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KaSh Heaven: Tumhara Hoon Main Aur Tum Meri (Page 2)

-KaShHeaven- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 12:06pm | IP Logged

Shilpa : Good evening KaShians. Main hoon apki Shona, Shilpa!
Karan :
Salaam Namaste KaShians! Main hoon aap sab ke dil ka armaan, Karan Singh Grover!
Shilpa :

So Karan, how are you feeling today? An award function arranged by our
fans and for our fans, aisa nazara kabhi dekha hai pehle? 800 thread
celebration 800! Can you imagine that?!
Karan :
Nope..this is A M A Z I N G man! You guys are really loyal.. and cute.. Thank
you for all the love and support guys! We love you!
Shilpa :
Yes we do!  
*suddenly Karan's phone starts ringing before Shilpa could say anything*

Karan :
*picking it up* Hello? haan.. haan.. I'm in between of a very important meeting. I'll call you later. *cutting the call* Sorry guys sorry!
Shilpa :
why didn't you switch off your phone? Aur main jab phone karti hoon tab
toh kabhi mera phone nahi uthate Main toh hamesha sunti rehti hoon
"You and I in this Beautiful World"
Karan :
Suno mujhe bolne se pehle khudko dekho Tum kabhi apni phone receive
karti ho? Abhi kuch ghante pehle when I called you, did you pick up? No
na? then why are you complaining about me?
Oh so you were taking revenge by not picking it up when I called you later?
Karan :
No I wasn't Pehle mujhe jawab do why didn't you pick up your phone?
I was too busy dancing on my own ringtone Oh dhanno oh dhanno oh dhanno.. dhanno hey
Karan :
Hawww I love this song I don't blame you.. Chalo saath mein dance karte hai
NOOO!! *screams* Guys,
before Karan shows more of his craziness, I want to call the next hosts
on stage It's none other than the creator of Heaven... Jenny!

Jens: Hey everyone! For those of you who don't know me, I'm the "Mother" of
KaSh Heaven, and for those of you who DO know me...well...Sup! ;) First
of all, I would like to welcome EVERYONE here for attending our special
awards night! Oh crap, RAMSHA! You suppose to be here! Sorry guys, I am
gifted to host with this awaragardi bhoot partner! :@
Oh HEY guys! Wow, it started already?... I didn't know.. I was just...kinda...you know, busy.
Ramsha I don't need to ask you where you were, nor do I want to know, but can you PLEASE just say your lines already?
Oh yeah.. Sorry I forgot to welcome you guys here. I'm the Bhoot of KaSh
Heaven and the next Meanest Member because, I am SO taking Amna's
"Meanest Member Award" from our last event!
OMG UGH! Sorry guys! I think you guys already know how crazy we are. ..Uff!
Someone control Amna backstage PLEASE! Okay now let's finally move on
to the awards, and to do the honors, we would like to call two very
special and senior people like Ramsha and I!
I have to agree with you on that Jenny,  we are pretty special!
OOHH! Sorry to break your heart Ramsha, but I called us senior, and you aren't even close to being one!
OK OK Mummy, let's move on to calling those special people!
We would like to call on stage, the evergreen Mohnish Behl and beautiful
 Shilpa Tulaskar to do the honour of giving our our first award!

Good evening everybody! I'm your very own Dr. Shashank Gupta,  Right Shanky Pants Jenny?
*Jenny turns completely RED*

Hello everyone, and I'm your very own Sister Padma!
We both are here to announce the winner of--
the "Multiple personality disorder with a dash of amnesia" category!
Sorry Ramsha, but looks like you aren't getting it!
: WHAT? Rip off! *mumbles to herself in anger*
And the winners are..
WINNERS? I think you are mistaken!
Nope, we have a tie! The winners are "Shweta and Aish"!
MB :
aka, "KaSh bary & DJ_AISHII!"
Congratulations to you both!

S&A : Thank you Sir & Ma'am!
THANK YOU GUYS! I wasn't excepting but I had voted for myself in this category!
Give me some space too! Thank you everyone, all the people who have voted for me, you guys rock!
Ramsha :
ENOUGH! Now you both of you can go, since I need more space here anyways! Ok now let's move on to next category!
ShilpaT :
Ramsha we get to announce the next category too.
OK OK!! No one talks! Let me announce the next category.. "Main bechari abla nari!" category. This dialogue basically goes to a girl who's really clever!
ST :
Wait, excuse me, girls aren't clever.. We're really...you know, "bechari Abla Nari."
MB :
Oh hoo.. there's no use in arguing with girls! And the award goes to Madhu!!
ST: aka,
: Jenny, I'm telling you, I deserve this award but as usual Maham paid people to not vote for me!
Jenny :
*shhuuusssh!* Congrats Madhu!

I Love this special award. Thank you everyone for believing in me that I am the perfect, bechari abla nari!
Jenny :
BEHAVE! Now the next category!
ST : "Mujhe uss aashiq se pyaar ho gaya hai!" Member!

MB :
Haha! Very funny category!
Jenny :
Tell me about it Shanky Pants!
Ramsha :
Haww, Jenny tu toh gayi!!
Jenny :
*Gasps* Sorry Sir! Ignore us!
MB :
I will see you backstage! And the lucky winner is...
ST :
"Noorin" also known as "angeldmg16!" Congrats!
MB :
Kisse pyaar ho gaya hai aapko beta?
 kisse nahi Uncle. Woh bechari abla nari wala award mera tha but these mean people are 'badnaam-ing' me! :(
MB :
Aww.. anyways, abhi adjust with this!
THANK YOU EVERYBODY ! :| I have written a whole speech but you guys
gave me such a weird award that I can't thank Mom & Dad for this!
Ramsha :
Nowadays I also have crushes.. phir bhi mujhe nahi mila. I AM SO GOING!
Jenny :
Oh man.. I have the longest list too, but still Mummy ko bhi nahi mila! :( Wait! I'm coming with you!
MB :
Shilpa they both have left so let us announce the next category and leave too.
ST :
You're right! The next category is "Miss Bollywood!"
MB :
Oooh.. that's interesting! That's ironic! Who is Ms. Bollywood in fan group of a Tellywood Couple?
ST :
Moshish it's not one girl but TWO!
MB :
Oh no.. TWO gaddars?
ST :
don't tease the girls!
MB :
And the winners are "Ashu and Poornima" aka, "notfadedaway & -pooluvskash-"! Congratulations girls!

I'm so inactive and still I got the award.. Thank you! I'm making Biryani
for all of you tomorrow because i'm lazy to make it today!
P :
Ooohh..I can't believe I got this award, me being Ms. Bollywood! Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you! Finally all my hard work since my childhood has
paid off!
Ramsha shouts from backstage:
Miss Bollywood ka award mila hai.. Miss Universe ka nahi!!


Amna: HEYLO!!!
I'm Amna Malik! The Meanest Member Of KaSh Heaven!  And Ramsha you can
try as much as you want to but you aren't getting this award!
Amna amna amnnnaaa.. chalo yahan se, it's not our turn.
Maham you can go if you want but I am staying!
I guess I don't have a choice now either... :| HELLO PEOPLE OF KaSh WORLD!! I am Maham.. umm...
KaSh World? ' Ok whatev, you can call Maham Gabbar or Dr. Kriti! Hitler fits too--
Amna Shut up !
You can't just shut me up.
Argh.. you are impossible! and I don't wanna fight with you here in front of so many people!
Yeaahh your goody-two-shoes image will get ruined!
Ramsha's voice from backstage:
Gabbar already started with her horrifying shut ups!
Maham :
So? You stop being a bhoot!
Amna :
Will you both shut up? OMG, I can't see my husband in the crowd!
Maham :
We aren't here to see your hubby.. so forget it and let's move the show.
Amna :
Maham your poor sense of humor. It's a show not a thread of KaSh Heaven which I move.
Maham :
*rolling eyes*
Amna :
How am I looking ? And how many awards am getting ? And who is coming
next ? Are we having Munni or Sheila performance or maybe the new Chamak
Challo? You know I can dance on CC too. I think Tiha can join me too in
her high heels. And and--
Maham :
Ignore her guys and let me call our very own Mariam as in my MnM Buddy & Amna's Armaan to join us on stage.
HEY GUYS! I'm Mariam... who needs no introduction..cuz' I have very famous personality!
Buddy, I would like to ask you to give this next award because the
winner is a very very very special person, a star herself!
Mariam :
Ok MnM, as you say. And the winner of "Dr. Dhyanleva" category is... ANY GUESSES?
Amna :
Make sure you bring this home otherwise I am breaking your legs...just saying!
Mari: *
gasps* MnM bachoaooo!
Amna :
It's Mummy bachoaooo..
You go ahead and announce the winner first MnM Buddy!
Mariam :
And the winner is our very own special "TARA" as "tsfme"! Congrats Tara Di, come get your award!
Tara :
Hello KaShians.. Yeh kya hua, kaise hua? Hope koi cheating sheating nahi hui!
YOU KaShians! I am so happy and in a bit of a shock on how I got this
award! By the way, it's a beautiful award.. bhery different!

