained. Maan sat up, taking her to his lap...

"i don't want to..., you know what girls I have dated in past, and they were, actually could never reach you so I did not want to spoil your image to my sister"

well mr maan khurana that's your mistake not my." she comes even closer, pointing her long index finger on his chest, poking slowly that instead of pain there will be teasing. She did not mind, there relationship is not that old to confront truths, secrets about them self.

"I guess so. You should have knocked on my door earlier!"

He cheekily smirked, bringing her even closer , pressing over the hard shaft. Very ready to be teased to feel her softness...

The spread slides down with there small movements. Maan laid back there with a relax mood, no intention to keep them self separate. He had some different plan. They twist, geet rests her palm over the pillow. His gently rests at the top. With the heaviness it sank it's self in the comfort of the cottons. She sighed further, curling, biting the lower lips with her White teeth. He amusingly looked at geet with a smile. Want to start there conversation again, yet there body had some different plan.

"if you want we can talk later.. maybe in cafe where we won't have the urge...!" she felt the wetness between her leg, drifting. Anticipatingly waiting...

His abdominal muscle gently messaged the soft part off her body. He slides the hand down along her side to the bare thigh, pushing the dress up to discover more flesh.

Geet was scared, just in case just like maans sister another person walks in. How embarrassing perhaps it would be.
"what If someone walks in"
do you think anyone will walk through that door when a game is on. And that to live"
She twisted her lips thinking, yes he is correct. Very correct. No one would fancy to walk in. Now!

She eases and let's her self dissolve in his aroma.

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Congrats 4r new thread.

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Congrats on new thread

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congratz on the new thread!
Loved the part :D

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Actually surprised to see this caring side of Maan, he is definitely a sweet bro!!! what these two are up to now, kahi koi aagaya tohShocked

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CONGRATS on the new thread...Party

loved their convo...

finally they talked something diff...abt how they feel...

continue soon...

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Awesome... Finally somebdy knocked some sense in mr. Khurana...
OMG!!!!!!!! They confessed are u

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