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Posted: 11 October 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged
Luv u !ur ffs!hey i am curently stuck wid problem selectng betwen blackbery phne n tab!wats betr do u or anybody have it gud to buy frm outside india

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Originally posted by mrs.msk

Originally posted by honeygrape

Originally posted by mrs.msk

Originally posted by honeygrape

hey sooo happy to see you back simi... hope you had fun... update kab milega???Embarrassed

Thank you very much!
I am happy to be back too lol
I am currently writing the update so hopefully soon, very soon!Embarrassed

ok you carry on with the update... but pls do try to post them before 11 night...  listening to the song you posted...nice one

No problem...will post it up as soon as I can
Glad you like the song...its stuck in my head LOL

now stuck in my head toooLOL i have downloaded that n transferred it to my ipod too...LOL am supposed to prepare for a test n see what am doin...Confused  btw pls pm me if you have more of these kind (when u r freee)LOL

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Originally posted by honeygrape

Originally posted by mrs.msk

Originally posted by honeygrape

Originally posted by mrs.msk

Originally posted by honeygrape

hey sooo happy to see you back simi... hope you had fun... update kab milega???Embarrassed

Thank you very much!
I am happy to be back too lol
I am currently writing the update so hopefully soon, very soon!Embarrassed

ok you carry on with the update... but pls do try to post them before 11 night...  listening to the song you posted...nice one

No problem...will post it up as soon as I can
Glad you like the song...its stuck in my head LOL

now stuck in my head toooLOL i have downloaded that n transferred it to my ipod too...LOL am supposed to prepare for a test n see what am doin...Confused  btw pls pm me if you have more of these kind (when u r freee)LOL

hahhaaa i know what you mean...i listen to it like 10 times a day the only song that keeps playing again and again on my ipod hahaha LOL
Go study right now missy hehehe there are two more songs that I like but idk if I should give you the names now...hmm maybe later after you study LOLLOL

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Hey guys,

Sorry for the long wait..but I am here again with my updates...Hope you guys like it Embarrassed Ohh and once again sorry for not being able to reply back to everyone.hehhe.I got lazy toward the end LOLLOLLOL

                  Chapter 22 

"How could you Geet? How can you hide such big truth from me?" She watched as Yash paced back and forth umpteenth number of times in the past one hour asking the same question again and again. she didn't know how to tell him and what kind of circumstances led her to do this. She was tired of fighting..she wants to live in peace but she knew she is far along from that happiness. She still remembers the day, when she had held Ayush for the first time in her hand..she had promised herself that she will give Ayush all the happiness that he deserves even if it pains her. She would do anything for him. She didn't care about her pain. Her promise made to Ayush is the only thing that compelled her to take such decision. If him being with his father makes him happy then so be it. She has no right to get in his way of happiness...Yash came close her...He holds her shoulders

Yash: You make me a stranger today Geet. (She looks at him with pain) Don't you think I had the right to know if Ayush is sick? Do you know how much it hurts me to find out a WEEK later that he was sick with a flu? I never considered Ayush as an know he has a special place in my can you do that? (She was about to speak but Yash stops her...) Forget his sickness, how come you didn't tell me who his father was? If I knew that Maan Singh Khurana is his father then I would've have spared him. I would've hurted him the same way he has hurted you on that day at the restaurant. (Geet looks at him

Geet: What restaurant?

Yash: That day when we all went out to the restaurant. Remember when Ayush threw his paper plane in the restaurant? (Geet nodes his head) Well the plane had landed on Maan's plate...he had dinner with us after you left.

Geet (shocked) What? How come you didn't tell me?

Yash: Because I didn't think it was necessary and most importanty I didn't know he was the father of your child. (She closes her eyes) How can you let him be with Ayush after what he has done? Did you need him so suddenly? 

Geet: I did it for Ayush...(she back away from him a little) Do you know how hurtful it was for me to see him ask about his dad again and again? (She picks up his scrap books) These books...he made them especially for his dad...(she turns the pages) each page, is filled with his love for him. All he talks about is him...even for his birthday each year..he would look out at the door for him before cutting the cake. How do you explain to a kid, filled with dreams, that his father cheated on your mother? How do you break a kids dream without breaking your own heart into tiny little pieces seeing him cry? You know I had made a silent promise to myself that I won't let Ayush be in pain. I will protect him. I will do whatever it takes to make him happy and that is what I am been doing. His happiness is the ONLY thing that matters to me. Nothing else.

Yash: Geet I understand

Geet: No Yash. No one understand even I don't understand myself anymore. When I looked at the elderly women lying on the bed I felt somewhat responsible. She is like my mother, she showed so much love to me--a stranger, I couldn't let her go. Please understand I wanted to tell you. I only have you in my life that I can trust...I can't loose your friendship either..(she cries)

Yash (hugs her) You will never loose me Geet...never..I will always be here for the both of you but (he holds her hand) if you think I will let Ayush go closer to him without any supervision then I am sorry I won't let that happen. I will make sure that I am always there for him

Geet: Thanks Yash..but that won't be necessary. For now, Ayush needs to spend some time with him and I know he won't hurt Ayush. 

Yash: How can you be so sure?

Geet: I am not not sure just have a feeling...
It has been a week. He had some stitches on his head and a bandage wrapped around his chest. Maan was slowly getting better...his wounds were getting healed but his wounds were nothing compared to the wounds he gave Geet. His wounds could be healed in time but he wondered if Geet's ever would be? He couldn't sit up properly yet without being in pain. The doctor would soon be removing his stitches from the head. He didn't want to live. He knew that Dadima or anyone in the family for that matter, forgave him. She hasn't even come in here yet to see him. He looks at the door and saw Ayush standing there with a smile. He smiled and motioned for him to come in. His eyes were glued on the door to see if Geet is there but as usual the door remained empty. Ayush came and sat next to him looking at him. Maan motioned for him to sit on the bed next to him. Ayush did while taking off the book bag. There was something different today about Ayush Maan thought. 

