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PJ's FF~*MANEET*~Ch 19 on pg 24 (Page 17)

pj2012 Goldie

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Posted: 18 November 2011 at 12:59pm | IP Logged
Thanks everyone for the appreciation...Will continue soonBig smile

PJBig smile

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tintinu IF-Rockerz

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AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

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tintinu IF-Rockerz

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waitingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
pj2012 Goldie

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Chapter 15

Scene 1: Geet Govind

The entire Handa family gathered in the drawing room, looking worried and apprehensiveOuch. The moment Geet walked inside, there was a choric sighShocked followed by dead silence and shocked looksShocked. They all pounded on her with their concerns and questionsCryPinch...Lucky wanted to know how the goons lookedLOL, what weapons they carried and how they spoke. He was noting it down on his notebook titled DON LUCKYROFL. The enquiry, hugging and kissing and thanking God finally ended after Geet told them a thousand times that she was okay. She told them about everything except MaanConfused.

 That was it...for the effect of Geet gone missing...because just a few minutes later, the scene changed drasticallyLOL...The grim scene had transformed into a family celebration and revelryParty. Two of his uncles were roaming like two turtles after getting all drunk with the cushions tied to their backs by Lucky and GangROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL. Chit-chatting aunts hardly bothered what their husbands or children were up to, they were discussing something about a nearby sale which had 50% offer on all items(D'ohHaila...yeh aunty log bhi). Bua was boasting to her friends how Geet kicked the main goon and escaped...all bluff bluff and bigger bluffsShockedLOL. Geet's mum was not leaving her sideCry, she was yet to come out of the hangover of the incidentConfused. Geet was her first child and she was very worried for her, more so because she never enjoyed her life like other girls of her age, and inspite of that problems always haunted herCry. Ramesh Handa, her dad was even more tensed but he didn't show it, he never showed his affection like his wife.


The bell rang and there came rushing a barrage of girls and guys, all her friends, led by Geet's very own Best Friend DiaEmbarrassed whom Geet had nick named Miss U( Miss UniverseEmbarrassed...cuz she was all stylish and bubbly and the best friend everBig smile). Dia was overwhelmed with emotion on seeing Geet, standing right in front of her, smiling. She rushed to her and hugged her, crying out like a babyCry.

"Oye Miss these tears for your other endeavours...chal cha ab bas kar...I'm alrightEmbarrassedEmbarrassed."

"IdiotAngry...why did you leave the school yesterday night without telling me??"

"Dia Ssshhh...Why don't we go inside my room and talk? I don't want them to worry again."

She pulled Dia into her room and bolted the room from inside. Dia looked perplexedConfused and sat on the bed looking confusedly at Geet.

Back in the living room...

Lucky and his gang just needed an excuse to open the refrigerator and gulp down their favourite fruit soda. They were rolling on the carpet with their favourite fruit soda bottles in their hands and spilled all on the carpet. They were full and couldn't drink anymore or even move, so they laid flat on the carpet trying hard to breatheWacko. Bua ji who had returned back to her usual demeanour was laughing (like Dolly BindraROFLROFLROFL) and was smacking people around, her heart overflowing with happiness. Geet's family was celebrating. Strangely just a few moments ago they were sunk in depression and fear and the moment they saw her, they forgot everything and celebrated...they were one big happy family. Geet was relieved to see her family happy, but there was one particular thing in her mind troubling her thoughts and her heart ached at the thought and it was MaanConfused, she just couldn't take him off her mind...after all that he did for her.

Dia realised something was not right with her best friend and she broke the silence, "Geet kya baat hai? You look worried? What happened last night?"

"Dia...last night...I saw Maan...and ...and..."

"Maan came to our reunionShocked...When??Shocked Geet tell me what happened? You are freaking the hell outta me.Confused"

She told her everything that happened last night. Geet looked at Dia who looked like she was hypnotised, she was smilingEmbarrassed and there was an awed look in her dreamy eyes.


"Oh I'm sorry...I was just imaging about you two together, all alone, in a romantic...Embarrassed"

"What???Angry You think it was romantic...You are unbelievable...I was petrified and you think it was romantic...wah Miss UAngry...Uss paagal ke saath... sirf nightmare ho sakta hai samjhiAngry"

"How mean Geet? He helped you, he risked his life for you...Confused"

She looked awayOuch, but felt guilty tooCry... "Yeah, he risked his life...Cry" then she stopped and jerked her thoughts awayOuch, "but that doesn't make him a hero...he is the same Maan Singh Khurana...Akdoo and insensitive...He was just feeling guilty for what he did to me and wanted to do some remorse.Yeah that's it...he'll never changeOuch"

" are blind inside and outside...I know he did wrong to you, but are you going to punish him for that all your life."

