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Part 1:
'Aye, samajh tha kya hai apne aap ko. Bari bari gaarion mein ghoomthe ho aur bhool ja the ho ke yaha aur bhi log hothe hai. Sadak kya tere baap ki hai. Eh agar maa ka dood piya hai tho ruk...baar nikhal saale!!' She shouted as she started wiping her white salwar kameez with her bare hands. It was covered in mud from the splash the car had caused which drove past her.

The car stopped to a halt and a young, smart, very good-looking guy stepped out. He was dressed in casual clothes; jeans, t-shirt with a green blazer, rings in his fingers, chains round his neck, little earrings in his ears. He walked upto the girl who was shouting so much and stopped right in front of her.

'Excuse me kya bola tum ne??' He asked in his husky voice.

The girl looked up at him who all this time was busy abusing the car driver whilst trying to wipe the mud stain off her dress.

'Maine poocha kya bola tumne?' He again asked slightly angrily this time.

'Utharo...' she replied calmly.

'What?' He asked questioningly.

'Maine bola utharo...' she said demandingly

'Kya?? tum theek tho ho...pagal tho nahi tum kya ke rahi ho...utharo kya utharo?' He asked surprised and worried at the same time

'Apna chashma utharo!' She snapped at him.

The guy was wearing sunglasses which made him look even more attractive. He looked at her up and down twice and then said 'Kyun..?'

'Kyunki mujhe tumse baat karni hai..' she said

'Tho isme chasma utharni ki kya zaroorat hai?' he asked.

'Tum andhe ho?' She asked sarcastically.

'!' he said

'Tho kya tume conjunctivitis hai?'

'Nahi kyu?'

'Tho chasma kyun pehan rakha hai utharo!' She yelled

He just looked at her in shock. Nobody had ever dared to speak to him like that and this girl wearing a simple salwar kameez that too with mud stains on was saying all sorts of things to him. It was definite he didn't like her at all.

'Dekho...' he said raising his finger in front of her face.

'Dikh hi tho nahi ra isleye ke rahi ho apna chasma utharo!!' She again said

Getting fed up from the way this girl was talking to him he took off his glasses exposing his deep brown expressive eyes.

'Tumhari problem kya hai?' He said irritated.

'Tum!'  she replied. 'Dekho tumne mera kya haal kar diya hai...dekh kar nahi chala sakthe kya? Mere saare kapre haraab kar diye ab mein kya karogi..?' she said angrily.

'So what's the big deal? Ye lo...' he took out some money from his pocket and handed it to her without counting it. 'Aur khareed lena ok!' He said with full attitude and started to walk back to his car.

The girl looked at the money in her hand with disbelief.

'Aye!!' She stormed up to him and he stopped by his car and turned around.

'Samjh the kya ho apne aap ko...tumhari himmat kese hoi? Pakro apne paise mujhe inko koi zaroorat nahi hai.' She said slamming the money back into his hand. 'Tum ameer logo ki yehi problem hothi hai har baat pe apne paiso ka rob jamathe ho...paiso do aur kaam hatham karo hena?'

'Uff tum...tum tum ho kya yaar? tumhari problem kya hai?!' He sighed irritatingly. This girl was getting on his last nerves; she was really wasting his time.

'Mein un ladkion me se ho jo tum jaise logo ko kaise handle karna hai achi tara jaanti ho...' the guy just stood there with his arms folded and rolling his eyes and sighing. 'Tum kya samjhe tum mujhe paise do ge tho mein tumhe chor do gi.' The guy put his finger in one of his ears and started shaking it and then started yawning. 'Tum jaiso ko mein aise..aise..chutkio mein theek karna jaanti ho' she said whilst clicking her fingers in front of his face.

'Gosh you're so rude! Tum jaisi ladki ko mein aaj thak nahi mila...tum jaanthi bhi ho mein kaun ho? Do you even know who i am?' He said with arrogance.

'Hoge kisi ameer baap ki bigri hoi aulad ya kisi laila shaila ke majnu...mujhe is se koi farak nahi partha' she said waving her arms about.

'Tum chahthi kya ho?' He said getting fed up, he wanted to get away from her as soon as possible.

'Maafi!' She said folding her arms and slightly turning so that his face was on her side.