Maan: Ayush you can put your bag down...

Ayush: No I can't. 

Maan: Why?

Ayush: I want to show you something.

Maan (smiles) What?

Ayush (goes into this book bag turning his back toward Maan...Maan tried looking at what he was taking out but couldn't since he was restrained by IV tubes attached to his arm...Ayush turns back to Maan holding books in his hand) I brought all the scrap books that I want to show you (He gives it to Maan told hold..)

Maan: Why don't you show it to me? (With his free hand he guides Ayush) Here sit on my stomach and show it to me...(Ayush does so...) Okay now show it to me...

Ayush: No I will lie next to you and show it to you...because I want to see too...

Maan: Okay...

Ayush lies next to him..Maan shift a little making sure not to show any pain to Ayush since he didn't want to scare him...Ayush began showing him the pictures...Yash stayed outside of the door keeping an eye on both. He saw both of them laughing as Ayush explained about each picture in details. Maan paid attention to what he was saying nodding his head once in a while. Geet stood next to Yash, looking at both. She knew that he was looking for her each time Ayush visited him at the hospital. Every day his eyes would search for her but it would be better if they don't meet or talk. She saw the pain on his face when Ayush sat on his stomach or when he lied next to him. He kept to himself for him. Dadima came and stood by Geet. She puts her hand on her shoulder. Geet looks at her and smiles. Both move away a little to talk in private.

Dadima: How are you bete?

Geet: I am good. How are you?

Dadima: I am same...

Geet: Dadima (she looks down) how come you don't go in and see Maan? 

Dadima: For the same reasons that you didn't...

Geet (looks down) Mine situation is different...

Dadima: How is it different? Yeah, I understand we are from different generations...but how different are we really? In some way, shape or form, Maan broke both of our trust. You have no idea how hard it is for me to see you without thinking that my own blood is behind your misery and sorrow. (Geet looks at her with tears and was about to say something when Ayush comes running outside to Geet. He starts pulling her hand both look at him confused..)

Geet; what happened?

Ayush: Papa's chest is bleeding...take a look

Dadima (worried) What? (She gets up and goes in the room before Geet could. She motions Ayush to stay with her while she walked toward the room looking through the window. Maan was lying on the bed while Dadima caressed his head with tears. Maan looked at her and at Geet through the window and turned his head away. The doctors came in...) How did this happen?

Doctor: His stitches popped open. We will give him new stitches now...

Dadima: Please hurry...(She puts her hand on his head but Maan removes her hand...she looks at him shocked)

Maan: Please go...I ...uhh you shouldn't be here...(He closes his eyes...Dadima waits for him to say something more but he doesn' the end she leaves the room looking at him with tears. Ayush goes up to her)

Ayush: G-ma why was he bleeding?

Dadima: ohh umm his stitches came off...

Ayush: Can I stay with him? (She looks at Geet...)

Geet: Sure...your Yash uncle and I will be back later...

Dadima: Geet if you don't mind I want to speak to you about something...(Yash looks at Geet..she nodes her head...)

Yash: Well, if you excuse me ladies, I have some unfinished work that needs to be done.

Geet and Dadima sat on the bench outside of the room...

Dadima: Geet I uhh wanted to ask you about Ayush...I mean 

Geet: I know what you mean Dadima...Ayush could come during the weekends and/or after school on some days if he likes (they both looked up and saw nurse and doctors going in with a tray)

Dadima: What about you?

Geet: Nothing...I can't step into the house Dadima...

Dadima: What if Ayush starts asking questions about why you two are living separately?

Geet: I don't know but I will make him understand...its just not possible sorry

Dadima (pats her face) Its okay. I understand...
Ayush looked at his father as the doctors gave him new stitches and cleaned up his wound. They had started removing his stitches from his head. Maan takes his one arm and puts it under his head. Ayush stands closer to him and looks at his arm. He then looks at his arm...he puts his arm right next to Maan..comparing it...

Ayush: Papa how did you get big arms like this? (He says while pointing to his muscles)

Maan (smiles) by drinking lots of milk

Ayush (makes a face) I hate milk...

Maan: Well if you want to get muscles like mine then you have too (Ayush thought about it...Maan moves in pain when the doctor was removing his stitches. Ayush runs out of the room and hugs Geet...)

Geet: What happened Ayush?

Ayush (holds her hand..and drags her with him toward the room. Geet stops him) Mom come on..

Geet: Why are you taking me inside?

Ayush: Because you need to hold his hand...

Geet: What? 

Ayush: You know how you always hold my hand whenever I am in pain. You need to do the same with papa (Geet looks at him shocked)

Geet: Ayush I can't 

But before she could complete her sentence Ayush drags her inside. Maan looks at her as Geet looks at him. He watches as Ayush holds her hand and makes her sit near him. He watches him with confusion. Ayush takes Maan's arm that was under his head and puts it in Geet's hand...Both look at each other shocked and weird...this was the first time they were touching or holding each other like this after 6 years. Maan held her hand tightly, Geet looked at him feeling his hand. She wanted to get up but couldn't since Ayush sat on her lap. Both looked away from each other and watched the doctor and the nurse dress Maan. Dadima smiled seeing this and left leaving the family to be alone together.

Precap: Maan: umm Ayush wanted me to come...

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i hope see'll able to forgive maan...its difficult
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Cupid has started his work
Cont soon
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awesome update as always :)
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awesome loved it
continue soon

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