"Dia stop itAngry...main uske baare main kuch nahi sunna chahtiCry...One year before too I committed this mistake of listening to you and your stupid love philosophy...please iss baar mujhe baksh do...I can't go through all that again. Main jaisi hoon waisi hi theekh hoon. I don't want complications in my life.Confused"

" are right...Theekh haiSmile, I won't talk about him anymore."


"So, can we now go out and have some fun...sab humara wait kar rahe honge...aaj sham let us all go out and celebrate.Big smile"

"More celebrations...Okay...Jo hukum Miss USmile"

They laughed and walked out to the living roomLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL.


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pj2012 Goldie

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Posted: 21 November 2011 at 5:47am | IP Logged
Guys 'am sorry for the late update...'am busy with my M Phil and NET prep...PHEW!!!Unhappy

This chapter is not complete...I'll update rest of the chapter tonight...Big smile
till then enjoy the first part...i know it's not much but promise longer second part of ch 15.

PJBig smile

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namita25 IF-Sizzlerz

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awww that's amazing update dear...
loved reading it..
maaneetsangel IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 November 2011 at 6:19am | IP Logged
chapter 15 ..

awesome ... superb ...

thnx 4 d update ...

continue soon ...
pj2012 Goldie

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~Part 2~

Scene 1:

Khurana Mansion

Maan walks in lost in his thoughts, thinking of last night...why 'am I thinking of her? He wondered each time and then again wandered in her thoughts. Suddenly Maan felt her sweet voice whispering his name in his ears. He turned back, but she wasn't there. He screwed his eyes and held his head, he was imagining things, no, he was thinking of her, and only her, why? There was no answer to his why. He believed that love was for weak people and it's nothing but a dangerous emotion that enslaves your reason and makes you do foolish things. He hated the emotion called love in his life. And there was a strong reason for that. He was always so sure that he could never fall for love, fall for a girl ever in his life. Then why all of a sudden his mind has started taking orders from his heart.

"Why was I so worried for her? And why did I feel all those crazy things when she was near me? Why did I forget myself completely, lose my senses in front of her? Her deep...Stop Maan...I'm going insane...What has she done to me? Yeh sab bakwaas hai...I'm feeling all this cuz I felt guilty for breaking her heart. But why did she felt so bad? I never told her... Was she in lov...No no...She cannot lov...Forget it...Dadi Ma would be so worried for me. I didn't even call her yesterday after reaching India. I better go in and see her"

He walked hurriedly through the huge hallway of KM. The hall was deserted as expected, except for the butler and a few servants here and there.Dev and Vicky were in boarding school. This was the usual life in KM, he only cared for her dadi, she was the only person in the whole world who loved him and cared for him. His dad was always someone who was more like a boss, a principal. There was a huge abyss in between their relationship. He feared him when he was a small child and as he grew he began to distance himself from even the thought of father.


Maan was in London doing his studies, as per his dad's orders...But one year after he felt he should listen to his heart for once, and returned back to India to complete his studies.

He knew Dadi would be very worried, he didn't know how to explain everything to her. He didn't wanted to tell her anything about Geet or she's go on and on about her all the time, annoying him. She always wanted him to have a girl friend, she'd always ask him if he's found someone, and it annoyed him the most. He was never interested in girls or love anything remotely associated with these two things.

He knocked at her room's door, but when no answer came, he opened the door and entered in. Dadi wasn't there, where'd she be?

He knew where to find her, it was her favourite place in the whole house, Maan's too – the terrace Garden. It was here that she would comfort Maan, his fears, his tears. Now he was grown up, and he no longer cries, fears, he has become a stone, emotionless, heartless.

There she was sitting on the swinging chair, her head resting on the cushion, her eyes closed.


She lifted her head and looked at himEmbarrassed; her beloved grandson was standing in front of her. For one year she longed to see his innocent eyes, to hear his voice, to see him, and there he was, finally in front of herBig smile.

"Maan beta, aap aa gaye...Big smile" she rushed to him and hugged him tight, still her little baby with the cutest bunny eyes.