'Haan...tum mujhse maafi maango?' She said

'What? kyun mein kyun maafi mango?' He said

'Arey tumhari wajah se mere kapre haraab hoge.' She said turning back to look at him

'Tho?' He said

'Tho kya..maafi mango!' She said widening her eyes

'Huh you must be kidding...mein aur tumse maafi! Shakal dekhi hai apni?' the guy said holding his palm in front of her face.

'Tumse tho achi hai!' Yelled the girl holding her hand in front of his face.

'Oh please is shakal pe tho laakho larkia marthi hai' the guy said proudly holding his chin

'Marigi nai tho aur kya karegi tum ho hi itne daroone bechari daar ke mare marjati hogi' she said sarcastically.

'You know what...maafi tho tumhe mujhse maagni chahiya...kab se mujh par chila rahi ho, mujhe gaaliya de rahi ho, mujhe pata nahi kya kya suna rahi ho...badtameez kahi ki.'
He yelled

'What mein badtameez? Badtameez hoga tu, teri maa, tera baap tera poora khandhan!' She yelled pointing at him.

Both of them were standing in the busy streets of Delhi shouting at each other. They were yelling for quite some time now and people started gathering around and chattering to each other. The guy noticed this, gave the girl a dirty look and stomped inside his car. He started driving off whilst the girl started kicking at his car.

'Oye kaha jaa raha hai waapis aa mein kethi ho waapis aa..dar gaye kya?' She said looking triumphant with her hands on her hips but exhausted after all that shouting.

She looked at her watch..'hai rabba is idiot ki chakar mein mein bhool hi gaye mera interview hai. Ab mein kya karo  ek tu age hi late ho upar se us idiot ke wajah se mujhe ghar jakhar kapre badal ne parge...wah Ragini beta interview ki din hi late, ab tho tujhe ye job milne se rahi' she said to herself.


1 hour late to her interview Ragini finally reached there. She looked up at the building and read the signboard "RAJANSH"industries" she quickly went inside and went to the reception desk.

'Excuse me' she said nervously

The girl at the reception looked up at her.

'Ragini Sharma job interview...with Mrs' Vasunhara Rajvansh ' she managed to say.

The receptionist looked in the diary and then at Ragini  then at the clock and then at Ragini again.

'You're 1 hour late miss sharma' she said sternly.

Ragini looked down.

'Im sorry but you have to leave...there is no interview now all interviews have been done.' the receptionist said

'Please' Ragini begged 'please don't say that you see i got stuck in some trouble it's not my fault' she tried to explain.

'I'm sorry but that's not my problem, rules are may leave now.' She said

ragini  kept pleading the receptionist but she wouldn't agree. Hearing all this noise vasu came out of her cabin.

'Ye kya ho raha hai?' She said.

ragini  turned around to see vasu..she had a strong personality.

'Ma'am ye ladki...'said the receptionist

'Ma'am mein ragini sharma ho mera job interview tha aapke saath lekin mein late ho'am im so sorry lekin please mujhe ye job ki bohat zaroorat hai please ma'am aap mujhe ek moka de mein aapko nirash nahi hone do gi ma'am please.' ragini said hurriedly with her hands folded in front of her.

Seeing the determination in ragini's eyes vasu said 'okay come with me.'

'Hmmm' said vasu as she examined ragini's papers. ragini was fiddling with her fingers whilst looking nervously at vasu 'your qualifications are pretty impressive miss sharma'

'Thank you ma'am' smiled ragini

vasu looked at ragini and saw what she was wearing. A simple chiffon blue salwar kameez with her dupatta round her neck and her wrists delicately embraced with silver bangles and silver earrings dangling in her ears.

'I think yehi ladki theek rahe gi Ranvir ki secretary ke liye. Ache ghar se lagthi hai salwar kameez pehen thi hai, simple hai, apne kaam pe dhyaan de gi, waise bhi itni interview ke baad koi nahi milli' as she reflected on all the previous girls who had come for an interview wearing short skirts and sleeveless blouses. They were obviously there for Ranvir not for the job but this girl seemed different she seemed the sort that would only concentrate on her work, the sort that could handle Ranvir and keep him away from his uncountable girlfriends. She really did want the job vasu thought to herself.

'Ok your hired kal se tum kaam pe aa jana theek 9 baje aur haan aaj ki tara don't be late.'ragini was over the moon she was really happy..'really ma'am? Thank you soo much ma'am thank you so much' she said shaking vasu's hand so hard that it could come out any second.

