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Thanks for the recent GHT pics and articles guys . . . Hug
GHT looking so adorable as always . . . Day Dreaming. . .Love u forever GHT. . . Embarrassed

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thanxxx adeela for the pic. hgt luk superbbb.

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An old interview of HT

Hiten Tejwani Interview

October 7, 2005

Brought to you by India-Forums in conjunction with Craze FM



Interviewer Wakas: Okie dokie guys.. You are listening to Craze FM live show with Wakas Mir… Now thanks to India forums we have a special delight… that is Hiten Tejwani.. Hello

Hiten: (in a strong, forceful voice) Hello

W: Hello sir. How are you doing?

H: I'm absolutely fine. I hope everyone is fine there.

W: Bilkul thik kaha. There are lots of people waiting for you to respond to their questions and give your lovely answers. So first of all I would like to welcome you to Craze-FM and India-Forums for taking time out for your fans

H: Ok thank you so much

W: You're welcome. Ab chalte hai ji kuch sawalon ke taraf (Ok now let us head toward some questions).  First of all I would like to tell people who actually are not familiar with the name… only familiar with the kinds of roles you play… We are interviewing Hiten Tejwani who is aka Karan Virani aka Yug aka Pratham from the drama serial Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Hiten is on the line right now.

As I was saying before what if the serial's name was Kyunki Sasoor Bhi Kabhi Damad Thhe (Hiten laughs) have you thought about playing that? (Hiten laughs again)

(Hiten and Wakas joke about Hiten making this his next serial with Ekta)

W: Phela sawal kuch yuhun hai... (The first question goes like this): Hiten aap yeh batayen… jitne bhi roles aapne play kiye hai unme se aapka sabse favorite kaunsa hai (Hiten tell us of all your roles, which one is your favorite out of those). Yeh luvya4ever username ke taraf se sawal hai (This is from luvya4ever).

H: Mmm… sabse favorite role mera tha Pratham. Bahut mazaa aaya usko karne mein… aur usme bahut saare shades thhe ~ (My favorite role was that of Pratham's. I had a lot of fun doing that role because his character had a lot of shades). ~Basically you just love that character... he was a little gray, not totally gray, but little gray side. And uhhh... lots of situations and lots lots of drama… wo karne mein mujhe bahut mazaa aaya ~ (I had a lot of fun doing those) ~… variety karne mein. Of course that was the serial where you know I met my wife… we got married… of course that was definitely my favorite role.

W: Aagla sawal hai Supergirl7 ki taraf se aur Bunty4Ever ke taraf se (the next question is fromSupergirl7 and Bunty4Ever) and they're saying kaun kaun se similarities and differences hai jo aap Karan ke saath share karte hai in the drama serial Kyunki Saas … (what similarities and differences do you share with Karan)?

H: Hi Supergirl, Hi Bunty. <How is Deepa by the way, Bunty?> Bahut hi accha sawal puchhe hai aapne. Aur Karan ke saath similarities yeh hai ki mein aur Karan sensitive hai jaise Karan sensitive hai ~ (You guys asked a good question. The similarities are that I am sensitive just like Karan is…)…~ emotional, he's expressive… he's very caring, supportive… apni family ko support karta... aur family uske liye sab kuch hai (he supports his family. His family is everything for him).

W: Aur Pratham ke bare mein kya khayal hai aapka (and what do you think about Pratham)?… how do you… (gets cut off)

H: Pratham ka jo ego level tha.. 10 out of 10 tha… aur Hiten ka ego level bhi hai… ego to thoda hona hi chaiyye… (Pratham's ego was a full ten on a scale of ten. Hiten also has an ego.. which everyone should have a little of).

W: Bilkul... unka top pey tha (Of course. Pratham's was at the very top).

H: Haan Hiten ka ego level agar aap count karenge to 5 tak hai.. Pratham 10 out of 10 tha… (Hiten's ego level is at the most five whereas Pratham was a ten).

(Hiten about to say something.. Wakas speaks.. then stops then Hiten starts.. then Wakas starts… keep cutting each other off)

W: How about Yug in Kkavyanjali?

H: Yea Yug is an easy-go-lucky guy in a way that usko koi farak nahin padta… jisko apnaa dost manegaa, uske liya wo kuch bhi karlegaa… apnaa manegaa to uske liye kuch bhi karlega ~ (Yug doesn't really care. Whoever he thinks as his own, he'll do anything for them)... ~ jaise uski behen hai... itna pyaar karta hai usse... lekin uske bawajut bhi wo galat hai to galat hai (For example, Yug loves his sister a lot... but even so if she's wrong then she's wrong).

W: Lekin aapko kya lagta hai (But what do you think)… Hiten according to you... Karan… is he best as a son or a husband? Yeh anjali ke taraf se sawal hai (this question is from Anjali).

H: Anjali ki taraf se sawal... okay… Hi Anjali... ummm Karan… I think dono hi hai (I think he is both).. Husband to hai (He is a good husband)… ~ beta isliye bolunga kyunki kuch bhi ho jaaye maa ke liya khada hota hai…usko support karta hai, jo ki har bete ko karna chaiyye… meri maa ne mujhe peda nahin kiya lekin mujhe wo sab diya jo jis maa ne peda kiya usne nahin diya ~(But I'm going to say son because no matter what he stands up for his mother, always supports her, which every son should do. My mother, meaning Karan's mother, didn't give birth to me but she gave everything thing to me which my birthmother didn't give me)… ~Meri maa actually Mandira hai... usne mujhe wo pyaar wo sab wo jo goon hote hai.. shiksha hoti hai… wo nahin di jo ek maa deti hai apne bete ko.. aur wo yeh mujhe Tulsi se mil raha hai. To of course wo apni maa se bahut pyaar karta hai. ~ (My mother is actually Mandira. She didn't give me the education and virtues a mother should give her soon, but which I'm getting from Tulsi maa. So of course Karan loves his mother, meaning Tulsi, a lot.)

