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FF:DESTINED TO LOVE(chapter 15 part 1 n 2 page 89) (Page 79)

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Originally posted by vidu87

awesome partsBig smile

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Originally posted by seabeauty

ala update.. waiting 4 next..
thanks dear.NEXT PART ON THE WAY.
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Hi Srija
when will u update dear?

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Originally posted by Deepi20

Nice update!thanks deepi. Poor Abhay, he feels guilty in front of Piya because of his dad's deeds!ya he is an idiot. Ouch I hope Piya makes Abhay see sense soon that he has nothing to do with his dad's wrong doings!ya c wil do it. And I'm glad Piya will be living with Abhay's family! Looking forward to the next update! Continue soon Smile
wil try 2 update asap.
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Originally posted by Pari-Gupta

Hi Srija
when will u update dear?
2maro dear.i'll be updating regularly if possible.
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Originally posted by priya.1

plz update soon srija... whn wil u be updating nxt part????
2maro dear
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chapter 14 part 1


Dear diary,
staying in dis house i feel like i gav got my family n dad loves me a lot.after 13 yrs of isolation dis feeling of lov n affection,it seems like my dream has come abhay,its been 3 days since we returned frm hospital bt since den he had been avoiding me.i dnt know y bt he doesnt even look straight into my eyes.he hadnt eaten properly since den.i dnt know wats troubling him.he seems distant.he doesnt smile like he used 2 n it hurts 2 c him dat way.dat spark,dat happiness is missing in his eyes,dat enthusiasm is missing in his voice.he barely speaks 2 me.he didnt even attend seems like a ruin widout him.i cldnt even concentrate on my studies.widout him i feel empty inside as if a part of me is missing.da way he held me,da way he cried wid me,i had felt a sense of belonging bt nw wen he is avoiding me i feel lyk crying.i want 2 confront him n ask y he is doing so bt wenever i stand infront of him i becom dumb,i cant even utter a word.i jst stand there n he avoids my eyes n leaves me in tears.
2day wen i took his meal 2 his room.he was staring out of the window.i called him bt he didnt respond.wen i tapped his shoulders.he turned back n i cld see the trace of tears in his eyes.i cldnt bear it.tears welled up in my eyes as well.he raised his hands 2 wipe away my tears bt stopped in midway n turned his back 2 me.he shouted at me 2 leave him.i dnt know wat he is thinking.i dnt know myself wats happening 2 me.y cant i see him in tears?y cant i bear his pain?y cant i bear it wen he avoids me?y is it killing me inside?
Ram vaiyya brought back the tray frm his room.he hadnt even touched his meal.if he cld only tell me wats wrong wid him,i wld av gone thru every possible way 2 solve his problem.i guess he doesnt trust me enough 2 share his problems wid me.maybe dats the reason bt i jst dnt want him 2 b in pain.i jst cant c him in dat condition.i wish he cld share his problem wid me.


Hey swthrt
sorry i havnt been talking 2 u 4 3 days bt lots of things r going around me.wen my mom said dat man was my father i cldnt bear it.i m a son of a murderer,m da son of dat man who snatched away al the happiness of my love.though i dnt consider him 2 be my father bt i cant deny dat da blood flowing in my system in his blood.if i cld i wld av drained my body out of the blood bt i cant do dat as it wld make mom devastated.
I m nt able 2 meet piya's can i?after al m a part of dat filthy man.i love her a lot nd dat makes it even more difficult 4 me 2 meet her eyes.i cant confess my love becoz of dis guilt.
Wen i saw tears in her eyes i wanted 2 wipe it away,i wanted 2 hug her n ask her nt 2 cry.her tears pinched me bt i cldnt do so.i hate myself knowing dat m a part of dat can i touch her wid these hands den.
I havent been attending my clg bt i cant neglect my studies like dis 4 my dad-chand raichand.i must walk on the path he showed i av decided 2 attend da clg bt the project-wat do i do abt dat,how can i say dat we 2 project partners-one's parents were killed by the other's father.
Swthrt i so hate myself 4 being a part of dat person who tortured my love,my life piya nd also my if it wasnt enough dat he was the murderer dat the fact of him being my father came infront of me knocking me so hard.dis mark on my back always remind me of him nd his sins.
I m glad dat mom n dad loves piya a lot bt me-do i deserve her love??i m frustrated.i cant stay wid her nor can stay away frm her.hope c finds some1 better nd hope c finds all the happiness c deserves.
Gud nt swthrt.
abhay woke up after his disturbing night.he freshened up n entered da kitchen n found piya making tea.he was abt 2 leave da kitchen wen piya called him.
Abhay jst ignored it n rushed outside bt piya followed him.
P:abhay,i need 2 talk 2 u.
A:piya plz i dnt want 2 talk 2 u.
A:dnt ask silly questions.m nt in mood 2 talk.
P:u can say it looking at my eyes too.y dnt u meet my eyes hun?wats happening 2 u?u were never like dis.y hav u changed?
A:cant i piya?its my life n i can change wenever i want.
Abhay rushed 2wards his room leaving piya in verge of tears.abhay entered his room nd banged his fist on the wall nd closed his eyes letting the tears fall down.
Piya was hurt.c sat down on the chair nd stared blankly at nothing.haseena nd chand saw piya in dat state.
Piya looked at haseena trying 2 smile bt c cldnt cld c wen her heart was in so much pain.
H:wat happened piya.
H:hey y r u crying?
Chand:did he say something?
P:no dad he has changed.he is so rude 2 me nd avoides me as much as possible.i dnt know why he is doing so.i dnt want 2 loose my best fren.
H:dnt worry wil be alright.jst give him sometime.
Piya hugged haseena nd haseena patted her back.
P:everything will be alright na?
H:ya everything will be alright.
part 2 posted below.