"Beta apko apni iss boodhi Dadi ki yaad aakhir aa hi gayi.Cry Kahan they aap beta...pata hai kitna pareshaan ho gaye they humCry, kitna darr gaye they humCry...iss umar main agar mujhe heart attack aa gaya toh phir main bachoongi nahiLOL...Maarna chahte ho apni Dadi ko aap...Main marr gayi toh phi apka kya hogaConfused...kaun rakhega aapka khayaal ...ladkiyon ke naam se toh aapko fits ke attacks shuru ho jaate hain...itni allergy hain apko girls se...and I know one year in London hasn't changed anythingOuch."

"Dadi...kya aap chahti hain ki main wapis chala jaoon...please stop all this.Angry"

"Huh...aapko to meri koi fikar hi nahi haiOuch...fikar hoti toh meri baat nahi sun lete...kya kharabi hai ek Girl Friend banane main, aapko kha nahi jayegi..."

He took a deep breath, counted till ten. He didn't wanted to shout on her, so said politely

"Arre dadi, mujhe girl friends ki kya zaroorat, mere paas toh aap hain na, meri girl friend, meri friend, meri daadi, mere papa, and meri MaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed" he kissed her on her forehead and said, "you are my everything, meri Miss Universe...and Maan ke hote hue uski Dadi ko kuch nahi ho saktaEmbarrassed."

"Oh Beta, how much I missed you. And you were supposed to come yesterday, phone bhi nahi kiya. Where were, phone bhi nahi kiya. Where were you yesterday?Confused"

"Dadi ma...I was...I told you about the school reunion, bas wahin friends ke saath tha. The time just flew, pata hi nahi chala kaise time nikal gaya, raat bahut ho gayi thi, toh we decided to camp at school. I didn't want to disturb you at night, that's why I didn't call."

"What?Ouch Disturb me?Ouch And by not calling you think I could have slept peacefully. Ek baar bhi aankh nahi lagi meri...poori raat chinta lagi rahi tumhari."

"I'm sorry Dadi, maaf kar do na please."

She turned towards him and smiledEmbarrassed, "Okay..." Maan hugged her; he loved her dadi to death and therefore was relieved that she forgave him.

"Maan, dad se mile tum. He doesn't know that you are here."

"Dadi kya farak padta hai, main rahoon ya na rahoon. It's not going to affect him at all."

"Maan? Woh apke dad hainCry."

"Dadi, please...I don't want to talk about it. Now that I'm here, I only want to be with you and with no one else."

Dadi ma had tears in her eyes, she wiped it before he could see. He knew the topic made her dadi very sad, so he changed it and said, "Dadi kya baat haiWink, in one year you've become more young and beautiful...WinkEmbarrassed"

"Acha bachoo dadi pe line maar raha haiLOL...yeh toh tumhare aane ki khushi se hai...waise you can be a good flirt you should try it on girls...line lag jayegi."

"Dadi? Not again pleaseAngry."

"Arre khushi se yaad aaya...did you meet that girl? Ehhh...what was her name? Hmmm...Oh yes..Geet...kitni pyaari bacchii hai...Last time PTA meet main mili thi. Kitna pyaar se usne mera khayal rakha...and she's so sweet.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

Maan got lost again in her thoughtsEmbarrassed, and suddenly looked up when Dadi tapped on his shoulder.

"Dadi...why are you asking me about her?Confused There were 50 students in my class, and she's no special."

"Accha she's not special? Agar special nahi hai toh...yeh tumhare paas kya kar raha hai..."she took out an earring from her hand and held it in front of him.

He was shell shockedShocked, and then he composed himself and asked,

"What is it? I don't know what it was doing in my pocket."

"Maan aapki chori pakdi gayiLOL...I didn't say anything about your pocketLOL. Aapne khudd apni dil ki baat bol di. Yeh ussi ka jhumka hai na...Geet kaEmbarrassed."

"DadiConfused...aap bekar main koshish kar rahi hai...even if it is Geet's earring, and it was with me...kya farak padta hai Dadi ma..."

"So you don't like her...Embarrassed"

"Oh God Dadi...She's a good girl...and ...she's beautiful...her eyes...they are magical...her smile makes me forget every single pain in my heart...Embarrassed" he realises what he's said and looks at her disapprovingly, "Dadi I don't like her...I cannot love anyone in my life.Angry"

He leaves and Dadi follows him

"Maan beta stop...Cry"

But he's gone...

Dadi has tears in her eyes,CryCryCryCry

"Mera baccha...kya iske life main kabhi bhi pyaar nahi hoga...His heart was wounded ten years ago, when his parents got divorced and separated. He lost his mother, his father, his family...and I thought he'll forget everything, his wounds would heal once he finds true love...but he had shut down his heart to love and if anyone can bring love back into his life, it's this girl...Geet."

~End of Chapter 15~

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