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MG:~Hum Aapke Hai Kaun?-Thread 2 (Page 42)

MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 2:17am | IP Logged
update soon..Smile

johnangad IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 8:04am | IP Logged
read da whole story today! how cud maan stoop so low in da past! m glad he realised his mistake early but geet had to suffer alot!!!!!!!!!!!cant wait for more
Nav2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged
When will be ur next update...
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 6:53pm | IP Logged

I have some bad news!

I will be going on a one week vacation during this weekend and during that time it would be impossible for me to update. I will return on October 10th and will take me another day or two to write another part for all of my current stories. BUT I will be logging on once a while to reply back to any PM's and/or comments, if time permits. 

                   Chapter 21

Dadima came home after meeting Geet...she smiled as she remembered her and Ayush's talks...she looks around the felt so empty...she shed a tear when she remembered Maan...he was no longer here...she sits on the sofa...NT comes and places her hand on her shoulder...

Dadima: NT everything has fallen apart because of one mistake

NT: Dadima (She looks down...Dadima stands up seeing her worried face)

Dadima; What happened? (she looks around for Dev but doesn't find him) where is Dev?

NT: Dadima Maan Veerji is in the hospital

Dadima (shocked) Kya? What happened?

NT: He met with an accident..the hospital called and Dev has gone to see him right now...

Dadima (slouches on the couch...and cries) What is happening? Everything is over (NT tries to conforts her...she stands up when she sees Dev standing at the doorway with his head down..Dadima looks at the door and stands up..she goes near Dev...) Dev what happened? Is he alright?

Dev (looks down with tears) woh Dadima bro

Dadima: KYA HUA? Is he okay? Tell me? (she shakes him...Dev holds her hands)

Dev: He is not responding to anything...he is not waking up... Its like his body is giving up on him. 

Dadima (shocked) Kya? (She faints...Dev and NT holds her..)

Dev: CALL THE DOCTOR! (He carries her upstairs..while NT calls the doctor)
A week later...Geet brings Ayush to the hospital for his checkup. He was much better now but he still suffered from minor cough. For the past week, she has been having this weird feeling inside her if something is wrong. She knew that the feeling wasn't about Ayush..she just prayed that everything was okay. Both Geet and Ayush waited in the waiting room for their number to be called. She watched as Ayush played with the toys along with the other kids. She puts her hand on her heart when she felt something wrong again. Her heart was racing and she was scared again. The nurse came up to let her know of her number. 

Her mind drifted to her unknown feeling throughout the check up...she knew something is wrong...she held on to her mangalsutre and looked at it...her past flashed back to her..she stood in the background as Maan kicked her out of the house..she looked at herself walking out of the house with a suitcase...she looks back at Maan who looks at her with a smirk..he comes and stands in front of her...his smile turned into tears and remorse...he touches her face..she closes her eyes with tears...

Maan: I am sorry Geet...(she opens her eyes with tears) I am sorry..I am going...(He pecks her lips slightly...and vanishes...she looks around...the mansion was no longer there..she was on the deserted road...she looks down and caresses her big belly and smiles..she was carrying Ayush...she looks up with tears and sees Maan in front of her..he bends down and kisses her stomach while caressing it...he looks up with tears and smile. She smiles at him...he holds her hand as he gets up...he wipes her tears away while shaking his head no..."You don't have to worry about me happy..." He lets go of her he is walking away..he was dressed in white...she extends her hand to him but he was gone...she looks around her surroundings..she was back in the hospital...she looks down at Ayush and smiles...she thinks back on her dream...she never had anything like this before...She walked out of the office and as she was walking she stopped when she heard someone calling her name..she slowly turned around and saw Dev standing there. She looks down at Ayush and holds her hand tighter...

Dev: Geet please help me...(he folds his hands in front of her shocking her)

Geet; What are you doing Dev..

Dev (cries) Please save Dadima and Maan bhai

Geet: what do you mean?

Dev: Maan bhai got into the accident last week...and he is dying...its as if he doesn't want to live anymore...please him...and Dadima she will die without Maan..please...

Geet: Why are you telling me this?

Dev: Because we know who you really are and what relation you have with Maan bhai (She was shocked) we found out the truth a week ago and Dadima had asked him to leave home never wanting to see him both are in danger...please Geet..if not for Maan bhai and then for Dadima please bring him out of his state...please

Geet (holds back her tears) Where is Dadima?

Dev: Follow me I will show you...