Maham :
Tara as you are here, I would like to ask you to announce the next win--
wanna be my chamak challo..oh oh oh, wanna be my chamak challo*
Amna :
Oye yeh beech mein performance kisne shuru kardi?
Tara :
Sorryyy guys, it's my BB. Oh Ama & Aba calling.. I think they are calling to congratulate me! Sorry girls, I will need to leave to pick up the call and i'll be back later,
keep 1-2-3 ting-ing Shonas! Till then enjoy this surprise performance
by KaSh!

*As the performance is over, Virina comes up running to the stage*
We heard it's your current favourite song.
You guys are AMAZING!
Awww thank you soo much!
Virina, thank youu for being so excited about this but can you please return back? *laughs*
Oh yeah sure..but OMG..I'm still not over that dance!! *walks of the stage dreamily*
: Let's call Mayank Anand & Drashti Dhami to give this very interesting category award.
Hellooo KaShians! Hey Mariam, Amna & Maham! I'm Drashti, your very own, Dr. Muskaan Chada! *laughs her adorable signature laugh*
Finally tu chup ho gayi.. HEY GUYS! This is Mayank aka,  Dr. Rahul here, naam toh suna hoga!
Chup kar Rahoool!
Tu chup kar!
Oh sorry guys, we forgot.
Meet my non-stop radio, my sweetheart, Drashti!
: And my always jealous young man, Mayank my Darling!
Jealous kyun bola ???
Abey oye.. tu hi har waqt jalta rehta hai.
MA :
I won't leave you once we leave this place.
"We shall see." :P
: and the winnner of  the "We shall see!" category goes tooo..
DD :
Virina! aka SPINKaShFanatic! Congrats Virina, come on up!
SPIN ? why you wanna spin KaSh.
V :
oooh.. SPIN means two other couples! :)
: Ohhh..
V :
I would like to thank everyone who I fought with and ended up saying
"We shall see!" to! and also thanks to those who have voted for me!
Thanks for this lovely award!

Maham :
You made me proud Beeru!
Amna :
You're saying it like she got award because of you..
Mariam :
Guys...just shut up...please!
MA :
Let move on to next category..
DD :
And let me say it because isse pehle tumne kaha tha!
MA :
Ok meri Maa!
DD :
"I'm always pataoing you dil se, andar se!" category!
MA :
oh man who's gonna get this!?
: OF COURSE ME! I am always pataoing my Riddhima dil se!
Amna :
Liar!  My 'not really' dearest Armaan.
*rolling eyes* When you both get done then wake me up so we can continue the show.
: Sorry guys !
silence.. all look towards amna.*
Amna :
Mariam :
Say sorry!
Amna :
No way!
Maham :
MnM Buddy how can you expect her to say sorry? *yawn* please move on with the show.
MA :
Thank you ! I think tum sab per iska asar hai.
DD :
I'm just ignoring.
MA :
The winners are'. Are' are' ME & DD!! *claps*
DD :
Such a liar.. the winners are Virina and Zahra!
: WTH!!! It's Marian and Me who deserve it!
: Tell me about it! -_- A N H!
Maham :
Let me say once.. please please, ASLI NAHI HAI. And Tani ask her who she is pataoing dil se and I will see Virina myself!
V :
MAN !!! I can't believe I get this one too but how am gonna take them
home. Thank you KaSh, Nori and everyoneee.. I am always pataoing you all
dil se, ander se.. even bahar se!
Z :
Ahhh.. oooh.. Mera pehle award. Mujhe toh lag ke Tani aur Maham ki wajah se I won't get anything.. you know how they like.. *blah blah blah*
Maham :
I can't believe it.. she started here too.. SOMEONE MUTE HER MIKE!
Z :
you suck.. I am leaving but before that thank you everyone who have voted
for me, I had to pay Amber to vote for me but I didn't pay Maham and...
and I hate you Maham &Tani!
Maham :
she's gone! And I'm leaving too but these two lovebirds need to be here
and entertain you with their romance! Over to you [email protected]
Amna :
Oh great.. I get some space.. oye you camera man make sure your camera will be on me only!
DD :
Amna we aren't here to be invisible. Camera man don't listen to her...get some footage of me and Mayank too! ;)
MA :
I can't believe you're fighting with her.. oh god help the world!
Mariam :
Mayank, it's hard to handle these two!
M :
i know right?
A & DD:
Did you both say about us.. Let us show the real us.
DD :
Ready Amna ?
A :
Maham :
I had to come back because these big kids never gonna grow up. Till then you guys enjoy this VM.

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
DD : That was fun Amna.. is it ?
A : Now they both will remember how to behave with us.
MA & M : We will see you girls after the stage get over.
Maham : Will you guys move the show now ?
A : Isko toh move, move or move ke elawa kuch nahi aata.
Maham : Ignoring you. Mayank & Drashti please.
Mayank : Let us move the stage with our next category
DD : "Mast Hai Re"
MA : Yeah it must be mast but will announce the category.
DD : Stupid.. The next category is "Mast Hai Re"
MA : The winners are "Mais and Rishu"
DD : "-Mais- & -.LoVe-KaSh.-"

M : I can't believe I get it.
R : Even I can't that you get it.
M : Yeah right.. look at yourself first.
M&R : THANK YOU GUYS ! (fighting for the mic)
MA : I think tumhari sangat ka asar ho raha hai sad par.
MA : Dekh mujhe yeh sab mat bola kar.
DD : Chal chup kar.. "LOSER" is the next category.
MA : Oooh.. Let announce the winners.
MA : Ms. R & R, "Ramsha & Rida"
DD : "-Ramsha- & -Heart-Hacker-"
MA : One Bhoot and other one heart hacker.. we have to careful here.
DD : I am running.. chalo mere saath.
MA : Yeah right.. you both collect the awards yourself.
Ramsha : That suck.
Rida : Exactly !
Ramsha : I am sure Maham ne kuch kiye hoga.. that's why I got this award. I tell you she is more mean than me.
Rida : Exactly, she isn't taking me out.
Ramsha : Aww.. Anyways, Let me give me thank speech.
*someone mute the mic* Maham shouted.
Ramsha : Rida you give your speech and I will give speech to Maham.
Rida: oooh.. I thought I won't get the mic. Anyways, thank you everyone who
have voted for me. I don't think I deserve a LOSER award but I love
this awesome award. THANKS!

Amna : Mariam I am not leaving. If you wanna leave you can but I won't leave the stage.
Virina : "Nahi chalna hai toh side de!"
Amna : How dare you to talk with me like this ??
Nori : That's our next category and to do the honour, I would like to call
Virina : Pankit Thakkar and Sunaina Gulia
Hello Girls ! I am Pankit, as your Dr. Atul.
And I am Sunaina, as your Dr. Anjali.. HEYYY ! Hope you all hope fun by watching our always fighting couple.
Pankit : Yeah.. They always fighting, don't learn from us.
Sunaina : you know I have to agree here with you.
PT : Really ? Aww.. *day dreaming*
SG : Can you annouce the winner then ?
PT : sure.. you do the honour.
SG : And the award goes to Amna Malik
PT : Armaan ki sister ?
Amna: Nahi, I get this award at my own mean-ness.. I am not related to
anyone. I just so famous that people have voted for me. I know I ROCK ! I
would like to credit, Shilpa Anand as Riddhima Gupta for being my
inspiration for this kind of attitude and I would like to thank Shahrukh
Khan, my husband. *Blah blah*
SG : Someone press her stop button
PT : I heard people are finding her stop button since years but abhi tak nahi mila.
SG : Oh man !! Kuch karo.
PT : Amna SRK is sitting there.. go and meet him.
AM : Oh really ? Oh guys am leaving with my fab award.

