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Remember Me-A Maaneet Fanfic Part-8 updated (Page 2)

Downhill IF-Addictz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 6:42pm | IP Logged
awesome update

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 11:23pm | IP Logged
nice concept continue ..

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sree12 Groupbie

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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 1:52pm | IP Logged


In the office
Geet was working on the laptop in her cabin. Suddenly her mobile started to ring. Seeing the name flash on the screen, she became very happy.


Geet: Hey Vikrant! Where are u sweetheart? I was calling u last night. But u didn't pick up the call.

Vikrant: Hai janemaan, sorry kal kuch foreign clients aye the. Unke saath meeting me busy tha. Isliye phone utha nahin paya.

Geet: Oh, it's ok. By the way where are u now?

Vikrant: Where will I be now Geet? Of course in the office.

Geet: Ok. Lets meet for dinner Vikrant. Rainbow club as usual.

Vikrant: Ok sweetheart. Now I have to go. And I know u have to work also.

Geet: Ok. Bye Vikrant. See u tonight.

Vikrant: Of course u will see me tonight sweetheart. Bye now.

Vikrant cut the call. But as a good liar as he was, he was of course not in his office. He was in a hotel room, lying naked in the bed with a hooker. He had a rough night with her. When Geet had called last night, then he was busy having sex with the hooker. So he didn't attend Geet's call.
Hooker: U were in the office last night? U r such a liar''

Vikrant: Girlfrnd se jhoot bolna parta hai. Agar use saach bol diya toh who haath se nikal jayegi.

Hooker: Agar tumhara ek girlfrnd hai, then why do u need me? U can do this also with her.

Vikrant: Geet is a modern girl, but her thoughts are not modern. Shadi se pehle yeh sab nahin karna chahiye- yeh hai uski opinion. Ab mujhe use shadi thodi hi na karna hai. I am with her, b'coz she had the money baby.

Hooker: U have also money. Then why do u need her?

Vikrant: I am rich, but she is the richest. Now stop talking and let me have enjoy.

Hooker: U are such a shameless person. Aaahhh''''..(Vikrant bit her shoulder)

Vikrant: Yeah I am and I know that.

He started to have sex with her. He was such an animal.


Maan was watching t.v in the living room. His sister Ananya had come back from the school. They started talking about their day. Maan told her about Geet and her badtameezi. Ananya consoled him about his not getting the job. Then Maan's mobile started to ring. It's Adi, Aditya Malhotra, Maan's best friend sice his school days. He is a software engineer and worked at Infosys.

Adi: hey Maan. What are u doing?

Maan: Nothing just chatting with sis. What are u upto?

Adi: Nothing, just thinking to meet you. Can we meet tonight?

Maan: Of course dude. Come home tonight. Have dinner with us.

Adi: Ok, I will have dinner with u tonight. But not at your home. Lets meet at Rainbow club. What's say?

Maan: Nahin yaar, aj mann nahin hai. Tu ghar aa jana.

Adi: Kyun mann nahin hai? Kya hua tujhe? Are u alright?

Maan: Haan haan main thik hoon.

Then Maan told him everything.

Adi: Tab toh tujhe aur bhi aa na chahiye. Ghar se niklega toh mann thik ho jayege. Aajana yaar.

Maan: Achcha chal thik hai. Main aunga tere saath.

Adi: That's like my boy. Toh thik hai 8:00 baje milte hai rainbow me. Tu wahin pe sidha aajana.

Maan: Thik hai. Main waqt se pohuch jaunga. Chal ab rakhta hoon. Bye. See you tonight.

Adi: Yeah bye.

Maan told his mother about going to the club. His mother said that it would be a good change for him. Maan watched t.v for some more time and then got ready to go to the club. At 7:15 p.m, he started for the club.


Geet also started for the club from her office. She wore a black short dress which came upto her mid-thigh. Maan and Geet almost reach at the club same time. But they didn't meet each other.(Thank god).

