Hailing the Conqueror! EPI 17 # Caps

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 8:15pm | IP Logged
Mein aa gaiTongue!

And me again late
But me kya karing, the comp went on and on for the whole night and me slept like Kesu in the last episodeOuch!!!

Toh ab Mamu uth gaya hai
And up up and ready bhi ho gaya hai...(bina brush kiyeTongue)

Toh chalo shuru karte hain, where we had stopped in the last epi..
Revjibhai eaves dropping on Poonamba's convo with her sis and gets mad at having learnt that Gulaal has gone to Talsagra!

And here the love birds are talking and thanking each other!!
You are great and you are great!!

And I love Vasant's looks, he gives Gulaal, a bit of awe, a bit of shyness and a bit flirty!!

And look at her ...stealing looks..

And then she tells him how she doesnot like the thought of leaving Talsagra..

And so he maro in chance and bol diya..
'Toh yahi ruk jaa na!'

A silent beckon? to understand what he is saying?

Oh and My fav is here!!
The DOP...Gulaal taking 'angdai' in the morning!

And oh ! I love this Bhajan and the way they showed the calf and the cow!!
Jaag ne tu jadhva, Krishna govaliya!!

Krishna was so fond of his cows na? It was he who taught us the importance of the cows, when he told the Gokulvasis not to worship Indra, but to worship the cows, who provide them with their bread and butter..and secondly, the calves which were refusing to eat, are now eating in Talsagra..with Gulaal to welcome the morning, Talsagra has turned into a happy place, that is what they wanted to convey??

Oh I love how the cow is pampering it,  while he feeds!
(I removed these cow feeding the calf caps as someone told me it is a private moment of Mother and the calf...public exposure is not good...)

and the spinner, spinning the cotton and the panihari going for water.. the best sights of a village..considered to be the best oment too!

And aa gai Maharani!

And so she sings the aarti...'Vishwambhari'

And how can he not comeLOL

And everybody would come and stare, he would come and take away!!LOL

Vasant does look good in this whole epi!!

Burning like the diya in front of them

Contd ..

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
And the first one to be 'Tilaked'

And the first one to put Tilak too (apart from PB who put it before everyone came, so that doesnot countTongue)

And he looks on as she conquers all...err apart from JK family...

though she managed one (not to forget Dushty who is not here)!

Aha!! Dont you dare touch me Rashipur girl!

And Vasant all flirty! Taking full advantage of his height and would not let her Tilak him!

And Panba...She obviously knows  her son's heart..and see spanking him for being naughtyLOL

And she asks him mutelly if she can NOW put it!

And I just love how he nodded his ways side ways, as an obedient child!! Owww ..that was one CUTE doubt Kesuda learnt this..copy cat kahin ka!

And she cannot resist the smile can she?

Jay ambe!LOL

And PB maro hathoda on garam loha!! What a wonderful bahu Gullu will make, she says to a staring at Gulaal's back wala VasantLOL

And aa gai apne future kingdom mein kitchen queen..with Dayan and Devika sitting!

and ofcourse Dayan taunts Gulaal

oh But I loved she puts everything on Sudhi's head and takes Gulaal's hand and walks off and even taunts JK back!! Wah wah!!

And JK bechari, apne bachon ke saamne kya bole!

And Sudhi was the first one to see the future I guess, the way she says...Gulaal has charmed all,,,Vasant follows her like a shadow, Kesar never leaves her side and SOMEBODY's eyes never leave true was this scenario even after Vasant's deathLOL

Haha! And JK and Dushty both got the hint na?

And look at him, so proud and full of himself!

And haha ! I just loved this girlie talk..

And the fan girls gushing about their stars!
Oh I just laughed at Mansi's expression when she said she was standing this near to Amir khan when he came to shoot for Lagan in Bhuj!!

