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Mistis thoughts 20th september 2011 (Page 3)

misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 3:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by phyl

Yes very true Misti.  

Barkha is like a shadow always sneaking and prying around Dev and Rads.  Doesn't she know about knocking before entering.well she never knocked before ...according to her everything is hers... BB, well-done today.  Well Barkha signed the will as CB and in front of society... she is CB/RPtian (It depends on whose name is there in the will...has it been drawn up as CB of Purohit family or with Barkha's name on it...but she can use that to blackmail others that if they do not do as she says then she will let everyone know the truth ).  So can Barkha hire and fire? Has she got the authority?  (Just asking) She can blackmail and get the authority...  Barkha with sindoor and wearing mgs around her neckCensored.  What hypocrisy!! is the heights of hypocrisy..

Rads is only married to Dev and CB in house but Barkha will be calling the shots as CB/Rptian in society...only Dev can resolve the situation and tell the truth.(yes)  Also Rohan needs to tell society that he was never married to Rads. (yes) But again is there a conspiracy going on with  maybe Padma, Rohan and Barkha. (I don't think Rohan is involved with Barkha's conspiracy) So when is Rohan going to reveal what Barkha did to him? (He is very sharp...he will only reveal it when he or someone whom he supports will gain from it)...I think BB being the devious one all along will prove her innocence and trap Barkha...someone's got to. ..lets see..

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zam123

Original posted by Misti:

Good analysis of today's episode. I have given my views below. Thanks...

Anyway, the episode started with badi bahu being blamed for all the mishaps that might leak out the truth to the outsiders and there were four who want to stop that from happening.

Dev and Radhika-I am taking them as one.So the plan of Barkha fainting was Radhika's and Dev left her alone and came with Barkha and both RaDev want the truth to be not let out (now they are accepting that they lied to do all this?Yes both know that in order to save RP they are lying about their relationship, they are buying time until they come up with a solution to save RP and their marriage (and as a result they are sinking deeper and deeper into one point they have to realise that they cannot have their cake and eat it too). because then family prestige will be harmed and that might mean that Dev is taking Radhika for granted, but there is another explanation also. Later on Radhika tells Dev we both know that we will face problems in this path and we have to be there for each other, then that would mean that Dev should not have left Radhika alone and anyway that is going against Dev however weak he may be Radikha knows and accepts that Dev will have to support the RP situation and not support her.(yes because of his upbringing ...duty and tradition was shoved down his throat by his dada and then by dai. He has known these two words since childhood whereas he has known Radhika for couple of duty and tradition will win now. ...he needs a kick on his backside to choose Radhika...either seeing Rdahika suffering and breaking apart of lossing Radhika for some time to understand the value of Radhika).  .so did Dev hear when dactarnijee Barkha was making her love declaration (maybe not completely but some part heard in a haze) I think  he was too hazy in his mind and the turn of events after he become conscious that it has slipped his mind, he cannot remember at this time but may remember later if something jerks his memory.(yes...maybe it might come to him later) and decided to play along and he knew that Radhika can take care of herself (If it is the second case then some reasoning of Dev needs to be shown) but was also worried about her and hence rushed when he saw her.

By the way it was Barkha who was gleefully explaining that they got saved'Radhika and Dev were quiet and looking down or sideways.

Dai and Padma...maybe not together maybe but separately...these two actually broke down Dev and Radhika in their own way...Dai by constantly shouting and abusing and Padma softly with love and care...but both did it...dai might want Barkha because then duty and tradition will be maintained (that is the most important thing for her) and also that she will not lose her control over Dev ... (well that's what dai might be something quite different with madam Barkha). Padma to get her revenge on Dev and Radhika. She was humiliated and her son lost everything due to Dev and his mother and Radhika was the catalyst who also chose Dev over her darling son. It was interesting that the first time they showed Padma shouting at BB and warning her was when the lawyer was supposed to arrive to transfer all the property to CB's name and then her statement yesterday that she wants Rohan to marry Barkha. If the property is in Barkhas name then Rohan can get all by marrying Barkha (but she does not know that Barkha is obsessed about Dev and Rohan might be working to prove himself to Radhika....and that Barkha tortured Rohan). Also Barkha was not that happy when Dev tells her that he is thinking of Rohan as RP, but all her reaction can also be liked to her insecurity. Totally in agreement here.

Dactarni Barkha...we all know why... 



