Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Fire n ice mix hogaya..pehle tum phir main ro diya

adits7 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 11:21am | IP Logged
very well continued..Thumbs Up...n assorted 1 dealing wid 2-3 issues in d epi...from intense ArHi babuji doubting Arnav n his family past...a very well compiled epi...  

mamiji " ka baat hai arnav beetwa kahe itna aaeengryaat (angry) rahe ho???...jai parkaasss zara eeeyaan aao...woh hum jaara beeutii parlor jaa ke aat hai...uu ka hai na mamaji ghar pe nahi haii na..toh hum zara teep-taap bankar aate hai.."

lavanya " tum thik ho na ASR...???...ASR???"...

enough khushiii.Perturbed..i mean lavanya.Stern Smile..

khushi " jaan bacchi toh lakon paaye..laad governor bye bye...." haai haai baby bina confirm kiye hi khushi manaye.Confused.LOL..

the part where he opened the door n d way she ws shocked...n walked away frm distance sticking to d corner...funny...LOL

Arnav "
ek minuteee...khushi kumari gupta..."

khushi " laavanya ji...lavanyaji hum aa gaye..." Scared 2...aabe pehle dekh to sahi teri student ghar pe hai bhi ya nahi...LOL...

ArHi scene ws rockinggg...   ...

he closed all d ways dt cud mk her escape...trapped her between his arms...  ...

..classic...  ...

top notch dialogues in der arguments..StarClapStarClap...

arnav " tum aapni hadh se bahot aage badh chuki ho khushi kumari gupta.  .."

khushi "
humme jaana hai..humme jane dijiye.."...Confused...

arnav " bol lo jeetna bolna lo..lekin jab tak tum meri baat sun nahi leti tum yahan se hill nahi sakti.."...Approve...

he din evn blink while he stared at her n she ws thinkin of a way out...

arnav " ghar pe koi dikhayi nahi de raha hai...??...woh isiliye kyunki ghar pe koi hai nahi...samjhi tummm..Steamed...

tum ho kaun jis se baat karne ke liye itna sab kuch karna padta hai...???......"...tumhari future wife Arnav singh Raizada toh baat karne ke liye mehnat toh karni hi padegi.LOL..

tumhe yahan jis kaam ke liye laaya hai woh kaam karo...apne shaadi ke ideas apne paas rakkho samjhi miss khushi kumari gupta.

khushi " shaadi ka idea humara banaya hua nahi hai Mr ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA...." waah kya karara jawaab diya hai..Bravo!.he ws taken abk thought she wud tk it n nt say a word...

yeh bhagwaan ka diya hua aashirwaad hai...duniya ka sabse pavitra rishta hai..jab koi kisi ke saath apni poori zindagi beetane ka waada karta hai...jab koi amrne ke baad bhi apne saathi se alagh nahi hona chahta...jab koi chhahe ki apne saathi ki har pareshani usse mil jaaye..aur zarurat pade toh woh uski jaan ke badle apni jaan de de...aaapke hisab se yeh humari soch ho sakti hai..par humare hisaab se aapka character hi dheela hai.."...

i like dt straight face of ASR evn aftr she said all if he gives damn wat she thinks abt marriage except fr dt character dheela statement...

powerful shot : arnav hold khushis's wrist pull her bk n she clutches d sleeve of his sweat shirt...

"kisne kaha ki meri baat khtam ho gayi hai..kya kaha tumne mera character dheela hai...main tumhe bata ta hoon ki character dheela hone kya hota hai..Fire Eyes."

khushi "
nahi...woh...hum..humara woh matlab nahi tha.Scared 1..." ...aabbe tu darti hai phir bhi bolti hai..aur phir bolne ke baad toh aur bhi zyaada dar jaati hai.LOL..

arnav " toh batao mujhe kya matlab tha tumhara.Approve.."

khushi baby ne phir aansoon bahaye...Crying 1... aur ASR phir peeghal gaya...

laa-khushi bonding :Best Friends

laa-vanya " kya hua chamkilli ???ASR ne tumhe daatan na..mujhe pata tha woh mera gussa tumhi par nikalenge..." so sweet of her to tk d blame on her despite no fault of hers...i lk d concern n care dey hv fr each other jus lk hw friends do.Big smileBig smile..

good capture  : wen ASR stood near d glass door dey captured his face from d wooden window..Well Done

babuji humare bade hi sayane : experience surely counts when it comes to recognizing people...when u c d outer world meet hundreds of people evryday...n r an observer it helps catchin the true nature of people u come across...babuji surely knws hw it is..he wudnt trust ny1 blindly n surely not when its connected or concerned to his daughters either khushi or payal...

babuji " pehle lucknow mein khussi betiya ko gundon se bachaye...phir yahan delhi mein unse takraaye...itna itefaq nahi ho sakat hai.Ponder.."...Thumbs Up

teen teegada lekin kaam nahi beegada :...

