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Dancing With Your Love Chapter 22 pg 106 4/1 (Page 40)

KreyaArshiLover IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 March 2012 at 10:48am | IP Logged

Chapter 16

Both couples looked at each other again. Vicky quickly stood up so did Rey and he looked around, Vicky said with a foolish grin on his face

V:- he he, anhere main pata hi nahi chala.

A angry Neha stomped in front

Ne:- How could babu Neha do? Pointing a finger at him.

All:- BABU???

V:- Khagu meri baat suno, looked around and her ran after her.

all again:- KHAGU?

The gang looked super confused at each other then again looked at the dance saw both Kriyansh gone.

Out is Rey ran behind Kriya, she looked like she was crying, they came out to the garden. Rey was contingency blabbering sorry to her. After awhile he hard somone giggling he looked at Kriya's face and saw her, laughing and now she wasn't giggling. She was laughing hard.

K:- wah meri friend ko propose kar diya. Aur aapke dost ne mujhe propose kar diya. Aur kya bhana dhunda aapke dost ne, andhere main dikh nahi diya. Paagal hain aap dono.

Rey looked at her with a smile and when she said the last lines he also started to laugh just like her.

R:- Sach kaha paagal hain Vicky.

K:- Aap se dhorta kum.

R:- KYA? Main paagal hoon?

Kriya hitting him playfully said:- Aur nahi to kya.

R:- Aur phir bhi iss paagal se tum pyaar karti hoon?

Which made Kriya look up at him with a blushing face. The lights in the garden light up. And Rey went down on his knees.

R:- Miss Kriya Ghai, first time when we met our relationship started with a fight, we hated each other, actually you hated me. To be right full. After that we met each other again and that with a fight. Under all these fights I don't know when I fell in love with you. It think I feel in love with you before I knew it. Kriya Ghai I LOVE YOU, will you be mine forever and after that?

Kriya looked at him with teary eyes and nodded, put her hand forward. Rey with a smile put the ring on her finger.

Rey stood up, as fast he stood up he felt Kriya's arms around him. She was sobbing, he guessed it was her happy tears he put his hands around her, and jut fel her.

After awhile, Kriya came out from his arms and started hitting him.

R:- aahh, Kriya why are you hitting me.

K:- Because you have made me feel all girly, hate you hate you for making me feel all girly.

Rey just shacked his head when he hear it from her mouth, and thought how naive and innocent this girl was. Hugged her again, then both went inside. All girls came running to her with a teasing smile on there face.

SH:- Kriya, show me the ring

Kriya blushed and showed it to her. All girls started teasing her.

Rey went up to the boys with a big big BIG smile boys parted his back, they all gave him a teasing smile. Rey fast changed topic.

R:- umm.. guys how did it go for Vicky.

NI:- Yaar don't tell he still running behind his "deewani" and trying to manofiy her. I don't understand both of them.

SW:- arre both are all filmy, aur Neha always wanted a filmy proposal, aur Vicky ne uske poore sapne pe paani phir diya.

BH:- Abaye acha hua ke Neha itni jaldi nahi mani nahi rahi hain. Pata nahi kitni baar uska naam le le lakar mera dimaag ka dahi bana diya hain.

A:- Thach taha Bharat te, tak gaye hain utki "Teewani" "Teewani" Tun Tun kar

(sach kaha Bharat ne, pak gaye hain uski "Dewwani" "deewani" sun sun kar.)

All boys nodded.

Girls was all busy teasing Kriya.

Si:- aww look Kriya almost look like a tomato.

When Rinni looks at Kriya's face, and says confusingly

R:- I can just see that she is getting red, but tomato ki thara ki nahi lag rahi Kriya. I am confused.

All hit there hand on there forehead.

V:- Rinni forget it, btw Kriya what did Rey say to you when he proposed you.

SH:- Did he kiss you??

Kriya looked at Sharon with big eyes. And blushing nodded her head in negative and blushed more.

Kriya thought about something before they could tease her more.

K:- Guys where is Neha.

Vishaka shacked her head and pointed at Neha and saw Vicky running behind her.

K:- Yeh dono bhi na paagal hain.

V:- True but cutely paagal hain.

All looked shocked at Vishaka.


SH:- Aaj aur kitne suprises milne wale hain?

Kriya whispred in her ear:

K:- Maybe one more, like Swayam proposing you.

Sharon looked at Kriya with a shocked eyes, Kriya winked at her. Which made Sharon blush.

Rest of the girls looked confused at both of them.

RI:- Sharon why are you blushing?

Sharon looked hear and there and saw Swayam, Swayam looked at her. Both stared at each other, and started to have a LOOK LOOK HAWA HAWA moment. Sharon came back when she heard Kriya clearing her throat. Sharon looked at her and she lifted her eyebrows and gave her teasing smile. The girls was chattig when the boys came.

SW:- Guys I think this is to much now. How long will Neha make Vicky behind her.

K:- I agree we need to stop these two now.

R:- You girls take Neha we boys will take Vicky.

K:- NO, we will take Vicky you guys take his deewani, as he is my BF. And winked at them.

All boys mouth hanged open. And Rey was standing all red, and jealous.

R:- Guys could you wait a min I need to talk with Kriya. And walked up to Kriya, but before he could come up to her, boys dragged him back.

SW:- No no no Majnu 3. you are not going anywhere.

R:- 2 who is one and two. Rey asked Swayam.

SW:- Number 2 is Vicky

R:- number one kaun hain?

SW:- Baad main batunga.

Rey looked at him and gave a grin. Before he could say anything, girls came in between.

SH:-Rey we should not worry about that right now.