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chapter 4 part 2

piya entered the clg wid gloomy expression.kabir ran 2wards her seeing her enter the clg compound.
K:hey piya...piya wat happened?u look disturbed.
P:nothing kabir.did u see abhay?
K:is he in clg?its been days since i last saw him.
P:ya 2day he said he wld come.
K:is everything all right piya?u look reli sad.
P:its nth kabir.
K:come on piya tel me.we r best buddies na.
P:wel its abt abhay.
Piya narrated the whole story 2 kabir nd kabir was shocked 2 know the truth.
K:m so sorry 2 know dat piya.
P:its ok kabir.
K:so nw u know dat abhay is ur secret fren.
P:ya i y didnt he tel me the truth?
K:he was afraid dat u wld get angry.
P:he is an idiot.y wld i get kabir...he is changed.the 1 who cared 4 me so much,who helped me so much is avoiding me nw.i dnt know wats happening 2 him kabir.he is disturbed.he doesnt eat properly nor speaks hurts 2 c him like dat.
Tears welled up in her eyes again thinking abt abhay.abhay cld bring tears in her eyes which nobody cld do.kabir wiped out her tears.
K:piya..dnt cry.i can understand.
P:wats happening 2 me kabir.i cant stay away frm him.i cant c him in pain.
K:u r in love piya.
Piya looked up at him with shocked expression.
K:ya piya its true.dats love.wen u care abt some1 more dan urself.wen u feel connected 2 dem nd feel their emotion n pain dat means u love dat person.dats wat happening 2 u ,u r in love.
K:i know piya u av gone thru a lot.u can take ur time nd think abt it.dnt worry i wil nt tel him.ok leave it.lets go n find him bt where?
P:maybe he is at the corner of the compound on dat isolated bench.dats the only isolated area here.

Abhay was leaning on dat isolated bench dat very place where he came close 2 piya 4 the 1st time,dat very place where he had comforted her bt now he was alone-alone cursing himself.abhay saw kabir approach him so he tried 2 compose himself as normal as possible.kabir sat down beside him n looked straight into his eyes-his teary eyes which he was trying 2 hide.
K:no need 2 show me dat u r fine n compose urself.i av been ur bst fren since childhood n i understand u pretty well.dnt pretend 2 b fine.
K:u can shout as much as u want.if it wil relieve u i wil nt stop u frm shouting at me.
Abhay sighed in frustration.he knew it was no use hiding sth frm kabir.
A:kabir i just cant meet piya's eyes.c was hurt,her everything was snatched away by a person who happened 2 b my father.
Kabir pretended 2 b shocked,pretended 2 be unknown 2 the fact.
A:i hate myself 4 being son of dat b*****d.i get disgusted wid my own body that is a part of can i behave normally wid piya knowing all these facts.
P:so dat was the reason behind avoiding me.
Abhay heard piya's voice nd turned back 2 find piya behind him.her eyes had tears,anger nd also sadness.c was angry at abhay 4 comparing himself wid dat man.
Abhay tried 2 walk away frm dat place bt piya stopped him.
P:abhay dnt try 2 run away frm me.plz i beg u.
Piya's pleading voice prevented him frm running away.c had tears in her eyes n abhay felt pain seeing dis.
A:piya...plz...plz dnt cry.
P:u dnt want me 2 cry na den dnt avoid hurts abhay wen u speak so rudely wid me.
A:piya...m..m sorry.
P:abhay y r u feeling guilty 4 wat u didnt do.u didnt do dat all 2 me nd remember he is nt ur father.u r abhay raichand-chand raichand's son nd u sld be proud of ur dat.dnt even think abt dat monster.
A:i still...i hate myself...i hate my blood.
P:ur blood is nt only of dat persn's bt ur mom's as well nd c is da best mom on dis earth.dnt u dare hate urself.i dnt hate u,nobody hates u.if u hate urself i will..will kill u 4 hating my best fren.
She finished the sentence fighting back the tears bt the tears managed 2 fall down.abhay wiped out her tears bt his eyes were teary too.
A:piya m reli sorry.i didnt mean 2 hurt u.dnt cry.
P:u r crying too.
A smile crept on his lips when he brushed off his tears.abhay hugged piya nd thanked her.piya hugged him back relieved.
P:never try 2 ignore me again.
A:i swear i wil never do dat.after all u r my best fren.
They tried hard nt 2 let tears flow down bt dat was nt so easy.all their worries nd frustration were leaving them in da form of tears.kabir smiled seeing the two person he loved most reconcile though somewhere in his heart it hurt him 2 see piya's extent of love 4 abhay n abhay's 4 piya.
"wish they wld confess their love soon."
he was abt 2 leave wen both of dem called him.
A & P:kabir wait.
Kabir turned back 2 receive a tight hug frm both of them.
A:thank u so much dude.
P:thanks kabir.
K:hey both of u stop thanking me.m ur best fren yar.did u 4get the rule no thank u,sorry chalega.
Three of them laughed nd promised each other 2 remain best buddies 4ever.
scroll down.

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