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PJ's FF~*MANEET*~Ch 19 on pg 24 (Page 3)

pj2012 Goldie

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~StarChapter 2Star~ continued:Big smile

The book had a beautiful shining cover with natural motifs of flowers and leavesStar. She opened it and on the first page was placed a noteConfused. She took it and closed the book. The note read:
          "I know you love booksEmbarrassed and I chose this after I read about a dozen different books and also because I knew you wouldn't throw away a book.Wink The characters in this story to a great extent represent usEmbarrassed. You might be wondering who I am...and why all of a sudden I am giving you this present. Geet I never told you this, but you mean something special to me and I wanted you to know that.Embarrassed"
She looked at the book and surprisingly there was a tender smile on her lipsEmbarrassed. No one knew, not even her best friend, that she was a romantic at heart who'd watch sweet love stories on TV when alone. She had always dreamt of her Prince CharmingEmbarrassed(PC) like in her favourite fairy tales. But she never expected to find her PCEmbarrassed among the boys she detested since Junior School.
She tied her hair back, and read the rest of the note:
"I like it when you leave your hair open and they naughtily slide on to your face.  Jab tum apni ungliyon ko balon mein ghumati ho toh
main chup chup kar tumhe dekhta hoon, bas kho jata hoom tumhari zulfon mein. Pata nahi kya ho jata hain mujhe, pehle kabhi socha nahi kyun dekhta hoon tumhe par abhi ek ajab sa ehsaas jaag raha hai dil mein, don't know what that feeling is, but I couldn't stop myself from sharing it with you Geet."                        
Instead of becoming angry which she would have normally, in such a case, her tender smile was now accompanied by a blush of the innocent mannerEmbarrassed.
"M? Who'd be this M?," she wondered. There were many boys in her class who's name began with 'M.' But in her heart she knew who this M would be, her mind though didn't believe it.
"No way, not that snobConfused, kitna ghamandi hai, humesha mooh phulaye rehta hai...woh dekhega mujhe chup chup way.ConfusedEmbarrassed And woh aisa romantic letter kabhi nahi likh sakta hai," she laughed at the thought.
"But what if he has written it? Mera dil keh raha hai it is him..." she composed herself. " Agar us  nakchade ne mujhe yeh likha hai toh uska yeh stupid letter uske mooh pe de maroongi. How dare he? Mujhe love letter likhega?AngryAngry"
She got up angrily, sweeping the book into her hand.
Suddenly a gust of wind blew away the letter from her hand, out of the window and it landed somewhere on the ground below, not clearly seen from the top.
She hurriedly ran down the boarded steps of the old library that creaked under her weight. Huffing and out of breath she reached the ground and ran to pick up the letter before anyone else found it. But before she could pick it, the wind blew it again, tossing it, and finally dropping it right in front of Maan.Embarrassed She stopped suddenly and stood gazing at him nervously not knowing what to say or do.Confused
He picked up the letter and walked to her. She dropped her gaze and tried to look sideways. Her heart beat like a crazy carnival drum, 100 beats per second or moreLOL, with every step he took closer to her.Embarrassed
"Kya karne wala hai yeh, why is he coming near? Hey Bhagwaan pata nahi kya bolega, what would I tell him? Seedhe keh doongi main aisi ladki nahin hoon, usne socha bhi kaise that he can write such a letter to meConfusedOuch." Her eyes were fixed on the ground and her mind was swirling as if she was going to faint.LOL Suddenly his voice spoke and she looked up right into his beaming eyes. She never knew his eyes were so beautifulEmbarrassed, what 'am I thinking, daanto useAngry, she thought.
"Geet yeh dhoondh rahi ho," he extended his hand holding the letter.
She faltered,"Haan...ConfusedI mean nahi tohAngry, pata nahi kiska hai, mera toh nahi hai.LOLLOLLOL"(Jhooti kahin kiWink)
"Tumhara nahi hai?" he asked sceptically. "Acha theek hai then I'll keep it."
She looked at him and there was a small hint of dejection in her eyes because she thought Maan hasn't written it or he'd have told her that.Confused But more dangerous was the situation if he read it and the news spread all over the school like wild fire, she would have to live in solitary confinement then all her life. She stopped him and said, " know what may be I should have it. I'll deposit it with the librarian, jiska hoga aake le lega.Confused"
She snatched the letter from his hand and turned to leave.
For the first time, her name from Maan's mouth made her heart flutter like a dancing butterflyEmbarrassed. He came closer and she tried to slow her restless heart beats.
"Geet your scrunchy, slid down from your hair." Just when he said that a breeze blew and her long tresses flew on his face. The gentle scent of her's mesmerised himEmbarrassed. He gently held her flying locks and placed them softly on her bare shoulder, which made her shiverEmbarrassed. She turned, Maan was still lost, took the scrunchy out of his hand and looked away since she felt his eyes scanning her faceEmbarrassed to read her thoughts that were going completely crazy and out of control.
She climbed back to the library, slumped into the window seat and tried to slow down her breathingEmbarrassed.
"Yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai, why did I feel shy when he touched my hair? Why was my heart beating fast when his breath touched me...he hasn't even written it...or has he? Stop it Geet tu pagal ho gayi haiConfused. Clear your mind off these silly thoughts. Concentrate on your college admission...Ouch"
Just then she realised that she was holding the book. She opened it to read...Embarrassed