Aur husband bhi hai jo apni wife se bahut pyaar karta hai… wo to majboori thi.. aur us dauran aisa tha ki Bhoomi ko ek maa ki zarorat thi isliye usne shaadi ki.. warna aise halat mein koi shaadi nahin kar sakta ~ (and of course he is a good husband who loves his wife a lot. It was under pressure due to the circumstances that Bhoomi needed a mother that he married otherwise in that situation in general, meaning with his wife in coma, he couldn't marry).

W: Kaafi twist hai aapke drame mein jo aise cheez hoti rehti hai (there are a lot of twists in your dramas that such things like this happen).

To aapko kya lagta hai (so what do you think)… who do you get along with very well… sabse zyaada aap kiske saath get along karte hai apart from Gauri.. is the question…

H: I'm okay with everybody… I'm talking with everybody

(Again both trying to speak at once and keep cutting each other off)

Hamara pura group hai (we have our whole group which I'm the closest with)... Damini, Ganga, Gautam, Sahil… we get along very well

W: Who is the best beta Tulsi can have? Karan, Gautam, Sahil, ya phir Harsh?

H: Best beta (pause)… yeh to bahut hi mushkil sawal poochha hai aapne ~ (this is a very difficult question which you asked) ~ … Karan uska beta hai nahin... wo to aisa hai ki wo Tulsi ko apni maa manta hai (Karan isn't actually Tulsi's son… he just considers her his mother).

W: Agar aap Tulsi hote to kisko apna beta mante (If you were Tulsi who would you consider your son the most)?

H: (pause) I'm sure Karan ko hi maanti because jis tara se wo parivaar ke liye jo kuch bhi karta hai… sacrifice karta hai (I'm sure she would consider Karan her son the most because of the way he does anything and makes sacrifices for his family) .. aage aap dekhenge… I don't know wahan pe kitna peeche hai but yahan pe aage aur ek mushkil ghadi aa rahi hai Karan ke liye ~(When you see ahead… I don't know how far behind you are there but here there is a greater difficulty coming Karan's way)~ he makes sacrifices for the family, he's always there for his family, family is first for him

W: Family to waise bhi first honi chaiyye.. yeh bahut hi achhi cheez hoti hai dramas mein... (families should come first anyways… It always is shown in dramas).  

To Hiten ek aur sawal hai (So Hiten here's another question for you)… besides Gauri who is your favorite female and male costar?.. Yeh hai jenny ki taraf se... sweety and dkdisha.

H: (laughs) Ok hi everybody.. mein har ek ka naam nahin bol paoonga (Hi I can't say everyone's name)… but uh favorite co artist female as I have told I get along with everybody.. Bhoomi hai…hamari chotti bachchi… thoda sa agar baat chit karta hoon, thoda sa masti karta hoon… To uske saath karta hoon ~ (Our little girl. If I ever talk with someone else or joke around with anyone then it's with Bhoomi).

W: Aur male mein? (As for male costar?)

H: Male mein sabke saath hi hai… I'm friends with everybody… of course now Chetan Hansraj has now entered... he's also buddy... I mean I'm okay with everybody. You know hamara aisa hota hai ki saare log pure pure time ke liye hote nahin~ (You know with us the thing is that we aren't all together the whole time) ~ for example if there is one combination scene... The whole family is there.. to wo karke aade log nilkal jaate hai… baaki mere scenes hote hai for example with Nandani .. with Bhoomi Tanya Gautam ~ (After finishing scenes with the whole family, half the people leave, Then I have the rest of my scenes with….)

W: Par drama mein aisa lagta hai ki you people never go away from each other (But when observing dramas, it seems as if you all never separate from each other)… lekin wo scene ke baad aap jaise bol rahe ho.. ek banda wahan ek banda wahan.. kya usme chemistry hoti hai … (But is there chemistry between the scenes when you aren't spending a lot of time with your costars since after a scene is over everyone goes their own ways as you say)? ~Like do you have the attachment where you go together to picnics, meetings… and if so with whom?

H: Ji agar hum bahar jaate hai… agar sabko invitation hai ~(Yes, if we all go out, and everyone has an invitation)~.. then we try to go together or meet at a place

W: Personal questions kuch hamme yahan par mille hai… kuch yuhun hai ki (we got some personal questions such as…) what do you call each other when you are alone? Okay… too personal I think (smirks)… what do you think about that?

H: (laughs) Too personal... yeh batadunga to phir mazaa nahin aayega ~ (If I tell you this then it'll be no fun).

W: What is your favorite thing to do when you are not at work? Yeh uruj ki taraf se sawal hai

H: Favorite thing to do… I like to watch movies…

W: What kinds of movies do you watch?

H: Or try to catch up on sleep… (pause) I like watching action movies…

W: Favorite Hollywood star? Favorite Bollywood?

H: Hollywood stars… Tom Cruise... Even Keanu Reeves

W: Kaafi acche acche naam hai (You have mentioned some good names)

How do you feel to win the best jodi award? Glamdoll se yeh sawal hai.

H: Ji Haan (yes…)

W: How do you feel about that?

H: Umm you feel nice, you know what happens is that everywhere we go they say is.. bahut achhi jodi hai ~(you make a great couple)~ achha hai both of you guys got together because you were working in the same serials, we were always praying you guys would get together, you guys should be together in life, uske baad yeh award yeh dikhata hai ki… matlab kis haadh takh hamare fans hamme chaate hai aur kis haadh tak unno ne vote kiya aur yeh humme award dila hi diya, Favorite jodi~ (This award shows to what extent our fans love us and how far they will go to vote for us to give us this favorite jodi award). ~Yeh pure sheher mein hamare fans aur chhane walo ko dunga, wo vote karte hai, un sabh say vote milta hai, kyun ki…  is mein ye serial ke logon… jo log organize karte hai, unka koi lena dena nahin hota… pura voting mein hai. ~(I dedicate this prize to my fans. It has nothing to do with those who organize the show, it's those that vote due to which we have this prize).

W: Lekin Hiten sab se pehle hamare taraf se bahut bahut congratulations (first of all many many congrats), for winning the best jodi award. It takes a lot to actually ki screen pe bhi aapki chemistry itni achhi hai aur off screen bhi hai, definitely in an industry like that, you definitely deserved that as well. Aur kuch sawaal aur bhi hai yahan par (we have some more questions here), sangeeta ke taraf se yeh sawaal hai, Was it love at first sight?