'It's okay ragini' vasu said releasing her hand and massaging it.

'Mein tumhe kal ranvir se bhi mila do gi okay?'

'Yes ma'am.'

'Waise tum Ranvir ko tho jaanthi hogi na?' vasu asked

'Er nahi ma'am' ragini replied feeling a bit stupid since she hard to work with Ranvir and didn't know who he was.

'Perfect' vasu thought.. 'koi nahi kal milo gi tho jaan bhi logi afterall tumhe usi ke saath tho kaam karna hai.'

'Ji ma'am' smiled ragini.

That night ragini couldn't get to sleep she was too excited about her new job. Kaushalya came inside her room as she saw the lights were on.

'Kya huwa puttar? Abhi thak soye nahi?' Asked kaushalya

'Maa' ragini hugged kaushalya 'mein aapko pata nahi sakthi ke mein kitni khush ho ke mujhe ye job mil gaye ab mein apke aur bauji ke saare sapne pure karogi.'

'Woh sab tho theek hai puttar lekin ab tu soja kal tujhe jaldi jaana hai na kal tera pehla din hai kaam ka chal soja.'

'Ji maa' said ragini as she lay in her bed beside her sisters and kaushalya kissed her forehead.

ragini was slowly falling asleep with a sweet smile on her face thinking about tomorrow but with a bit of nervousness in her gut afterall it was her first day at work. As she was about to fall asleep sadhna nudged her

'jiji...jiji' sadhna said

'mmm kya hai sadhhna' said ragini in a sleepy voice.

'Aap bohat excited ho na aapni job ko lekhe' said sadhna

'haan...' said ragini

'kitne lucky ho aap jiji aap Ranvir rajvansh ke saath kaam karoge kitna exciting hai na' said sadhna excitedly

'sadi...' she said turning around to face her, 'mein isleye excited nahi ho kyunki mein ranvir ki secretary ban gaye ho mein isleye excited ho kyunki mujhe ye job mil gaye aur mein ab maa bauji ke sapne pure kar paogi aur bauji ke operation ke liye paise aur teri aur navya ki shaadi ke liye paise jama kar paogi.'

'jiji bhi kitne boring ho laakhon larkian us pe marthi hai aur aap hai ke...'

At sadi's "laakhon larkian" statement ragini sat up on her bed and started saying 'idiot, stupid, donkey kahi ka...'

'Kya huwa jiji?' said sadi also sitting up next to ragini

'Arey kuch nahi sadi aaj subah ek pagal mil gaya tha woh yaad aa gaya..'

'Acha jiji kya huwa?'

ragini told the whole thing to sadi and sadi started laughing holding her stomach 'jiji aap bhi na'

'Arey tu has rahi hai patha uski wajah se mein interview mein late ho gaye uski wajah se meri job bhi jaa sakthi thi sadi

'Par gaye tho nahi na jiji

'Haan lekin jaa tho sakthi thi na'

'Ek tho aap khud use behas karne lagi uparse us bechare ko...'

'Bechara?? Woh koi bechara wechara nahi hai! Tu jaanthi nahi sadi is kism ke logo ko' said ragini

'jiji ab jo koi tumse panga lega woh tho bechara hi hoga na' giggled sadi

'sadi tu' said ragini raising her hand to hit her

'Sojao na tum dono kya shoru ho gaye ho khud tho so nahi re aur mujhe bhi sone nahi de re' said navya in a sleepy voice.

ragini and sadi both bit their tongue and giggled and lay down.

'Goodnight jiji' said sadi

'Goodnight sai goodnight navnya' said ragini

'Mmm' said nav

ragini turned to her left side and closed her eyes once again but this time went to sleep with an angry look on her face thinking about that "idiot".

Next morning ragini woke up early. She stretched her arms, looked out the window, smiled and went to have a shower. She soon came out wearing a simple light pink churidhar suit. She sat at the dressing table wiping her hair with the towel. She filled her wrists with silver bangles and carefully placed each earring in her ears. She put on minimum make-up, stuck on a small bindi and brushed her hair leaving it out to sway with the wind. She walked upto the bed and nudged sadi and navi.

