Bitter turmoil and breakdowns

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
Apologies in advance for the lack of video...we are experiencing some technical difficulties today thanks to StarIndia randomly blocking YT vidsOuch

Anyways, see if these links for you guys...

Today the scenes involve Gulaal throwing an impromptu "happy budday" celebration gathering for Dushyant and Kesar is not say the leastLOL...amazing that they can come to this within two days of the album scene...the moment Kesar finds out that Gulaal was the only one that remembered Dushyant's b'day and organized all this, he stiffens and the anger and bitterness all come rushing he just has to leaveLOL...and where does he go rushing to? The resident Talsagra barLOL...where he proceeds to get sloshed drunk...and what do his "genius" friends suggest after this?? A KABADDI match...yes, a KABADDI match when Kesar is full TUNNLOL...and then they have to pay the price...kyunki drunk Kesar sees Dushy boy in a random dost of his and ATTACKKKLOL

That's kinda the gist of it...I'm a little pressed for time so have to rush out. 

Jzee will be posting CAPS later on as well...I don't have access to vids today unfortunately :S

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
JZee... these vids were not working even yesterday... still blocked... had gone to see the other vids then, and forgot to inform you ... Unhappy

Ill wait for your caps... usually they kinda tell almost the whole story... :(

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^^ Reserving for Caps**

Minks, I know, for some reason these are the only clips that are not working, and they aren't working on any other account of YT as well Ermm So maybe its a Star India error or something. 

Anyway - I have the HD clip on my system so I'll post the caps in a while =) 

Nur - Hug Thank you for the post! I know it was a mega jaded thread to make minus working clips and caps :| 


DISCLAIMER: Since CAPS are not my usual department, I'm probably not going to be half as fantastic as Nur. But since we don't have 'working' clips today, I will try to go overboard with the caps anyway LOL - so yeh, headsup given !


-- Bewafa Se Khafa -- 

[keeping the titles from the vids that aren't working, because Minks complimented Blushing]

Gullu walks in on MB-Kesar serious talk about Kesar's future

Kesar's reaction? Aur kya hona hai, aankhein targeting his one and only Heart LOL 

Gulaal (btw) doesn't even look towards him - the caution all over her expression - but can probably feel the focus anyway, cause she immediately blurts - aap log zaruri baat kar rahein hain, main baad mein aati hu... and makes to leave, but MB stops her and asks her what she came for. She tells him everyone is waiting for him, and Kesar downstairs. 

Kesar's eyes? Glued in focus yes. I don't think he even blinks when he's shooting her those glare hexes - although they are somewhat discrete here 

The occasion? Party Dushy's bday party!!!! 

birthday Bu-oy...

the birthday the bu-oy's the mother - the Jamuna the Kaki LOL and her 'garden garden' dil at Dushy's bday LOL


... and ye lo, ye bhi agaye, Mr. party pooper - the angry young man *tuntuna BG* Kesudaaa!  ROFL

^^ spot the difference in two caps above? notice the eyes. For exactly a femto second they glare at birthday bu-oy, before returning focus to *who else* but bewafa Gullu - who by the way, Galool as ever is smiling too much for her own good Stern Smile *shakes head* 

JK: janam din mubarak ho 
Dushy: ye bhi acha tareeka hai mujhe meri umar yaad dilaane ka Wacko [so much for gratitude]
Gullu - *reaction below*

Camera man, with more brains than Galool herself, ghumaos mundi to find out what the burning smell is about. And discovers ... haila! Shocked


... okay so the clip shows happy faces here, PB, Sudhi, Giga, Talli - and then refocuses of party pooper and his silent tantrum LOL 

Dushy gets bhent from everyone, but plays goody two shoes and says he only wants aashirwaad. Angry young man continues to 'mu-fulao' in reaction

And everyone can choose to be happy and blind - but not JK maiyaa! Dhanye ho! ROFL

JK radar captures target 1 - 

... and capture target 2
and dimaag ki batti on for next wicked cupid act! 
JK (on aag lagao mod high) - Arre Gulaal, Kesar kya laya hai Dushyant ke liye? 