H: (pause) Yah it was kinda love at first sight from my side.. But first time when I saw her I was not knowing who she is, we were going together... hum saath meh jaa rahe the, ek ad ke liye,but patha nahin tha hum ek doosre ke saath ad karne wale hai ~(we were going together for an ad but we didn't know we were doing an ad with each other). ~I just saw her uske baad hum Hyderabad jaa kar wahan agency wale ne mulakat karvaya… introduction karvaya ~(after that we went to Hyderabad where a person from the ad agency introduced us to one another).

W: To filmy filmy kind of thing

H: waise we guys are together… to uske baad mein vo ad karke… ad ke dauran hamari koi khaas baathe nahin hoi ~ (during that time we didn't talk much)~ , hi hello that's it, ad karke foreign mein Mumbai aagaya, uske baad, of course we were doing Kutumb~ (After doing the ad… Right away I came to Mumbai and then after we were doing Kutumb) ~ Gauri was opposite me, and muhje laga (I felt/thought) I don't know whether she is the same one or not, but then I saw it, she is the same one… I called her.. you know the world is so small, bahut badi duniya hain, lekin badi duniya hai nahin (It's a big world but at the same time it isn't)

W: Duniya bahut hi chotti hai, bahut hi chotti hai (the world is really small, really small)

H: (echoes) bahut chotti duniya hai, bahut chotti duniya hai

W: Lekin, Hiten what are the three qualities in you that you would say make you a unique individual? Yeh luckiegrl and anubhan ke taraf se sawaal hai.

H: Luckiegrl ne to aisa sawaal poocha hai, ki mein apni 3 qualities bataunga to aisa lagega ke mein apni badai kar raha hoon (Luckiegrl asked such a question that if I answered my 3 qualities it would seem as if I'm trying to make myself look "big" and greater).

W: Nahin Nahin, aap bataaye (No, please do say)

H:  No No mein bataunga zaroor (No of course not, I'll definitely tell)… my quality one, I have a good sense of humor. Yeh pura feedback jo hai actually meri wife muhje deti hai, wo mein bataa rahan hoon.. ~(My wife Gauri give me full feedback about how I am so I am saying what she thinks)~… Honesty comes first to me.. I have of course, you know my loved ones and the ones I care about them. My family is always no matter what happens vo pehle, so you u know actually I have a caring nature I am honest to everybody not only you say family members, friends, anybody, whom I don't know also, you know I probably heard of, but I will not you know back by a group of three like straight away… jo bhi hain vo mein samne se bolunga

W: To aapki tin qualities hai honesty, sense of humor and caring for the family and as for other people as well, that's brilliant aisa hi hona chaiyye (So your three qualities are… Brilliant that's how it should be)

Aur vaise, When did you realize that you were in love with…ok that's a question fromgauri4hiten that's the username… when did you realize that you were in love with gorgeous Gauri? Was it during the breeze ad or Kutumb?… lekin aapne bataa diya sara ka sara (OK but actually you already told us everything)..

What is your most memorable moment while you two were dating? That is shelly82 ke taraf se… kafi interested hai log aapki personal life mein waise (laughs) innone awards dil waya… (Looks like people are really interested in your personal life.. but anyway they're the one who got you the awards right)

H: One day, I think it was one day I just asked her out, and we just went for a drive and we both love the sea basically we love beaches and not, so I just took her by the sea there is a place there… we were sitting there chatting, it was a perfect full moon on that day

W: Awww

H: It was a lovely atmosphere, we just came out of the car we sat we talked about each other... Moonlight, light ek dum light jaisi hoti hai… chaaro taraf (Light was everywhere around us)

W: Sounds very romantic…

H: Yah... And that was the most memorable moment

W: Lekin what is your dream role? Koi aisa role hai jo aap karna chate hai?

H: You know every different role is you know is a that role you wanna do, but dream role... I would like to do something like what Mr. Amitabh Bachchan did in Black. It was a very challenging role.

W: Bilkul. Toh ab you would be coming in movies?

H: Movies mein interest hain, but I want to do a movie which doesn't remain only for Friday, one day… yaan to decision ek din mein ho jaata hai ~ (here a movie's fate is usually decided in one day). ~ Koi hai… hamara hai agar mein serial mein itna kar raha hoon, aur mera itna naam hai… yeh sab chod ke mein koi aisi film sign kar raha hoon, log mujhe… mere fans mujhe pooche ge, why did you do that? ~ (For us TV actors like me who have name and fame but leave the TV world to go sign a film, then my fans will ask why did you do that?)

W: Toh soch samaj ke karna padta hai…. (So you have to think it over carefully before doing anything)

H: Ek film aisi honi chaiyye jis mein waqayy kuch alag ho, aur waqayy mein ho jo dekh kar… karne ke baad mujhe satisfaction mile, log mujhe roz ,roz kahe acha kiya ~ (A film should be one that is definitely unique, something that after watching and doing I feel satisfaction and everyday people tell me you did the right thing).

W: Hiten, sab se pehle, once again welcome karoonga ~ (first of all I will welcome again on…) ~ Craze FM pe and I-F radio pe, and there are thousands of listeners who are listening to your show... puri duniya mein bhi log sun rahe hai (everyone in this whole world is listening), because it's a international radio… aur how can the fans contact you? Koi tareeka hai? (Is there a way?) Only_4_u is wondering about your e-mail address.

H: E-mail address I can give it to you but I will be very frank with everyone who is listening, that I hardly get any time to check… once whenever I do it (check my mail?) koshish karta hoon saare mail ke jawaab dein du… email id toh doonga, lekin agar, aap log ko jawaab nahin mila toh app please naraz maath hoyega, mera schedule itna tight hota hai, toh mena thoda sa postpone bhi karvaya time interview ka. ~ (I will try to respond to all of them. I will give you my email ID but if you don't get a quick reply from me please don't be mad. My schedule is so packed that I even had to postpone the time for this interview).

W: Acha, acha toh aap e-mail baadh mein website pay laga denge yaa aap abhi bholna chathe hai? (Will you post your email id later on the site or would you like to say it now?

