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Remember Me-A Maaneet Fanfic Part-8 updated (Page 6)

-Zahra15- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 2:30am | IP Logged
i love this's awesome...plzzz add me to ur pm list...

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MaanKiGeet.. Senior Member

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 3:10am | IP Logged
Awesome dear...continue soon...add me as ur buddy n do pm me...

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awesome update loved it

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cute!!!!  Smile

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wow gr8 update 

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anshra IF-Sizzlerz

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Angelic_mishty Goldie

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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 1:59am | IP Logged
awesum update sweets
truly nice
thnx for d pm 

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sree12 Groupbie

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Geet got up from the bed and made her way towards the washroom. She splashed cold water on her face, but the image of her kissing Maan was coming in front of her eyes repeatedly. "Geet, you idiot, what have u done?????? Now how you will face him??????????? That moron will think that I have some soft corner in my mind for him or I have some crush on him. Arrrggghhh...I so hate it." Her eyes again went towards the clock. It's already 10:45 in the morning. She would be late for the first time in her life for office, and that too for that jerk named as Mr. Maan Singh Khurana. Geet quickly took the shower and got ready. Then she came downstairs and took an apple from the fruit basket on the table and made her way towards the main door. Suddenly Rano, her mother called her from back.


Rano: Geet, you wake up beta???????? Why are you so late today????? Come on, have some breakfast.

Geet: Mom, how many times I have to tell u that don't call me from back when I am going out of the house???????

Rano: I am sorry beta. But you are going without having your breakfast. That's why I had to call you.

Geet: It's ok Mom. By the way I am already late for the office. So I have to go now. I will eat some sandwich from office canteen. You don't have to worry.

Rano: But Geet...


Geet didn't wait for her mother to complete the sentence. She sat in the driver's seat and started the car. In the whole journey, she thought about how to face Maan and what explanation should she give him about her behavior. But then her ego interrupted her thoughts. "Geet Handa never give anyone any explanation. Then why has to she give explanation to that Maan???????" Geet reached the office and after giving herself the final look, she made her way towards the office. On her way, she gave the car key to the guard to park her car. Geet went straightly to her cabin. On the way, she saw Maan coming out of her father's cabin. She almost ran towards her cabin to avoid Maan. Inside the cabin, she was in deep thought about what she should tell Maan. "Just call him in your cabin and try to understand what he is thinking about the kiss. Then take any decision." Geet called Tasha from intercom and told her to inform Maan to meet her immediately.


Maan was reading the file given by Mr. Handa when he got a call from Tasha to meet Ms. Handa. "Now why she is calling me?????? Why can't she let me do my job properly??????" Then he suddenly remembered about the kiss and he knew why the Chudail was calling him. Maan smirked and got up from the chair to go to Geet's cabin. Outside Geet's cabin, Maan adjusted his tie and then knocked on the door.


Maan: May I come in Maam???????

Geet(clearing her throat): Yes come in.


Maan entered the cabin and Geet indicated the chair to make him understand that she wanted him to sit. Maan was surprised seeing her gesture. It was the first time she was telling him to take a seat. Maan took the seat and cleared his throat to gain Geet's attention who was pretending to look busy reading a file. Geet looked at him and didn't know what to say. At last Maan started the conversation.


Maan: Maam, you have called me, any need Maam????????

Geet: Well I called you to say that yesterday your work was good.

Maan thought Geet was talking about him helping her when she was drunk. But her next sentence broke his belief.

Geet: I have checked the file you gave me at the club. You have noticed all the earlier projects and made comments on the profits and loss. It is, you know...


Geet became quiet for a while. She didn't know how to praise others, and here she had to praise Maan Singh Khurana, whom she didn't like at all.

Maan knew Geet wanted to praise him, but she was unable to do it. "Jo ladki kisi ko thank you nahin bol sakti, who kisi ki prasansha kaise karegi???? Chalo chodo mujhe kya, main thodi na mar raha hoon usse praise sunne ke liye." Maan didn't want to make uncomfortable Geet.


Maan: It's ok Maam. Aap se nahin bola jayege.

Geet became furious, but she knew that he was right. But no one ever dared to point out her faults, not even her parents. Then who is this Maan Singh Khurana??????? What did he think of himself????????


Geet: Matlab kya hain tumhara???????? Tumhe kya laga main tumhara wah wah karungi???????? Akhir tumne aisa kiya hi kya hai???????? U have done your job. Is me tumhari wah wah karne wali aisi koi baat nahin hai.

Maan(murmured under his breath): I do not expect that also.

Geet: What did you say????????

Maan: Nothing Maam. You can continue what you are saying.


Geet was furious seeing Man's audacity. They talked for a while about a project going on at Mumbai. All the time when they were discussing the project, Geet was thinking a way of bringing the topic of the last night. "Kya bolu, kaise shuru karu baat??????? Kuch samajh me nahin aa rahi hai."Suddenly, Geet's father Mohinder entered her cabin.


Mohinder: May I come in beta????????????

Geet: Dad, please come in. You don't have to take my permission.

Mohinder: Oh Maan beta! You are also here. Anything important???????

Geet: Nothing Dad. We were discussing about the Mumbai project.

Mohinder:  Well I am also here for that project. Ashok, our Mumbai branch manager has faxed me some report on that project which I want both of you to notice. I think, one of us should go there and check the work personally.

Geet: Don't worry Dad. I will check the report.

Mohinder: I said both of you should check the report, beta!!!!!!

Geet: Ok Dad, as you wish.


