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PJ's FF~*MANEET*~Ch 19 on pg 24 (Page 11)

namita25 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 4:54am | IP Logged
superb update dear...

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todayzstar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 7:03am | IP Logged
Wonderful updates...
cntnue soon..

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riya27 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 7:15am | IP Logged
nice continue soonBig smile

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-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 8:16am | IP Logged
Nice FF
Loved all the parts
Love Geet n Dia's relation
Hate Maan a lott sorry to say
Update soon
Plz add me to ur pm list

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pj2012 Goldie

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Thanks for your lovely comments...will continue soon 8)


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pj2012 Goldie

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Posted: 28 October 2011 at 5:31am | IP Logged

~StarCHAPTER 11Star~

~Scene 1: It's raining outside their prom venue...

Geet left with Vicky, Maan stood there completely clueless about the strange thing he was feelingConfused...

Rain drenched him, but his insides were fuming, burning with fire...

Ash walked behind him, holding an umbrella...She looked at him longinglyEmbarrassed, but was irritated when he didn't even notice herSleepy.

"Maan...tum barish main kyun bheeg rahe ho? Let's go inside. Principal Mehta is going to address the gathering," she stopped abruptly when she noticed Maan completely indifferent to what she was saying, Confused"MAAN??" she shook him by his shoulder, "tumhara dhyan kahan hai...sun rahe ho naa main kya kah rahi hoon???Confused"

"Ash, tum andar jaao...main aata hoon."

"But, you are all wet...jaake change kar lo."

"Main kisi room main jaake change kar don't worry about me...jaao ab."

"Theekh hai...par jaldi aana...I'll be waiting for you," she lisped in a seducing wayEmbarrassedDead.

Maan was not even looking at her, he was not much into girls, he always kept a distance, but with Geet he seemed to lose his control, his demeanour, a mere bet had left him completely confused, and in dilemma.

~StarScene 2Star~

Inside the hotel, the party was on, and students were having the best time of their final day togetherPartyDancing. Dia and Geet were dancing. Geet didn't want to reveal her true feelings, so she tried level best to fit in with everyone else. But, however hard she tried, she failed to veil her emotionsConfused. She looked miserable. Dia frowned at her still angry at her decision to come with VickyAngry.

"I'll get a coke to drink...Orange juice for you? Pata nahi itna rone ke baad shareer main kuch paani bacha bhi hai..." she said sarcastically.

Geet gave her a frown but didn't retort since she realised very well that Dia was right. While Dia went to the drinks counter Ash strutted towards Geet beaming with self importance.

"Oh, tum?? I didn't expect to see you here after you know...tsk tsk...I feel so bad for you sweetie...Kya socha aur kya mila???" she smirkedLOLDead, "Tumhe realise kar lena chahiye that he's out of your league...Mujhe toh tumpe hansi aati hai...tumne socha bhi kaise ki Maan aur tumse??...ha ha ha...Woh toh sirf tumhara mazzaak bana raha tha...tumhe tumhari aukat samjha raha tha...hope you've learnt it the hard way..." she changed her good tone and said shrilly biting her teeth, "Door rehna Maan se...he's mine and only mine...samjhi Behenji..."

"Shut up Ash, nobody is interested in your Maan, and leave me alone.Angry"

"Chillao mat...sabko pata chal jayega tumhari kartooton ka...bahut beizzatti hogi...waise tumhari toh kabhi koi izzat thi hi nahi..."

"Bakwas band karo...aur yahan se dafa ho jao...before I break your head.Angry"

"What?? Eww!! DeadSo down market...By the way tumhe pata hoga Maan is my date tonight...Oh where's him?? Maan??" she strutted away looking for him.

Dia came back and handed a juice glass to Geet, "Kya hua...mooh itna phula hua kyun hai...and what was that viper doing here? Usne tumse kuch ulta seedha toh nahi kaha na???"

"Kuch nahin...Where's Vicky? I want to go back home."

"What? Bas yahin karna tum...mooh chupake bhagna...kabhi problems ko face mat karna."

"Dia...everyone knows about what happened with me aur sab samajhte hain main Maan ke liye crazy hoon jiski wajah se main aisi news faila rahi hoon...I can't face anyone after this...Usne mere saath aisa kyun kiya.Cry"

"Geet...brace yourself...tumne koi galti nahi ki hai...and by the way who told you that everyone knows about you and Maan??"

"Ash...she told me...Cry"

"Great...she told you and you believed her...Hello it's Ash and not Raja Harishchandra that you believe her blindly. Maan and Ash, I saw them together...and surely they are hand in glove. Chal chod un dono ko...Vicky tujhe doondh raha tha...before he finds you let's escape...I can't stand him...pata nahin tu kyun uske saath aane ko maan gayi...Something seems fishy about him.Ouch"

"I don't care...Chalte hain uske paas...I need to go home."