H: mein abhi bata deta hoon, baad mein.. Baatho baatho mein aisa na ho, hum bhool jaye.. Bahut saare sawaal hai I'm sure ~ (I'll just tell you right now because we may forget by later as we keep chatting. I'm sure there are a lot of questions)~ .. My e-mail  id is[email protected]

W: Hiten Tejwani.. that's T E J V A N I at yahoo.com ?

H: W A N I.. W A N I ..

W: W A N I , okie dokie.. [email protected] okie dokie.. girls you should better start writing it down and harassing him.. (chuckles) Which you should not be doing.. Lekin about future films, your a fantastic actor yah? And uske alava aapne filmo mein kam karna socha hoga.. If karna chata hai aap ne Amitabh ka type ka role apko karna hai.. Yeh aapka jawaab tha us cheez ke baade mein? (Besides being a fantastic actor you thought about working in films, and that too in an ideal role like AB had) Right?? Apka future plan ka hai, waise? (By the way, what are your future plans?)

H: I have just trying to concentrate on direction, I want to do films of course if agar koi achhi film aayi… but… ek saal aur jaane dunga…~  (As for right now I'll just let one year pass by and we'll see from there). ~ I don't know whom I will assist as a director. It's not like I will leave acting totally, but to know more about direction you go to assist somebody, my plan of direction

W: So you see yourself in the next five- ten years doing direction?

H: yah

W: Yah? .. Now that's brilliant, I would love to see you in the direction part as well.. Lekin, if per the story, if you and.. Okay this is a question from priyanka_p if you are too do some kind of a bold scene with Gauri on screen.. Would you both do it on screen?

H: on screen?, uhh no.. we try not to do it.. We just do it in a very subtle way.. Because there are many times, they do come, there is a time, where they say we have to kiss, and we just make it the way by kissing on the forehead or just a hug.. Many times with Tanya, scenes with Tanya also, but we just usually make it very subtle and very nice, because you know what, what may look, or what may seem good… nice to the writers, are the people, it may not be good for the viewers, why should we finish that off, the image what we have, jo hamara image hai wo khatam kyon karte hai? ~ (Why such we destroy our image for a bold scene?)

W: Hmm bilkul..

H: haan, ek dum lovey-dovey couple jaise hum hai.. Thodi si takrad, thodi si nok jhok… Chalti rahe.. (Just like we're a lovable couple.. some teasing goes on…)

W: Ek aur sawaal hai Shika ke taraf se aamna ke taraf se aur Priyanka_p ke taraf se, Do you watch any other of the serials apart from your own? Do u have time for that?

H: No I don't watch my own serials…

W: Oh you don't... itna time nahin hai apko? (You don't even have that much time?)

H: I just come home... jab tak mein aata hoon, tab yahan sub khatam ho jata hai... ~ (By the time I come home all the serials have finished for the night).

W: Lekin ek aur baath aap hamaare saath share kare… aap abhi kya kha rahe hai waise? (So share one more thing with us… what are you eating right now?)

H: Mein fish kha raha hoon… (I am eating fish)

W: Aha.. Fish.. Kaunsi waali fish?? (What type of fish?)

H: Yeh hamare yahan bolte hai (here they call it).. "pomfret"

W: Oh pomfret, pomfret…

H: yeh fried hai... I love sea-food. 

W: To aapka favorite food kya hai waise (So what is your favorite food by the way?)

H: I love seafood, I love fish

W: hmmm, sushi wushi?..

H: umm… waise woh nahi khata main ~ (actually I don't eat that)~ ... selected fish I eat.. pomfret I eat… it's called Bombay duck… I eat that... it's not exactly duck but it's a fish

W: ohhh… Bombay duck which is a fish... that's nice :(laughs):

H: yah

W: ek aur sawal aaya kuch yuh hai ke (another question we have here that goes like)… how is it being married to somebody who has the same profession as you? Koi rukawatein hoti hai ke ya phir ~ (some pauses along the way or…) ~ … everything is going perfectly fine?

H: yah... sabse bada faida hai ke married to someone who's in the same profession... bahut achhi baat hoti hai kyunki bahut understanding hoti hai ~ (It's the biggest advantage to be married to someone in the same profession as you… there's a lot more mutual understanding).

W: hmm hmm bilkul (Hmmm of course)

H:  aur scene kya chhaata hai… or kitne der lagti hai ~ (also depends on what the scene wants and how long it takes) ~ …for example, you know… I'm sure agar meri wife kisi aur profession mein hoti or ya mein kisi aur profession mein hota aur meri wife us profession mein nahin hoti to mein us baat ko samajh ta nahi ke as heroine you have to act ~ (I'm sure that if my wife was in another profession or I was in another profession and my wife wasn't in the same one then I wouldn't be able to understand that as a heroine you have to act) ~…there's some acting scene and you're portraying with other character agar character milta aisa hai hamare aisa hota hai kiwell I remember doing scenes with Tanya like when I have to hug Tanya and my wife sees that and then I hug her and then after scene got over she's calling me and telling me that "you know what you didn't hug her properly" (Wakas laughs) ... you know that is the kind of chemistry and understanding we have

W: I think everyone should have a wife who's like that but especially in an industry like that

H: Actually we both have to understand the kinds of roles we are doing.. it's part of the job

W: would u actually like it if she comes in a movies as well… has she any plans about that because we didn't get a hold of her

H: yea I mean hum jo sochte hai hamare career ke bare mein wo to individual hote hai… aisi koi rokh tok nahin.. meine rokha nahin.. usne rokha nahin …. ~ (We think individually about our careers… neither one of us is stopping the other one)

W: to aisa role aaya (if such a role came) then she will definitely go for it

H: Bilkul (of course) go ahead no a problem absolutely… only thing is you should be convinced that you want to do a certain role. 

W: Yeah... 100% into the whole thing… that's the only way you should be going forward

H: Bilkul.. That's our work

W: Ek aur sawal yahan pe aaya hai… armaangirl ki taraf se… quite a nice question though… "I love the relationship between Karan and Tulsi: do you have the kind of relationship with your mom?"

