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MG:~Hum Aapke Hai Kaun?-Thread 2

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Hey guys,

Thanks so much for your love and support for Hum Aapke Hai Kaun. I really can't express my happiness...keep commenting/liking to motivate me...Embarrassed Big hugs and kisses to each and every one of you guys!

P.S. I better receive double commentsLOL for revealing the truth and new thread LOL

Important note:All the new readers please if you want me to add you on the pm list please please please send me a buddy request so that it is easier for me to keep track of the list..

                     Chapter 17

Maan sat at the breakfast table looking around at his family. He couldn't be happier for his little brother Dev, whom he loves and adores, he always wanted to have a little brother or sister to shower love and share his happiness/sorrows with but today he couldn't do both. He couldn't share his sorrow his happiness was far away from him now. He didn't know if he could ever be happy. He deserved it. He watches as Dev sees his wife every move as she serves everyone food. The look that once Geet used to have for him once filled with love and admiration. Maan was actually jealous of his brother Dev, he was dying for Geet to look at him like that again. Dev thinks that no one notices him looking at her and tries to play it off but who can hide love? He had love marriage with NT, she belonged to a rich family as well. Her family has been friends with our family from many generations. It was my fathers last wish for one of us to get married to NT and I knew that Dev loves NT but never had the guts to say so. As a big brother, and now head of the family, it was my duty to unite the both and I couldn't been more happier. Their little angle Annie was my little princess. I am always there for her and could never say no to her demands whatever it may be. NT yells at me sometimes that I am spoiling her but hey kids are suppose to be spoiled. They are suppose to enjoy their childhood and we as adults should cherish their innocence and try to preserve their innocence forever. 

I only wish I could do the same for Ayush. He wanted to be there for Ayush, give him everything and anything that comes out of his mouth. He wouldn't care as long as Ayush was happy. He wished that Annie and Ayush grew up together. He wished that he was there when he was born hold him in his hands. Be there when he first talked, held his hand when he first learned to walked, be there for him to say papa first but he lost all of these chances. He cherished every moment that he spent with Ayush at the party two days before, although he had to do it when Geet was looking, he couldn't resist. He loved hearing him talk on and on and him thanking him again and again for the new sherwani. He was glad that Geet didn't find out. He saved his sherwani in his closet...he couldn't throw it out...Even if Geet wouldn't forgive him then he would cherish his moments with Ayush and his moments spent with Geet in the past forever. He wished that he could rewind the time and undo his mistake but he knew he couldn't do either one of those. He missed Geet...he missed her talking, her blushing, her making me laugh all night long with her talks...he used to call her talking matter what her eyes used to smile at everything...they couldn't hide anything from me...but now it pains for me to look at her...her eyes are dead..they are neither smiling nor crying..they are just there...her innocence..whom he crushed with his hands was gone...her smile, her talk everything was gone...all because of him...(he bends the spoon that was in his hand...Dadima looks at him...)

Dadima: Maan what happened?

Maan: huh..umm yeah...(he drops the spoon on the plate...)

Dadima: So NT as I was saying tomorrow is Karva Chaut and I was thinking of throwing a small party at the house.

NT: Thats great Dadima. I will make the list today and tell everyone to start preparing.

Dadima: hmm you do that..there is one person that I want to invite for tomorrow. (She looks at the time) Alright, I am going to the mandir. (Maan gets up as well)

Maan: Dadima I will drop you off..

Dadima; no its fine I will have the driver with me...(she gets up and leaves..Maan looks at her..."whats wrong with Dadima today? She never refused me before of dropping her at the mandir")
Geet sat in the mandir as usual before going to work. She was thinking about the party incident. The anger that he had in his eyes when she was dancing with the other guy bothered her. Was his eyes speaking the truth? She shakes her head...No it must be fake again..she couldn't trust his eyes like last time she is not stupid...Geet gets up to leave when she saw a familar face. She goes to her and hugs her.

Dadima: are you?

Geet (smiles): I am are you Dadima?

Dadima; I am good...I thought I come here and meet you before you leave

Geet (smiles): yeah I was about to go but I have more time to chat with you...(both sits down) 

Dadima: Actually Geet I wanted to invite you for something...please try to come if you can

Geet: Sure Dadima I will definentily come..what is the occasion?

Dadima: Tomorrow is Karva Chaut (Geet smile vanishes) and I am having a small get together...I would love it if you could come..

Geet: umm I will try Dadima..I don't know...umm Dadima I have to go to work...(she gets up to go..)

Dadima (gets up as well): Will you come? (she holds her hand) please

Geet (looks at her) Umm Dadima I don't know if I can...I have to go somewhere else sorry.

Dadima (looks at he closely): Sure Geet..I didn't mean to force you..maybe next time..

