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An Escape Into Paradise: Discontinued. (Page 79)

parit.mansi Senior Member

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 4:16am | IP Logged
jus read d 4th part...
funny n cute heheheehheeheheh...Clap 
d gay thing and den prithvi protesting he dsnt hav a gf... armaan starin at ridz n both d other guyz freakin out hahaahaahah it ws soo funny...ROFL ROFL
d pharses u use makes d situation even more d jacob part in d novel twilight saga- breaking dawn... phares makin even serious situations funnier...hehheheheROFL
keep it up
plzz update soon n add me in ur pm list plzz
dis is frm me..Hug

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amruta04 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 6:37am | IP Logged
hey neha
awesome update
loved it
do continue soon
take care and thanks for the pm.

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SurrealFantasy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 11:49am | IP Logged
Comment edited on page 74 :)

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-Anku- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 January 2012 at 9:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SurrealFantasy

Thankyou Anki!Hug
They are going to gel along well, nothing like an Ekta drama going on here.LOL Sweet, simple and romantic, that's all.
And thanks for the compliment again. I don't think I write all that great but your praise makes my day!Embarrassed
<3 <3

I know you'll do an amazing job. It seems really obvious, because the talent comes naturally to you !

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fri42911 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2012 at 11:17am | IP Logged
enjoyed reading the part!!!!!!!
very hilarious!!!!
gay scene was so funny!!
loved the relationship rahul-arman-partive share.
please continue soon

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SurrealFantasy Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2012 at 3:50pm | IP Logged

Hola Guys! The post which follows is my first attempt at writing in first person and may or may not be the final piece. I just felt I should bring out what goes around in Riddhima's head because at the end of the day, she has left her house. And for anyone who feels that this lacks deep emotion and seems on the surface, in my defense, this is what a 20 year old girl who hasn't received love and has only given it to the other side would feel. As a writer, I suppose once she gets her share of love and care, she may become a lot more dependent on Armaan or anyone else for emotional support. Again, if you feel something is missing, please tell me because like I said, this may or may not be the final piece. Depends on how you think the part is. :)

Thank you!

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SurrealFantasy Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2012 at 3:56pm | IP Logged

It had been four days since I first opened the doors of this house. Okay, not exactly opened but was made to open the doors with the help of someone else's hands. And everything's changed. To say its minor would be blasphemous in itself. It's like my life has suddenly turned into a minefield and anywhere I step is going to cause serious results.

