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Dancing With Your Love Chapter 22 pg 106 4/1 (Page 24)

sukanyaa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 2:38am | IP Logged
hope u r fine nw...
newaz happy new year...
 n plz come up with nxt part soon wen its possible fr u...
 n plz do pm me...

Flame.Of.Rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 3:55am | IP Logged
Plz dear plz continue soon. I m dying 4 ur nxt update...
varshasubramani Senior Member

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 7:45am | IP Logged
awesome!! Please PM me this!!
KreyaArshiLover IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 11:12am | IP Logged

Part 11

Rey walked out with a satisfied smile. Kriya touched her cheek where Rey had kissed her, and started blush.

Rey goes in the kitchen and sees that he ate all the pharatas which Smritti made.

R:- Shit, main sab pharate kha gaya. Abh Kriya kya kha gi?

He looked around in the kitchen when he saw a waffle machine. That was the only thing which he knew how to make. (Not like in the show that he even can't make a egg, he actually can make waffles its the only thing he can make)

He took out a bowl and flour, butter, cream, baking powder, salt and milk. And started to make the batter. After the batter was finish he took the machine and started it waited it to be warm. After it was warm he put a little bit of butter on it and then took little of the batter poured over the form. Then he put the lock of the batter down and waited.

After half an hour he was finished he looked around the kitchen which was a big big big mess. First he cleaned up the mess. Then he decorated the table.

A candle in the middle and two plates on both sides, with fork and knife besides the plates and big basque of flowers in the middle with the candle.

Now he was waiting for Kriya to come.

He heard her yell for him, he got in her room found her on the bed ready.

She looked like a princesses in that summer dress:

with matching leggins under.

Rey couldn't take his eyes of her she looked out of this world. It was when Kriya called him out he came back.

R:- You looking beautiful.

Kriya blushed

K:- Thanks

Rey lifted her and took her to the table placed her on the chair and got in the kitchen with a tray where the jam cream and the waffles was on.

Kriya yelled excited like kid

K:- WAFFLE'S yaaay. Rey who make the waffle? Mom have no idea how to make it.

R:- Me, I made them.

K:- You? But you said that you can't cook, then all this?

R:- When did I say that I can't cook? I can cook but this it the only thing I can cook

K:- well you said it on the trip, you remember the camping trip we went to that time.

R:- You remember?

K:- I never forgot.

(And there, they famous eye lock moment starts.)

Both came back. Kriya took one waffle

K:- waise ma ne breakfast main kya bana yha tha?

R:- Pharate aur woh maine sab kha gaya.

K:- Thank god because main mom ke phrate se bore hogay thi

R:- Tum maazak kar rahi hoon na? Your mom makes the best pharotas in the world, I have never eaten any such good in my life.

K:- Mujhe pata hain par roz kahte khate tak gaiy hoon.

She took a bite of the waffle. And it tasted out of this world.

R:- How is it?

Rey looked at her with a nervous look

K:- Mind blowing I have never ate this good waffle's my life.

Rey was about to take one when Kriya didn't let him take it she took it to her self.

Rey gave a disappointed look to her. She took a bite from it and then offered it Rey, he took a bite from it and was impressed by himself.

R:- umm, it actually taste good.

K:- What you never tasted it yourself?

R:- No actually, me and Sharon one day we where home alone we had just come from a party she didn't want to cook she was to tired so I tired too cook something which failed then I saw the waffle machine and try to make some which was successful, Sharon didn't let me get one bite of it she ate everything. I was also hungry so she made me a sandwich and ate this yummy all alone

K:- You and Sharon home alone? She said being little bit jealous.

Rey understood that she was getting jealous and started teasing her.

R:- Yes me and Sharon alone. Why?

K:- Nothing and ate her breakfast silently.

On other hand:

Vicky was thinking about how to propose his one and only "khagu" or should I say deewani? He was thinking and all boys where helping him (except Swayam).