Now regarding the plan, looks like it is a very carefully planned out one...whoever is doing the planning knows Radhika and Dev very well,  but might be also over confident or wants to own Dev or completely destroy him. So let's see this person knows that once Dev accepts something as his own then nobody can make him think otherwise and also knows that being the future RP societies recognition is important for the trust and muth (so if society recognition of Dev and Barkha cannot be obtained openly because of Dev's refusal, then underhand technique will have to be involved, hence Radhika under ghunghat and then using Radhika's nature to remove her from Dev's life)...that everything will come to CB and also knows Dev well enough to know that once physical relationship happens or Dev is lead to believe that it has happened with any girl then he will find it very difficult to leave that girl...he will be broken and then it will be easy to make him do things and to also remove Radhika. But has this also been planned to destroy Radhika?



It is becoming difficult for me to accept seeing the obsession of Barkha for Dev, that it is a recent development...this level of obsession usually takes time to build when did this love happen ...(flashbacks needed here)? Is it possible that Barkha saw Dev in college or somewhere...even the Mr. Mathura contest and fell in love with the image of Dev...or that she has grown up listening to Radhika talking and dreaming about KK and being psychotic after meeting Dev that translated into obsession for him? Or is there some other story? Also another question when was this plan formulated? Is it when dada initially accepted the marriage between Radhika and Dev but then stepped back when others said that she is characterless (BB's letter went through Mohini and Barkha's hands)...or was this planned from the beginning? Dev's picture was published in newspapers...reward was also announced...Barkha did recognize Dev from the an accidental meeting could have lead to this plan...Anybdy in that house can be with Barkha (even Mohini) or that person can be from outside...


 Misti my personal view is that Barkha being very streetwise, who has had to earn her living after her father died wanted to get the reward money, she recognised Dev from the newpaper clippings but also recognised Radhika and became curious so decided to find out what the situation was all about, hence pretended to save them to get their trust. Then decided to wait a while before claiming the reward money and to check out the family and see how she could further help herself. In the meantime she fell in love with Dev (Zam this is not love that she is projecting...this is obsession and wanting to control and own either there has to be history or it can be that before Dev was sharing his probelms and emotions with her as a friend because at that time Radhika was hostile but now with Radhika around he is going to Radhika and this is going against her control and power issue...she is definitely not a mentally stable person) and then learnt that he his the youngest GRANDSON and all property will be CB.  There started her second plan and as each staged passed, she wooed Dev, Dada, Dai, and all others so they would support her. Dai joined hands with her after the marriage I think, her mother is involved too (the mother told her to get out as quickly as she is not aware of her daughters obsession for Dev? She might have meant just property or any revenge if that is part of this gameplan). Padma is working on her own so thinks she will be able to manipulate Barkha later when things are as she wants them.   Let see what CV's show us.yep lets see


I liked the questions that BB asked ...and she patted the others off and addressed her issues to the RP that is Dev because he as the RP has the right to decide (actually the house belongs to CB) that without proof how can he judge her?...same applies to Radhika too...that without proof how can they judge that Radhika is characterless' The family are not thinking Radhika is Characterless it is the SAMAJ and to prove to them is a very tedious process which will make them lose the RP title.(I meant the samaj...yes they will loose RP...actually Dev will and if he does not choose at the right time then the choice will be taken from his hands and he will loose more than he ever has ever dreamed.) (actually Dev starts thinking here) and that people in glass houses should not throw stones (so if they tell her truth regarding harming dada to tohers then she will also tell about this second marriage) and Dev does get her point and covers up his iritation by saying that let her stay. Then in her room she does start thinking in the right direction, Virat is awake but does not share his thoughts...and then overhears Barkha's plans...I hope this time she learned her lesson that she always rushes...and that she has to take other avenues...but she will come back at Barkha...she has been wounded and will retaliate...and Barkha is also becoming over confident so chances of her slipping...

 I liked BB today and I do feel that she will somehow help Radev to unite, you are right when you say that BB is Dev's fairy godmother.


Liked Rubina as Radhika...she knows Dev well and would want her company and will want reassurance so goes to give him that...and manages to change his mood...I liked her spark and her playfulness. Her studying Dev and realizing that she will have to do something. Also liked Avinash as Dev. Pragati Mehera was very good...I liked her in the beginning firing away and driving everyone back to their corners. But loved her expression when Barkha opened the curtains...she had a I don't care attitude...head cocked to one side, eyebrows raised and studying Barkha sardonically...brilliant expression by the for me it is Rubina and Pragati Mehera today...with Avinash as the third...and the entire episode was well supported by the other actors. ..