'sadi navi chalo utho college nahi jaana kya' she said

'Mmm di bas 2 minute' they both murmed

'Koi 2 minute nahi abhi utho' ragini said pulling the duvet off them and went downstairs.

ragini took everyone's blessings and sat at the table and started eating her breakfast.

'ragini puttar itni jaldi tyaar hogi' said nani

'Ji nani aaj pehla din hai na kaam pe tho socha ke jaldi uth jao' raginireplied 'acha maa mein chalthi ho' she said taking one bite from her apple.

'Arey nashtha tho karke jaa ragini puttar' said kaushalya

'Nahi maa bas hogaya' she said taking her mom's blessings and kissing her on the cheek. ragini once again took the blessings of all the elders and left in a hurry.

'haiyo rabba kya zamana aa gaya hai ab is ghar ki larkian bhi kaam pe jaya kare gi wahh' said malthi moving her hands about

Everyone looked at malthi  thinking uff phir shoro ho gayi.

'tho is mein kya haan malthi, ragini puttar sirf kaam pe hi tho jaa rahi hai' said bauji

'abhi tho sirf ye kaam pe jaa rahi hai bauji age age dekhna kya kya gul kilay gi hamari ragini' said malthi sarcastically

'malti!!!' shouted bauji

'sach hi tho ke rahi ho bauji dekh lena aap phir mujhe na kehna ke maine bola nahi' she said and walked out leaving everyone annoyed and shaking their heads.

ragini reached the office, said her prayers and went inside. The receptionist told her that vasu was waiting for her in her cabin and told her the directions.

'May i come in ma'am' said ragini

vasu looked at her watch and said 'come in ragini...hmm very good you're on time'. ragini smiled.

'well Ranvir tho abhi aya nahi tho tab thak hum discuss karthe hai ke tume kya kya karna hai okay'

'Yes ma'am'

They were sitting in the cabin for a few hours discussing ragini's task and vasu was telling ragini about irresponsible he is, about his affairs, his temper, etc, how he never really comes to office but is only coming today since vasu forced him to.

'Dekho na ragini maine Ranvir ko bola tha ke office theek 11 baje poonch jaana aur ab tho 2 baj rahe ha i tell you ye ladka na' said vasu holding her head.


'yes ma'am'

' aaj se ye tumhari duty hai ke tum Ranvir ko har meeting, rehearsal, etc, time pe lao gi ok' vasu said

'yes ma'am' replid ragini

Just then the phone rang and vasu picked it up 'hello'

'ma'am Ranvir sir aa gaye hai woh apne cabin mein hai'

'okay thank you' said vasu

'chalo ragini Ranvir finally aa gaya hai mein tumhe use milwati hoon'

They both walked out and reached ranvir's cabin. vasu opened the door and went it


Ranvir was sitting on the chair swinging around with his back towards vasu. He swung around and got up and hugged his mom.

'good morning mom' he said

'morning? Ranvir time dekho 2 baj rahe hai maine tum ko kya bola tha kal ke office 11 baje poonch jaana aur tum...'

'mom mom chill main aa tho gaya na kya baat hai aapne mujhe kyu bolaya?'

'maine tume isleye bolaya son kyunki aaj se maine tumhare liye ek nayi secretary appoint ki hai'

'acha' said Ranvir raising his eyebrows  with a naughty smile on his face 'who's the lucky girl?' he asked winking

'ragini' vasu called out. Ranvir looked up at the door. ragini slowly came inside...she was a bit hesitant and was looking down.

'ragini, meet Ranvir aur Ranvir ye hai ragini tumhari new secretary' said vasu

ragini slowly moved her head up and looked at Ranvir and then...

'TUM!!' Shocked Ranvir and ragini both said at the same time looking shocked.



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crazysandhir Goldie

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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 10:20am | IP Logged
wooowww kinrul magic keep it baby love ya

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deepa_mishra Goldie

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Wow wonderful FF dear. Please continue soon.

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shaazi IF-Rockerz

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nice continue

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-SilverDragon- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
I am a big fan of Ragvir and it is nice to see that Ragvir FF's are slowly coming back please continue soon. Smile

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sameesam Senior Member

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wooow nice ff plzzz continue

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vishalfool Senior Member

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plz   update...

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magicalkinrul Senior Member

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Originally posted by nidzlovekinrul

wooowww kinrul magic keep it baby love ya

awww thank u for ur lovely comment ,love u too

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