Virina : Finally yeh to gayi.. Thanks Pankit !
Nori : Let's move on to our next category
SG : "Naam toh batati jao!" category.
PT : And the winners are.. "Vaish and Rinki"
SG : "vaish04 & -Rinki-"

Vaish : Mereko toh believe hi nahi ho raha hai ke I won but why people voted for her.
Rinki : Coz I DESERVE.
Vaish : Acha theek hai meri maa.. Thank you guys for have voted for and I will see those who haven't.
Rinki : Jealous. Thank you everyone, all the boys whom I have said this.
Vaish : Chal bbey.
Rinki : You..
Nori : Peace guys.
Virina : Learnt from KSG ?
Nori : Yeah.. *blushing*
SG : Let's move to next very funny category, "Tum 8 bajker 26 minute par mujhe chatt par mil sakti ho?"
PT : Yes, I am a Plant Lover Maham.
SG : You have to announce the winner.
PT : She is the winner, star_fan.
Ramsha & Amna shouting *She CHEATED*
Maham: Shut up you jealous people. I so deserve the award. Thank you
everyone who have voted for me. And also people like Virina, Nori, Riya,
Tani whom I give such timings.

And I love this award.
SG : It's time to call two beautiful ladies on to the stage to give out the next set of awards.
PT: Please give a big hand to Mayank & Drashti for their performace!

-KaShHeaven- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Zarqa: Wow, that was so adorable & romantic!
I know righttt!
Anyways, hellooo everyoneee!!
: Mic mein chilanna band karo
: I wasn't shouting.
: Oh no no, you're whispering. *gives a sarcastic smile*
: Where's Riya?
: Huh? How does she relate to this.
: Read the category, she does relate to it very well.
: So you mean, she won?
: I never said that.
:Wow is she?How many categories is she winning *shocked*
: I NEVER said she won.
: Oh look who is shouting now.
You know what? You can say whatever you want..am reading the category. The category is..um is..
: Bolo bolo
: I can't pronounce this.
: HAH! I told you we need Riya.
: Can we please have Riya on the stage to read this category out?
*Riya walks on to the stage*

: Heyy everyone! Am pretty sure I know which category these two are on about so yeah..
: Very sure you do so without further delay announcing the winners: Virina & Zaynoo for..
: Thado Galli Mein!
*laughs* I knew they would win this the moment I read it.

Zarqa: Congrats V&Z!
: Pata nahi Z ne kahan se le liya..cuz this was especially for me but whatever. Thank you so much everyone who voted!
: Wow, for once V spoke in Hindi without one mistake. That's..shocking. Thanks to all who voted for mee!
: Thank you Riya for coming here to announce this category!
: No problem *starts to go back*
: Nooo ruk jaooo!
*Riya stops and stares around awkwardly*

: What are you doing?!
: Come back Riya.
: Okay *confused*
: Tell me one memory of KaSh that you love.
: One? *laughs* there are tons..am never gonna choose one!
: Ohh I get this.
: Huh?
: Tell naaa
Not one but um..the friendship day interviews, the puppy dog interview,
and just all the interviews. Haww my mind is playing flashbacks back to
back! *smiles*
: *laughs* and so the award goes to you!
: Award?
: "Flashbacks gaye, memories aaye" Member of KaSh heaven is none other than you!

Riya: Aww, that's so sweet! Thank you so much to everyone who voted!
: Go & bring Zaynoo back to the stage and come along with her.
: Congrats bhi nahi..seedha Zaynoo?
*Riya walks up to Zaynoo*

: Come Z..you're in demand.
: I knew it! FINALLY, they're casting me opposite Karan.
: HUH?
: They're probably calling me for that in stage na..
: You're weird.
: Shut up.
: How are you two friends? All we can see you both do is fight.
: How are you a host? All we can see you do is call people back and forth.
*Zarqa is shocked out of her wits*

*Riya laughs & hi5's Zaynoo*

: So announce it.
Announce what?
That I'm being casted opposite Karan.
: Oh yeah, dream on. But we didn't call you for that.
Award dene bulaya tha but if you think its waste of time then you're a waste of space..just go.
: OMG what?! award?! AGAIN? *smiles*
Welcome back to reality. Don't know which one of you & Riya hates
or loves daal but congrats on winning "I hate daal; I love daal" Members
of KaSh Heaven.

Riya : THIS was honestly unexpected. Out of all the awards, I really didn't think this was for us. But thank you sooo much all!
: I agree with Ri! This was really unexpected out of the rest of the awards. Thank you so much though everyone who voted for us!
*Zaynoo starts to walk off the stage while Riya stays there*

: Riya, you can go.
: Am not going, you guys will call me halfway again.
: You can seriously go now..we won't call you again.
: WHAT? I want you guys to call me if I get an award.
: That's a different case.
: Stop talking about cases. I've had too much of this show Castle where they do nothing but solve cases.
: Can you please get off the stage?
: FINE. I'm going.
: So the next award is for "Tumne kaha tha ki tum aaogi" Member of KaSh Heaven
: Oh undoubtedly, that's KaSh.
What? No! The winner is Soumya!

: YES. FINALLY AN AWARD! And it is really apt for the on-going with me
these days..*laughs* Unfortunately, college doesn't let me be as active
as before anymore so it sucks but nevertheless, I'll try to come more
often! Thank you so much to all who voted for me!
: Congrats Soumya! Well, we had great fun hosting tonight but it's time for us to give chances to others!
: It indeed was fun but please welcome Rinki & Nikki on the stage for the next set of awards!
: Khatron k khiladi..ek hasina..ek winner
: That was pathetic singing.
: At least I can sing unlike you.
:: We're not even announcing the Khatron k Khiladi Members..why did you sing that?
: Because it relates somehow to the category we're about to announce!
:: Ohh rightt. Okay..you keep singing to yourself while I read the categories & give the awards out to everyone.
: That's not fair! Do it equal.
:: Ugh..fine!
: Go ahead, read the first one out.
:: The category is "Main hoon Shilpa Malhotra, tumhare liye khatra"
: And the winner is..no surprises here, AMNA!

Amna: Thank you so much to everyone who voted me for this category. I know
nobody else than me deserves it..especially today, me getting this award
means a lot since SOMEONE here needs to know that I'm a khatra. Ok bye.

Rinki:: *whispers off the mic* Heard she's getting divorced so is in a pretty bad mood*
: *whispers back* acha..no wonder though.
:: Aww, the next category is so sweet & we have a tie for it.
We have tie for like all the awards...*laughs*
:: LOL
: Did you just SAY LOL?
: Did I? *confused*
: Yes you did *laughs*
: *embarrased* As we were saying, the next category is "We'll remain young & cute" Members of KaSh Heaven
And the award goes to Rida&Zarqa and Jenny&Sarena. -Jenny_KaShian- Jenny, obviously..*laughs*
: LOL yeah
: You said LOL AGAIN.
: WHEN?!
: Just now. You're so stupid.
:: I'm not stupid.
Um guys, our award?!
: Ohh yeah, congrats to all of you!

: Thank you so much to all who voted for me & Zarqa..this is amazing!
: We'll always remain young & cute!
: Hey! I was about to say that..we'll always remain young & cute.
: Yes, we will..thanks to all who voted for me & Sarena kutti!
: Um..guys..language.
: Oh sorry..actually kutti means something else..not what you guys are thinking--
: *cuts Jenny* Okay enough enoughhh..congrats for winning guys!
: Moving on..I feel like Swanz here..moving on *laughs*
: The next category is "Physically sirf bada, mentally nahi badgaya!" Member of KaSh Heaven.
: Oh that is me..give me my award.
: How rude. That's not you. The award goes to Zaynoo yet again!

: So many awards! I can't thank you guys enough for this. And this is
totally true, I'm the silliest crazy girl you'll ever meet.
Whatever award-stealer..go do bhangra on your butt.
: Yes I will..jealous much?
Am not jealous..congrats!
Enough guys, congrats Zaynoo! The next award is for "I believe in non-violence!" Member of KaSh Heaven..*laughs*
: Karan's award.
Karan said it..but that doesn't mean he is winning na.
You're so disappointing..here I was hoping he'd come up to the stage to us.
We'll go meet him backstage later. *winks*
: That's ever better! So the award goes to
None other than Pori.
: Khaane ka waqt nahi hai.
I know, I meant Nori..the award goes to Nori

: Sabko maloom hai..Nori masoom hai..dill seee *comes to receive the award singing*
: 'Cuz we cannn.
: Whatever.
: Thank you so much to all who voted! Love you all!
: It's time for us to leave the stage now.
: koi gal nahi..KaSh are hosting again. *smiles wide*
: OMG..let's get off quick then. Please welcome KaSh once again to the stage guys!
Nikki: Arre ruko yaar..performance hai pehle..THEN KaSh are coming.