And weirdly enough, it's not that bad actually. It would be funny to even imagine till a few days ago; living in a house with three guys and I don't have any relationship, or more correctly an official relationship with either.
After my breakdown the second day, in my Prince Charming's arms like I always imagined, I haven't given any serious thought to my father or anything related to him. It was funny how one day he was the centre of my universe and the next day he turns into some unknown rock floating in outer space. I just hope that rock doesn't become some meteor and come crashing down into this planet I am living in.
Aashna, the crazy high society blood sucking Sephora called me yesterday to tell me that Dad had officially abandoned me from his house. That news hasn't had a deep enough impact as the fact that Aashna knows has; because if she does, probably CNN has already broadcasted this on all major satellites. She is what I call, the official megaphone of Upper Class Mumbai. Enough of the dark-haired blonde; but this has left me wondering that even though neither Armaan nor I have any idea what our relationship is, why the heck am I living in his house?
Probably because I have no other place to go or probably because he was the one who opened his mouth in front of my dad and it is due to his chivalry that I am now what the dictionary calls-homeless. But try as I may I can't really accuse him of anything because one, it is difficult to keep my heart shut and that stupid organ can't listen to anything against him. Good thing it is an involuntary muscle or else I swear I would have had it stopped working even if it led to my death.
Two, I guess his step and dad's insult to him and that preposterous marriage proposal everything led to something I always desired; it was all just the cursor to the fact that I wanted to free myself from the clutches of that person, to finally become the pilot of my own life. Did I just say that? I guess Zack and Cody have invaded my brain. One dirty little secret, I have watched almost all Disney Shows and I quote them sometimes. Sometimes being the main word. Usually I quote flicks, nice ones. Nice romantic ones, ones with roses and music and a couple in love and stuff. But Armaan has told me not to quote girly cheesy movies and stuff because Rahul and Prithvi would not be very comfortable with that. Now I don't want to be thrown out of this nice, dirty house, would I?
Coming to speak of my housemates, they're nice people, with a funny bone, or in reality, a lot of funny bones in them. I really didn't have a terrific beginning with them what with me thinking they were gay and all but everything's fine now. For the entire next day they teased me about that but then I think they understood that it wasn't really something that would make me feel comfortable with them.
Rahul, I've known him my entire life, have met him in social events since I was a ten year old girl, but he seems different now. Not that I knew him that well, but this stay seems to have brought forward a while new facet of his personality. He is constantly flirting- on the phone, from the balcony, and with the girlfriend he brings home. I think I even saw him flirt with the lady who irons clothes in the basement of the apartment. He's polite with me though, never flirting and just cracking jokes, Prithvi calls it the Bro Code, which I assume is taken from Barney of How I Met Your Mother. See, even they use television dialogues in real life. He drinks milk without brushing his teeth, drinks loads of beer, Heineken probably pays him for all the profit he gives them, and returns home late at night, in the morning would be more appropriate. Armaan and Prithvi are constantly scolding him and now I understand why he calls them his adopted parents. He devours non-vegetarian cuisine as if its air and I seriously need to ask him his exercise regime because keeping in mind his body, he either seems to possess a metabolism rate of a giant or he seems to spend the entire day, the one left after his incessant flirting, in the gym.
Prithvi on the other hand was a complete shocker. He is a year or two elder to the other two guys but that certainly doesn't seem to show in terms of maturity. He's really friendly and keeps on trying to make me feel comfortable. Like making my bed in the morning or serving me food all the time or asking me what I want to watch on television. I guess Armaan guessed it was making me uncomfortable, all the over-attention, because he stopped doing that now, fortunately. He always seems to be in control, never shouts, instead has a sarcastic retort for everything on earth; no wonder he works with disgruntled rich people the entire day. By the looks of it, he seems to put his actuary skills also into the financials of the house, because the way the other two throw money, it seems they would be on the streets if it was not for him.
Both Rahul and Prithvi keep on giving me hints about Armaan's feelings for me; as if I don't realize that already. But the way they tease us, I die each moment with embarrassment. And it's not like I can retort, because apparently we haven't confessed anything to each other, so there isn't anything I can throw back on their face. But at the end of the day, they are really awesome people. I absolutely adore the relationship they share with Armaan, they must really love him, or else who lets a girl stay at their apartment free of cost?
The last person who seems to be my constant thought, no prizes for guessing the obvious, is Armaan. He is the absolute fantasy any girl would have, and I still don't believe that he loves me back, I mean who would not love him?! I know he hasn't said it aloud yet, but I know, I've known it since eternity. He knows what I'm thinking about before even my own brain can process the thought, which is scary and if by surprise he doesn't understand, his eyes scan me like the machine at the airports. And even though the gross guys think I don't know it, I heard Prithvi asking him, "Dude! Stop staring at her. Oh Wait! Do you have the power of X-Ray in your eyes?!" If only they knew I was listening, they would know who hid Armaan's lenses.
I was shocked too when I found Armaan wore lenses, to think the blue eyes was a sham, but then was relieved when I found out that it was just contact lenses. He's such a nerd, well I guessed it when I found out he was on full scholarship but the glasses were still a surprise. Before I start going about talking in circles about his visual power, I'll think about something else.
Like how much he cares about me! I never asked him but it's kind of obvious how I reached from the window ledge to the bed on the first night at this house. Romantic as hell, I guess, only if I would have been awake! He's so sweet and adorable that it seems like he doesn't realize how much more I'm falling for him.
I do not have any notion where we are going with this not friends-not lovers' agenda but as far as I am concerned, he won't leave my hand now that he's held it once and because he is not gay, thankfully, we'll be together one day. And though I wish on everything I have, not that I have much now, that he would confess the very next moment, I know wherever I go from this point on my life, he'll be right there beside me. Just like Rapunzzel and her Prince Charming.
Which reminds me of a really old question I always had: Why don't Prince Charmings have a name? It's confusing to think that all Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzzel-all their guys have the same name: Prince Charming.
The house is the synonym of a garbage can I swear, there's dust everywhere and I have to hold my breath and move around stealthily every time I move around because of the amount of dust I step on on the way. The living room is a dumpster; the first day it was attempted to be kept clean but then the very next day the guys began throwing everything into the room. Also I figured there were posters of every possible sportsman in the house; not just the James LeBron and the other one I saw the first day and this even without entering any of the guys' room. I thought I should gather courage and go into the room only to find Rahul roaming around in his boxers in the corridor. I had screamed out so loud that I think Rahul will never even step out of his room without a burqa now. So much for Armaan saying that I should keep embarrassing clothes away!
And clothes remind me that the pair I am in right now is also borrowed. Yes, guessed it right; from Rahul's girlfriend. I can't even imagine how many girls he has had over, counting the fact that I can change my dress everyday for at least a week or two. I have the same slippers for going to the bathroom and the mall. Not being rich has its own disadvantages I understand.
But this life's good, pretty good; in fact in comparison to my life up till three days ago, this is paradise. Every moment has been something I would like to relive, except for the one right now.
What's so special about now, you may ask? Well, I have been sitting on the couch with all the three guys staring at me like I am some specimen at the museum. Armaan is staring at me, like the way he does when he doesn't understand what I'm up to, while Rahul and Prithvi look genuinely bored and seem to be staring just to give Armaan some company. And yes, I have been recounting my entire case and thinking about them and my life and the world in general during this staring session. In my defense, like Kate Beckett describes Castle, "I have the attention span of a cocker-spaniel." All this because I told them about a decision of mine and asked them for advice! As Armaan finally decided to say something and opened his mouth, I knew I was in for some deep trouble.

"Did you say what I think I heard you say?", Armaan asked and at once I  knew he was trying hard to swallow his word.