RI:- Yeah Deewana Deewani are more important right now. Rinni said thinking lie nothing.

All hit there hand on there forehead, and Amar looked at her dreamily. Now it was Rimar's turn to have LOOK LOOK HAWA HAWA moment.

Bharat woke them up.

V:- Can we concentrate on Viha instead, Vishaka said.


V:- Yeah VI+HA= Viha = Vicky Neha.

K:- OK.

Boys and girls divided themselves and boys took Neha with them and girls dragged away Vicky. Which didn't want to go with them.

That was enough to make Sharon mad and she screamed on Vicky and took him away forcefully.

Boys took Neha to one corner and asked what the problem was. She told them how could Vicky propose her best friend by "mistake"? Boys sighed and told her that mistake can happen to anyone, look at Rey he did it too. And Rey agreed. Other hand girls was trying to calm down a hype Vicky. As the knew what the problem was, so they told him what to do.

Neha was standing beside Swayam when the light went of. In the background Jab se tere naina was playing. ( here's the link to the song: )

Lage re, lage re,lage re. Nianwa lage re, Lage re, lage re, lage re, lage re. Lage re naianwa lage re, lage re, lage re.

A spot light hit Neha and the other hit Neha, Vicky came out with a mike in hand.

Jab se tere naina mere naino se lagre, Jab se tere naina mere naino se lage re, tabse deewana hua. sabse begana hua. Rab bhi deewana lage re, rab bhi deewana lage re, lage re hooho.

And started to sing, he got around Neha and was dancing and singing

Jab se tere naina mere naino se lage re. Tabse deewana hua. Saabse beegana hua. Rab bhi deewana lage re, rab bhi deewana lage re, ohhoho, Jab se tere naina mere naino se lage re.

Vicky made signs and pointing toward her, were Neha had her mouth open and didn't know what to do. Then when she saw Vicky's signs she started to blush.

Tak , dhin tak dhin. Deewana lage re,deewana yeh to deewana lage re, deewana yeh to deewana lage re.

From somewhere the girls came out and started dancing around Viha, and Viha was having look look hawa hawa moment.

Hooo jabse mila hain tera ishaaara, tabse jaage hain bechainya. hoo jab se mila hain tera ishaara tabse jagi hain bechainya. Jab se hui hain sargoshiyan. Tab se badi hain hain madhosya.

Vicky came out from the look look hawa hawa moment and started sing again.

jab se jude yaara tere mere man ke dhaage re, Tab se deewana hua, saabse beegana hua. Rab bhi deewana lage re, rab bhi deewana lage re.

He took her hand and put the other hando on her waist and started daincing with her. Were Neha was totally lost in him.

Hhooho jabse hui hain tujhe se shaarat, tab se gaya hain, chaino karar, ho ho jab se hui hain tujhe se shaarat, tab se gaya hain chaino karar, jabse tera achal dhala, tabse koi jaado chala. Jab se thuje paaya, yeh jiya dakh dakh, bhaage re. Tabse deewana hua. Sabse beegana hua.

He tapped her nose with her finger and twirled her around, he let o of her, Neha strted looking around for him and couldn't find and was about to start crying.

Rab bhi deewana lage re, rab bhi deewana lage re, hoooho, jab se tere naina, mere naino se laage re.

Lights went of again, Vicky was in front of Neha, on his knees.


Neha I love you very much, I don't care if you talk Hinglish or wear desi clothes. Or watch many Hindi movies. I love will be mine forever?

Neha nodded and everyone around started to scream of joy.


Thnk you guys for you beautiful Birthday wishes for me i love you thank you, it was really special too me Hug Shivs thank you doing this for meHug I loved it:

I have replyed to everyone heres the link to it do check it out:

I know many of you want to muder me right now for not updaing, i am sorry guys, i ahve been upto so much. If you have read my note then you will understand why. Bcs its i am in my nith and i need good grades to come to the school i want, plz i hope you understand i have four five test this week , and other thing is comming up and i really do contrate on that. And need to pass these test they are very important. I hope you all understand. 

And yeah i have one more news. I am soon gonna end this FF. After Swarons confession i will end it. And maybe start a new ff. Yes i know its sad but i need to end it one day. Don't forget to read the note the links is just here under.

Yeah those how haven't read the note heres the link

Want pms add MaaneetAminapm in your buddy list:

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moon_cupcake IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 March 2012 at 11:40am | IP Logged
luved rey's kriyaansh confession was superbb
bechara vicky running behind his deewani hehehe...n i luved viha confession tooo...
update the next part soon but dont end it soo soon...

luv_arsha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 March 2012 at 11:50am | IP Logged
awesome part...loved it very much
kriyansh confession and viha confession was awesome
viha filmy style confession was perfect and kriyansh confession was magical
loved it very much
The007Shivani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 March 2012 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
hey u r welcome and loved it would say more but need to go now
shaffy_arsha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 March 2012 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
i luv da kriyaansh confession...i luv da way rey propose her each n evry word wowww sooo sweet
n bechara vicky apni kaggu ke piche bhagte bhagte thak gya...hehe
n thnx 4 pm
-Vaish- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 March 2012 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
it was so sweet...

loved it especially rey proposal

puja_arsha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 March 2012 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
Awesome...luvd it...
yogini64 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 March 2012 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
Hey . . . I was actually thinking about this ff 2day . . . & there u are wid kriyaansh & viha's confession . . . . . Smile

& u've written dat u are ending it . . . . Haww Cry . . . . . C'mon yar,,,,,, kriyaansh romance to abhi tak early stage pe hi hai... Aise mat karna...

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