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PJ's FF~*MANEET*~Ch 19 on pg 24 (Page 10)

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~StarTeaser before Chapter 10Star~

~The Prom day...

Oblivious to the speciality of the day, Geet was preparing to leave for a college in a Metro city. Only a day before she received call from the College informing her that she has been selected for the English Language and Literature Course. She was overwhelmed with happiness, and was excited to join the college soon. In all this she had forgotten about the whole Maan episode.

While arranging her trunk, she found the book that Maan had given her in the library.

"This book?" she scanned the cover, "...but I forgot to collect it from the library...then how did it get here?"

"I am sorry. I know your heart is big enough to forgive my silly mistake. I feel terrible after what happened between us. This book connects us in some strange way, and as long as it is with you I'll know a part of me is with you. I'm feeling so lucky today...everything just seems so perfect and musical, ye mehki hawayein, ye behka mausam and this amazing feeling that, ye behka mausam and this amazing feeling of being with you. I hope to see my angel when I ring the bell and the door opens. I can't wait to be with you."

                                                                              ~ Crazy about you

                                                                              ~ Embarrassed


"Yes...he sent this book through romantic...kya hai in this story?"

"Shut up Dia...You brought this?"

"Main nahin...Maine toh bas room tak pahunchaya hai...He's so sweet...Geet ready for a wonderful evening?"

"You are crazy...Mujhe kabhi bhi kahin bhi us akdoo bathmeez ke saath nahin jaana...You seem to be super excited, tum chali jao uske saath.Angry"

"Haye...meri kismet aisi kahan ki school ka sabse handsome ladka mujhe prom main leke jaaye..."

"Dia...tu sudharna mat..."

"Chal abhi baatein kam kar and let's get ready for the evening."

"Dia? I don't trust him...Maine ek baar apne dil ki suni and it was a total mistake...ab main woh galti phir nahi dohraoongi...I've moved on."

"No you have can never get over it Geet. I'm your best friend, I can read your heart...aur tera dil abhi bhi usko ek chance dena chahta hai..."

She looked at Dia with tears in it and hugged her.

"Ab yeh rona dhona band kar...chal shopping chalte hain...let's get you an awesome dress first."

In the dress shop...

Dia tried on the umpteenth dress, while Geet sat there gazing at a beautiful blue dressEmbarrassed.

"Kyun lag rahi hoon na like Aishwarya from the movie Josh?Big smileEmbarrassed"

"OMGConfused...bas kar...tu lag rahi hai sabse acchi...better than anyone else.Ab chalein."

"Not now...abhi five more dresses to go...I've to look the best...sabki nazar mujhpe honi chahiya...Embarrassed"

"You are mental...agar sabki nazar tujhpe hogi toh toh woh five minutes main andhe ho jayenge with all this shiny accessories and glitter. Please koi simple and nice dress choose kar aur nikalte hain yahan se before the owner kicks us out.LOL"

"KilljoyDead...chal tu hi select kar phir..."

After the shopping the girls returned back to Geet's place and waited for the evening to come. Geet was still apprehensive and knew something didn't seem rightConfusedOuchConfused.

Working on Chapter ten...will post tomo...

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Scene 1: Geet's room
              Evening, Prom day

 Geet sat next to the window, looking out at the evening sun. There was a mild breeze which brought a tender smile on her beautiful face.
"Geet, abhi tak tayyar nahi huiShocked. Tu bhi na...Angrychal abhi jaldi jaake dress pehen kar aa."

(Geet's best friend Dia)

She realised the day they became friends that there was no point arguing with Dia, she always had her way, and today was going to be no different. She decided to give it a last chance, but somewhere inside her fear was going to come alive.
She changed into the beautiful lavender dress that Dia had selected for her.Embarrassed

(Geet's dress)

"You look gorgeous Geet,Embarrassed" she gaspedClap.
"Thoda...revealing hai...and neckline thoda deep"
"OMGShocked...Geet Mata...this is not a revealing dress...this is a lehengaLOL. Look at me and my skirt, iske saamne tera dress burqa lag raha haiROFL. Ab chup chap khadi re and let me do your makeup."
"What? Please no makeup-wakeup...Confused"
"Arre yaar thoda bahut chalta hai, pata bhi nahi chalega.Big smile"
Geet had to concede, a light brush of blush on her already soft pink cheeksEmbarrassed, a bit of glittery purple eyeshadow and a stroke kajal to highlight her gorgeous deep amber eyes, a dab of lip colour to finish it off.Embarrassed

Dia brought two gigantic balis and Geet staright away rejected them.
"No way...I'm not wearing those ginormous earrings. Mere kaan latak kar hath mein aa jayenge.Ouch"
"Kuch nahi hoga...accha chal atleast wear these pearl drops, they'll look good with your dress."