When a idea popped in Amar's mind.

A: Idea!!!!

Vicky ran to him asked

V:- Kya plan idea bato jaldi batao.

A: Hum yeh pura RH saja dete hain our phir yahan tum propose kar dena.

Vicky bend down kissed his cheek. Hugged him

V:- Tu hi mera asli bhai hain mera.

Vicky hugged him so tight that he couldn't breath. Nil started pull Vicky and Bharat pulled Amar from Vicky finally he could breath. And all started working.

On the other hand:

Swayam and Sharon was sitting in the canteen and doing the last mints cheek up for the coming footloose additions as they where gonna start the rheas from today.

SW:- Sharon we haven't even started rheas and we haven't chose any song yet.

SH:- Oh so what should to that? Can't you do a little thing?

SW:- Sorry for asking, I didn't mean anything bad sorry.

Swayam backed his thing and walked away.

Sharon got her throw her hand and thought

SH:-Gosh why do I always get mean on him? It wasn't even his fault he was just sharing his thoughts with me na? Noting more and I got mean on him.

She packed her things and also went away.

She called up Simmi and Rinni on her way to RH. Told them to meet her there.

She told them also tell it to all.

In the RH:

All where present there.

SH:- Where is Kriya and Rey?

SW:- Both must be in the hospital right now its Kriya's check up today. So maybe both comes later.

SH:- OK. Well I needed to discuss about the come performance. We haven't even selected any song yet.

N:- Sharon Kriya told me about an idea.

V:- Rey told me about an idea too.

SH:- Shoot.

Neha and Vicky and the same time

NV:- different dance styles.

Both looked at each other. And all looked at them.

V:- Rey's idea was about show different dance styles like six different pair dance's like salsa, contemporary, rumba etc etc.

Neha continued

N:- we all can build six couples and can show six different type of forms.

V:- That was exactly what Rey's plan was.

RI:- Wow Rey and Kriya's thoughts are so much the same.

SM:- I agree.

SW:- I liked the idea.

SH:- Yeah me too. What say should we do it?

EV:- YES!!!

SH:- OK then we can decide who's gonna be who's partner.

RI:- Simply Rey Sharon, Swayam Kriya, Simmi Nilesh, Me Vicky, Neha Amar, Vishaka Bharat.

SI:- Yeah she is right. It will be perfect.

All agreed halfheartedly

In the hospital:

Rey was passing forth and back waiting for Kriya's check up to finish. And waiting for good news.

Armaan called him in.

Armaan looked very serious, he put his hand on Rey's shoulder and told him sit down. Beside Kriya,. She was also sitting there and looked very serious. Which made Rey more and more nervous.

AR:- Rey, Kriya... he sighed

R:- What happened please tell its nothing serious plz.

Just then Kriya started laughing.

K:- Sorry I can't do this anymore I know it was my plan but I couldn't do it sorry.

Rey was getting confused.

R:- What has happening? Can someone tell me now.

AR:- Well Kriya had a plan to tell you something serious has happen but she couldn't stop her self form laughing.

R:- But how is she now?

AM:- She can start walking again, but she need to try if she wants to walk again.

R:- Really, Rey said excited hoped up from his chair.

AR:- Yes.

R:- Thank you for this wonderful news. Can I take Kriya now?

AR:- She is all yours.

R:- Thanks.

Rey lifted up her and put her in the wheelchair, they said bye to Armaan and went away. When they where near the car Rey phone started ring. He saw It was Sharon.

R:- Sharon

K:- Rey don't tell her anything please

R:- why?

K:- I will tell you that later but right now to don't tell her a word. If she asked something about my walking say no please.

Rey nodded and attend the call.

R:- Hello

SH:- Hello Rey where are you?

R:- We are on the way to collage.

SH:- OK. What happen? That did he say?

R:- Woh..Woh

SH:- Yes or no.

R:- No!!

Sharon got disappointed like anything and very sad.