Geet's father, Mohinder didn't know about Vikrant. So Vikrant and Geet didn't come together.

Adi and Maan met at the club. Maan didn't drink daily, but with his frnds, he always took one glass of beer. Maan and Adi were drinking and enjoying the crazy crowd there. Other side, Geet and Vikrant met each other outside of the club. They entered the club and started to dance. Maan met a old frnd of his at the club. They were catching up when his frnd said, "Look at that hottie Maan." Maan saw the girl and shocked seeing Geet. She was looking undoubtedly beautiful, but suddenly he noticed that every guy was looking at her lustfully. He didn't know why, but he could not stand it. He wanted to hide her from the world. Maan told his frnd about Geet and her attitude. After sometime, Maan noticed the dance floor, but Geet was not there. Maan and Adi took their dinner at the restaurant in the club and came back home.
On the other hand Geet and Vikrant stayed at the club till 2 a.m. Geet took so much shots of  whisky that she was unable to drive herself. Vikrant tried to be intimate with her. But Geet slept due to her over-drinking. Then Vikrant called from her mobile to the driver to come and take Geet with the car.

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anshra IF-Sizzlerz

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Shalve IF-Sizzlerz

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interesting continue 

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sree12 Groupbie

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It's morning. Maan had just woke up. He was going to have his breakfast when suddenly his phone rang. He took up the call. The person was calling from Handa Constructions. Maan came to know that he was again summoned for the interview, because they could not choose anyone. Maan was surprised. He finished the call, but he didn't know what his reaction should be.

Maan(in his mind): Geet Handa ne phirse mujhe interview ke liye bulaya hai? Yeh gazab kaise ho gaya? Kahin phir se mujhe baateein sunane ke liye toh nahin bulaya na? What should I do?

Maan went to his mother and told her everything. Gayatri assured her that the person might not have any bad intention unless he or she didn't call him. He should go for the interview. Lets see what was there in his luck.

As the person, who had called Maan in the morning, told him, Maan reached Handa Constructions exactly at 9:00 a.m.
Maan(to God): Kisliye uss badtameez ladki ne bulaya hain, mujhe pata nahin. Lekin plzz bacha lena. U know how much I wanted this job.
He went to the receptionist and told that he had come for the interview for the post of C.A. The receptionist knew about this and she called some Ms. Sameera. After sometime a beautiful girl in a green anarkali churidaar came to the reception. She was Sameera. Sameera noticed a well-built man in a formal purple coloured shirt and formal trouser. She guessed that he might be Maan Singh Khurana as her boss told her.
Sameera: Mr. Maan?????

Maan now noticed the girl and became dazed. He was taken by the beauty of the girl.                                                                       

Maan(in his mind): Beautiful. I have never seen such beautiful girl before. Looking so good in a simple churidaar. (While he was thinking this, Geet's face came in front of his eyes) Why I am thinking about that stupid arrogant girl.
Sameera: Mr. Maan, are u listening? Come with me. Mr. Handa is waiting for u.

Maan: Mr. Handa???????? Are u forgetting that ur boss is a woman? So it should be Ms. Handa.

Sameera: My boss is Mr. Mohinder Handa, Our CEO Ms. Geet Handa's Father. Mr. Handa has summoned u for the interview.

Maan(in his mind): Azab haal hai yaar. Beti vaga deti hai aur baap bulate hain. Chalo dekhte hain, inki bhi sun lete hain.

Sameera and Maan entered Mr.Handa's cabin. Maan noticed that Mr. Handa is a near 50 years old good-looking gentleman.
Mr. Handa: Maan Singh Khurana, right? Plz sit down young man.

Maan: Thank you sir.

Mr. Handa: Can I see your CV?

Maan: Sure sir. Here it is. Maan handed the file and all the needed papers.

Mr. Handa: Hmmm''. Topper of the year 2009 batch. Very good. (He thoroughly checked the cv) Your favourite hobby is gardening. That's great. That ia also my favourite hobby. U got the job man.