Geet (hugs her): thanks Dadima..I will see you again...bye...(Dadima watches her leave...)
Geet smiled to herself as she waited for Maan to come home. She was so happy to have Maan in her life who showered her with nothing but love. Both have been married for a week and today was very special for her. The timing couldn't have been better to celebrate their first week of marriage together. It was kaurva chaut. Geet decorated the whole house by herself for this special occasion, she wore a red anarkali suit with matching glass bangles and earrings. She stood in front of the mirrors making sure everything is alright. She fixed her bindi, placed gajra in her hair. She looked at her magalsutra and held it in her hand. She smiled while looking at it very closley. She took out sindoor box and placed the sindoor in her hair as the final touch. She heard Maan's car drive in, she quickly looked at herself one last time before running downstairs to the mandir. She grabbed pooja ki thali that she prepared today morning. She held it in her hand as she walked toward the main door and stopped when she saw Maan enter. She smiled at him and went to stand in front of him. He looked at her as she smiled. Geet stood their shocked as she looked at the pooja ki thali on the floor, all the contents that was on the thali was on the floor, she looked back at Maan. Next thing she knew she was on the floor holding her right cheek as Maan slapped her on the face. She looked at him as she stood over her as tears rolled down her face.

Geet: Maan...(He pulls her up by holding her hair, she places her hand on top of his as she screamed in pain. The gajra crushed in his hand as flowers ony by one dropped on the floor. She looks at him with teary face..) Did I do something wrong? (She managed to ask him)

Maan: This was my response for the slap you gave me at the party. (Geet looks at him confused) What did you say to me that day...ohh yeah dignity and self-respect is important to every girl. Well Ms. Geet Handa (stressing her last name) this was my response to you for that slap. You don't have dignity nor self-respect anymore. No other guy will touch you or come near you anymore. (he lets go of her hair and due to the force she falls on the floor. She looks at Maan with tears and stands up in front of him)

Geet: Maan please say you are joking. Please (she tries to hold his hand but he shoves her hand away) Don't play such a cruel joke on me this day. I love you.

Maan: I never loved you. You know if I wanted I would've taken my revenge that day in the hotel room but when I looked at you. I thought to myself, why not play with you for a while. Make you believe I have changed make you fall in love with me. Just like I imagined I made you head over heels for me. I never wanted to marry you but I had no other option, I knew you would'nt let anyone touch you other then your "husband" and (he holds her hair again aggresively) I hope you learned NEVER to mess with MSK...I don't forget my enimes very easily. Each time you look in the mirror you will remember who I am and what I can do

Geet (Holds his leg..) Maan please tell me this is a joke. Please...

Maan (kicks her back..and laughs): You thought that a sole owner of Khurana Constructions-a billionair would acutally fall in love with a mere middle class women? (He sits on the sofa putting his leg on the table) If I want I can get anyone I want with just a snap of my fingers. Girls die to be with me, you should consider yourself lucky that you got not one but seven days to be with me. No other girl had this fortunate opportunity.

Geet: I am your wife. Please tell me if I did something wrong, I will fix it. I would do whatever you say but please say this is a joke. Please say what are you are saying is not true. Swear on this mangalsture...(she goes toward him and sits next to him holding his legs..)

Maan: Wife? Do you have any proof?

Geet: proof? This mangalsutre is my proof and this sindoor is my proof

Maan (laughs): Who would believe you? Do you have any photgraphs of our marriage? Or what is the guarntee that you won't go with any other guy tomorrow. I mean today you are saying I am your husband and tomorrow god knows if some other guy talk to you nicely you would consider him as your husband as well.

Geet: MAAN!

Maan: CHILAO MAAT! YOU mean NOTHING to me. Nothing and you are talking about being my wife? and this mangalsutre (he holds it in front of her..) that you wear so proudly means nothing to me. It has no value to me. (he was about to pull but Geet stopped him...) Tumhari aukat hi kya hai? Tum meri biwi kehelne ki layak nahi ho. Tum meri koyi bhi nahi ho. Sumaj gahi tum. (Geet looks at him shocked and moves back...) KOYI BHI NAHI!


Maan (gets up and kneels down toward Geet): If I didn't keep you happy then how would you keep me happy? (he caresses her face..) I gotta tell were great in bed. The best yet! (Geet closes her eyes in disgust hearing him...) and this (he holds her wrists and holds it in front of her...) I gave you this bangles right? You no longer have any right on them...(He smashes both her wrists together making the bagles break on the floor...Geet looks at the broken glass in front of her depicting her sorrow and her broken heart..) I don't need you anymore. My family is coming tomorrow and I don't want them to see a low life girl with no self-respect and dignity staying here. (Just then a servent comes..)

Servant: Sir. Ma'am is here to see you (A women wearing mini dress enteres the mansion. She smiles at Maan and gives him a big hug..Geet turns her head away and closes her eyes in pain. Silent tears drop down from her eyes...)

Women: Who is she? (the women pointed toward Geet)

Maan: No one. Why don't you go outhouse and wait for me. I will handle her and meet you soon. (he looks at Geet) GET OUT! I will give you 10 minutes to pack your stuff and leave.

Please listen to this song!!!!