She looks so proud..the old Gulaal back

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 8:40pm | IP Logged
The Best part of today's epi

Vasant's conversation with PB and MB...
This actually builds the premises, on why Vasant was Vasant for MB...and PB..
but more for MB because it is today, he declares him as his heir, as the son who has his back!
I have NEVER loved a father-son scene SO much in any soap or a film it was SO damn good!! There is one more scene which would come later, in which Vasant refuses to elope with Gulaal, on Gulaal's insistence, saying that would again ignite the enemity between the villages and comes to the room, where MB is watching the sunrise..and there is absolutely no verbal communication between them, yet that was one CLASSIC Scene!!
It was this son, his friend, his confidante, his pride that MB lost and to a large extent found in Gulaal, is it a wonder he was always more than partial towards Gulaal?

I loved this beginning too, PB coming to Vasant... mother son just talking

And MB drops in...Vasant is sooo in love with his can was to a large extent, MB's love and pride that made him go searching for a mad man's dream na??
And I said in the EDT...Vasaant calls MB Baapji while Kesar calls him Motabha..

Oh I just loved how MB said,,,today I had to come to you!

And the open happiness on MB's face, while the more humbled one on Vasant's face! Such tiny small intricacies that the CVs took into a/c

And look at her! Finally at peace and so proud of her son, and happy that her son is now in good books of his father! A mother is always like that na? Playing the peacemaker between the family!

And Vasant!! He is such a GOOD fellow...he just cannot digest all the praise his father showers on him and takes his hands ..Oh I love these gestures of his, they were SO Vasant, like the one he typical Vasant is that!

And I loved PB's expression in this one!

And Mb telling him how right he was , and how he saved the whole village and Vasant is in denial saying that it ws Gulaal, and PB answering him, that it was HE who found Gulaal ..and Vasant gives the credit to Ramjadiya..and again MB saying that it was Vasant who found Ramjadiya..and Vasant...he is toh Vasant..saying that it was MB who sent him there na..

And just look at MB's reaction to that!

SO RIGHT! which son would wander in a desert on one say from his father!! Who but Vasant!

Haha!! PB maro in chance!! mimicking MB..what MB had said when Vasant left!! I just loved how MB asks her' Ha ha bolo, Kya bola tha mein!'

And he never would have known what good mimicking artist his Paan was na..hahaha she she gives the exact pose and dialogues too!

And MB takes in such good spirit!

The whole family laughing and Giga watching...and especially getting angry when MB declares Vasant his heir!

I love the subtle use of this hand clenching showing that the person is angry and burning with jealousy even if they did not show his face in this scene!

Oh and once more...he gets all emotional na..? and I love this silent communication when MB just looks on at a smiling Vasant and Vasant understand his needs for warmth from his son, and hugs him back!

And this one I just loved how MB relegates Vasant's childhood memory..that was so unlike Vasant and yet so him!! The calm and docile Vasant getting angry and violent, when somebody threatens his loved ones na??

How Mb and his friend were practising Lathis (Oh how I would have loved the trio...MB Vassy and Kesar pracisting and having a good time, one scene toh banta tha naOuch)...and how the other guy had made him fall on his face and was ready to attack on his back when Vasant had beaten the other guy on his head..

And Vasant laughing when he heard that he had beaten the guy on his head!! This was what I was talking about, his typical Vasant!

and MB had told him that if you want to defeat me..attack me from the front, not the back, as my son has my back...Owww...I just love how he said it!!

And Vasant is just happy to have made them happy!

And he cannot see tears na?

And oww...when PB asks what does he want..what does this guy want, he wants his parents to feed him like they did when he was a child..such simple wishes in his life, yet such greater ambitions!!

Oh I just loved this scene..somehow even the basic and routine scenes were so turned into epic in this serial, it is difficult to define the happiness I had while watching this one!

And who said there was only one KMH ?? ye khud bhi toh bahot badi KMH hai..reminded me of Kesu watching her eat!!

and I absolutely LOVED this Anjumanju once said, It is her Meera Magan bhai stare!

And look at him, the moment he sees her, he even stops chewingLOL

And I love she calls her in and feeds her!

And tells openly 'Gulaal filled colours in Vasant's dream!'
haha implying two was the reason she called Gulaal in, because she also deserved this prize along with Vasant..and secondly telling both of them that she knew what was going on between them and also putting MB on guardLOL

And Gullu getting hiccups and PB telling her someone in Rashipur might be missing her...someone tell them the wHOLE Rashipur is mising her...there is a panchayat in her honour! LOL

Aha isko dekho!