Maan: But u didn't ask me any question'. He was totally shocked.

Mr. Handa: Your CV is enough for u getting the job. U can join our office from tomorrow. Welcome to Handa Constructions.

Mohinder and Maan shook hand and then Mohinder told Sameera to show Maan the whole office and also his cabin. Mohinder handed Maan the appointment cum joining letter and told Sasha, Geet's secretary, to inform Geet about the placement. Maan came out of the cabin with Sameera. He was very happy.
Sameera: Congrats Mr. Khurana.

Maan: Thanks. Plzz call me Maan Ms. Sameera.

Sameera: Ok. But on one condition. U have to call me Sameera.

Maan: Ok. Done'.. They smiled looking at each other. They both started to feel comfortable in each other's company. Sameera showed him the whole office, got introduced with some collegues and at last took Maan to his cabin. Maan liked his cabin.

On the other hand, Geet came to know about the appointment. She told Sasha to call the new employee in her cabin. Sasha called Sameera and informed that. Sameera informed Maan about it. Maan became nervous, he knew Geet would not tolerate him in this office. But he could not avoid his boss, could he? After thinking a lot, he entered Geet's cabin.
Maan: Good Afternoon Maam, I am Maan Singh Khurana. The new C.A of the company.

In this all time, Geet was looking at the laptop's screen. Hearing Maan's voice she looked up and became shocked.

Geet: Tum????????? Dad ne tumhe job me rakkha hain?????? Is he a mental?????? Kahin tumne dad pe koi jaadu-tona toh nahin kar diya na???????? How could he give the job to u??????? Aur tumhari himmat kaisi hui yahan pe dobara aane ki????? Kal toh bohut bolke gaye the ke tum yahan kaam nahin karna chahte. Toh aaj kya ho gaya???????
Geet was continuously asking him questions, but didn't give Maan any chance to answer.                                                                       
Maan(in his mind): Phir shuru ho gayi recorder. Sawal pe sawal puchti ja rahi hain. Baap hai ki sawal hi nahin karta aur beti sawal pe sawal kar rahi hain. Kya Jodi hai dono ki?
Suddenly Mr.Handa entered the cabin. He came to know from Sameera that Maan had gone to meet Geet. He knew what his daughter's reaction will be. Instantly he knew that he has to save Maan and has to keep him in the office. Only Maan can answer back his daughter and showed her where she is wrong. Mr. Handa himself could do that, but he loved his daughter too much to ever scold her.
Mr. Handa: What happened Geet?????? Why are u shouting so much???? Have u forgotten ur manners????? Don't forget it is a office.

Geet: Dad, how could u give HIM the job? U didn't even ask me once.

Mr. Handa: He is qualified enough to get the job. And he also has two years experience in his field. So he is eligible for the post I think. And about asking you, I think it does not matter. U can be the CEO of the company, but still I have 51% share in the company. So I can take any decision in absence or presence of u for the benefit of the company. And I also can employ new people in the office. U can't ask about my any decision. Am I clear? Now don't creat a scene in the office.(Then he turned towards Maan) Young man, u can join from tomorrow. Now go and share the good news with ur family and frnds. See you tomorrow.

Mr. Handa left the room. He smiled to himself, at last he did what he should do.
Geet: I will see you. 1 mahine ke andar agar tumhe yahan se nahin nikala toh mara naam Geet Mohinder Handa nahin. Just wait and watch Mr. Maan Singh Khurana. Main yeh insult itni asani se nahin bhoolungi'''...
Maan was dumbstruck. He didn't know what to say. How could he be at fault???????? What had he done???????? He had no answer. But he will do anything to keep this job. He knew it for sure.

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I have thought of not posting the story anymore. I think no one is liking it. So it will be better if I stop it here. I pmed almost 23 people, but got 3-4 likes and 1-2 comments. So I am closing it. Bye frnds. UnhappyCry

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came across this FF it lovely add me to pm list

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