Before they could even walk, he turned up moving groovily. Dia gestured with her finger making circles next to her temple, as if he's gone cuckoo/ crazyWacko.

"Hey girls...let's dance."

"With you?Shocked"

Music begins...

"Uff teri ada..." from the movie Karthik Calling Karthik.

Geet's feels uneasy when Vicky tries to come nearConfused...she keeps a distance and Dia even trips him a couple of times and acts innocent after thatLOL.

Scene 3~

Maan in the boy's room, changing into a new suit...He overhears Vicky talking to his friends.

He tells his friends, how he had planned everything and how he was going to take advantage of Geet. Maan fumes with anger Angrybut he controls himself and decides to listen to their plan. Vicky knew about their fight and decided to write a sorry letter to Geet, pretending to be Maan so that she agrees to go to the prom or Geet would have never agreed to go with him...

After hearing to their hideous plan Maan is shockedShocked. Vicky leaves, and Maan too rushes back to the prom venue...He sneaks in hiding from Geet's eyes; Vicky was already there dancing with the girls.

Ash grabs him from behind...Embarrassed

"Why are you so late?"Embarrassed

Geet sees them and turns her face angrilyAngry. Maan pulls Ash away and tells her to bring him a coke. She happily leaves, while he escapes.

Vicky tries to hold Geet, which she resists. He holds her shoulder and pulls her so forcefully that the string holding her dress over her shoulder breaks.

"Oh I'm so sorry."

"Why did you pull her, you moron?Angry" Dia interfered.

Geet felt really embarrassed with everyone gazing at herConfused. Maan tries to come to her rescue, but stops himself as he didn't want to create more problems for her.

"Dia, I'll go to the cloak room and get my jacket."

Maan follows her...

Scene 4~

Cloak room

Geet breaks down...Cry

She tries to pick herself up, wipes off the tears...She holds the string and tries to fix it. The lights go off...

She panics Shockedand looks around for the door. Suddenly the lights come back and she sees Maan standing behind her in the mirror.


"Geet, I know you don't even want to see my face...but I need to tell you something...please meri baat sun lo.Confused"

"Ab yeh kya naya natak hai...itni beizzatti kar ke tumhara man nahi bhara...joh tum phir se...Please mujhe akela chod do...I don't want to see you ever again...Joh tumne mere saath kiya hai, main uske liye tumhe kabhi maaf nahi karoongi."

She realises that her right shoulder is bare and that Maan was looking at her with his eyes completely lost in her beauty. She turns and tries to hold the string back. Maan comes from behind and holds her hand.

She forgets everything and closes her eyes. He turns her and says,


She opens her eyes and looks into his eyes...


They were made for each was evident from their longing looks, their beating hearts, and their restless soulsEmbarrassed. They were very arrogant to accept their hearts' feelings for each other, but destiny had tied their hearts together...they ignored that one reality that their hearts were beating as one, and that they could read each others' eyes. Embarrassed

Eyelock ends...with their inflated egos coming in between...

 "Maan...leave me..."

"Geet...please listen to me...Before that, please yahan se chalo tum. I'll drop you at your home."

"Koi zaroorat nahi hai...I've come with Vicky and I'll go with him. Main usse jhoot bolna nahi chahti...please leave or I'll call everone."

"Vicky tumhe dhokha de raha hai...he's planned to trap you..."

"Trap me?Angry Really Maan, you think I'll fall for thisAngry...Tum kitna neeche gir sakte ho...I hate you. Jo tumne kiya hai uske baad...AngryCry"

"Maine kya kiya hai??Confused Ofcourse main tumhare ghar aaya tha...but that was because I had a bet with your brother Lucky, and I wanted to clear everything between us. Main tumhe pehle batana nahi chahta tha but..."

"What?? Lucky and you..."

"Ilied to you that I had a bet with my was actually with your brother...Usne mujhe challenge kiya tha...after me and my friends made fun of him and you. We told him that" Confusedhe stopped and looked apprehensively at Geet and the continued hesitantly, " are a draamebaaz Confusedand that you actually like me secretly, and it is because I don't care about you that you pretend to hate me."

Geet looks at him with disgust.Angry

"Issi baat ko lekar usne mujhe challenge kiya that you truly hate me, and that however hard I try I can never make you change your feelings for me...that I can never change your heart."

She had tears in her heartCry as if she was guilty and proved Maan's point to be correct about her in the first place.

Scene 5~


One month before...

Lucky and his gang punctured the tyre of Maan's bike. Maan and his friends caught them red handed.

"What is your problem? Humesha mere raaste main problems create karte ho...did your stupid sister sent you here to create troubles for me? Mera dimag kharab hua na to bachoo...then you'll wish you never had messed with me...samjhe Lucky-Makhi."

"Your friend Ash insulted my sister, I saw it with my own eyes...just because my sister doesn't retort, doesn't mean that tum log usko humesha pareshaan karte rahoge...She told that you people will make her life miserable...tumko aur tumhari is chamchi  ko problem kya hai meri behen se???"