Dia wanted her to wear pointed heels  but Geet wore a normal heeled lavender shoes.
Suddenly Dia remembered something and said, "Oh God I was so busy making sure you attended this prom that I forgot to get ready myself...pata nahi kaun sa humare class ka idiot mera prom partner our class all guys are alike-idiotsDead, except you know who" she nudged Geet, who looked at her making face and Dia said, "MaanEmbarrassedhay na GeetEmbarrassed," she nudged her so hard that Geet lost her balance and fell on the bedPinch.
"Dia...MentalAngry...prom ka pata nahin...but lagta hai tu mujhe hospital zaroor pahuncha degi.Ouch"
"Okay...ab main chalti hoon, will come later."
"Jaldi aana mujhe yeh sab kuch bahut ajeeb sa lag raha hai.Ouch"
"Haan yaar...aa jaoongi, wait karna mera, and cheer up...this is just a prom, shaadi nahi ho rahi teri...waise rehearsal hi samajh le.LOL"
"Dia...bahut zyada ho raha haiAngry...ab jaldi jaa yahan se."
After she left, a smile occupied her lips without her knowingEmbarrassed. She breathed and ran her fingers down her dress to her tummy where she felt the dragon of anxiety breathing fire. She was very nervous. She sat on the dresser stool and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was dishevelled. She combed her hair and softly ran her fingers through the shiny black locks remembering Maan's words and checked herself unconsciously. She realised it and brushed the thought off. She gathered her hair into a neat pony tail and tied it with a purple lace.
She walked down to the living room and saw standing there her entire family, her uncles aunties, cousins and everyone else...even the neighbours. She was shocked and embarrassed to see them all together looking at her in all the dress and makeup...which was totally not the earlier Geet.. She didn't what to do, to walk down quietly as if she saw no one, or to run back to her room and hide herself there for eternityBlushingConfused. They all were staring at her with wonder. Lucky and his gang were the only ones unaffected, busy with their playstation. Pammi bua came running towards her, which stragely made her look like a charging hippo to GeetLOLConfused, she planted a big kiss on her cheek and hugged her so tight that she let out a squeak.LOLLOL
"Geet puttar, kitni soni lag rahi hai...bilkul pari jaisi...Embarrassed" Other aunties too joined Pammi in praising her, pulling her cheeks, brushing her hair and tucking her dress.
Her nani had tears in her eyesCry cuz she was seeing Geet like that for the first time in her life.
"Nani?? Aap kyun ro rahi ho?"
"Meri choti si Geet itni badi ho gayi hai...these are happy tears bache...Accha yeh sab chodo and yeh dekho main tumhare liye kya layi hoon."
She took out a box and opened it to reveal a beautiful gold bangle decked with precious stones.
"Teri shaadi pe doongi socha tha par pata nahin tab tak main rahoongi yaa nahi..Cry"
"Nani??? Please aise mat boliyeConfused" she looked at her mum as if asking why did she tell everyone. She didn't tell anyone actually, nothing could be kept a secret in their family.
"This is a gift for you to tell you how precious you are to me and all of us."
She then utaroed her nazar...Nani slided the bangle into her hand, Geet touched her feet and hugged her since she didn't wanted to hurt her sentiments.
"Nani aap toh meri Ms Universe ho...and aap mujhe chod kar kabhi nahi jaogi...kabhi nahi."
Geet found the entire family excitement a lot weird, but she went with the flow since she wanted to appear rude.
Lucky wasn't happy at allAngry, especially at the idea of his enemy taking his sister to prom.Angry He even tried to spill sharbat on her dress, but Bua ji handled him appropriately. Maya and Ramesh looked at each other proudly and then at their lovely daughter who looked like their princess.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Scene 3:
The door bell rings and Geet shoots up from the sofa tucked in between two aunties. Maya takes every one outside through the kitchen door. She then goes to open the door, but Geet stops her remembering what Maan's letter had said
"...I want to see my angel..."