Precap: Flashback continues

Please comment on how you like the new chapter.Big smile

PJBig smile

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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awesome update

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todayzstar IF-Stunnerz

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Awesome update..

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pj2012 Goldie

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Will post the third chapter today? Working on it...Big smile

PJBig smile

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*Dakoo_Minzy* IF-Sizzlerz

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nice nice nice!

Can't wait to read more! Continue soon dearie!

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kooliio IF-Sizzlerz

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Amazing FF!
Cant wait for next part!
Please continue soon!

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namita25 IF-Sizzlerz

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superb FF dear...
plz add  me to your PM list...

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pj2012 Goldie

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~Big smileCHAPTER # 3Big smile~

~Scene 1~

Library Continued:

She flipped through the pages of the book, halted at a random page, and read from it:

"It is particularly incumbent on those who never change their opinion, to be secure of judging properly at first."

Again the jinx on reading the book worked, and she was interrupted in between by her pyaari saheli Dia, who came looking for her completely annoyedAngry.

"Geet ki bacchii...I will kill youAngry. Kya bola tha tumne, only ten minutes ke liye library ja rahi hoon, abhi pura ek gantha ho gaya hai aur tum yahin par ho...agar mein abhi yahan nahi aati toh tum library ko hi ghar bana leti."

"What are you saying? It's not even half 'n hour. I was just gonna come...Confused"

Before she could finish Dia interrupted, "Yeah right, and tumhara yeh 'just' kab aane wala tha...agle saal...LOLLOLLOL"


"Chal will not stay here one more minute...God tujhe pata hai na mujhe libray se allergy hai...see my skin's developing some rashes...Dead"

"Skin nahi tere brain mein rashes hain...and uska koi ilaaj nahi hai.LOL" They laugh loudly and the librarian shushes them pointing a finger at the sign board reading "SILENCE!Ouch"

"Chal jaldi yahan se before this librarian starts his sign language again. Princi has called everyone to the school auditorium."

"Us also, but...Confused"

"Arre yaar day scholars ko bhi bulaya hai...don't ask me why?Confused Bas bulaya hai... Hurry up.Big smile"

"One sec, lemme just take my stuff from the table..." She picks up the book and Dia sees the letter propping out of it.

"Wait the way Madam yeh aap padh kya rahi thi, and what's this paper?"Geet tries to hide the book but pakdi gayi bechari. Dia pulls it out from her hand and begins to read it...

"Dia, give my book back's personal...don't read it..." but it was too late.

" letter...kaun hai yeh tera RomeoEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. Chupi na kehte pyaar kar baithi akhir kaar...nah nahi bolte mujhe bhi peeche chod diya...and mujhe? Tumhari so called best friend, your chuddy buddy ko bataya bhi nahi."

"Dia, you are reading between lines. I have no idea who wrote this letter or who he is?"

"Achcha bachoo...very smart...Pyaar kiya toh darna kya yaar...bata na kaun hai woh..."

Geet frownedDisapprove and held her headD'oh.

"Yaar koi pagal hai aur kya...mujhe love letter kyun koi likhega..."