He pulls her up and pushes her toward the stairs. Geet walks up the stairs broken hearted..."Do you know Geet I don't have anyone in my life. I am all alone but not anymore. I have you in my life now." She falls on the stairway with tears, she holds the rails for support...she goes up in their no his bedroom..she leans against the wall and drops on the ground crying. She gets up after few minutes and looks at herself in the mirror. It was all finished. She takes out her mangalsutre and holds it in her hand, which was nothing but black beads to her now. The meaning of mangalsutre no longer meant what it was before. Her sindoor smudged. She sees a napkin and wipes her sindoor away while closing her eyes with tears. She looks at herself in the mirror, she smashes the mirror with her hands. She looks at her wrists bruised with cuts she hides her face with her hands and cry. She slowly walks down the stairs and sees Maan standing down the stairs talking on the phone. He smirks as she sees her coming down. He looks at her as she walks to the door. She walks to the door and looks back at him one final time.

Geet: I am going from here forever. Your love may be fake but I had loved you with all my heart. You will never find a sacha pyaar again. I wish you all the luck Mr. Khurana. (She holds the wall for support as she walks out of the mansion. "Tumhari aukat hi kya hai...tum meri biwi kehlane ki layak nahi ho." The guards open the door for her looking down with tears as she walk out of the house, understanding what happend by looking at her current state. NOT once did she look back at the mansion. She walks on the road like a zombie with no desitnation in mind. She thinks about their marriage and their moments spent together. She drops the suitcase on the floor along with herself. She looks up at the sky and screams in pain and agnoy. "Why?! Maine kya kiya tha? Mujhe itni bari saza kyun mili? KYUN?!"

She reaches her home and finds her dad sitting on the chair with beer bottles all around him. She goes towards him and drops near his knees. She hugs him and cries her heart out. "It's all over papa. His marriage, his vows, his love it was all fake. Main toot gayi papa..." She looks at him after getting no response and shakes him. His body drops on the ground.."PAPA!" She shakes his fathers body trying to wake him up "PAPA can't leave me either..." She hugs his body on the floor "I NEED YOU...I HAVE NO ONE ANYMORE..." She looks at the portarit of Babaji...she stands up and looks at the picture..."Why? Answer me? Answer my questions..." She throws everything around the house on the floor in anger...she drops on her knees after a while..she looks at the mangalsture...

Maan: Geet do you know why this mangalsutre is special? (She shakes her head no) I have this specialy made for you. I have our names graved on it..see (he shows it too her..) Maaneet...meaning Maan and Geet...this will be our symbol of you like it...(she smiles and shakes her head yes..)

"Your love was fake but mine wasn't..I will always love you...I can't hate you..." (She gets up with her suitcases and leaves the place without looking back...she stops at the bridge looking down at the waters, his words playing again and again in her head..."low-life girl with no self-respect." You took everything away from me today...I will never forget this was my first karva chaut most important day for any turned this day into a nightmare, ruined all my dreams forever. What do I have to live for now?" She puts down her suitcase and looks down at the bridge. She was about to jump off when she felt dizzy, she holds her head with both hands..everything in front of her became blurry, everything was spinning. She tried to hold on to something for support but everything seemed to move in opposite directions. She looks at the sky and falls down on the bridge. She heard someone yelling and coming toward her. She looked at the figure coming toward her while lying down and then it all went black.

Geet sits up with was past midnight meaning it was Karva chaut today. She lies back down and hugs the blanket..."you ruined this day for me as well...what was my fault Maan that you punished me this badly? Why did my son have to grow up with no father? You told me that you want to spend time with Ayush but how can I let you do that? I wouldn't want you to think that I need your money for Ayushn or that I came here to Delhi on purpose just to have you feel pity for me. You had told me before that I mean nothing to you, if I don't mean anything to do you then how can Ayush mean anything for you? Today you are saying that he is your son but what about tomorrow? I don't think I can trust you again Maan. You broke my trust so such an extent that it is hard for me to glue back that trust again. The trust that I had for you once is now gone. No matter what you say or do my heart is and will be broken forever..and whatever is left of my heart belongs to Ayush and I cannot share that part of the heart with anyone, even if you are his father. You were right Maan, whenever I look in the mirror I will remember that moment...the truth is I don't even have to look in the mirror..that one moment is etched in my broken heart is the evidence of that moment of that day. How can you make me forget that day? What can you say to make me forget that day? (She hugs both of her knees against the chest while lying down and cries...)

Precap: Shocked

*Bitting nails* So now that the thruth is out what do you guys think? and don't kill me for making it sad LOL

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Thread 1

Current: Thread 2
Ch.17 (Above)

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ENJOY!!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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maan's behaviour towards geet was wrong. And what she is doing with maan at present is correct.

Just because he found about Ayush does not mean she should forgive him. He needs to repent a lot.

I hope somebody else comes in her life

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S*** man S***...AngryAngryAngryAngrymaan u deserve it...Awww GeetCryCryCryCry

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Very sad update... Cry
I am not sure what Maan can do to get Geet to trust him..

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wow..awesome.poor geet

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maan's behaviour towards geet was wrong. And what she is doing with maan at present is correct.

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