Oh acha..should have said clearly na.
Please welcome Muskaan, Mohnish, Shilpa, Ayaz & Sonia!

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Karan: Hey Girls *winking at the public & gives sexy smile*
Shilpa: Karan i don't think there is only girls present over here,there are guys also.
Karan: Why don't you say Hi to them instead.
Shilpa: OKAY! Hey Boys *winking at boys and gives a sexy smile*
Karan: Wait!What was that??
Shilpa: What was what??
Karan: What was this wink and smile for?? *probing on her*
Shilpa: Do you think you are the only centre of attraction here?? *raising eyebrow*
Karan: Can we give the awards now *annoyed*
Shilpa: This got knocked in your pea brain now??
Karan: HAWW!!!!! P-E-A-B-R-A-I-N?Wait a minute...*cut off by Shilpa*
Shilpa: Guys,forget him,we are here to announce the set of awards
I'll deal with you later *pointing finger at Shilpa* So yea the next
award is...Oh wow..My Favorite. I wanna see who wins this.
Shilpa: Ahhh... it's the Oyye Hoyye award
Karan: OMG its a tie...It goes to Zaynoo and Priyaaa

*Zaynoo & Priya run to the stage to collect awards*

Zaynoo :*dreamily* OMG Thank You Karannn
Priya: *pushes Zaynoo* Karan ...Shilpa...KaSh ...OMG!
Karan: Oyye Hoyye..my littles Oyye Hoyyians Congrats *wink*
Priya: ME TOO.
*Maham comes up to the stage, mouths a sorry & drags both Priya and Zaynoo off the stage*
Shilpa: *Thinking mode*
Karan: Remeniscing the past?? *wriggling his eyebrows*
Shilpa: *blushes* aisa kuch nahin hai.
Karan: Remember on the sets??
Shilpa: *clears throat* it's not the right place.Baad mein.
Karan: Oyye Hoyye..BACKSTAGE!Am not leaving you.
Shilpa: *laughs*next award is for the ''shooting shooting khelne main bahut maza aayega.'' Member award.
Karan: Am missing our shooting days together man.
Shilpa: Can't believe am saying this...but am also missing them. *sad face*
Karan: Ahan..''remember woh''
Shilpa: *whispers* baarish one??
Karan: *nods happily* Hayyeee.
Shilpa: Later..BACKSTAGE! *Wink* for now this award goes to None other than Rinkiii
Karan & Shilpa: YAYYY!

Rinki: *Collects her awards +excited* *poses in front of the cameras and gives a wicked smile*
Shilpa: *after 2 minutes* Rinki we are here also.
Rinki: OMG Am soo Sorry! *was busy for you know *gives a goofy smiles*
Karan: Congratulation darling ;)
Rinki: O-M-G He called me darling
*Maham comes on stage and drags Rinki out* *Rinki's voice echoes:He called me darling*
Shilpa: That was funny
Karan: Entertaining Maal hai
Shilpa: KARAN *stunned*
Karan: What??that's what everyone calls her on Heaven.
Shilpa: Ok let's move on with the next award then.
Karan: OHH This one is soo sweet! it's "We'll remain friends forever & I won't run away from you!"
Shilpa: Sweet na
Karan: Very sweet!
Shilpa: And this award Goes to...
Karan: Riyaaa and
Shilpa: Zaynooo. a great round of applause.
*Riya grabs Zaynoo who jumps on stage*

Riya: Thank you thank you thank you...i so knew were going to win this *proud*
Zaynoo: Modesty RIII! *Whispers to her*
Riya: Huh..AM BEING Modest!OMG Why am i wasting my time with you..??let me gawk at KaSh.
Zaynoo: *Blushes* Karan..Umm!Can we all we both have a photo moment with you and Shilpa.
Shilpa: SUREEE Sweetie!
*Takes picture and went off stage*
Karan: They so remind me of us.
Shilpa: Tonight is surely to remind us of our memorable pasts.
Karan: Agree man..am feeling nostalgic now.
Shilpa: AWW *Gives Karan a side hug*
Karan: Thats why we need to be back together.You never listen.
Shilpa: WHAT..Am always listening...it's you who is always hosting shosting with you shows.
Karan: You could have also come to host na..Esp in Perfect Couple,we would have been together all long,no one to disturb.
Shilpa: Umm..i was busy.
Karan: You are always busy *blank face*
Shilpa: *Hugs him again* NEXT TIME *Wink* Now annouce the next winner for next category.
Karan: "Armaan Malik, yahan ka maalik!" award.WOHOO!Wonder who that is.Annouce it Shona.
Shilpa: *blush* it's Jennyyy.Am talking about Jenny1000 of Heaven to clear out the Jennys confusion.
*Jenny comes on stage*

Jenny: SHONAAA!!!!!Thank you soo much..I love you both so much.
Karan: The star of Heaven!
Jenny: The maker of Heaven! and it's still going strong!
Shilpa: That we can see ;)
*Jenny leaves stage*
Karan: AHH So we are done!
Shilpa: Congrats to all the winners
Karan: Lets go go BACKSTAGE!Need to finish something up with you.
Shilpa: HAWWW...No am not coming.
Karan: Scared??*wicked smile* Let's go Shonaaa!
Shilpa: But you remain two feet away from me!
KARAN: WHAT?? *Dumb* WHATEVER!I'll deal with you there nautanki.
Shilpa: Main nautanki nahin karti ...Challo!
Karan: See you guys all later.*waves to the audience*
Shilpa: *waving to the audience too*
Aish - Wow..that's what we call an audience. & what hosts *dreamily*
Anu-Seriously...KaSh Heaven do have the hugest fan followers ever.
Aish-Agree!BTW You didn't tell me how i look tonight?? *spins around and gives a model pose*
Laddoo-Uhuh..You want me to lie?? *giving a weird look*
Aish-WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?????? *Fuming*
Laddoo-Joking Aish!! In chamakti tharon mein tum sizzling ho.
Aish-Ok first thing,You suck at hindi and 2nd this line is so middle class and outdated.Tell me something new!
Laddoo-I thought u wanted to hear ur praises only.
Aish-Uff lets not waste time and annouce next category.
Laddoo-Who is wasting time??Not me...u were the one who said 'how do i look tonight'*Mimicks*
Aish-*Ignoring* This award goes to Happy For ''Oye teri toh Main!' Member of KaSh Heaven.
*Happy runs to the stage*

Laddoo-And just like her name she is happy,right Happy Singh!
Happy_EEE!Am sooo happyyy..
Aish-As expected!!!
Happy-Its my first award on Heaven and am so excited..Thank you all for voting for me.AHHH!
*Leaves the stage*
Laddoo-You know i also learned Kung fu!
Aish-Huh??SO...What do i care??
Laddoo-Am just reminding you that you cant harm or anything.
Aish-Have you lost it??Don't worry..am not going to rape.
Laddoo-HAWWW! *Shock* Hey bhagwan...Kya zamana aagaya hai!I Was referring to the next set of award dude.
Aish-HAHAHAHA!I Know am just pulling your legs!
Laddoo-My legs wont get long by pulling them you know!
Aish-Where did your sense if humour go man? *yawns* Next award is for the "Mr. and Mrs. Khiladi" Members.
Laddoo-And the award goes to...WOW...The Devils of Heaven.Should have guessed!Ramsha and Ash! Ash yaani Darkhellblaze.
*Ramsha & Ash in an kung fu attires reaches the satge*
Laddoo & AiSh: WHAT ARE YOU GUYS Wearing?? *Stern look*
Ramsha:Maybe you should read the category name again and you will understand.
Ash:They are so dumb man.
Ramsha:Couldnt agree more! *rolls eyes*
Laddoo & Aish:You guys can take your awards and leave the stage as soon as possible!