the candle..Candle...bati lagao..I've Got It... scene ws really good..ClapClap.
Arnav"Iss ghar mein harr woh cheez jo galat hoti hai, uske peeche Kushi Kumari Gupta kyun hoti hai.."...ConfusedConfusedConfused...  ...LOL...
..nt only dt it looked beautiful esp wen khushi lit d candle n arnav ws lost in his glowing face in candle light.Love You..

 but also made clear dt ASR surely cares fr khushi more.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..

lavanya " ASR agar tumne mujhe girte dekha toh bachane kyun nahi aaye..Question Mark."

oyyeee tumhe bachane kaise aata agar uski khushi rani ka haath jal jaata toh.  ...LOL

maa tum sabse pyaari...teri yaad mein aansoon bahate beeth jaaye raat poori :

it was a very touching scene.   ..Arnav's constant efforts to stop the flow of his nt express dem evn to his Di...i just loved dt tight hug he gave to his Di just to went it out..Ouch.

n dn tryin to cover it up by his usual mask

Arnav " aapka kuch kaam tha Di...??..."...

dis is surely the best bro-sis bond i hv sn in tely shows so far...Clapping Hands...

precap : babuji ka sayana pan part 2.LOL..his doubt ll strengthen wen shyamaless fumbles while replying...Ermm...

both sanaya n Barun did a fab job...  ...barun class acting...from being hot tempered just some moments bk to cold later...dn emotional...fantastic performance...TW...
 Bow Down Before YouBow Down Wave Bow Down Before You           (doods,rdpoo,geetu,nihu, me adits...n very dear lekhu.LOL)...

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adits7 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 11:22am | IP Logged
hello evry1 dis is 1 extra post ...ya ya i knw bahot long hai..but much needed n thoda POV positive hai..LOL
this is abt the story..predictions...spoilers dat seem to b creating lotsa buzz in d forum wid some +ve but mre -ve alwaz..ConfusedLOL
so here i m jus tryin to put things acc to my way of lookin at things...hope u all read n lk it..also its nt meant to offend ny1 or ny opinions its jus my POV...nthin else...Smile
before starting to talking in details about d promos n der indications i would repeat wat i hv bn saying frm d very start of the show...

its a daily soap...long running daily soap on starplus a channel which has 60-65% of family viewers .the Cvs how much ever would have will to keep the story unique ,positive and minus serial drama dey wont b able to do so...d commercial aspect of d show hs to b taken into consideration...ders a difference in a track n a show...ny serial needs a story to run the show wid high interest fr long period of time...while a track whether it b suspense or love or hate is temporary n can ensure only temporary success...

but if u want to c a show wid heart n soul n nt jus outer layer dn d viewers shud hv patience fr d story to develop properly..

we have sn in many shows on hw d shw turns into regular fair 1ce d love track reaches its confession phase...n dn ders nthin much left to shw except fr couple confessing n dn sum misunderstanding popping out...

but in dis show "iss pyar ko kya naam doon " i must agree n infact applaud d Cvs fr holding the story as dey hd promised in the promos...

1st promo
: the status or financial difference b/n the two different individuals . the lead character hero(ASR) wid his SUV n d female  lead (khushi) wid her scooty.

2nd promo
:the differences in der upbringing n der standard of living . their opinions abt clothes n other stuff

3rd promo
: their different ideologies while khushi belives in winning hearts Arnav belives in buying them by the money power.

if u all notice the Cvs hv nw completed the 3rd phase i mean d 3rd introductory promo...des promos where d brief story on hw d show is gona b lk...hw the two different individuals wid different ideologies,principles,background  ill cross der paths...

what happens aftr dt is in d
4th promo

khushi " chahkar bhi main aapse door kyun nahi reh pati .."

Arnav " shayad mera dil tumhe pookarta hai.."

" lekin inn ankhon mein nafrat dikhti hai..."

" kyunki mohabbat in mein dard bankar rehti hai.."

"kash main tumse nafrat kar pata..."

" kaash main aapse mohabbat kar pati.."

this phase is abt to begin..till nw dey hv shown der differences frm all d aspects n only aftr doin dt will dey proceed for a love story which will b of hatred fr each other n wud gradually move to love n affection...

the promos which we get evryday r jus track updates on what is gonna come n hw d basic story wud move...dey r nt story updates bt track..

its so beautifully woven ...n no its nt slow...the love story is der core track if dey start it frm jus 3 months frm launching hw ll it b able to hold on d viewers fr a year or so...n doesnt dat initial dislike between d couple happen in evry show..n soon dey fall in love..bas ho gaya...wat aftr dt..shaadi thoda misunderstanding ...u sleep on bed
i sleep on sofa fr a month or so...

here we r getting a full fledged love story where each phase is bn explored n show meticulously ..enjoy dis phase seriously..dis is d best phase of ny love story wen d couple is yet to realize der feelings  n confession

the other characters n der screen space : ny individual has some or d other person close to can b his /her family or friends n der influence on d lead characters...