Shocked Jamuna Baa! Ye kya puchh liya aapne?! Now face consequences !!!

Kesar attack fails. Stern Smile JK continues - aur wo wahan kyun khada hai? Shocked Gullu bichari stuck between angry young man and scheming relentless cupid 


JK final attack - jaa, jakat usse yahan lekar aa! 
Kesar's game over cum don't you dare Gullu look -

But probability of Gullu taking a hint = probability of Talli using brain power = probability approaching zero *head desk* 

So she goes to 'fetch' angry party pooper! Kesar's eyes follow her movement in his direction with an unblinking barrage of glare hexes trying to shoot her down - but Gullu ka obey all/sacrifice for all version to immortal hai ROFL 

Gulaal - chal Kesar
Kesar - sacha warrior to the last bullet that he is, still trying to shoot her down LOL


Caps contd below

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JZee, I was so excited with the title "Bewafa pe Khafa"... Ouch I cant even recall which scene is next... well, eagerly awaiting the Caps ... and your lovely essay... hope you do the honours soon enough... Wink

Edit: Nur, apologies... just realised that you do mention the scene, and am assuming that this "Bewafa se khafa" refers to the whole Dushy b'day ordeal... I was just bogged with not being able to see Kesar-Gulaal on screen, in the scene... Confused

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 2:01pm | IP Logged

Hey me also waiting to hit the like button..

jaldi aao

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 2:07pm | IP Logged

Ended up watching entire episodes!

The happy birthday party by cakes and candles to blow but there sure was fire and smoke blowing from Kesar express..LOL

I think it indirectly starts of with "the talk" he has with Motabha where he's been asked to introspect, but bechara is bogged down with a dozen other questions that have taken more priority than his aspirations in life..if only Motabha would know..

It reminds one of how in the earlier scenes Daibaa's words almost fall on deaf ears..Gulaal isn't registering any of it..similarly here Kesar isn't thinking deeply about Motabha's words..cos they instead spend every moment thinking of each other.

It's interesting like scarletthara said in yesterday's thread that he doesn't fall off the edge and in those 10 yrs away not once has he had a drink or indulge in things considered offensive to others generally..but after his return home, he is being the rebellious kind..the presence of Gulaal and Dushyant closer to him has literally magnified his anger and hurt 10 fold..

Kesar standing apart from the family and then later on when he's drunk and talking to Vasant's pic saying how lonely he feels in the midst of all is a wonderful parallel to Gulaal doing the same in that Laalji ba scene, and Kesar's questions at her...sigh this is brilliance in the writing!

Putting yourself in Kesar's shoes and watching Motabha jatao so much pyaar to Dushyant of all people..and telling him how children will always remain so..would definitely annoy him..the last straw had to be the fact that it was a Gulaal surprise for Dushyant..I'd say subconsciously he felt jealous(?) that she would do something exclusive for someone else and right now enemy no.1..he has always been possessive about her..added to this is the words that repeat in his head..the fact that he witnesses this act of affection by Gulaal towards Dushyant just goes one step further in cementing his suspicions.

@Talsagra Bar ROFL hilarious! he drinks like even hallucinating..Kesar's emotions towards Dushy borders on hate followed by hurt that his brother would do this to another's amazing how this rage remained dormant for a longperiod till the revelation occurs to the rest of the family..