I liked Radhika, BB Dev and I am being to like Rohan. He is giving soft looks to Radhika but he will not harm her now. I am hoping that he will help Radev to unite. Rohan is ok now...and I also thnk that he might play a part in RaDev getting together...

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 4:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zorinatm

thanks MistiHugvery interesting the scene between BB and Bharka I hope that for some times Bb forget what she want the propriety of Raj Purohit and she find a way to discover all game of Bharka to everybody I can wait to see this fight between both and of course superb scene of Dev and Radhika their love is so big and I am sure that nobody can separate them
You are welcome zorinatm. BB will not forget the property...that is something that might fire her to really go after Barkha or can also be used against her...anyway she has to use her brains and not rush without thinking.

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 4:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rajsri

loved reading your thoughts, misti (thanks RajsriWink) ... am still catching up on the episodes - watched today but yet to see yesterday and ME (Big smileBig smileWink)

Have to agree with you that this seems like a long term obsession for barkha - maybe from college - dev was possibly someone she had a creepy obsession on -  and the more i think of it, it appears as if she helped them more for dev than for rads...(infact the creatives hinted about it...once when dai was scolding her for not paying attention to Rohan Barkha siad that she is doing all this for her friend...and in the next scene they showed RaDev in the cottage..the camera on Dev's face with Rdahika standing in the bakground...this is also making me wonder that if dai is part of the plan now then she might have joined after the truth revealtion regarding Dev's parentage or when questions were asked about Radhika's character...because in the beginning she used to scold Barkha but she never scolded her when the second marriage fiasco started...I am keeping in mind what Barkha told Dai regarding her never scolding Barkha but scolding Radhika).

it makes sense that she told them that they were getting married to each other -  bcos publicly almost everyone thought she was marrying dev ... so she preempted dev from doing anything and also got into his good books -  what i dont understand is how she knew that he would mention her name as his wife publicly during raj tilak...for that she banked on Radhika and Dev's nature...or whoever is directing her is banking on that...I think that was left to chance...some she has planned and some she has taken up oppurtunity when the option was given to her...

i thought today's show was well directed ...  good emphasis on the right moments - the episode seemed to go by quickly  ...

so now they are going for barkha making dev believe that he possibly slept with her Ouch ... dev being shameful and mortified by his behavior ...  i do think both rads and dev have to lose each other ... they are both trying to live in a bubble world and convincing themselves that they are doing the right thing, when they are not  - dev more than rads has to realize this...well today they showed that both are aware that they are they know that they are not doing the rigth thing...but being immature they are thinking that they can have marriage and RP...Well Dev is taking Radhika for granted and Radhika is enabling it they might haveto lose each other for sometime.specially Dev to realise the error of his ways.   

for this track to work, i would like dev and rads to work it out ... not rads fighting a lone battle ...yes but the one leading might be Rads because she is the stronger one  i dont want dev totally dumbed down .I don't want that too, he needs to show his emotions.. and would like a lot of  monologues/dialogues from dev to show that all of this is slowly killing his soul - otherwise they are not doing justice to his character yes here...

oh btw ... why do they still have the montage with barkha helping them...maybe to show that whatever Barkha does will ultimately join Radhika and Dev together...


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NiHa24 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 5:15am | IP Logged
nice thoughts Misti.

RaDev scenes were very cute, nice to see their interaction and thank god no bak this time.
RaDev should have these types of interaction, the convo's, discussing about their problem and thinking of future or solutions...

and a cute hug after thatEmbarrassed.

I loved dev's reaction when she says he snoresLOL, the way he shook his hand saying it cant beLOL..
it was very cute.LOL Embarrassed.

and i Liked Maheswari, actually i remembered u seeing her.
remembered ur words fairy godmother of RaDev or only Dev... ... u always say about her...LOL

U know even i wanted to ask Padma, " Padma hothi khon hai Maheswari ko ghar se nakal ne wali"LOL  but M itself asks her later..LOL  
And another thing i liked in Maheswari was, though she was shouting and defending her self, it was all logical and to the point, and also she accepted that it was RP's(Dev) house and he had all right to do whatever he wanted, and she asked for the proof if he had to send her out...that was a good scene.  She was not talking in liking Maheswari at this moment.

Seems like they are slowly building up the TRust in RaDev towards Rohan.

