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Mistis thoughts 20th september 2011 (Page 2)

zorinatm Goldie

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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 2:55pm | IP Logged
thanks MistiHugvery interesting the scene between BB and Bharka I hope that for some times Bb forget what she want the propriety of Raj Purohit and she find a way to discover all game of Bharka to everybody I can wait to see this fight between both and of course superb scene of Dev and Radhika their love is so big and I am sure that nobody can separate them

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rajsri Goldie

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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 6:03pm | IP Logged
loved reading your thoughts, misti ... am still catching up on the episodes - watched today but yet to see yesterday and ME

Have to agree with you that this seems like a long term obsession for barkha - maybe from college - dev was possibly someone she had a creepy obsession on -  and the more i think of it, it appears as if she helped them more for dev than for rads

it makes sense that she told them that they were getting married to each other -  bcos publicly almost everyone thought she was marrying dev ... so she preempted dev from doing anything and also got into his good books -  what i dont understand is how she knew that he would mention her name as his wife publicly during raj tilak

i thought today's show was well directed ...  good emphasis on the right moments - the episode seemed to go by quickly  ...

so now they are going for barkha making dev believe that he possibly slept with her Ouch ... dev being shameful and mortified by his behavior ...  i do think both rads and dev have to lose each other ... they are both trying to live in a bubble world and convincing themselves that they are doing the right thing, when they are not  - dev more than rads has to realize this

for this track to work, i would like dev and rads to work it out ... not rads fighting a lone battle ...  i dont want dev totally dumbed down ... and would like a lot of  monologues/dialogues from dev to show that all of this is slowly killing his soul - otherwise they are not doing justice to his character

oh btw ... why do they still have the montage with barkha helping them


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Radhe101 Goldie

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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 6:30pm | IP Logged
"that everything will come to CB and also knows Dev well enough to know that once physical relationship happens or Dev is lead to believe that it has happened with any girl then he will find it very difficult to leave that girl...he will be broken and then it will be easy to make him do things and to also remove Radhika. But has this also been planned to destroy Radhika? "
My heart is aching thinking about the future track. What if dev is lead to believe that he had physical relationship with barkha..he will be broken and will do anything...Radh will leave him forever..I would never want to see that before SR of RaDev or even worst night mare...Barkha will For some reasons i feel that barkha will try to do something like this from SBS...because she said twice in sbs that she will snatch dev from radhika...You know I don't like the character of Dev that much now days...He is dumbed down since the revealation of him being the son of the family..He has become good at supporting lies, taking decesion based on Barkha's talking and Radhika's talking..I am wanting Kanha's intervention similar to MahaEpisodes so dev can be saved from BCD dactarni..I want RaDev to find out BCD's plan. I want RaDev to expose viraat badibahu and mohini...I want badi bahu to expose Padma and Daima, mohini if they are involved...Why is radhika not picking up clue that bcd is leaving behind..

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Angie12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 8:12pm | IP Logged
Misti,  I liked your analysis of various characters a lot and I wish they show depth to the story rather than the usual haphazard way they do their tracks.

I totally agree that Barkha can not be become that obsessive based on few days.  That obsession has to be build over some time.  I like the idea of Radhika's description of KK in the childhood combined with her getting interested in Dev during Mr. Mathura contest and then seeing him with Radhika later on combined with changed status of Dev in pulling Barkha over the edge.  So her help from the beginning was not as selfless as shown before.  I like this scenario much better as it makes it logical.  Also I liked the use of letter that BB sent.  Otherwise, that would be again stand alone episode.

I agree with what you wrote about Padma.  Separating Dev and Radhika as well as getting RP title for her son (even if it is temporary) would not only fulfill her revenge against them but also fulfill her ambitions for her son.  Her syrupy behavior seems too fake for me.   Anyway,  Rohan and Padma can be playing their individual games that may clash or may break Padma's dreams (if it is all fake).  Rohan at this point is either turning positive or wants to be in Radhika's good books desperately.  If he still wants to snatch Radhika from Dev,  the first thing for him now is to make sure that Radhika starts tolerating him and trusting him by thinking that he has changed for good.  Also as you said Padma is unaware of Barkha's psychosis and obsession about Dev.

Dai is another obsessive soul for whom Dada's word is the law.  I don't buy her sudden acceptance of Radhika based on how she behaved with Radhika after the second wedding.  Her behavior showed jealousy of Radhika's influence on both Dev and Dada (who was a hypocrite but still had high opinion of Radhika).  So her sudden acceptance of Radhika and that feeble apology did not gel with me at all.

So these three obsessed insecure women would not recognize the truth that Dada recognized even if he didn't bless Dev and Radhika's union - that the bond between two is unbreakable.  So Barkha can discount that childhood marriage but believe in Mahant's stupidity that anybody sleeping together that night would be with each other forever.  But whoever is in the plan does know Dev and Radhika very well.  I like your theory of that person wanting to break Radhika.

I am liking Maheswari ever since Dada's hypocrisy was exposed.  So I am rooting for her to expose Barkha and also to tell the truth about Dev's lies.  Dev deserves to be punished for what he has done.  

I liked the scene between Dev and Radhika in their room especially Radhika's sparkly behavior and her knowledge of how to cheer up Dev who is just concerned about one thing these days.  I also liked the scene between Dev, Rohan and Radhika as all three had good body language where Dev and Radhika are uncomfortable with Rohan and vice versa.  There is an awkwardness between the three (that is natural) and even though Dev thanked Rohan, he wasn't effusive.  