"Kya bakwaas kar rahe ho...maine aise kuch nahi kiya...Angry"

"I know you are jealous of her since she always defeating you...she's always the topper and you, always behind her since the very first year... Not only in studies, meri Di tumhe har cheez main hara deti hai...You are a LOSER."

"L-U-C-K-Y!!Angry" he bellows.

"Stay away from her...she hates you.Angry"

"Hates me, huh! She means nothing to me, mujhe kuch farak nahi padta, whether woh 'Head ache' mujhe hate kare ya nahi...I hate her even more.Angry"

"Puh-leez! AngryTumhe problem is baat se hai that my sister doesn't run behind you like other stupid girls, she maintains her dignity, herself respect...and that frustrates simply can't digest that...Khabardaar agar meri behen ko pareshaan kiya toh..."

"Shut upAngry...chota muh badi baat...Me and frustrated over not getting your sister's attention, God mujhe tumhari baat par hansi aa rahi hai...What do you think your sister is, some fairy or beauty queen?? (Geet was beautiful though, in a natural way, innocent and pure like the morning dew)...Main agar chahoon toh use ek chutki main apna deewana bana doon, she'll be crazy about me..."

Lucky smirksLOL, "Deewana...yeah in dreams...Impossible...Chalo theek hai, I challenge you if before leaving the school tum meri Di se agar friendship bhi kar lete ho to tum joh kahoge main woh karoonga, and if tum haar jaoge, which I'm hundred per cent sure of, then you and your friends will never trouble my sister ever again and will ask sorry from her uske pairon main ghir kar."

" ready to become my slave...piddeBig smile"

And that's how everything began.

Scene 6~

Back to Maan and Geet in the cloak room~

"He tried to create problems for me, prevented me from talking to you, or meeting you but I succeeded in winning your affection. Mujhe pata nahin tha that is bet ke chakkar main, mujhe tumhara dil todna padega."

"Stop it Maan," she spoke unable to hear anymore.

"I know what I did was wrong, but..."

"But what? Mera dil toota...this is what you assume...but dil tootne ke liye, maine kabhi tumhare liye kuch mehsoos hi nahi kiya...tum kyun zabardasti apne aap ko mere life main important bana rahe ho, move on, I've moved on..."


"Main tumhare baare main humesha se sshi sochti thi, tum kabhi kisi ki bhi feelings ke respect nahi kar sakte, sirf logon ka mazaak banana jante ho, unhe hurt karna jante ho...tum aaye hi kyun meri life main...kyun Maan?? Are you happy now??CryAngry"

"Geet" he tried to wipe her tears, but she pushed him, in the tussle, the other string of her dress too snapped, in all the confusion she lost her balance and fell over him. He held her tightly, close to him, trying to protect her. Geet closed her eyes tightly shutEmbarrassed...

A moment later, still in his arms; she opened her eyes and looked at him painfully. She tried to hold the broken strings back, though it was only revealing her shoulders and neck, and simultaneously also tried to stand on her feet. Since she couldn't Maan helped her, he slided his hands around her slender waist sending shivers in her whole body and soul, and helped her stand up.

She tried to pull away from his grip, and his piercing gaze. Maan tried to stop her, she didn't listen, he pinned her against the tiled wall and came close to her...

"Geet you'll have to listen to me..."

They were so close that everything froze between them, even their breaths. The silence was singing the music of their love, which they both had still not realised. Ignorant of the overflowing love in their hearts for each other, they were lost in each other's eyes, time stood still, blessing that moment of pure love.

"Geet I'm sorry, I thought after the fight you would never want to come with me to the prom...and Vicky he promised me...he'll take care of everything...but..."

But before Maan could finish, the door flung open and the entire class, teachers, everyone...led by Ash and her sidekicks walked inShocked.

Geet stood there completely petrifiedShocked, Maan moved away from her. She tearfully tried to look away. Dia ran to her with her jacket and covered her. Students whispered in shockShocked and began spreading rumoursEvil Smile. Maan tried to explain everything, but how much of it was believed was still doubtful.

 Vicky was punished, he was not given his passing certificate, and left the place for his own good. Geet felt so humiliated and ashamed of being caught in such a situation of which she wasn't even aware of. She felt responsible for it, since in the first place she shouldn't have opened her heart for him...Cry

Days passed, Geet joined college, Maan left India as per his dad's decision...Things were almost forgotten when again scars were opened and fresh pain pricked the healed wounds.


Coming back to present...

Reunion party...

Maan was seeing her for the first time after one year and he never forgave him for hurting her heart...

~End of Chapter 11~

~End of the flashback~



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pj2012 Goldie

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Chapter 11 marks the end of the the story will continue in the present...Hope you guys'll like this chapter


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Downhill IF-Addictz

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superbbb update...
feeling bad for geet
will kill that bitch diaAngry

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