H: Exactly... If you have that kind of relationship with your mom, it becomes very easy and natural to portray... it's easier because jaise mera relationship hai Gauri ke saath… wo screen pe automatically… I mean hum dono ko kuch karna nahin padta... ek dum natural hai... waise mere mom ke saath jaisa karta hoon waise apni mom ke saath karta hu.. thodi shararat… wo kaan khech leti mere… it comes naturally… ~(It's easier to portray because just like how my relationship with Gauri comes automatically on screen since neither one of us has to really act because it's all natural, in the same way I'm on screen with my mom as I am with my mother in real life… a little teasing and playing jokes... she pulls my ears…) 

W: sometimes it's so natural that you can tell if it's real or your doing a drama na?Hareem ke taraf se sawal hai ki what is your favorite gift form a fan?

H: haan ek fan mujhe yaad hai ~ (yes I remember a fan) ~… Maham from Pakistan… she gave lovely jacket... suede leather ka hai.. I mean how she managed to do it… it [jacket] didn't come to me directly... she gave it to somebody coming to India and that person gave it to me for my birthday

W: ohh kitni mehnat se pahochaye usne aapke liye (Must have been a lot of work through which she sent you the jacket)

(Hiten and Wakas talk about dedication to and from fans… Hiten voices how he's thankful for the love his fans give him which makes his work worth it)

W: India-Forums ki taraf se ek ek contest rakha gaya tha on the website.. ke "describe why you think Gauri and Hiten are meant to be" to hamare paas 3 best entries aayi hai.. mein sunana chaata hun (I-F kept several contests on their site… We got 3 entries which I would like to share with you). Buttercup (Wakas: what a username)… buttercup kehti hai ki "From being colleagues to "just friends" to "good friends", lovers and finally Husband and Wife, they don't look into the camera, they smolder at the camera and makes all of us go fida over them"

And number two is mangrooves ke taraf se "the romance between them is exemplary, so tender, subtle and slowly intoxicating and yet so contagious that friends it made me fall in love with my husband all over again!" (Wakas: Awww… that is deep)… the third one is fromdatspreets ke taraf se"They Say for a relationship to work… chemistry is needed… but I say mystery plays a greater part... they both have that mystery in their eyes... which wants u to know... wow... how come they are so different yet sooo alike..." That's it.

H: wonderful… prizes for all of them…

W: waise rapid fire chotta sa hai.. chotte chotte se sawal hai… ke jawab deneka (Some short rapid fire questions for you to answer)

W: Favorite color?

H: black

W: Favorite car?

H: Would love to own a SUV very soon model name kuch pata nahin hai (Don't know the model name) but I like SUVs

W: Fav movie?

H: I really loved a beautiful mind (H and W discuss how nice the movie is)

W: Fav location?

H: Like I said Gauri and I both love beaches… Goa is our favorite place

W: Fav actor in Bollywood?

H: I love Shah Rukh… everybody loves him but whatever he is today is because of his own hard work… and also Amitabh Bachchan.

W: Speaking of Shah Rukh how does it feel to be known as Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan of the small screen?

H: Mein is bare mein kuch nahin bol sakta (laughs) mein Gauri si is bare mein baat karta hun… ~ (I can't say anything on this topic… I'll talk to Gauri about it)

W: well when we interview Gauri we will ask her then

W: Fav book aapki, if u like reading that is?

H: You know I don't enjoy reading so much because what happens is when you're reading something you got to be totally into it... sit in one place and just read… but I'm the type of person.. thoda sa sharaarti hun.. kiska mobile chura kar yahan rakh liya … ~ (I'm the naughty type of person… like one who'll steal someone's mobile and put it somewhere else)

W: Fav dish?  (pause)That was the one with the duck right

H: fish… fish…

W: Fav actress?

H: I like Kajol… Kajol is a good actress we have in our industry... one of the beautiful. She's definitely very good

W: Would you like to come in a movie opposite Kajol?

H: (Pause) I don't mind… absolutely

W: We'll definitely get in touch with Yash Chopra ji and ask him for any roles if he ever gets anything (both laugh)

W: Well we were interviewing Mr. Hiten Tejwani from drama serial Kyunki which is doing brilliant on the network and we have thousands and thousands of fans listening to the show right this minute... to end mein jaate jaate apni taraf se pyaar se koi message dena chatte hai apne listeners ko (So as you are going would you like to leave your listeners with a loving message?)

H: ji haan…. Nothing is impossible… my dear friends believe me if you want to do something just start doing it everything will fall into place and you'll reach your goal

(Wakas asks Hiten to record a jingle which he does saying in a strong voice, "Hellooo… my name is Hiten Tejwani and you're listening to Craze FM…")

W: Brilliant we did it... Once again thanks a lot for coming to I-F radio and Craze FM radio and at the very end here's IF song of the week… fans of Gauri and Hiten from all over the world have chosen the song... a token of appreciation from I-F to Hiten for taking time out and chatting with us. Would you like to guess the song?

H: is it a love song?

W: Yes it is a love song.

H: You go ahead and tell me

W: It's the title song from movie Hum Tum for being a lovely couple. Thanks for coming. Take care.

H: Thank you so much. Love to everybody. Please enjoy life fully. Bye bye, take care.

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One more of GHT

She's an introvert. He, an extrovert. She's short tempered. He's calm. She is controlled and on guard, while he is casual and approachable. Gauri Pradhan and Hiten Tejwani, the married couple of Kutumb and lovers of the popular serial Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, are as different as chalk and cheese. Yet, it is these differences that bind them together making them a cute two-some who have just begun to tread the journey of life as husband and wife. Here, they talk about how two strangers who met for the first time for a commercial became real life partners without either of them formally proposing the other