Ash:Na we are not!We are the stars tonight!
Aish:Security guards..TAKE THEM AWAYYY!
*Ramsha and Ash get dragged out by Security guards*
Laddoo:WOW...Thank God they went..they drive me crazy!
Aish:SAMEEE!Just like you.
Laddoo-WHATTT??Hey Look at me..!!i should be the one saying this to you.
Aish-Am not Crazy.
Laddoo-Yes you are.
Aish-No am not!
Laddoo-Okay fine..its Nikki who is Crazy!
Aish-What does Nikki come to do in the middle of this?
Laddoo-Am saying about next award category,"Pagal hai thodi chokri!" Member of KaSh Heaven.
Aish-Hahahaha..That should so go to her!She is really Pagal.
Laddoo-Sorry Nikki but i think we all agree on this one.
*Nikki comes on stage*

Nikki-I Wanna all those people who voted for me in this category.Am so sending them to mental asylum.
Aish-See she is talking about mental asylum..so she is really pagal.
Aish-YEA YEA...I'll see u guys later!
Laddoo-Nikki you can go and tell us later on your 'jab'
*Nikki leaves stage annoyed*
Aish-You know what am thinking of?
Laddoo-For you kind information,i don't read minds.
Aish-Uff suno tho!KaSh ki interviews bahut yaad arahe!
Laddoo-Aww KaSh!am missing their cute wala masti also!
Aish-I Want more interviews of them.
Laddoo-They are in backstage..jaao batao in dono ko.
Aish-Kya??they are in ABCKSTAGE!
LAddoo-Haan!AKELE! *Wink*
Aish-OMG OMG I Wanna see what they r doing.
Laddoo-Chi chi..its their personal matter...don't go!DARE YOU DISTURB THEM *Show her angry eyes*
Aish-But we can go chuke chupke.
Laddoo-Okay we shall see that later!
Aish-Okay great! *excited*
Laddoo-great..so lets annouce next award quick and lets go and see them backstage!
Aish-Next award goes to ATMA & Divyaaa for ''Kuch Nahi Badla award''
LADDOO-YAYYY!Am so happy!!!!!
*LADDOO & Atma comes on stage*

Atma-yuupiii! this is my first award ever! i wanna danceee! Divz dance with me!
*Divz and Atma dances a bit*
Divz-I Cant believe i won an award! am getting emotional *sniff sniff* you guys so did not forgot me!THANK YOU I LOVE You
all so much.This is such an emotional moment.
*They leaves the stage*
Aish-Ahh so we are done...was having such a nice time here!
Laddoo-But you wanted to go and see KaSh backstage na!
*Both leaves the mic and run off stage*
*Maham and Tani enter the stage. Zahra enters after two minutes and is still fixing her hair and clothes while walking*
Maham : Can you walk a little bit faster? Everyone is waiting*annoyed*
Zahra : Yeah I am coming I am coming
Tani : Seriously Zahra when will you learn to be more organized? You were supposed to be all ready before coming on stage
: I was ready But meri car baby raaste mein kharab ho gayi and I
couldn't find any taxi or anything So I had to take a rickshaw That's
why I came late in the ceremony
Tani : What?! You took a rickshaw? But this function started ages ago..
Zahra: Yeah but I'm still feeling so uncomfortable..ughh
Maham : *ignoring the whole convo* Hello everyone!!! Wassup?!
Tani : Annyong
*the audience gives a confused look*
Maham : Ok seriously Tani you need to stop using your Hebrew language every now and then
Tanisha : It's not Hebrew its Korean
Zahra : Oh no  Here she goes again
Maham : Tani yahan pe koi bhi Korean nahi hai Koi Korean nahi samjhta yaha
Tani : Kaun bola? Iram knows Maisi knows  and there's Fari
: *didn't give the chance to finish Tani* Shut up Tum chaar ko yeh
samjah mein aata hai But look at other's faces we thought you are
giving us gaalis
Tani : Everyone should be more respectful to other languages and cultures Because they
: *cutting Tani again in the middle* Sorry for the inconvenience
everyone. Before the situation gets worse, I want to announce the 1st winner of tonight.
Zahra: Dum da dum da dum
Tani: Lo pagal hai..proof live aagaya.
Maham:Will you both SHUT UP!
Zahra:Thats all you have in your vocabulary..'SHUT UP''Get some new words Maham.
Tum toh chup hi baitho. Looks like I'm the only sane one here. Guys,
please ignore them & listen to me only. The next award is for  "Tum
Katrina Kaif aur main Saif!" Members of KaSh Heaven
Tani: And the award goes to..mujhe bhook lagi hai.
Zahra: KYA?
Tani: My foodbuddy won..so mujhe khana yaad aagaya *looks around sadly*
Maham: ARGH. Kahaan phasa diya mujhe. The award goes to Swancy & Saz. Congratulations guys!

Saz: YAYY! I wanted this award so bad to win with with S--
Swancy: Shh B--I mean Saz, but thanks all who voted! Me deffo Katrina. Oh goes with my Hindi thing too *laughs*
Tani: Congrats guys! The next award is for "I hate you!" "But I love you!" Members of KaSh Heaven
Maham: And the award goes to
*Zahra snatches the cue card from Maham*
Maham: What the hell?!
Give me the chance also sometimes. The award goes to *flips the card*
Happy & Madhu! And there's also a tie here..the award also goes to
Maham & my Jaaneman Tani.

Happy: I'm so happy I won an award! Thank you so much everyone!
Madhu: Wow, another award..thanks all!
Tani: I hate Maham. Thank you everyonee!
Maham: As if I love you. Thanks to everyone who voted!!
Tani: I love you to bola na.
Maham: I said "As if"
Tani: Whatever..
Zahra: Stop fighting guys.
Maham: We're not fighting! The next award is for Aaj tak main itni der tak
ghar se bahaar nahi rahi Member and the award goes to Jenny!
-Jenny_KaShian- to clear out the confusion.

Jenny: Thank you so much guys! And it's true..it's pretty late already and
I've never been out for so long. *laughs* thank you once again!!
Zahra: Congrats Jenny! The next award is for *laughs*
Maham: Kya hua?
Zahra: Phone switched off, matlab ladki pissed off member of KaSh Heaven
Maham: *laughs* the award goes to Swancy!

Swancy: This is definitely me! Thank you so much everyone! I'm really overwhelmed!
Tani: I'm leaving this stage. This girl is reminding me of food..I'm gonna go get something to eat.
Maham: It's time to hand this hosting to someone else now! Please welcome Sarah & Tiha guys.

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Sarah : Hello everyone!!!
Tiha : hey KaShians. Hope you are having a great time'*in a british accent*
Sarah : Wow!! You have a strong accent Tiha' I love it!
Tiha: You do? Thank you so much' I have heard so many complaints about my
accent that I am tired now. Specially from Maham and Tani'
Sarah : Awww' No' Your accent is just fine' Don't worry'
Tiha: I know right? I think Maham and Tani are illiterate' I'll ignore their comments next time'
Sarah : *laughs* Ok back to awards' we are here to announce the next winner'
Tiha: *chuckles loudly*
Sarah:What r u giggling out loudly like that Tiha??
Tiha: Oye phitte mu!
Sarah: What?! I didn't even say anything to you. What was that rudeness for? *shocked*
Tiha: Ohh I was reading the category out..not saying it to you! *laughs*
Sarah: Ohhh rightt! So the award goes to *flips the card* Vaish!

Vaish: OMG mujhe pata tha yeh log mujhe yehi award denge! Thank you so much though everyone!
Tiha: Congrats Vaishhh!!
Sarah: The next award is for..Hum hamesha saath rahenge Members of KaSh Heaven..this was for pairs or more & the award goes to..
Tiha: There's a tie. The award goes to Shilpa & Reema! And also Gurleen, Jackie & Subi! Congrats everyone!