Cant understand Bak, who is she talking to in the phone? Though i have some doubts on Amba, but am thinking now is there any third person too involved in this...dont if it might be her mother( cant doubt her)...lets see what they are up to..

and the last but not the least...
why the heck is Bak so OBSESSED with Dev and the SR part???? 
its really so sick whenever she says hamara milan... and all ( the precap) what is she thinking?? Dev will agree with her???

and they making Radh look so naive, innocent, stupid and foolish.

forgot to add,  when Radh was speaking( not to worry and they'll be together and face it)...Dev looked so lovingly at her.Embarrassed   So cute.

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fatssrilanka IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 5:24am | IP Logged
Misti,liked your analysis. I agree with Christi,that when two people quarrel the third one wins. And I wish it is Radhika and she along with Dev fight the battle & win. Would love to see BB's plan succeeding in foiling Barkha's plans.I hope both Dev& Radhika have started suspecting Barkha since nowadays they are not giving much importance to her & both got alert when BB mentioned about getting proof before accusing her. Liked the way she spoke to Barkha.And if Barkha feels she can seperate RaDev then she's living in fantasy.She's too over confident & feels she can have whatever she wants.Her over confidence will be her downfall.I would be happy if Dev remembers exactly what happened before he fell unconsious and Barkha cheap tricks & is playing along with her.When time comes he confides in Radhika & fights with her.
I too was wondering about the montage & I agree with that you it could mean that all her plans foil & it helps RaDev come more closer &  ultimately get united.

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 7:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by why6

Misti,  I liked your analysis of various characters a lot thanks Angie and I wish they show depth to the story rather than the usual haphazard way they do their tracks.
they usually start ok but then spoil their tracks by jumping from one character to the other...
I totally agree that Barkha can not be become that obsessive based on few days.  That obsession has to be build over some time.  I like the idea of Radhika's description of KK in the childhood combined with her getting interested in Dev during Mr. Mathura contest and then seeing him with Radhika later on combined with changed status of Dev in pulling Barkha over the edge.  So her help from the beginning was not as selfless as shown before.  I like this scenario much better as it makes it logical.  Also I liked the use of letter that BB sent.   I only mentioned one scenario...they are free to use any scenario they want to use..Otherwise, that would be again stand alone episode. Also yesterday they showed Barkha gettineg angry with Radhika sonsoling Dev...this to Barkha will indicate loss of control over Dev. Since Rdahika was in her own mess she was avoiding Dev but now she isn't...I think you have mentioned this before.

I agree with what you wrote about Padma.  Separating Dev and Radhika as well as getting RP title for her son (even if it is temporary) would not only fulfill her revenge against them but also fulfill her ambitions for her son.  Her syrupy behavior seems too fake for me.   Anyway,  Rohan and Padma can be playing their individual games that may clash or may break Padma's dreams (if it is all fake).  Rohan at this point is either turning positive or wants to be in Radhika's good books desperately (yes).  If he still wants to snatch Radhika from Dev,  the first thing for him now is to make sure that Radhika starts tolerating him and trusting him by thinking that he has changed for good. (yes) Also as you said Padma is unaware of Barkha's psychosis and obsession about Dev.

Dai is another obsessive soul for whom Dada's word is the law.  I don't buy her sudden acceptance of Radhika based on how she behaved with Radhika after the second wedding.  Her behavior showed jealousy of Radhika's influence on both Dev and Dada (who was a hypocrite but still had high opinion of Radhika).  So her sudden acceptance of Radhika and that feeble apology did not gel with me at all.

So these three obsessed insecure women would not recognize the truth that Dada recognized even if he didn't bless Dev and Radhika's union - that the bond between two is unbreakable.  So Barkha can discount that childhood marriage but believe in Mahant's stupidity that anybody sleeping together that night would be with each other forever (Barkha is psychotic so she will believe what she chooses to believe...I mean how can anyone believe that by forcefully separatingRaDev they can take Rdahika's place in Dev's place...the maximum that she can do is break him completely and makehim into a shell...if that is what she wants then she has no clue that at the end she will not get Dev the person but will get a body in place of him) .  But whoever is in the plan does know Dev and Radhika very well.  I like your theory of that person wanting to break Radhika.