Rashipur Panchayat questioning REvji on Gulaal's whereabouts!

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Ab toh  jaane ko mann nahi karta...Embarrassed

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 8:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Srushti-

Geesh yo uare here na..reserve please..again sorry for making yo waitOuch

Hi Srush...Hug Good morning Embarrassed

Please stop saying sorry Ouch

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 9:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Geeshani

Ab toh  jaane ko mann nahi karta...Embarrassed

Haha Such a big difference between two saying covertly toh ruk ja and other one openly challenging her to fall in love with himLOL
Fantastic reClapClapClapClap

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srush..Hugd epi was ggod for me..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I must say..revji bhai..was mad but I thought he will..scold her more..but he was showing his beleif on that situation..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..n pooba do hath age nikhli..n showers love on vassy too..LOL
I loved d convo..n h gullu says ki its because of vassy talsagara got panii..!!!
Vassy directly giving d hint ki..don't go from here...haan..they always understand others feelings without saying..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I loved d morning scenes..n h they showed d village..waking up scenes..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
H come PB came to know ki..gullu sings well..Shockedoh..starting wala gana bhi gullu ne hi gayatha kya..Stern Smile
Loved h MP sang d easily she has sung d song..u know..her voice sounds as iff it is coming directly from heart..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Loved h d one put d tilak on gullu first..Tongue
H convenienntly MB..has taken d arthi..nhad put d tilak by gullu's hand..didn't u see lil bit of tense on gullu's face at that moment..Confusedbut loved MMB's gesture..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Vassy tho flirting karing uske mommy ke saamne..LOLn mommy dearest giving full support..Tongueaur  kya chahiye..Wink
N kitty party of devdi,rewa n gullu..hehe gullu said she likes Aamir khan h come she fell for oont jitna lamba hai..LOL*aamir fans mujhe goli mardenge*
D kitchen scene..yup..sudhi is intelligent..dayan..Angry..n y she keeps on staring at dushy*ek pal ke liye bhi nahin socha k anju pe kya beethegi..CryCryCry*
Loved d convo between..vassy n MB..n particularly d will thinks of his village instead of his personal life..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
MB is so overwhelmed in this situation as well as vassy..he has such child like excitement when Mb says about d laat thing..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Loved d wish..haan it is diffrent when ur parents feed u with love..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Loved h bukkad came in between..n PB n MB's co-operation for vas-gul..LOL
N panchayath haan..I'm li bit tensed to know d situation..Ermm

Loved  d post n caps srush.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.n lub u to infinite infinity..Hug

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SrushyHug...lovely caps dear...
night scene between gulaal and vassy was so good...he indirectly proposingShocked...
morning sceneEmbarrassed...gullu taking angdaai...ohhh yeh DOP kithna achcha kaam kartha hai naClap...
lovely captures of the village in the early morning...
puja scene...MP have a very good voice...though i dont understand the song which she had sing...but me loved her voice...arey sab log kadhe hua hai..but bachcha ko toh gullu ke paas toh aanahi tha naWink...ohh loved that thilak sceneEmbarrassed...vassy full on flirting with gullu in fromt of PB...abey teri maa ko dekh le..baad mein yeh sab karna...PB telling gullu will be a good DIL...OMG MIL toh pat hi gayee...
Kitchen wala scene...devdi was bang on...n loved Dushy smile after listening sudhi dialogue to JK...loved all girly talks...n gullu expression while she was telling abt AamirKhan...
MB, PB, Vassy simple but so words to explain how much i liked it...
PB n MB feeding sweet na...n gullu was so happy to this side of the family na...n PB intentionally telling gulaal has colored vassy's dreams...

Waise vassy iss epi mein toh kuch jyaada hi handsome haiWink...gullu ka haal toh usse dekhkhe bura hona hi tha naLOL...

Geeshy...lovely gif...but u knew whats my favouriteEmbarrassedWink...

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