Shilpa: Aww thank you so much guys!
Reema: Thank you to all who voted for us!! We love you guys!
Gurleen: Ahh can't believe I won an award with my favourite people! Thank you so much all!
Jackie: Yess, thank you soo much everyone!
Subi: Thanks a ton guys..thank you so much for voting!
Sarah: Congrats again guys! It's time for us to hand the stage to the other hosts now.
Tiha: I don't wanna leave but then again, have to. Please welcome Shilpa & Reema next!
Shilpa : Hello everyone!!! How are you doing?
Reema : *yawn*
Shilpa : Reema what is this? Behave yourself Say hi
Reema : I am sleepy see dis is why I wanted to have coke before coming here why did you stop me?
tum toh aise baat kar rahi ho jaise you listen to me all the time
Helllooo?? You couldn't have coke because youu didn't find it Now
that's not my fault
Reema : Whatever I wont share chocs with you anymore
Shilpa: as if you do now Anyways leave it we'll talk about it later we should finish the work we are given now!
Reema:You finally got some sense knock down on you.
Shilpa:We're not here to fight..awards announce karo
Reema: I don't know what the category is to announce
Shilpa: uff check karo na Reemu!
Reema: Tum karo na..
Shilpa: Fineee..the next award is for Badi soni kudi of KaSh Heaven & the award goes to
Reema: OH ME ME!
Shilpa: Abhi tak toh you were yawning and now me me? And no the award didn't go to you.
Reema: WHAT? Why not? I should have got that..I mean everyone loves me..why couldn't they vote for me *makes a sad face*
Shilpa: Nautanki band karo. Let's just announce quick..I wanna go talk to Mayank again. The award goes to none other than Nikki!

Nikki: Thank you sooo much to all who voted for me! That's really sweet of you guys. Thank you again!
Reema: So let's move on to the next award!
Shilpa: OMG Its Mummy bachao aunty dara rahi hai  Members of KaSh Heaven,My favourite dialogue!
Reema: One of mine too! Who got the award?!
Shilpa: You & I should have won you know..you scare me all the time.
Reema: KYA? When did I scare you?!
Shilpa: *whispers* all the time..*sighs*
Reema: Huh?
Shilpa: Don't waste time..annouce the winners!I Need to see Mayank!
Reema: Okay
fine..what's the hurry..there's still so much time for you to meet him.
Anyways, the award goes to Nori & Nikki..and also Anu & Aish!

Nori: Ahhh thank you so so much everyonee!!
Nikki: Nori darati hai..but thank you!
Nori: Main nahi darati..woh darati hai. And I believe in non-violence.
Aish: *laughs* Congrats to Nikki & Nori and thank you so much to who voted for me & Laddoo!
Anu: Thank you so much guys! *smiles*
Iram and Maisi:
Mais: Annyong everyone!!
Iram: OMG Maisi why do you always forget that everyone doesn't watch K-Dramas? They don't know what annyong means
Mais: who cares Unnie noes
Iram: Uff Its pointless to argue with you and Tani
Mais: Yeah
whatever I am glad that I am finally attending a KaSh program you
guys are so evil that you always forget to invite me Uff!
Iram: Maisi
can you read out the winner's name please? My legs hurt because of
standing and I'm also sleepy. I am gonna go sleep once I am done with
my part
Maisi: Uff Why don't u read out the names
Iram: Naah you go ahead I am too lazy to read
Maisi: Tell me something new
Iram: Shall i kick your ass or you will read it?
Mais: Okay kick..let's see how strong you are *smirks*
Iram: I was lazy to read that all..you expect me to kick you?
Mais: Then stop saying you'll kick me. Just shut up
Iram: I never said anything.
Mais: You've been talking non-stop.
Iram: You..ugh. Just give me the card. The next award is for I'm a very optimistic person..and the award goes to
Mais: Riya & Sarah!

Sarah: Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me! Love you all!
Riya: Thank you so much guys!
Iram: Dude, that was supposed to be me.
Mais: *laughs* I'm glad it's not you.
Iram: That's mean!
Mais: so kicking my ass wasn't mean?
Iram: I never kicked you!
Mais: Whatever.
Iram: Moving on
Mais: Swancy has gotten into you too much..moving on *laughs*
Iram: Then what should I say? Going back?
Mais: Just read the category out.
Iram: Shut up.
Mais: What? Why are you asking me to shut up?
Iram: It's the category.
Mais: Oh..nevermind then.
Iram: Yeah shut up.
Mais: Whose the--
Iram: That was for real.
Mais: *shouting* AND THE AWARD GOES TO
Iram: Maham & Zahra!

Zahra: I don't understand why i got this award.
Maham: SAME!
Zahra: For you I understand..you deserve it...but for me It's my duty to establish order!
Maham: Establish order? Your duty? Joke ka time nahi hai mere paas .
Zahra: I Don't like jokes and i don't joke.
Iram & Maisi : SHUT UPPP!
*Tabi and Maham leaves with a heated argument still going on between them*
Iram: I can't stand anymore.
Mais: Why? Battery khatam hogayi?
Iram: Let's go backstage,We shall see who's battery is low.
Mais: You talk more needed and tired of you *yawns*
Iram: Announce the performance before leaving.
Mais: OMG yeah! We have a huge performance of all the KaShians up next!
Iram: Please
welcome Virina, Nori, Zaynoo, Riya, Tani, Maham, Zahra, Sarah, Reema,
Jenny, Amna, Mariam, Ramsha, Swancy & Tiha on the stage!
Mais: WOW, that's a lot of people. This is gonna be exciting!

*Nori&Virina enter the stage*
Viru: Good
evening everyone!!! How are you guys liking it here? Ek dum pharu show
hai na? Deemagh ghuma dena wala? *winks* And our performance..uff it was
just so much fun!!
Nori nods her head *Viru waits for 2 mins in case Nori wants to say something*
Viru: Don't you have anything to say Nori?
*Nori smiles and keeps staring into space.*
Virina: Nori are you dreaming or what?
Nori: KaSh are here..
Virina: So?
Nori: I am so excited! They are soo dreamy
Virina: oh no, not again! I think I have to manage this part alone...Ooops!
Nori: What happened?
Virina: I Think you better read the next category urself!
Nori: Huh!Why??Can't you read it?? padh nahi sakte ho kya?
Virina: OMG Just read it yourself..samajh jaogi!
Nori: "Main toh bahout shudh hindi bolti hoon" member..ohh issliye! *laughs*
Virina: hasna band karo..just read the winners out *stares angrily*
Nori: The winner with no surprise is Virina & also Swancy!
Virina: I won?! OMG I WON!
*While Swancy is coming up to the stage, Virina runs to her and starts singing*
Virina: Wanna be my chamak challooo?
Virina: Wanna be my chamak challo?! WHAT IS THE NEXT LINE. *keeps singins the same line over and over again*
Swancy: Can I just have my award so I can get off of this stage before Virina attacks me..She's acting freaky.
Nori: Yes, you can..I might take Virina's backstage and give it to her there before she starts acting crazy again.

Swancy: Thank you everyone who voted for me! I would say that in Hindi but you knoww..love you all! .
Virina: Alright let's move to next category.
Nori: Uff you read this category..I just attended 3 weddings a few days before.
Virina: Oh yeah and didn't even bother telling that to us.
Nori: Sorry bola na
Virina: Riya always says Sorry doesn't make a dead man alive.
Nori: That makes no sense to this topic, Viru.
Virina: Jo bhi ho. The next category is "Karna kya chahte ho?"  "Tumse shaadi! Karogi?" Members of KaSh Heaven
Nori: And the award goes to..two flirts.
Virina: I won again?! *shocked*
Nori: Khud ki tareef kar rahi ho ya insult? And no you didn't win.
Virina: Kya yaar..don't get my hopes high by saying stuff indirectly.
Nori: Learn to listen to the whole thing then. The award goes to Swancy & Rinki!

Swancy: Rinki, please stay with me..Virina freaked me out earlier.
Awww itna saara pyar *blushes* Thank you so much to everyone who voted!
All those who did are invited to our wedding which doesn't have a fixed
date..and those who didn't vote..well, start taking cooking lessons so
you guys can work behind the scenes. *smirks*
Swancy: I ditto everything Rinki said. Thank you guys!
Noor: Okay time for us to leave..but just before we go..I wanna say..I love you KaSh *blushes & runs away to the backstage*
Virina: AM NOT LEAVING. Ri & ZY are coming..am gonna stay with them. *smiles wide*
*Maham comes and drags Virina forcefully off the stage while Zaynoo & Riya walk in*

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Riya: Hey again everyone!!! Hows it going guys?
Zaynoo: Hello
Riya: Only hello? Don't you wanna ask anything else? Like whether they are having fun or not?
Zaynoo : Yes I do want to ask something to  KaShians
Riya: Go ahead
Zaynoo: All I wanted was to get casted opposite Karan, why didn't you all let me accept the offer?
Riya: Okay enough. First, you didn't even get offered anything and may all
your dreams come true but um, ya keep dreaming. I don't get why they
made you my co-host again. I already had too much of you during the
Zaynoo: Feel free to leave.
Riya: Why should I? You can leave.
Zaynoo: You're the one who had too much of me..I still love myself.
Riya: Am just gonna announce the next category.
Zaynoo: Karan, you're my Superhero *blushes*
Riya: Ignore Zaynoo, everyone. She's mentally unstable right now. As you saw, she
won the award of physically bada, mentally nahi. The award for this
category goes to Sehru!