Geet stood there shocked...on her right side laid Dadima..the same women she had come to love and saw a mother figure in and on her left side laid Maan whom she had once loved now hate...and in front of her stood Ayush looking at her...

Dev (looked at both) They are all I have are the only one..Maan bhai is fading...he is leaving...(she looks at him..his head was covered with bandage and tubes all around him...then she heard beeping noises coming from his room...doctors and nurses rushed in the room...trying to calm him down...Ayush comes and holds her hand tightly..hearing all the noises...Dev looks at her with tears...) him...please...(She looks at him one final time before looking down at Ayush. She lets go of his hand..and bends down...she holds back her tear as she holds his shoulder..)

Geet: you know who he is? (she points toward Maan's room...)

Ayush: yeah he is Annie's chachu

Geet (has tears and shakes her head no..she caresses his face) Do you know all the pictures you have been collecting? For whom?

Ayush: For my dad 

Geet (looks at Maan..) He is your dad Ayush...(he looks at Maan..) He is the one that you have been saving the pictures for..and now he is in danger...He needs your help...Go to your dad Ayush (She stands up and pushes him toward the door...he goes and stands outside of the room. He looks at her and she nodes her head yes...he goes in and looks at Maan's face closely. He touches his hand...putting it on top of his hand to see the size...Maan moves his hand a little after the contact. Geet stood outside of the room watching Ayush with tears...Dev comes and stands behind her)

Dev: Thank you so much. I know how hard it must be for you.

Geet: don't know how I feel right now (she looks at him) I did this ONLY for Dadima. She doesn't deserve this pain. (She moves from there going into Dadima's room. She sits next to her caressing her head...Dadima slowly opens her eyes and cries...she moves her head the other way. Geet puts her hand under his chis making her face her. She wipes her tears shaking her head no)

Dadima (touches her hand..) I don't know what to say...

Geet: Don't say need to get better soon...

Dadima: Maan...what he did...

Geet: Don't worry Dadima...I uhh told Ayush who he is to him...he is with Maan right now (she looks at him)

Dadima: You didn't have too...

Geet: Yeah I did...(she holds her hand) you are like my are the ONLY person that truly showed love to how can I let you go? How can I not help you? (She looks at her with tears) Now, all you need to worry about is getting better...(she smiles at Dadima)

Dadima: Thank you...I don't know how to thank you

Geet: By getting better...I will be back...let me get something for you to eat (Dadima holds her hand..)

Dadima: Geet about you and Maan...

Geet (sits down...) I am going to tell you the truth Dadima... because I can't lie to you...the truth is..I don't know...I am just not ready but it is also true that Ayush needs his father more then he needs me right now.  I have seen Ayush suffer, torment without his dad and I don't think I can keep him away anymore. Someday the truth would've been why not today? (she sighs) I will be back...(She leaves the room...Dadima looks at her with tears...Dev comes and sits next to her...)

Dev: Its going to be fine now

Dadima: I don't think so. Nothing is going to be okay just yet...
Ayush is in Maan's room looking at him...he touches his face...Maan moves his hand a little...he slowly opens his eyes and saw Ayush looking at him with a smile. He smiles and closes his eyes again thinking it might be a dream. Ayush pokes him a little. Maan opens his eyes again looking around. He was in a hospital. He was confused. He looks at Ayush again who was looking at him by putting his head on his palms.

Ayush: Are you my dad? (Maan looks at him confused...Ayush comes closer to him) Mom tells me you it true? (He shakes his head yes) Then I am really mad at come you didn't tell me before? (Maan looks at the door for Geet) its okay I forgive you but I have a lot of questions and games we have to play. You have to promise that you will...(he shakes his head yes looking at the door. Ayush follows his eyes) Are you looking for mom? (he shakes his head yes) She is with G-ma (he leans closer to Maan's ear) I think mom is mad at you...(Maan looks at him...) Don't worry I will help you...she likes Daisy's its her favorite...(He coughs...Geet stands at the door looking at Ayush...)

Geet: Ayush come let me give you your medicine.

Ayush: I don't want to take it..its bitter

Geet: How will you get better? come? (Maan touches his hand telling him to go...)

Ayush: Okay...I will be back..(he says to Maan...Maan looks at Geet while she waits for him to come...not once did she step in the room..she was holding back...he knew she didn't forgive him...and she never will...)

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awesome update loved
loved the way u potrayed the pain both dadimaa and geet going through
angili Goldie

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I love love love this story
Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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Loved the update! Can't wait to read more! Thanks for the update!
dumas IF-Stunnerz

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you just love to stick the knife and twist it lovely update 

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