I am liking Maheswari ever since Dada's hypocrisy was exposed.  So I am rooting for her to expose Barkha and also to tell the truth about Dev's lies.  Dev deserves to be punished for what he has done.  (yes he does and I am liking BB too for the time being and I am glad she is back to her original self...that meek servant thing was not suiting her and those silly comedy was also not suiting her...BB is funny by just being BB)
I liked the scene between Dev and Radhika in their room especially Radhika's sparkly behavior and her knowledge of how to cheer up Dev who is just concerned about one thing these days.I think Radhika knows why he is after one thing, she reassured him that whatever happens they both will deal with basically telling him that she is with him...  I also liked the scene between Dev, Rohan and Radhika as all three had good body language where Dev and Radhika are uncomfortable with Rohan and vice versa.  There is an awkwardness between the three (that is natural) and even though Dev thanked Rohan, he wasn't effusive (yes...but they are slowly building up a partnership of sort between these three).  

But what I didn't like was Dev leaving Radhika on her own in the Muth (he is taking her for granted).  I don't think they are going to show that Dev is just playing an intelligent game where he has overheard Barkha.  I would be pleasantly surprised if they show that (I gave that as an option)  So leaving Radhika to face the music (if she had been caught) and to face consequences (she would have taken the entire blame due to her intense love for Dev) doesn't go with Dev's character.  They showed it this way to justify Rohan's role in rescuing Radhika (yes).  They could have still done that where they could have shown Dev going back but not finding Radhika.  Then they could have shown coming back to PB in a frantic mood to find out about Radhika only to find out that Rohan helped Radhika.  I don't know why they skip such details that would keep their story and yet show consistencies on characters' (especially leads') part.(and hence a potentially good track starts going down)

Now I liked BB finding out about Barkha and trying to expose her.  So they would show games between these two.  But I don't want is that the focus is now on BB and Barkha nullifying each other's plans (they have done this before with BB and Rohan) where Dev adn Radhika are mere spectators and puppets in Barkha's hands.  Both know something about Barkha (Barkha gave the drink to Dev and insisted that he drinks it and Radhika saw her leaning on Dev).  So they have to be the one to figure out the truth about Barkha .  Let BB's role be where she thwarts Barkha's silly games.  Also she helps Radhika (covertly) in linking all red flags about Barkha to her current behavior.yes

I hope they don't show these repeated attempts on Barkha's part to drug and rape Dev (it is not seduction) because audience are already tired of that with Vishaka and Kanika.  Also please don't bring down Dev and Radhika by repeating the ONS track where Radhika and Dev are shown to look helpless and weak.  thiswill start boring me soon
I liked Dev and Radhika's scene today in the bedroom, but can we see a genuine interaction between them rather than showing them side characters around whom things revolve but where they never have a major role.  I am tired of those eye gazing scenes with a song (either from Bollywood movies or CB2 songs) playing in the background. Creatives:  It is Dev and Radhika's story and Barkha is just a minor character.  Viewers like to see their leads fighting for their rights and not somebody (either BB or Rohan or some combination) handing them on a platter.i hope they realise this part...highligting Rohan and not giving dialogues to Dev drove away the audience before and if they again highlight Barkha at the expense of the leads justifying their thoughts...then the same thing might happen. It has got nothing to do with acting (Avinash was very good during the Rohan phase)  but with how the screenplay is written and the episodes are directed, edited and presented to the audience.
Acting wise,  my order is same as yours Misti.  Rubina really acted very well and she looked very pretty.  Pragati was very good and I am enjoying her scenes (either with Virat or solo scenes).  Avinash was good in that bedroom scene as his expressions were very good (his disappointment and then his kiddish behavior with Radhika).  Other supporting characters were good but again we are having too much Barkha.  Can they ease on Barkha's scenes as I ended up fast forwarding her until she started talking to BB.  They show her every single thought except for the part that should be shown - the background of her obsession story (the important part they skip out but this SR idiocy they continue explaining in great detail).  But please give us some meaningful scenes of Dev and Radhika.  I am hoping that Barkha is exposed soon to Radhika so that we can see intelligent Dev and Radhika.  This is long overdue.  Again I am reiterating myself but I want Dev to be the one who provides Radhika with her rights and not because she gets them because of BB and/or Rohan.  
misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by bollywoodcrazed

Great analysis, Barkha is way too confident she has no idea who she is dealing with. Maheshwari is no quitter nor will she let someone like Barkha stand in her way of accomplishing her goal. Maheshwari will make sure whatever she is planning backfires. Maheshwari will play a big part in keeping RaDev together. I am actually liking this storyline, I hope Maheshwari defeats Barkha and leaves her speechless.
Maheshwari is now like an injured bull so she will retaliate...I hope she now thinks before acting...what Barkha told her should make her think regarding changing her mode of action and using other people to do her job.

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