She looks at Maya, who nods and motions her to open the door...
Geet takes a deep breath and opens the door...
"Hi Geet..."
"VICKY????Shocked" she goes blank.
"SurpriseBig smileI  am your prom partner...and I'm so glad you liked all my notes..."
"TumneConfused??? Mujhe...???...but...Maan..." she was completely shocked.
"Maan?? Woh toh bas meri help kar raha tha, so that I could surprise you."
She suddenly felt lifeless, her body went cold and numb like a dead body. Every thing began to fade before her eyes, and she realised it was never Maan...she simply believed it to be him because unconsciously she always wanted it to be him and no one else. The sudden realisation of truth sent chill down her spine.
Vicky was the class bully, very notorious in school and outside and no girl like Geet could've ever like him.
" look really beautiful...ek dum mast," he couldn't control his taporiness for much time. Geet hardly heard him or paid attention to retort.
"Vicky, come in...You wait in the living room, I'll be back in a moment," she said controlling her tearsCry
She went into her room followed by Maya and Pammi.
"Woh sab sirf mera weham tha...woh kabhi Maan tha hi nahi...I was so stupid...Cry"
"Geet? didn't tell us...Vicky is your date???Confused"
"Mmm Hmm..." she said biting her lips.
"But Maan??" asked Bua.
"Kya farak padta hai Bua, Vicky or anyone's just a school farewell party or prom...doesn't make any difference...bas jaake attendence lagao and wapis aa jaao...Acha Maa, Bua...I'll leave then. Bye."
Her heart was weeping like a flooded river.
"Vicky, I'm ready, let's go."
He stood up and excitedly walked towards her extending his arm for support, which Geet politely declined.
Ramesh tells Vicky to take care of Geet, and also gives him the strict  instructions to bring her back home safely before Eleven O' clock..
"Oh sure Mr Handa, you don't have to worry about her now."

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superb update..loved it

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Originally posted by Dreamy_Mystique

superb update..loved it

Thanks a lot sweetie...a small portion is left of chapter ten...I'll add it today...and also the 11th chapterBig smileThanks again for always commentingBig smile

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~Chapter 10 continuation~

Geet was lost in her own thoughts, completely unaware of their talks, but when she saw a confused look on Maya's face, she smiled at her and tried to look normal.Smile
They both took leave, and the moment they came out, Dia too reached the place completely confused to see Vicky with Geet instead of Maan. She hated him beyond all bounds.Angry
"Abhe Oye...Vicky-Freaky what the hell are you doing here, chal dafa ho yahan se...kitni baar bola hai humse door raha kar, tujhe yeh baat samajh main nahi aati kya.Angry"
"Oh Dia DiaWink...samajhne ke koshish toh tumhe karni chahiye...gusse ko thanda karo aur thoda dimag pe roz do...Main yahan dafa hone nahi balki Geet ko apne saath lene aaya hoon."
"Kyun school khatam hote hi chauffeur ki naukri le li...but humein tumhari zaroorat nahin hai...tum jao yahan se ya mein sabko bulaoon...Angry"
"Dia I'm her date...isi liye I'm here to pick her up...tum chaho toh humare saath chal sakti ho..."
"Oh hello, apni shakal dekhi hai tuneAngry...Geet ko lene aaya hai...HUH!!!AngryUsse lene toh Maa..."
"Dia...chup ho jaoConfused..."Geet stopped her at the precise moment.
"He's really my prom partnerConfused...Please ab koi tamasha mat karna...Chalein pleaseCry."
"Tamasha??Angry..." she jerked away Geet's hand in anger and disbelief.Angry
"Tamasha toh tumhara banega jab tum is namoone ke saath prom attend karogi...Geet you know this guy...he's a crook...humara enemy no 1."
"Please..." pleaded GeetCry.
They all got into the school bus arranged by the school itself and it was strictly decided that no one would bring their private vehicles to the prom night. It was done for their safety and also to maintain discipline. Some students didn't have their own vehicles and it'd have been embarrassing for some other to ride their dates on bicycles to the prom. Only a handful of students had bikes or cars and the school was very particular about maintaining equality.

~Scene 2:
School bus

Vicky ogled at Geet who was looking out of the window. Dia was arguing with her date who was their class's Einstein cum crazy geek. The bus halted before a huge hotel and everyone got down except the two of them.
"Geet, hotel aa gaya...chalein?"
She walked to the door, it was raining outside and students had all gone inside. They didn't have umbrella. She got down and a few drops slid down her cheeks like tears. She covered her face and suddenly from no where an umbrella opened over her head, and she turned to look at the person holding it...
They were completely lost in each others' eyes. Maan looked dazzled by her angelic beauty and couldn't take his eyes off her.
"Excuse me...May I have the umbrella now?" Vicky disrupted their eye lock.
Maan handed the umbrella over to him. He escorted Geet inside the hotel leaving a confused looking Maan out in the rain. He felt a strange feeling for the first was green and it was bubbling and it was hurting his heart to see Vicky's hand supporting her around her waist.

~End of Chapter 10~

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brilliant update
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Originally posted by Dreamy_Mystique

brilliant update

ThankBig smile you
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awesome,awesome dearSmile thanx for the pm,wating for the next update

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