Sehru: OMG such a KSGfied award! Thank you so much everyone who voted me for this category! Great evening guys!
Riya: Congrats Sehruuu! The next award is *makes a weird noise*
Zaynoo: What the hell was that?!
Riya: *makes the same weird noise again*
Zaynoo: Ri, do it properly.
Riya: *makes the same weird noise yet again*
Zaynoo: You can't do it..let me. Muhahahaha member of KaSh Heaven.
Riya: ..and the award goes to none other than Iram who had Rajneeti behind winning this award!

Iram: As if you didn't campaign. Thank you so much to all who voted..those who didn't..*Muhahahaha* Evil Smile
Riya: My phone's just vibrated. *confused*
Zaynoo: Check it.
*Riya checks her phone*
Riya: Why the hell did Swanz text me saying she's hosting next..I know that already *confused*
Zaynoo: You guys give each other your life details everyday so she probably didn't
wanna miss this out. Anyways, let's go and let her come in with whoever
she is hosting!
*Swancy and Aliya walk in*
Aliya: Finally we are hosting.
Swancy: I was so waiting for our turns. Okay let's rock the stage *smirk*
Aliya: I know..with me on the stage, it's always rocking..just like it is on Heaven
Swancy: Wait! Am talking about me mainly..You are hardly active on Heaven.
Aliya:  I Have lots of work to look after Swancy .
Swancy:Yea right and we don't. WHATEVER! Just read out the next category.
Aliya: Hmmm! Am dealing with you backstage.Anyway the category is for "Soni de nakhre, I love you!" Member of KaSh Heaven.
Swancy: YAYYY! Its Tiha the winner.

Tiha:Finally award mila mujhe!I was waiting and sighing each time down there ke kab mera naam announce hoga!
Aliya: *laughs* Tiha before you go..just sing a song, Heard that you love singing.
Tiha: OMG
Me *blush* okay *blush* *Jaane kyun log pyaar karte hai...jaane kyun
woh kisse pe marte hai..Jaane kyun...jaane kyun!Jaane kyun jaane kyun
Jaane kyun...*
Swancy:Tihaaa you have such a melodious voice!
*Tiha hugs Swancy instantly and leaves the stage*
Aliya: Haww I didn't get a hug
Swancy: You're not special.
Aliya: More than you think.
Swancy: Whatever, read the next category.
Aliya: Ohh man, I fancy some pizza now!
Swancy: Don't talk about food..I'm dying to eat something. Read it quick so I can go eat.
*Aliya starts laughing hysterically*
Swancy: What's up with you?
Aliya: What are you even gonna eat? Your eating is like half a slice of a bread. Put on some weight.
Aliya: Fine fine..calm down. "Yummy Pizza" member of KaSh Heaven & the award goes to
Swancy: Aish & Ana! To clear up the confusion of the aish's..it's aish_loves_kash *laughs*

Ana: I love pizza! Thank you so much everyone!
Aish: Me too..I'm gonna go order pizza now..thanks all!
Swancy: Okay guys, Nina & Ash time..the two most creative people we have are coming in to host now!
Aliya: Keep the excitement on ya'all!

*Nina & Ash walk into the stage*
Nina: *AICHU* (sneezes)
Ash: God bless you
Nina: Nobody would have been perfect than you to say this! *laughs*
Ash: Say the next category na.
Nina: Oh ya. Tum dono ko cooling ki zarurat hai members of KaSh Heaven!
Ash: WOW, there are 3 pairs who won. Congrats to Tani&Maham, Priya&Madhu and Viru&Riya!!
Nina: OMG wow, congrats everyone!

Maham: Uff mujhe almost sab awards Tani k saath share karna par raha hai..this is so argh. Thank you to everyone who voted though!
Tani: Mujhe bhi koi shauk nahi hai tumse award share karne ka..Thanks to all who voted!!
Madhu: I can't believe I won again! I love you guys!
Priya: Same here..thank you sooo much!
Riya: Virinaaa..mic mein please don't shout..my ears are almost damaged already while skype'ing with you guys.
Virina: I wanna dance with you but we're saving our *clears her throat* skill for Swancy's wedding so yeah, let's not dance.
Riya: True..thanks to everyone who voted for us!
Congrats guys! The next award is for Yeh ishq hai, baithe bithaye,
Jannat dikhaye Member of KaSh Heaven & it's none other than Zaynoo!

Nina: Aww congrats Zaynoo!
Zaynoo: *laughs* am gonna be honest, I knew I was winning this since the day I read this category.
Nina: So confident?
Zaynoo: YUP! Thanks all who voted!
Nina: Well it's time for us to leave so that Poornima & Sehrish can host.
Ash: Had great fun here. Congrats to everyone who won so far!

Poornima: We have TONS of ties this awards.

Sehrish: I know right, it's shocking yet its not.

Poornima: Huh? You don't make sense.

Sehrish: Like you do.

Poornima: I always do.

Sehrish: Shut up & read the category.

Poornima: You shut up while I read the category. So the next category is "Network Problem" of KaSh Heaven.

Sehrish: And the winners are Maham & Fari, congrats guys!

Poornima: Congrats!

Maham: Thank you for voting guys!

Fari: I think it's my university's network that's the problem here *laughs* Thanks though everyone!

Sehrish: No wonder they're barely online these days. *gives a confused look*

Poornima: Why are you always so confused?

Sehrish: Because I like going with the flow.

Poornima: You
would be perfect for the next award you know. The category is "Dill ki
sunu ya dimaag ki" & the winner is Jenny! (-Jenny_KaShian-)

Sehrish: Ahh, that category makes no sense but congrats!

Jenny: What? What do you mean? It makes perfect sense and thanks to everyone who voted for me!

Sehrish: Well, neither does the heart speak nor does the brain..your mouth speaks.

Poornima: Shut up Poo! It makes perfect sense. MOVING on to the next category.

Sehrish: Oh yeah, the next category is..Jahannum mein jaooo!

Poornima: There was no such category, what are you on about?!

Sehrish: That was a hint for you to say the dialogue..you suck. Anyways, the category
is "Address toh batati jao" & the winner is Tani! Congrats Tani!

Tani: This was so unexpected! Address baad mein bataongi abhi k liye thank you so much all!

Poornima: Congrats Tani! You know, Sehrish, it took 2 years for us to bring KaSh back before.

Sehrish: The whole world knows it, congrats for coming back to reality. *shakes head*

Poornima: Ugh.
I can't believe you're my partner..you're just too annoying. What I was
saying is that..we worked so hard and finally succeeded! Can't wait
till KaSh come back to our screens once again.

Sehrish: Forget the screens, I'm watching them right now..but they're backstage at the moment so sucks..couldn't get a proper view.

Poornima: Our wishful thinking worked. *dreaming*

The winner is..oh wait, the category is "Wishful thinking always works"
member of KaSh Heaven & the winner..winners are Deep & Sarah!

Poornima: *snaps back to reality with the cheer from audience* Oh congrats guys!

Sarah: Wishful thinking always works! Thank you everyone!!

Deep: Yes, it does! Winning this award proved it yet again.

Sarah: You were wishing for this award? *laughs*

Deep: So were you!

Sarah: That's true..

Deep: Thank you everyone!

Poornima: Please welcome Garima on the stage here with Deep for the next set of awards!

*Deep and Garima walk in*

Deep: Hey everyone! I finally managed to pull G into this.

Garima: *laughs* congrats on the big 800th everyone! & it's not just Deep who has pulled me in but also Karan & Pankit!

Karan: After all, who can resist me?