SH:- Hmm meet us in RH OK?

R:- Yeah.

He ended the call lifted up Kriya from her wheelchair and placed her in the car and put her chair in the back of the car.

He came in and stared driving.

R:- care to tell now?

K:- Haan I want it to be a surprise I don't want anyone to know about it right now. I want to walk recover then tell everyone.

R:- But how going to this without letting anyone know?

K:- Simply you need to be my partner for the coming completion then after everyone is left from RH I can train to walk, what say?

R:- How are you sure I will help you?

K:- I know you will I don't need to ask about it. You help me the same way you helped m in making my team.

Rey gave her a shock expression.

R:- do you know?

K:- I know form the day you stood outside my window and gave me the note of checking out Vishaka.

Rey got a on the other

R:- How do you know about this?

K:- Your hand writing. Remember when someone split something on my dress and I went to one of the suits to clean it and we got looked and then you put a paper outside to make someone open the door. I got it and both of those notes had same hand writing.

Next time when you do something like this make sure to not get catch.

Rey blushed and looked down. It was embarrassing to get catch. Both came to the college went up to the RH and there.

All of then had decided that they will not say a word about Kriya and health thing.

SW:- Thank god you both are here, now we can start practice.

NI:- But we have to decide how gonna do which style.

B:- He is right.

K:- I wanna do contemporary!!! Kriya announced

SI:- So its decided that Kriya and Swayam will do contemporary

K:- Me and Swayam?

V:- Yeah, we have already decided all the couples, me and Bharat Nilesh and Simmi Rinni and Vicky Rey and Sharon you and Swayam Neha and Amar. Nice na.

Kriya gave her a weak smile, and gave Rey a expression which said Kuch karo.

Which Rey nodded too.

R:- Guys I was saying, look Sharon and Swayam would be better if they danced together. Look both are culture sectary and culture sectary's assistant. And if they need to go somewhere they will have to leave and will not able to finish with both of us. And Me and Kriya are GS and AGS, sometimes we need to go somewhere if its like that we can practices later too. So it will not be bad.

So I think its better if Swayam is Sharon's partner.

All agreed on that.

Vicky took that chance to change partner also. (Do I need to tell who is his new partner?)

Swayam and Sharon chose pasa doble, Simmi and Nilesh did Salsa, Vicky Neha Rumba, Bharat Vishaka bollywood and Rinni Amar ballroom.

All started there practice. As Kriya couldn't walk Rey came up with the idea that she place her feat's on his. And most of the movement can be lifts and some other types of moves where she don't have too move her feats.

It was late at night and all where gone. Rey Kriya started there practice.

It did get really bad she couldn't do it but after sometime she moved her feet a bit.

They kept practicing for long time.

Day before addition:

All where super nervous, they wanted to get selected and win so they practice all day without a break. The whole day went in practicing, in choosing dress jewelery and shoes.

As usual after everyone was gone Kriyansh was still there and did there bit of practicing. As Kriya had started walk now (No one knows about it) they did there practice for there addition.


Pheww Finished, sorry for late update i thought giving you all a loong update. But i couldn't come up with more so i couldn't make it longer than this, sorry.

But I want some ideas from you all what you all wanna read, after the Footlose addtions i want to know what you wanna read. Plz give me some ideas.

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Flame.Of.Rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Its awesome . And after footloose i wanna see valentines day celebration where rey will b proposing kria through a song and dance(its wld b nice if u get the song mere bina frm crook) in frnt of ever1. The gang shockd and swayam and vicky smiling wd triumph...

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21Neha21 Goldie

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aawsme update,..
thanks for making kria alright again..
n i just loved d kriyansh scene at kria's was superb..
kritzzz_ArSha IF-Rockerz

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update soon!!!!!!!
-CheekuBeetch- Goldie

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amazing update!! waiting eagerly for footloose and the gang's reaction when they come to know about kria!! 

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