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FF:DESTINED TO LOVE(chapter 15 part 1 n 2 page 89) (Page 58)

-srija- Goldie

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Posted: 27 October 2011 at 8:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shafaq_abhiya

Wow!! Abhay is soo good loved him
update soon waiting
thanks shafaq.ya abhay is good indeed.wil update soon.

-srija- Goldie

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Posted: 27 October 2011 at 8:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Eowyn

Caught up with the whole thing finally...
Wow! The murder himself appears in front of Piya...ya he did
What can be his motive?u'll know it in next update
Abhay- Piya's journey so far is beautiful...m glad u liked it
Well done Srija..thanks nidhs
Continue onwil continue soon
-srija- Goldie

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Posted: 27 October 2011 at 8:46pm | IP Logged
thank u guys.thank u all 4 wishing me a quick recovery.still m nt able 2 update according 2 schedule,i'll be updating slowly.wait till i get discharged then i'll load u with my updates.

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-srija- Goldie

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Posted: 27 October 2011 at 9:27pm | IP Logged
yipee my 1000th post.m a goldie now.


piya turned back n saw the man who killed her parents.
Man:"ya its me.u recognised me right?"

piya walked 2 wards him n grabbed him by collar.

P:"u killed ma parents n fled away n u dare even come infront of me.y did u kill my parents?y??
M:"M sorry piya"
P:"sorry??do u think dat ur mere sorry can mend ma heart.i can never 4give can i?u snatched away my parents,my emotions everything.u r a monster."
M:"i know m a monster.i accept it.wat i did is killing me"
P:"nt the way it killed u hav any idea how much i suffered??
M:"i know"
P:"wat do u know hun?how wld u know?"
M:"i hav known everything.1st please listen 2 me plz.den u can do anything u like wid me.i cant run away frm the fact now."

piya collected herself,brushed off the tears n sat down on a chair.

P:"ok tell me.u must hav a reason behind ur sinful act.go on."
M:"actualy i liked ur mom since college days.c used 2 be my bst fren.i loved her n finally confessed my love bt c refused me.i asked the reason,c said she loved somebody else.then i found out it was arnav-my competitor in everything-sports,study n even love n my greatest enemy."
P:"(laughing hysterically)so u killed ur enemy gr8..along wid ur bst fren.i understood y u killed my dad bt y mom?why?"
M:"i know wat i did was wrong.after c refused me i left dat place,got married bt never cld be happy wid my wife n son.c too left me.i was lonely n frustated.i returned severav yrs later nd saw ur mom n dad happy.i dnt know wat happened 2 me bt i cldnt bear anger,frustration nd vegenance overcomed my humanity and..."

a drop of tear trickled down his cheek.piya was observing her parents photo nd listening 2 dat man.the image of dat very man killing her parents,the dying face of her momma n papa ,the pool of blood came 2 her mind constantly nd c broke down.unable 2 control herself c cried her heart out in shuddering gasps.

That man approached her nd patted her shoulders.she shoved his had wid a jerk.

P:"dnt u dare touch me.dnt u dare pity me.u've no right 2 do so.U HAV NO RIGHT."
M:"piya m sorry.i know what i did was wrong nd i've already been punished by god.after dat incident i lost ma mind nd went crazy.after 2 yrs i recovered nd found myself in an asylum.i searched 4 u bt cldnt last i saw u in an orphanage.i cldnt meet my son bt since i snatched away ur parents from u,i wanted 2 provide everything 2 u that i cldnt do 4 my son.i donated a lot 2 orphanage,i sent regular gifts to u bt i found out u never accepted last i thought 2 sponser a scholarship 2 u."

with dis revealation piya looked up at him c had always wanted 2 know who sponsered the scholarship n thank him bt now when he was in front of her c cldnt thank him.

P:"scholarship??so dat was u?i dnt want it.i dnt want any money frm ur filthy hand.i dnt want ur mercy.i'd rather stay illiterate than study using ur money."
M:"please dnt say so piya.i want u 2 study nd fulfill ur dream.i want u 2 b happy."
P:"happy?u want me 2 stay happy after what u did 2 me n my parents.if dis is a joke then its a very bad one."
M:"piya try 2 understand.i feel guilty 4 what i did.i cant run away nw.i myself wanted u 2 take action against me.watever u want 2 do wid me u can.its upto u.i'll nt try 2 run away again.m tierd."


On the other hand abhay convinced that servent nd his mom 2 go out of the house 4 sometime till piya leaves.when he entered his room 2 take piya's file somebody locked him frm outside.he tried 2 get out of the room bt in vain.then he thought his mom did so.he called her bt no answer.he knocked da door several times nd tried 2 open it bt he cldnt.he was worried abt piya.he felt as if piya needed him desperately.he felt as if piya is in pain.he searched his whole room 4 a rope bt cldnt find he took the bed sheet tied it n climed out of the 2 his dissapointment the main door was locked frm inside.he took a round of the house nd found the window of kitchen open.he climed in tru it nd opened the main door.just then he heard a loud crash in the store room 2 find piya lying on the ground crying wid her parents photo nd a man-a familiar man standing infront of her.