Their first encounter?
Gauri: I distinctly remember it was at the airport when we were leaving for Hyderabad! We were to shoot a soap ad for Rajiv Menon. The ad later became very popular. Hiten: The client, whom we were to do the ad for, introduced us. He said, "This is Gauri and this is Hiten." That was the only thing we spoke through out the three days shoot. So you can imagine how reserved Gauri is! I thought she was just like other models thorough professional and wanting to remain aloof. You know how most models are! They prefer to be with themselves. They don't like anybody treading their area... G (cutting in): Models aren't like that...
H: Most of them are... they want to sit separately with their nose sunk in their book. Weren't you neck deep into your book? I thought she wanted to be with herself. I said to myself, "Let's not disturb her. I should let her be." G: (smiling) Ya... I was just to myself. And I did not even think about him so as to form any kind of an impression. I just wanted to finish work and leave. Hiten, did that make you wary of approaching Gauri because of her on-guard behaviour?
H: Nothing like that! But I feel that with whomsoever I work I think we should be slightly friendly so as to be comfortable with each other while working. It is important for the comfort level come across during the shoot. But since she was to herself I let her be. I did my job. She did hers! I never thought that I would meet her ever again. G: Till Kutumb happened. That's the second time we met. So was the usually reserved Gauri open to friendship now?
G: For me to call someone a friend takes time. It started after six months of doing Kutumb. Initially it was just "hi!" and "hullo!" It was precisely after six months that we gradually began talking and discussing scenes. It was then that I got to know him a little bit and began thinking of him. I thought here was a guy full of life. Always cheerful! Making others laugh! You know all this while we had worked and never once had I seen a frown on his face. From a spot boy to the director everybody felt absolutely comfortable with him. They were friendly with him. I also noticed how the unit missed his presence when he was not around or not required for the shoot. How did the two friends turn lovers?
H: Love just happened! Of course it took its own course I guess when we got to know each other well. We never realized when love happened, seriously! G: Our love story is different. It was not one of those love-at-first-sight kind! H: We shared excellent rapport and compatibility. There was an unsaid understanding between us. I don't know whether it happens with every couple or not. Like I didn't have to go down on my knees and tell her "listen, I love you." (Laughs) What made the feeling of love apparent then?
G: I'm particular about people I become friendly with. For instance I would never allow anybody to message me or have my phone number but the fact that I gave him my number showed that I had a special feeling for him. Little things like messaging each other. Calling each other once in a while. So you begin to realize that you feel something for that person. You do not know what it is but there's something. I began thinking about him. I guess everybody does! At that point of time I didn't realize that I was thinking about him all the time but subconsciously I was doing it!
I don't think Hiten needs space... If he had a choice he would want to be with me all 24 hours... - gauri
H: What was happening was that we were practically together everyday shooting for Kutumb. But she'd be shooting for 15 days while I used to shoot for 35 days. The rest 20 days I used to miss her terribly. I'd sms her then... G: And strangely even before we actually began seeing each other people used to ask me if I was actually going around with him because the chemistry between us was so good. ...And then the inevitable-marriage!
H: We both knew that we wanted to get married. G: Ya... It was sometime in December last year we realized that but none of us said it. In January I told my parents that there was someone special in my life and I wanted to get married to him. My parents told me that since you have already decided to marry him then why the delay. "Why don't you just get married now?" they said. H: My family already knew about Gauri. They also more or less knew that I was going to marry her. G: And we got married in April this year. Did you have to make adjustments before and after marriage to ones like and dislikes?
G: He might have made. (laughs) H: See if you like a person you make adjustments automatically. I don't see any problem with that. G: I'm not a difficult person a person to live with but for me everything has to be done in a particular way. There are no changes. So a person living with me has to make some adjustments. And I'm sure he has made them. So who calls the shots at home?
H: (Just points at Gauri and laughs) G: (explaining) Hey I don't call the shots! It's just that I say things impulsively. It is only later that I ponder over it and then ask Hiten as to what does he think and seek his opinion. I know whatever he will say he will say so for my own good. There's a great understanding between us. H: Mutual understanding and trust are the base of every relationship Hiten, tell us that one thing about Gauri that nobody knows?
H: She maintains a tough exterior but is a real softie at heart. She cares a lot. And what is the one thing you dislike about her?
G: That he will never say! (laughs)! But I know-my short temper! H: That does not make me dislike her because I know the way her anger shoots up it comes down equally fast. When she is angry I just leave her alone. And after two minutes I go back to her and everything is fine. She has always been short tempered. In 24 hours in a day she gets angry at least 25 times that too for a little while. And then she is back to being herself. I saw her first smile after six months when we began shooting for Kutumb. I knew she must be smiling, talking to friends and enjoying life but nobody got to see that side of her. I myself saw it on the sets after working with her for six months. She has mellowed down a lot now. G: I was always reserved. I used to love to read so I used sit in one corner and read. I come on the sets to do my work, complete it and go home. H: She is always been very professional that way. G: I was not interested in anything other than my work.
Love just happened. I didn't have to go down on my knees and tell her, 'I love you.' We both just knew that we wanted to get married - Hiten
Gauri, what do you like about Hiten?
G: He's very honest. He has a wonderful sense of humour. He is very understanding. There a certain thing I just can't handle and I lose my temper. But he will always be calm and make me understand things. And dislike?
G: What I dislike about him? (Thinks). I can't think of anything (laughs). Actually he is so nice that people just walk all over him. Sometimes when I see someone doing it I get just get so angry. Why do people take advantage of a genuinely nice guy?H: But that's the case everywhere.G: It is now after marriage that he has learnt to be a little bit curt so that people don't take him for a ride. Still the change is very little ten percent may be. Otherwise he is the same Hiten. He also makes it a point to come home immediately after shooting. H: Ya... what will happen if I don't rush home... I will be made to sleep in the lift (grins). The serial Kutumb had you play a couple with differences who later find redemption and then in second part of Kutumb you play a close couple who separate because of differences? And in the serial Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi you are compelled to separate even though you love each other. How do you analyse this?
G: They are just characters we play. We give it our all. But once we are out of the studio nothing matters. H: We don't even discuss our characters. G: Thirteen hours we work here and then go home and discuss the same thing. How desperate can we get? I don't want my life to be like that! They say that husband and wife should never work together as the individual space is cramped. Do you ever discuss this?
G: (pointing to Hiten) I don't think he needs space...! If he had a choice he would be with me 24 hours (Laughs). See, it is not that we are together all the time. Today after a long time we are shooting together for Kyunki... So we get our space. Also I see to it that I have my separate room on the sets. I can just ask to be left alone. And even if we are working together we manage to get our space at home. What would you do if either of you came to know that the other was in a relationship outside marriage?
H: (confidently) Mere saath ye nahi hoga. It'll never happen so there's no need for me to think about it at all! (laughs) G: With him it's not possible. He would never do! Even if it happens then I have to accept that it is lost. You cannot make the other person stay with you. You cannot make the other person love you. Then it is up to you how you take it. I'm forgiving but I never forget. Future plans?
H: Right now I am focused on my serials. After this year I shall start looking for work in films. But I plan to continue to work on television. I may cut down on television work though if I get films.