When he returns at night..'mujhe tumhare sahare ki zaroorat nahin'..still pushing her away..I loved how natural this drunken act looked..NB was good here..he lazily takes the morchang and plays it..and she enters shutting the doors..always  wanting to cover for him..and as every person who gets high says they aren't drunk..Kesar says it too..LOl..and then  some sharp statements 'who is you to be bothered'..major ouch..infuriated she throws a glass of water on him! the first time I saw that scene I was like Woah! Gulaal you go girl! LOL..she gives him a reality check..he's shocked and understands his mistake...when he breaks down with the pic of Vasant in hand...ahh..the poor want to give him a big hug..he's lonely with no one to talk to for comfort..the one person who he seeked comfort in was Gulaal and now she is the cause for this distress..

I liked the bit in the morning scene when he asks Talli if Gulaal mentioned anything he knows that Gulaal won't tell on him but he still clarifies..and quietly drinks the neembu paani to get rid of the hangover.

Looking forward to the caps and the write up JZ! :)

Edit: Nur lovely avis and siggys you posted lately..using :D

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 3:20pm | IP Logged
Areyyy Maz, you skipped fully ahead! That drunk scene toh we'll be doing tomorrow! I'm actually waiting to discuss that in full detail and cap it too :D

*Edit: Oh I loved that Kesar scene with Motabha too...there are some pretty interesting Kesar-Motabha convos around this phase where MB genuinely tries to connect with Kesar and talk to him about his future/long term plans...but ofcourse he has no clue that Kesar has FAR too much on his mind to really think in that direction...and sadly this ends up just being a case of the family dismissing him as generally irresponsible and immature.

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Batch 2: [ps: I can't seem to get CAPS that appear as clear and HD as Nur's Disapprove so you guys are just stuck with these kind today...] 


Dushy rightfully wary of Kesar

And I LOVE this shot Heart I know Kesar is still being angry et al - but the way it captures these two in a single frame, with Gulaal just a tad behind him, almost like its them against the world, and Kesar is now focusing his killer hexes on all of them, AND shielding Gulaal from it all! I know its nothing like that in the scene itself - which on the contrary is going to show an increasing trend in Kesar's grudge and wrath towards Gulaal and his increasing sense of being SO utterly betrayed - but just this shot looks like the poster of a long live love couple - with brave and angry knight, and gentle docile damsel (yes, gentle is not a word for Gullu, but anyway, neither is damsel, in a sense!)

And the couple ramp walk LOL aise ni lagta jese welcome inka hora hai?! Dushy bichara as sidelined as the rest, waiting to hoot at the couple of honor Party

Kesar's getting the act together look

Glare Hex warm up round

Another 'willing to be shaheed praani'  who chooses to smile too much for his own good... *shakes head*

Party pooper gets down to rang mein bhang action 
K: Main inko kya de sakta hu... 

[^^ and his expressions above make me wana pull off a Gullu and go dekh! dekh zara apna chehra aaine mein, kesa ho jata hai gusse mein LOL ]

Dushy using forbidden word for Kesuda these days - 'chotta' [as a prefix to bhai, but still chotta keh diya Kesar ko?! Shocked ]

Kesar's chotta bachaa jaanke humse naa takrana look in response ROFL 

^^ Bachpan ke carry forward expression. Reminds me of the time Kesar is rushing to the kitchen to get Gullu a glass of water to drink, when she regains consciousness, and on the his way he's stopped by Dushyant who asks him - in a cajole the kid and extract info manner - about Gulaal's condition and Kesar's reply - kyun?! wo to dushman gaon ki beti hai hai na?! Ouch and pushes away from Dushyant! Dushyant smiles in a thenga mila manner to himself ROFL

Anyway, back to present. Dushyant hasn't learned his lesson. Tries to pull off another cajole the kid and patao him trick
D: chotta bhai tohfe deta nahi, leta hai! 
Kesar's end the drama already look in response

D: (pushing his luck too far) - bhulgaya! bachpan mein saare mere tohfe mujhse cheen liya karta tha! 
and ouch, that touches the nerve. Kesar's expression - his silent and gauging accusation, as he listens to a man showing brotherly love by teasing him about cheene tohfe, when Dushyant himself is the one jisne uske Vasant Bha cheen liye usse! Ouch

On a  much less provoked scale, this moment is almost a predecessor of the bit in Dushyant's final showdown, when he is recounting his devotion to the family, to a very disbelieving and angrily disdainful Kesar, who revolts with a jhoot! sab jhoot! and shocks one and all! 