Pankit: I Can!
Karan: Tujhse nahi poocha.
Deep: Guys, awards?
Pankit: Oh ya, so the category is  Tum badi kamaal ki lagti ho Member of KaSh Heaven
Garima: And the award goes to..
Karan: Aish & Nikki!
Deep: aish_loves_kash to clear up! *smiles*

Nikki&Aish: thank you sooo much guys!
*Shilpa & Drashti walk in*
Drashti: Oye ladko, stage chodo..humaari baari hai!
Shilpa: Haan ab its our turn to ghussooed on the stage
Karan: Your Hindi will never improve.
Shilpa: Tum sikhado na
Karan: *blushes*
Drashti: Ab hato stage se!
Pankit:  thinking of how i missed you after DMG.You are better off in Geet.Karan let's go
*Karan & Pankit leave the stage with Deep & Garima following them*
Drashti: Finally!
Shilpa: So
the next category is..*laughs* I remember this dialogue! Karan said
it..Abbey oye! Chalo?! Driver samajh ke rakha hai kya?! Member of KaSh
Drashti: Yeh kab huwaaa? *shocked*
Shilpa: You were not in DMG that time..you guys joined later na!
Drashti: Oh acha..so the winner is..
Shilpa: are Nina & Srishti!

Drashti: Congrats guys! *hugs both of them*
Nina: Driver toh nahi samjha tha but thank you so much everyone!
Srishti: Aur maine bhi chalne k liye nahi bola tha..thanks though everyoneee!
*Sunaina, Muskaan & Mayank enter the stage*
Drashti: We finished so quick?!
Shilpa: Haan
Drashti: Yeh na insaafi hai..chalo yaha se Shilpa!
Muskaan: Uff nautanki hai sab log..the next category is..
Sunaina: "Pehle aap!" "Pehle aap!" Members of KaSh Heaven.
Mayank: And the award goes to Reeno & Alisha! Congrats girls!

Reeno: Aww thank you guys!
Alisha: This was so unexpected..thank you soo much!
Muskaan: The next category is for..
Ayaz: Woh humara kaam hai..tum log jao
Sunaina: Haww..this is so fair!You both are invading our space. unfair..
Sonia: The next category is who I as Dr.Keerti expected everyone to be
Ayaz: "Miss Sachendri Devi" of KaSh Heaven..the award goes to Madhu & Amber!

Sonia&Ayaz: Congrats guys!
Madhu: Thank you so much guys! I'm very truthful! *smiles*
Amber: Thank you so much to everyone who voted!!
Sonia: Can
we please have Mohnish, Shilpa.T , Mayank, Drashti, Sunaina, Pankit,
Muskaan, Karan & Shilpa on the stage to give out the last two awards
with us!
*The cast come in to the stage*'
Mayank: Helloo everyone once again!
Drashti: So the next category is..
Muskaan: "I'm cool!" "No, I'm cool!" Members of KaSh Heaven..& the award goes to
Karan: Virina and
Shilpa: Nori!

Pankit: Congratulations Nori & Virina!
Virina & Nori: WOW. *shocked*
Monish: *laughs* Congrats beta.
Nori: Thank you sooo muchhh!!
ShilpaT: Virina, you wanna say something?
*Virina is still staring at space in shock*
Nori: I'll take her off the stage. Sorry. *embarrased*
Sunaina: So the last category of the night is
Shilpa:  Who's your true friend?
Karan: Tum! Members of KaSh Heaven
Drashti: And the award goes to
Muskaan: Zaynoo & Riya!

Zaynoo: AWWW Am so happy that people voted for us..Me & Riya!
Riya: SAMEEE! You are my true friend.
Karan: So like us *Talking to Shilpa*
Sunaina: Guys, the proper closing of the ceremony will be in a while..why don't you guys all get something to eat in the middle!

*The stage has different lights flashing around & we see our very own cast ready to perform*

*as the stage is empty..we see two people on the stage*
Ramsha :
Ahaaa.. Finally my turn I was getting bored because of the blah blah
of those boring people who came on the stage earlier The real show will
start as soon as I'm here... When I am done you need to give me a
standing ovation
*Amna still not talking*
Ramsha : Kya baat hai Amna is quiet today and letting me speak
Amna : Ramshu just do what you arer asked to do, I wanna get off the stage ASAP
: Oh I totally forgot I heard that you're getting divorced?
Muahahahaha See this is why I told you not to marry your Mari Armaan
or whatever.
Amna : Just shut up Ramsha*angry*
Ramsha : I won't! It's my time to taunt you!
Amna : Ok I am gonna do it alone*snatches the cue cards from Ramsha's hand*
The cue card says "SORRY, THE EVENT IS DONE"
*Amna & Ramsha huff in rage and walk off the stage*


For those who didn't win - please don't be disappointed! Thank you so much for being a part of this beautiful journey..even without one of you all, it would have been different.

P.S. - You guys are special..you guys got a sig while rest got avis ;)


To everyone who won:
Please use it for a few days, the makers have worked really hard and put a lot of effort into it. Congratualtions to each & everyone! Hug

-KaShHeaven- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 February 2011
Posts: 4800

Posted: 21 September 2011 at 12:12pm | IP Logged

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S: 



A phrase that summed up the meaning of friendship, for seven beautiful people. Masti, pranks, romance, hilarious cake fights; every little ordinary thing suddenly seemed extraordinary. From Armaan and Riddhima's bickering, to Rahul and Muskaan's World War 3... to Atul's plants and Anjali's attitude, and finally to Sapna's hilarious marriage proposals; these seven interns managed to steal our hearts away in less than a year. Along with KaSh, our PaNa and Mishti have taught us everything about friendship. We're sure all of you have heard many people complimenting our tight-knitted friendship at least once or twice in this wonderful four-year journey, however, the truth behind such a beautiful friendship solely comes from the DMG Gang. Think about it, would we have been this close if it weren't for them? We have taken whatever they have taught us through DMG and applied it to our own friendships. We play pranks, support each other in our good & bad times, have fun, help each other out and understand each other's problems without even them mentioning it; and it's all because of 7 amazing people: Karan, Shilpa, Pankit, Sunaina, Drashti, Mayank and Muskaan.

So today, while KaShians are reaching another milestone and creating history on I-F once again, we thought, why not pay tribute to the people who inspired us so much and are the soul reason we are united as friends?! As we're reaching 800 threads of our beloved home, KaSh Heaven, we honour our seven inspirations; KSG, SA, PT, SG, DD, MA, MM!

Along with reaching 800 threads, KaSh Heaven is celebrating 500+ members! 500+ KaShians in KaSh Heaven making this place feel home and there are many more members yet to come! With so many KaShians still so strong, there is no backing down..we're here re-creating our own history once again.

Undoubtedly, the cast of 2007- May 2008 of DMG hold an extremely special in our hearts and they've remained such an integral part of our journey with KaSh. After all, what would DMG have been like without our Nana, Minnie, or Sister Lovely? They made the show special with their own magic and we are still here appreciating the way they made our days so special & how they never fail to make us smile, even today!

So let's take a walk down memory lane, and reminisce the beautiful and lively characters of DMG:

Armaan, Riddhima, Atul, Anjali, Muskaan, Rahul, Sapna, Shashank, Padma, Nani, Minnie, Gappu, Harsh/Dhoni, Nana, Fr. Keerti, Shubhankar, Omar Bhai, Shehnaaz Bi, Sumit, Amit, Maya, Deboshish, Bua, Dr. Simran, Peshaab Singh, Zicky, Vicky, Zoya the Fortune Teller, Dr. Vicky, Sonia(Rahul's ex-crush/Armaan's ex-gf), Sister Lovely, Sapna's auto wala, Sapna's mum, Trinzie & the Plants.

Those names - don't they bring so many memories back? These people completed our day..we used to rush though our dinners just so that we didn't miss one single episode of DMG. Although those days are now gone, the memories are still strong and vibrant, as if they were just yesterday. We are still hoping that one day we do see this beautiful cast together once again, someday, somewhere to relieve those wonderful moments that they had shared and we had witnessed. After all, "Hope is not a dream but a way of making dreams become reality"

So, dare to dream...make way for the surprises that life gives you all & keep KaShing. ;)

KaSh & KaShians

"We come, we see, we conquer!"

-KaShHeaven- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 12:13pm | IP Logged

KaSh Heaven # 807 (Next Thread) Link:

Important Note:
 Members with access to KaSh Heaven's official account will bethe only ones making the threads from now on. NO ONE else is going to make the threads without getting permission from us.

Edited by -KaShHeaven- - 24 September 2011 at 12:26pm

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