G: I'm open to doing films now earlier I wasn't! I don't have any future plans as such. I prefer to live in the present.

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One more

After weeks of persistence, we catch up with debonair duo – Gauri Pradhan and Hiten Tejwani, a rainy weekday afternoon on the Kyunki… sets at Sankaraman, the foliage dotted Balaji studio in Mumbai.
The couple has had a hectic day at the US embassy getting a visa for their coming Navratri sojourn overseas, but duty calls, too. As Gauri gets ready for her shot, Hiten fusses over her. 'Madam ko chai aur pani dena', he instructs the spot boy.
While she adds final touches to her make-up, Hiten chuckles, 'She's very particular about everything. Not just at home, but even if we are living in a hotel room, she would want everything to be prim and proper. I have to keep reminding her that it's only a hotel room.' 'Hmm..,' pouts Gauri, 'That's the way I am. After all, I am an army officer's daughter.'
Six months into blissful matrimony, their ratings have only soared with the electric chemistry between the couple hogging prime time for days together. Hiten looks the typical simple Sindhi lover boy and Gauri, the suave and sophisticated Maharashtrian model. So, how did their real life love story blossom?
Says Gauri, ' We were doing an ad film for Rajiv Menon in Hyderabad, and I saw Hiten at the airport. I was reading a book. He was chewing gum and I said to myself, 'Oh no, not one of those types.' We didn't even speak to each other. When I was rehearsing the next day, he came up to me and said, 'Keep it up,' and I thought, 'Who the hell is he to keep to tell me to keep it up.'
Laughs Hiten, 'Well, she just looked the type who concentrates on work and reads a book –she was really a girl with attitude. We parted ways without speaking to each other.'
But destiny's hand brought them back together on the ' Kutumb' sets. Gauri had returned after a US shoot and accepted 'Kutumb'. 'I asked Ekta, who's the guy opposite me and she told me, it's Hiten Tejwani. Initially, I couldn't place him but later I figured out he's the same guy, and I felt, 'Chalo, at least he's a nice guy to work with.'
The romance took time to blossom. Gauri didn't speak to Hiten for six months, burying her head in a book between shots, while he chattered and cracked jokes. Hiten smiles his shy smile, 'People would ask me how I could do scenes with her as she neither smiled nor spoke. There were others who thought we were seeing each other; since the chemistry on-screen was terrific. But then we knew nothing was really happening.' He took it upon himself to make her laugh - the only girl on the sets unresponsive to his jokes.
Gauri has no qualms about her attitude and in fact, flaunts it, 'I don't talk to people unless I like them, and unless they talk to me. It was only at the end of one year that we started talking to each other and seeing each other formally.'Holding her hand, Hiten the lover coos, 'We never spoke about marriage and nobody had to propose, but we were serious about each other. It's just that
'Though my parents are pretty liberal, I knew marriage would be the next thing on the cards once I told them!'
The couple had a Maharashtrian wedding in Pune, and later a reception in Mumbai.
So, how's life after marriage, we ask the glowing couple. Have things changed for them? 'It's the best thing that can ever happen to anybody and then it's even nicer if you can marry someone you love,' gushes Hiten.
we were giving each other time. I didn't
The spot boy interrupts to announce a shot, and the two leave off their affectionate parries for the 15 minute sequence. Back to the make-up room, Gauri starts from where she left off. ' Marriage for me is understanding and commitment. But nothing has really changed after marriage, except that Hiten has to be home by ten at night, no matter what. We have a 2O hour work week contract for 'Kyunki…', but they always want more and more of your time. You have to put your foot down as these years are never going to come back…'
Gauri believes in doing one serial at a time. The offers are many, but she would rather spend time with her family and friends. Talk about insecurity in the profession, where characters are being replaced by younger actors and she says, 'I think films make you more insecure.' 'You could be doing one film and then be sitting at home. But here you know the serial will go on for a year. Plus the money is good,' she reasons.
If you are so choosy, we probe, then why did you do the Pan Parag ad together?Explains Gauri, 'I didn't want to do it initially, but Hiten convinced me to do it.' Hiten rushes to the defence, ' It's not a tobacco or an alcohol product, its just a pan masala. After all, they paid so such money. And it was only a day's work, so we took the money and forgot it.'
The Pan Parag ad was perhaps one of the rare things that Hiten could convince his wife about, one guesses. Her pert chin is set as she maintains, ' I have been very clear about from day one is that I won't change my decisions for anybody, unless there is a good enough reason. You can't force someone to change a decision just because you're married to that person.'

tell my parents about it till I was sure about it myself.
  Do you shop for each other? Hiten laughs, ' I shop for her, and I shop only for her.' Adds Gauri, 'I have to shop for him because he's not interested in shopping. In fact even on-screen he is not really bothered about his clothes and stuff. But Hiten is very romantic and gifted me a diamond ring because I lost mine while shooting in South Africa.'
Whenever free, the couple prefer going out for a Chinese meal, to Sampan or the Legacy of China. And over the weekends, 'ideal bahu' Gauri spends time with her in-laws
Does she ever have the saas bahu problems, now made famous by TV? ' Oh no! My mother-in- law is very sweet and she is an amazing cook. I don't really cook much, in fact she cooks great Sindhi food and feeds me. I
So, six months of blessed matrimony. Are you lucky for each other? ' I've been very lucky in the sense that I never had to struggle so much in the beginning of my career. I always got better work to do,'' avers Gauri. ' She's been very lucky for me', chuckles Hiten.
'Oh, he's just saying that', butts in Gauri.
'No, no after all, I got two awards after I got married to you', insists the playful husband as he takes her in his arms.
And no, the camera's aren't rolling for this sequence….