And ye lo ji - Galool madam and her perfect timing - par ab to Kesar bada hogaya hai! Ab to usse tohfa dena hi chiye! *face palm BIG TIME*

What is Kesar supposed to make of this? First time she 'acknowledges' he is now bada and why? So she can extract a gift out of him for her allegedly illicit lover Dushy?! Stern Smile Can you really blame that boy for burning to ashes!!! Ouch Disapprove

As if that wasn't enough, who does Galool seek second confirmation on her bright idea from? *goes off to hit head into virtual wall* Jhalli Talli, who responds with (dimaag ki umeed na karo!) haan haan, bilkul! Dead Seriously, these two women need some kind of gallantry award to have jhello-ed each other for a decade Ouch ek se ek hain Wacko

Apparently, JK shares my opinion about Gullu choosing Talli as veto power for the debate over Kesar bada enough to give Dushy gift or not... 

St. Gullu oblivious of all evil in the room around her is happy to have Talli's stamp on her bright idea - and pulls a brief Minnie 

Kesar in his rare baat to maan ni thi, baat teri jo thi mode (which is as good intention as the time he 'agrees' to marry Talli) agrees. Thik Hai! Udhaaar raha... 

D - brushes off udhaar talk. mere liye to itna hi bohot hai, ke gharwaale sab apne saath hain. aur kya chahiye! 
Another touche! Kesar's look in response, another silent accusation, of how sab nahin hain because you already killed one! The MAIN one! 

Dushyant's aabhari look for his birthday to be remembered by all. 

Kesar's oh you hypocrite look - and again, reminds me of Dushyant in the earnest in the final showdown, while Kesar has not a second's faith in one word he says... because his reason is a loss too big, too vital - for any scope for explanation otherwise. 

And then the KABOOM moment of the scene (word stolen from bioinfo LOL
MB - beta tujhe aabhar to Gulaal ka maanna chiye, hume to yaad bhi nahi tha, issne hi sabko bataya hai 


Kesar's transformation of cold contained wrath turning to blind raging disbelieving fury at this yet newer evidence of her betrayal Broken Heart

And look at her - smiling away to glory Shocked - Talli rubbing off on her oh-so-bad  Stern Smile Like hello, Gullu madam, zara nazrein idhar udhar bhi ghumakar dekh lo,  koi kya reaction de raha hai!!! Ouch

camera back on Kesar

and final expression after Duggu FB 

Somebody - I think MR - mentioned yesterday how obsessed Kesar was with this FB, he'd been haunted by it for a whole decade, and and torments him to no end, yet there's like this part of him which holds onto it like this spark, that he needs direly to keep the flame inside him burning! And every instance that he's slipping away from the agenda of vengeance, he reminds himself of it all over again, to renew the fire! 
Yet, the way this seeming blatant evidence of her betrayal hits him in this scene - like a bucket of cold water, or I dunno... a ton of bricks falling on him! - he's so stunned by the information, that Gulaal in fact has made all plans and arrangements for Dushyant's birthday... and interestingly, the segment of the FB he remembers this time, is not with regard to the murder or the witness (read: her betrayal in keeping Vasant from having justice) but the part where Duggu accuses Gulaal of rishta with Dushyant (read: the betrayal he feels for himself, her Kesar) another instance and same old paradox - he believes she has betrayed, and yet, any sign of evidence puts him in such shock, and such unbearable strain/hurt as if he's never really believed the betrayal! And once more it makes me say - what a torn guy! 


Will do the Talsagra -Bar scene tomorrow LOL My eyes have given up for now... zzz! 




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