Part 2 posted below.

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-srija- Goldie

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Abhay cld c piya was completely broken.he went 2 wards her nd made her sit on a chair.he tried 2 comfort her.seeing pia in so much pain he was loosing control of himself.piya clutched him tightly nd with no barrier c poured down all her pain nd frustration in the form of tears.abhay embraced her tightly nd made her relax.he looked up at the man angrily.

A:"hey who the hell r u?y r u here.wait a minute...i think i know u.u're the same man who used 2 stalk me everywhere since my childhood and..."

abhay looked at the sketch in his hand nd at dat man.except the greying hair nd few wrinkles everything matched.abhay knew instantly it was the same person who killed piya's parents.

A:"u...u are the one we were searching 4.u're the murderer.wat are u doing in my house??

Piya heard abhay saying it was his house.c was shocked.

P:(looking at abhay)"ur house??"

bt abhay was engaged wid dat man.piya cld see abhay was really angry dat time.

A:"wat did u do 2 piya hun?wat were u trying 2 do?u want 2 kill her too hun?''

abhay's anger was out of control.he cldnt bear anyone hurting piya or wanting 2 do so.he didnt want anyone 2 hurt his angel,his life.he wanted 2 kill that man the very moment.

Abhay grabbed than man n punched him.he didnt know it himself what he was doing.he just knew that man was torturing piya.he cldnt even stop himself 2 think dat the man is elder n he sld behave.his morals vanished infront of piya's agony nd pain.


haseena cldnt stay out of the house long.she was enjoying 2 see her son she decided 2 go inside.she entered the house bt there was no trace of abhay nd piya but then she heard abhay shouting at someone in the store room.she rushed 2wards what c saw startled her.c was stopped dead in her track.her son was acting violent nd fighting wid someone.


Abhay was abt 2 punch the bleeding nose of the man again bt stopped in the midway with his mother's warning.then haseena saw the face of the man n was hell shocked.he was still the same as c remembered him.the same eyes bt it was calm n guiltx,the same face,the same feature nd same hair bt greying.her eyes widened with fear.she automatically took several steps back.

H:"u...u...y...y r u here?"

The voice was still the same bt it was unusually calm n soft unlike b4.c still remembered that night dat made her shiver everytime c remembered it.


It was a windy night.the wind was howling fiercely nd the window pane was trembling wid its force.haseena was making her 6 months old son sleep.there was a knock on the door.haseena covered abhay wid blanket nd opened the door.raghav entered the house.he was drunk as usual.

H:"you drank again?how many times i told u nt 2 drink?"
R:"shut up u b****.serve me dinner fast.m hungry."
H:"y?didnt u eat outside as always?"
R:"how dare u talk wid me like dat just wait.."

Ragav was very drunk n was angry too.he took off his belt nd slashed it bruishing haseena's body.her fragile body was printed black n blue.she went towards her son 2 protect him frm the beating bt that monster managed 2 get hold of abhay nd threw him 2wards the end of bed.poor child was hurt badly on back.


Tears flowed down haseena's eyes remembering dat night.abhay was confused.he looked at his mom nd the man.

A:"mom how do u know this monster?u know i used 2 tak abt a man who always followed me,he is the same mom how do u know him?"
H:"i...i..dnt know him."
R:"y do u lie haseena.he has right 2 know.come on tell him the truth."
H:" dnt want 2.u...u..just go away from here.LEAVE."
A:"mom what r u hiding frm me?mom i need 2 do u know the murderer."
A:"ya a monster,a murderer who murdered piya's parents"
H:"raghav HOW CLD U?"
A:"mom whats this?wat r u hiding?MOM PLEASE TELL ME.(shaking haseena)plz tell me mom.I NEED TO KNOW."

Unable 2 hold anymore haseena blurted out.


GUYS do 4give me 4 a short update.bheja khali thha ishliye chota hai.anyways wil be waiting 4 ur responses.
With love

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prerna26 Goldie

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Posted: 27 October 2011 at 9:28pm | IP Logged
Congrats Srija!SmileWow Srija Brilliant update!!

Abhay's father killed Pia's Parents. He was such a monster. Now Pia knows the truth, Her feelings for Abhay will change? Continue soon and take care sweety. Love you!!

Edited by prerna26 - 28 October 2011 at 11:10am

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-srija- Goldie

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Posted: 27 October 2011 at 9:28pm | IP Logged
thanks prerna.ya abhay's father was an evil he is guilty now.
Abhiya wil come closer mw after the revealation.

Edited by -srija- - 29 October 2011 at 12:30am

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Akshi0019 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 October 2011 at 3:24am | IP Logged
congracs dr!!!!
woh what a twist yr!!!! abhay father pia's parent  murderer so much complicated!!!!
i hope abhay handle d truth... n pia will be dere with him!!!!!
i hope everything sorted out soon...
cont soon n thanks 4 d pm!!!

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