But what I didn't like was Dev leaving Radhika on her own in the Muth.  I don't think they are going to show that Dev is just playing an intelligent game where he has overheard Barkha.  I would be pleasantly surprised if they show that.  So leaving Radhika to face the music (if she had been caught) and to face consequences (she would have taken the entire blame due to her intense love for Dev) doesn't go with Dev's character.  They showed it this way to justify Rohan's role in rescuing Radhika.  They could have still done that where they could have shown Dev going back but not finding Radhika.  Then they could have shown coming back to PB in a frantic mood to find out about Radhika only to find out that Rohan helped Radhika.  I don't know why they skip such details that would keep their story and yet show consistencies on characters' (especially leads') part.

Now I liked BB finding out about Barkha and trying to expose her.  So they would show games between these two.  But I don't want is that the focus is now on BB and Barkha nullifying each other's plans where Dev adn Radhika are mere spectators and puppets in Barkha's hands.  Both know something about Barkha (Barkha gave the drink to Dev and insisted that he drinks it and Radhika saw her leaning on Dev).  So they have to be the one to figure out the truth about Barkha.  Let BB's role be where she thwarts Barkha's silly games.  Also she helps Radhika (covertly) in linking all red flags about Barkha to her current behavior.

I hope they don't show these repeated attempts on Barkha's part to drug and rape Dev (it is not seduction) because audience are already tired of that with Vishaka and Kanika.  Also please don't bring down Dev and Radhika by repeating the ONS track where Radhika and Dev are shown to look helpless and weak.  

I liked Dev and Radhika's scene today in the bedroom, but can we see a genuine interaction between them rather than showing them side characters around whom things revolve but where they never have a major role.  I am tired of those eye gazing scenes with a song (either from Bollywood movies or CB2 songs) playing in the background. Creatives:  It is Dev and Radhika's story and Barkha is just a minor character.  Viewers like to see their leads fighting for their rights and not somebody (either BB or Rohan or some combination) handing them on a platter.

Acting wise,  my order is same as yours Misti.  Rubina really acted very well and she looked very pretty.  Pragati was very good and I am enjoying her scenes (either with Virat or solo scenes).  Avinash was good in that bedroom scene as his expressions were very good (his disappointment and then his kiddish behavior with Radhika).  Other supporting characters were good but again we are having too much Barkha.  Can they ease on Barkha's scenes as I ended up fast forwarding her until she started talking to BB.  They show her every single thought except for the part that should be shown - the background of her obsession story.  But please give us some meaningful scenes of Dev and Radhika.  I am hoping that Barkha is exposed soon to Radhika so that we can see intelligent Dev and Radhika.  This is long overdue.  Again I am reiterating myself but I want Dev to be the one who provides Radhika with her rights and not because she gets them because of BB and/or Rohan.  

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 8:52pm | IP Logged
Great analysis, Barkha is way too confident she has no idea who she is dealing with. Maheshwari is no quitter nor will she let someone like Barkha stand in her way of accomplishing her goal. Maheshwari will make sure whatever she is planning backfires. Maheshwari will play a big part in keeping RaDev together. I am actually liking this storyline, I hope Maheshwari defeats Barkha and leaves her speechless.

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 9:34pm | IP Logged

Thanks Misti I liked this episode and also the family scene and also BB and as BB is the most eagar she will make her moves and Bh is overconfident and cocky she will make the most mistakes and also reveal herself 

I think both Dev and Radhika have some suspicion as now they don't seem to be taking about BH and also during the outside scene they just kept quiet and it was Bh who was doing all the taking and accusing and towards the end both RADEV where more thoughtful as some of the conversation seems to have made them thoughtful

Dai and Padma do... seem to have their own agenda and both don't want RaDev together as Dai is obvious and Padma appears more subtle well and both seem to favour Bh who seem to have some accompliance inside or outside. And they are after the entire RP money and power including Dev but excluding Radhika. And maybe after they lay their hand on everything maybe even exclude Dev

BB does have some brains but is a person in a hurry she strategies well but ruins them with her shortsightedness and perception of human beings and hurry for implementing them.


Basically this episode was more of a BB and RaDev one I liked that they have crossed the stage of including BH and talk about how they together will face all problems.


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august123 Goldie

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 1:03am | IP Logged
misti , for me it was an out n out pragati mehra's day' her expressions and body language was priceless when barkha finds her behind the curtain, i really loved her for that and i am also loving her these days because she is on truth side, let it be for her own sake. i have still not accepted this dev of cb2, he was my hero, and my heart still cry for his downfall, i am not able to understand his stand in all this mess.

he has started believing that if radhika is declared his wife than this will affect rptii. i would have accepted this if he was a sufferer of this deceit but what i cannot accept is his active part in this drama. 

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 3:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by instcris

Misti, good analysis of important issues in today's episode. Me liked the scene where BB is surprised by Barka, listening to the phone call. There are two strong characters, cunning, which will end up tearing one another. I think the proverb < When two quarrel, the third win>, is right here. In this fight, Radhika will come triumphant, that Dev will be her and she will restore the position, revealing their diabolical subterfuge of the world.
Thanks Cris. They are similar characters...both are hungry for power and control. Infact dada was also similar. Your proverb might fit the scenario here...thet when these two fights, someone else will win and hopefully that person will be Radhika.

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