Mohinder left the cabin. Maan and Geet both took their chair. Geet was quiet for a while. Maan didn't know that what he should do. Whether he should say something or not. Ultimately Geet started speaking and what she told him, surprised Maan a lot.


Geet: Maan, I was not in my senses last night. In my drunken state, what I have done is totally wrong. But I will expect that you will not misunderstand it. I had no intention of doing that. So plzzz stay at your limits. I kissed you in my drunken state and it didn't mean anything. So never try to make your way towards me.


Maan became furious listening to her. He will try to make his way towards her and for what???????? She really thought he would stoop so low to get a girl, and that too Ms. Geet Handa!!!!!!!!!!!


Maan: One minute Ms. Handa. What does make you think that I will make my way towards your heart??????? What do you think of  yourself  Ms. Handa?????  Koi pari hai kya aap????????? If you would be the last girl on this earth, I will not look at you Ms. Geet Handa. You can have a very beautiful face. But that does not really make you beautiful Ms. Handa. You know why????????? Becoz you have a very narrow mind, you don't think about anyone apart from yourself. No man can love a girl like you. No man will want to marry a girl like you. You can never give anyone happiness becoz you don't know the meaning of that word. I have never seen a girl like you, so much full of yourself. So never have any doubt about me making way towards you for any reason.


Maan turned around to leave the cabin. Geet was too shocked to give any reaction. She didn't expect Maan to burst out like this. Before going out Maan stopped at the door.


Maan: Aur ek baat batana chahta hoon. Waise toh mujhe is bare me kuch bolna nahin chahiye, lekin kal maine aap ki help ki, is liye aap ki Dad ne mujhe thank you bola. Aur main yahan job kar raha hoon who bhi sirf unki wajah se. Kyun ki aap ne toh mera interview hi lene se manaa kar diya tha. Sirf  Mr. Handa ke khatir mujhe laga ke main pehle se hi aap ko warn kar doon aap ke boyfrnd ke bare me.

Geet: Vikrant?????????

Maan: Oh toh unka naam Vikrant hai!!!!!!!! Joh bhi ho unka naam, par who insaan sahi nahin hain. Kaal aap ki condition ki pura fayda uthane me tyar the woh. Agar main aap ko wahan se nahin le aata toh shayad aaj subah aap apni ghar me nahin kisi hotel ya aap ki boyfrnd ki bedroom me hoti. Aur aap ka kya haal hota yeh main bolna nahin chahta. Par samajhdaro ke liye ishara hi khafi hai. Waise bhi aap kitna samajhdar hai yeh toh mujhe pata chal gaya hai.


Maan left her cabin fuming in anger. He was angry seeing Geet's guts. How could she think something this low about him???????? How could she???????? Use lagta hai ke who uspe try marna chahta hai?????????? Maan went to his cabin and shut the door so loudly that even Geet could hear it from her cabin.

On the other hand, Geet was so much stunned that she could not react in front of Maan. But after sometime, she came to her senses. She recalled everything Maan told her. Her nostrils flared remembering the words, said by Maan, " No man can love a girl like you. No man will want to marry a girl like you."  How could he say that to her???????? May be he didn't know that every guy in Delhi wanted to be her dulha. They will accept the death happily if Geet noticed them once in her life. Then who is this Maan Singh Khurana and how could he tell her all these bitter words. Then she remembered what Maan told her about Vikrant. "Kaal aap ki condition ki pura fayda uthane me tyar the woh. Agar main aap ko wahan se nahin le aata toh shayad aaj subah aap apni ghar me nahin kisi hotel ya aap ki boyfrnd ki bedroom me hoti."  Nahin Vikrant aisa nahin hain. Vikrant can naver do this much low to her. She knew that time to time Vikrant tried to be intimate with her, but she is sure that Vikrant respects her values and principles. "Aur phir who Maan Singh Khurana hota kaun hai mere aur Vikrant ke bare ma kuch bhi bolne wala???????" Geet tried to calm down herself,  but also made a promise to herself,"I will definitely give you your answers Mr. Maan." She never for once considered that she was rude and mean to Maan. In her ego, she could not see her fault and did not try to know the truth about Vikrant what Maan wanted to tell her. She read the file given by her dad and then finishing it, she informed Sasha to send Maan in her cabin. Maan was in no mood to go in her cabin after the morning's happenings. But he knew that he could not ignore his boss after all. Maan entered her cabin. Geet gave him the file which Her Dad wanted to be read by both her and Maan. Maan after taking the file was coming out of the cabin when Geet stopped him at the door.


Geet: Mr. Maan, what you have said to me before is not tolerable, but it is not in my hand to throw you out, becoz you are appointed by my father. But next time think before you talk. It will be good for you and your job. And I will be happy if you stopped dragging your nose in my matter. And one more thing, I love Vikrant too much and I will not tolerate any shit against him. Do you get that???? Now you can go.


Maan left the room. He was in no mood in arguing with her. And if she wanted to be blind then what can he do??????? He didn't care what happened to her and what happen to her in future. He had done what he should be done. He had warned her about her boyfrnd. Now it's upto her what she wanted to do with her boyfrnd. Maan entered his cabin and started to read the file.


But what both of them were unaware was the presence of a third person outside Geet's cabin. He had heard the first con versation between them when Geet accused Maan of something so low. He could interrupt their conversation, but when Maan stood for himself, he decided against it. But now he knew about the presence of Vikrant in Geet's life, which Geet had hidden so perfectly from everyone. He had to find out more about Vikrant. Geet loves someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a big news.

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