the Cvs here hv not only succeeded in gvin assortment of characters but hv come up wid some beautiful relationships lk sibling,grandkids n grand parents...parents n kids...n main thing is dt no show can survive on jus two wud get boring n repetitive if we c jus 2 characters fr 25 mins out of 22 mins of airing time evryday...if we want the magic n excitement of the jodi to last fr long then we hv to emphasize on quality over quantity ..

just enjoy the show evry1...try n think positively n logically ...m sure u all ll enoy the show as i n some here hv bn...

about the spoilers :

its a daily soap n track is not written well in advance ...its alwaz according to the response dey get frm viewers..n changes jus chill n enjoy the show till der r no official announcements...i read sum post in d mrng which created a lotsa buzz in d forum..LOL.thou i love d future track the TM mentioned ...its full of intensity n deep...brilliant script work...but personally wudnt prefer revealing so much well in so advance only coz i get the info.. 

this is jus my opinion wid no offense meant to ny1...

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-RD- Moderator

The Ghamgeen Head
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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged

Tauba tauba gussa e ASR
Arhi ke beech hua kaafi sensuous takraar
Kabhi haath pakda
Kabhi bahon ke beech jakda
kabhi she said his char is dheela
and he was ready to demonstrate the ras leela
But the magical tears hue appear
and uska saara gussa hua disappear
Chod diya kanya ko bina kuch kare
La bechari was thinking koi kare aur koi aur bhare
Kaash La ne woh scene dekha hota
to ek aad thappad to asr ko padh hi jaata ...khota
But sweeheart La hui Khushi ke liye pareshaan
Uski chot dekh ho gayi haairaan
Fir bulb lagane ke chakkar mein ghar ka udha fuse
fire ki intensity bhi hui diffuse
Fire turned into ice
And the ice melting into water was very nice
Candle light mein Haseena ko dekh udha ASR ka hosh
and he began the staring game with full josh
Kudi ko lagaa unka andaaz badla hua
Khushi ko bechaya but La ko giraya ...hai re ASR tujhe kya hua
Nazron ka khel raha jaari
Arre La samajh ja warna reh jayegi tu bechari
Udhar buaji ka dil shyam loote le jaaye
Jabki babuji ko wo na bhaaye
Chalo kisi ki akal to hai intact
kisi ko to shyam pe doubt hai infact
Varna shyam to was having a ball with his tact
ASR end jo mein jo roya
hai usse aise dekh na is dil ko kya kya hoya
But precap mein lagta hai Shyamwa ko lagega pehla jhatka
But humara Dil to deedar e ASR pe atakka
Hai Barun to aaj kiya sabko clean bowled
Kya shades and depth display ki ...that has to be told
I shall give the credit where its due
Barun seriously very few are as gud as you
Finally if  u dont like these lines to blame Lovely for this creation
because behind these lines she is the inspiration

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.Saraa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 11:28am | IP Logged
OMg..yippeee.i just loved the epi..the two sides of arnie...his caring,loveing side,his hate,anger,,,and then his emotions.his week side..loved it..very well acting by barun...sarun were fab..just best..he is very good in intense scene..
i was just like breathless OMG he trapped her in his arms and then hold her arm...the way he saved her..he has no feelings for La,,..and thnx God..shashi's tube light turned On..

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geet.a IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 11:32am | IP Logged
Dits..I love that doods wala emoti...while we're itni jaldi jaldi falling..she's dheere dheere..hahaha


Ditsy- loved the points that u made and the side comments even more!

Fuse lagao scene ne arnav ka fuse uda diya.. and khushi ke tote udha diyeLOL

loved the flow and the continuity!

and the detailing, the acting, the gestures..the story

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-Destiny- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 11:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by adits7

very bad  yaar  phir se  lekhu  ko bhool gayiiiCryDost  dost  naa rahaaa

 Bow Down Before YouBow Down Wave(doods,rdpoo,geetu,nihu n me adits..LOL)...

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Doodle IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 11:45am | IP Logged
Dits I always say I love your post but today I loved the emoticon that you have given me. Dheere dheere...ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL

Originally posted by adits7

oth sanaya n Barun did a fab job...  ...barun class acting...from being hot tempered just some moments bk to cold later...dn emotional...fantastic performance...TW...
 Bow Down Before YouBow Down Wave Bow Down Before You           (doods,rdpoo,geetu,nihu, me adits...n very dear lekhu.LOL)...

and the best line from today's epi was the one that you also have posted...

tum ho kaun jis se baat karne ke liye itna sab kuch karna padta hai...???......"...tumhari future wife Arnav singh Raizada toh baat karne ke liye mehnat toh karni hi padegi.LOL..

Seriously he literally has to make efforts and wait for the time to talk to her...She keeps him on his toes...ha ha ha...ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL

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lovely IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 11:45am | IP Logged
I absolutely love your collection of these emoticons.. They are so adorable and very apt for the scenarios...
I loved today's episode. I hope now they focus on Khushi's feelings and emotions towards Arnav. I guess that's what coming up next with all this marriage talks.
The only thing I worry is will Shyam stoop to bottom level to hurt Khushi's dad or will he suffer heart attack because of the shock of his reality. That is one interesting track coming up.

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