"You are absolutely right...pagal toh woh hai...magar tumhare pyaar mein..."

"Stop your filmi more word and peet peet ke barta bana doongi tumhara."

"Acha apne 'unko' bhi peetegi kya.EmbarrassedWink"

"...'Unko' kinko?Confused"

"Cho sweetEmbarrassed...ab natak mat kar...dekh seedhe seedhe bata de nahi toh..."

"Sshhh...Ouch" said the librarian interrupting their girl talk.

"Arre Sir jaa rahe hain humAngry..."

~Scene 2~

Bright sun is out from the sleepy clouds:

Walking on the ground towards auditorium:

"Did you do this Dia?" asked Geet looking apprehensively at her.Ouch

"No yaar...I wouldn't trick you with something like that. This is genuine i guess... Accha do you reckon who this could be?Big smile"

"No idea.Ouch"

She lied. She knew very well who it wasEmbarrassed. Only he could have done it, read her amber eyesEmbarrassed. All these years they both had only fought and ignored each other, but deep down there was some attraction, some connection that they both never realised or understoodEmbarrassed. Suddenly those repressed feelings were growing intense. And however hard Geet tried to deny it; she felt something for him now all of a sudden. Was it love? She didn't know, she was busy battling out with her own new feelings.

"He's nice."

"Who's nice Dia?"



"Geet, I'm your best friend...Hum dono ek doosre ko tab se jaante hai jab se hum peyda hue the...I've seen it in your eyes many timesEmbarrassed...the same feeling...when you meet him, talk to him, see him, even fight with him. I always knew you are in...Embarrassed"

"Stop it Dia...We both(Maan and Geet) have only fought in our livesCry...and you see lo**'s ridiculousAngry. And this letter it could be from anyone...probably someone's trying to play a nasty prank on me, but they can't get away with it.OuchAngry"

"I don't know about you Geet, but this letter is definitely by Maan."

"How do you know that?Confused"

"Bikram told me that. Maan went to him to exchange his partner Ash with his. And you know who Bikram's date was..."

Geet looked up and she knew the answer, "ME?Shocked"

"Yes, you...and Maan offered him his 'Best Outgoing Student' honour, and also promised to be his helper till the Prom."

"What? Are you serious? I'll go mad...Yeh kya ho raha hai...Maan mere liye...Confused"

"Haan Geet tere liye...Tera nakchada Maan tere liye apna self respect tak chodne ko tayyar haiEmbarrassed...he's an arrogant snob, ameer baap ka bigda beta hai, but he's not that bad after all. Tumse usko samajhne me bhool ho gayi Geet, woh itna bura bhi nahi hai kit um usko ek mauka bhi nahi dogi.Embarrassed"

"Dia...tum yeh kya bol rahi ho mujhe kuch samajh mein nahi aa raha..."

"Samajh mein nahi aa raha, yaa tum samajhna hi nahi chahti ho. Pyaar karna galat baat nahi haiEmbarrassed...if your love is pure then you'll never cross your limits. But denying your love for someone is plain arrogance, it's a sinConfused. Why don't you listen to your heart for once?Embarrassed"

The line from the book, the only line she could read echoed in her head...

"It is particularly incumbent on those who never change their opinion, to be secure of judging properly at first."

"Kya main galt thi uske bare heart tells me he's the oneEmbarrassed...but dimag kah raha hai nahiConfused...hum dono kitne alag hain...two very different people...we hardly know each other...we hate each other and now all of a sudden why is my heart going mad at his very thought...Sab is letter ke wajah se..." Geet lifted her hand, but where was the book and the letterShocked? Oh no, she left it in the libraryShocked. She ran to the library, but it was closed, everyone had gone to the auditoriumConfused.

"Kal le lenge, now we must go to the auditorium."

They walk towards the auditorium but Geet was still fighting it out with her own heart and head...she couldn't understand what she truly felt, pehli baar Geet pyaar ko mahsoos kar rahi ki uske liye alag tha us pyaar se jo woh apne parivaar se karti thi...but I don't know right now what she's gonna do...It's a difficult situation for her and hopefully she'll choose what is right.Big smile


*Precap*: A Romantic and also sad flash forward, a future sceneBig smile


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