Photographs by Ashesh Shah
love Sindhi food, except that they do not eat non-veg.'

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One more chat of HT

Hiten Tejwani 

Transcript of LIVE CHAT with TV actor ,Hiten Tejwani at 12.00 noon on Friday ,December 3, 2004 in Mumbai 

Hiten Tejwani 
TV actor 

"No harm in portraying an older character, I will not just quit like the others" 

Laks > Everyone aspires to be on the big screen (cinema). Are you one of them? If yes, 
then how good a dancer are you compared to acting, as both are needed for the big screen? 
Hiten Tejwani > Yes, I also aspire to be on the big screen. As far as dancing is concerned, I am not as good (at it) as my acting, but can manage. 

Parii30 > Hi, this is Parii from Sydney, Australia. Great fan of yours and wish you and Gauri all the best wishes for career and your married life. My question is what would you have done if Gauri had turned you down for marriage and any plans for coming down under? 
Hiten Tejwani > Thanks a lot. If Gauri had turned me down I would have not married her. 

Monal > Hey Hiten!! This is Priya from the US. I would like to ask you if you and Gauri ever had a major fight... 
Hiten Tejwani > Priya ...no major fight but choti moti (small) fights happen everyday. 

Gauri > You are excellent in the role of Karan. Are you like him in real life too? I mean are you so loving, caring, innocent? 
Hiten Tejwani > Yes, but as far as sensitivity is concerned, Hiten is 90 percent and Karan is 100 percent sensitive. 

Hitenkideewani > On the sets of Kyunki... with whom are you more comfortable and closer other than Nandini (Gauri)? 
Hiten Tejwani > I am comfortable with all the actors. I am a very extrovert kind of person. I mingle with everybody. I am close to my spot boy also. 

Megha > Were you good in studies? 
Hiten Tejwani > Well, I was an average student. I never scored more than 75 percent. I always wanted to score 90 percent, but that never happened. 

Jeha > Hiten, Gauri and you were seeing each other for so long but initially why were you always denying your friendship with her? Are you the superstitious kind? 
Hiten Tejwani > No, I never denied my friendship with her. I always used to say that she was my good friend. But when we started seeing each other only then one could actually state about it. 

Indu > What according to you is your biggest asset/quality? 
Hiten Tejwani > My biggest quality is that I am good human being. 

Pady > How's life, post marriage? 
Hiten Tejwani > Wonderful! Post marriage, life is bliss. 

Naik_2004 > Hiten, I would like to know how did you propose to Gauri? Did you have any idea before that she too was interested in you? 
Hiten Tejwani > Initially, we were friends. We both realised (later) that we were in love. Either of us did not propose to each other; we could easily read it from our eyes. 

Rhyming > Are you doing any other serials besides Kyunki and Koi Dil Main Hai ? 
Hiten Tejwani > Not yet. 

Bali > When did you first meet Gauri and what attracted you to her? Was it love at first sight? 
Hiten Tejwani > I saw her at the airport. We were going to Hyderabad for the ad (Breeze soap). I did not know then that she was my co-star. The agency people introduced us at the Hyderabad airport and her no nonsense attitude attracted me to her. She is very down to earth. 

Leji > Would you like to direct a film ever? What excites you more- acting on silver screen or direction? 
Hiten Tejwani > Well, I would love to direct in future. But before that I need some experience. Of course, right now it's acting for me. 

Tom > Do you think this entire craze for you is mainly because of the character you play on the small screen? 
Hiten Tejwani > Yeah, in a way but it's important the way I portray the character. 

Batvin > I liked you very much in the Breeze ad, even Gauri was very cute in that. Wish you both a very happy married life. Don't you think once you get the hold in Balaji, it is like getting a government job? 
Hiten Tejwani > No, nothing like that. We have to inform them in advance that I will be working for so many hours. For e.g. I am committed to them for 20 days so they know that they have to finish my work in 20 days. 

Laks > Do you have any solid role in Kahiin To Hoga ? Have hardly seen you in 3-4 episodes. 
Hiten Tejwani > No, I don't have a solid role in it but the character (Pratham) is important and I might come back. 

Manju > What's your biggest regret in life? 
Hiten Tejwani > Up till now I have no regrets in life. 

Dania21 > Hi Hiten, you look very cute. Who is your favourite co-star? How was the trip to Switzerland? May we know when is your birthday? What is your favourite colour, food, movie, actor, actress? 
Hiten Tejwani > Thanks a lot. My favourite co-star is my wife. The Switzerland trip was wonderful. It was our second honeymoon . Mt birthday is on 5 March. I like black colour. My favourite food – seafood; movie - Beautiful Mind ; actor- Shah Rukh and Aamir and favourite actress is Kajol . 

Sania > I would like to know what is the secret behind your successful career" Is it your family bonding? 
Hiten Tejwani > Yeah, it is the family bonding and the blessings of my parents. 

Sonia > Hi! I think you are a really good actor! How do you feel about Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Th i moving forward and you playing a character that is going to be about 20 years older than you are right now? 
Hiten Tejwani > The serial is rocking. My character has lots of shades. As an actor I have a good scope to perform as Karan. There's nothing wrong in playing an older character. 

Krits_9 > Hi Hiten, how are you? This is Krithika. Congrats for the award! I've been your fan ever since Kutumb . I love the character of Pratham who was cute, sexy, funny and evil compared to Karan who's always crying and trying to convince people of his innocence. Which one is your favourite and why? 
Hiten Tejwani > Thanks a lot. Pratham is my favourite because your question here itself holds the answer – like you say, Pratham was sexy, funny etc. 

Baloch_pk > Salam! Hi, how are you? I want to know whether you will stay in Kyunki till the end of it or you will also quit like other actors? Best of luck to you and Gauri for a happy married life and wish you success. You really deserve a lot of success. 
Hiten Tejwani > Salam and hi to you too! Thanks a lot for your good wishes. Yes, I will be there till the end in Kyunki . I will not quit just like the others have done. 

Sign Off Message > Thank you for chatting with me. Love, Hiten. 

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