I gulped and nodded only to hear him say, "What is the need Riddhima? Did someone say anything to you?", he looked at the other two and narrowed his eyes, while they shook their heads negatively.

I quickly said, "No. No. No one said anything. I just felt like it. I mean, that felt right."

Armaan ran his hand through his hair and looked at me again. I sat there crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. Hoping he would agree to what I said.

"Riddhima, what is the need for this? You know you don't need to do this, don't you?"

I nodded my head solemnly and when Armaan still looked on double thoughts, I looked at the other two asking for help while they just looked the other way around. So much for help, those morons were acting as if we were not even in the same room. Probably they knew that a conversation with Armaan could lead to disastrous results and you surely would not want to be the victim of his anger.

If you are wondering what this fuss is all about, let me tell you what the matter is. Living in this house for the past four days has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. And after the mental post-mortem of my entire life- the one I've already lived and the one still to come in future, I came to the conclusion that I needed to wear my own clothes. Yeah, that's the "Eureka" realization. Which in turn meant that I needed to purchase new clothes, which meant that I needed money, which meant that I need to earn money which sums up to the fact that I need to get a job. And Armaan Mallik and his friends have been having this staring session all this after I told them my decision.

"Riddhima you know its Med-School right? It isn't possible to manage a job and your studies together.", Armaan argued with a scowl on his face. I knew I was getting on his nerves, he wasn't someone who would get rid of his responsibility and because he took that decision for me, he of course has this extant need to take care of me. But even I'm not someone who lacks persistence in any way.

"Didn't you work your way through Med-School Armaan?", I counter-argued. If he could do it, and still manage to be on a scholarship, I wasn't stupid either!

"What?! No", he spluttered out. "Didn't you hear me talking to your dad? I do not earn!"

"Really now Armaan?" I asked him with a defiant expression. And I could literally see the steam blowing out of his ears when he glared at both the guys suspiciously. "You told her, didn't you?", he asked chewing his words.

Rahul simply shook his head indicating a no while Prithvi gulped. Boy! He was in trouble. Armaan kept glaring at him while Rahul and I bit our lips to hide our smiles. Seeing someone else being the victim of Armaan's anger was fun. Really fun.

"Ok. I did. But it wasn't my fault 'kay? We were just talking about you and then planning when it came in the way and she asked me and I told her.", Prithvi replied.

I could see Armaan's confused gaze but before Prithvi, the chatterbox would ruin everything we had thought of with so much effort, I intervened, "Armaan, you could work so could I. And I think that's only fair. I'll manage. And if it's about the stupid guy-girl thing, let me tell you I'll do it better than you." I said arrogantly hoping he would miss the part where I as being extra-feminist just to get him not to think about the words Prithvi just uttered. Once Armaan turned his attention towards me I saw Rahul glowering at Prithvi from the corner of my eye and I had to keep all my self-control in check not to laugh out loud.

When Armaan finally looked away and still didn't say anything, Rahul tried explaining to me, "Riddhima, why do you want to take a risk with your life? It's just a year more of Med-School to make or break your career, you know? Just let it go."

I sighed but was surprised when Prithvi said "Guys, I think she should give it a try. I mean, I know it's hard on her and probably may affect her career but it surely will make her financially stable."

Armaan looked dubious but from his expression I knew he was thinking. And that was a good sign. He was thinking. And I thought too. I started thinking why I was asking him for permission. It wasn't as if he was my warden or guardian or father that I needed his permission. I was an independent woman, for Pete's sake. I wondered if I was growing into one of those women who lived by their male counter-parts and who I felt were pathetic. I suddenly felt nauseous with all the thoughts swarming in only to realize that it was not my thoughts but Rahul's stinking room which was making me nauseous. I frowned and looked pointedly towards Rahul and surprisingly enough, he got up and closed his door and came back. Amused at the fact that he understood my look I forgot to notice that Prithvi and Armaan were in a conversation now. I stared at the whispering dup along with an equally bored Rahul only to find Armaan turn again and take a deep breathe which meant resignation. I looked at him and gave him a pouting look only to find him throw his hands up in the air. I squealed out and jumped out of my couch and pounced onto Armaan, engulfing him in huge hug.

A few seconds later, I realized everything was quiet around me while Armaan had his hands lightly wound around my waist, in an uncomfortable sort of way. It dawned upon me that I was hugging Armaan while he was contemplating whether to hug me back while the other two were feeling weird with our proximity. I also knew I had to let go of him but somehow it didn't feel right. The way his arms were around me, the way his body felt against mine, his faint scent near his nape and the after-shave hitting my nose- all of that and I never wanted to let go. When the practical side of my brain convinced me to back off, I felt his hands become more confident and tight against me and hearing the footsteps out of the room, I knew Prithvi and Rahul had left. I sighed inwardly; his arms were the best place to be in.

Finally after a long minute, we came out of the hug and Armaan looked everywhere but at me. I grinned seeing the ever-shameless Armaan uncomfortable and shy.

"I think I'll go check the mail.", he uttered quickly and left he place while I started laughing once he had left. Gosh. Things love does to a person!


The next day, when Rahul opened the door, I walked straight past him into my room ignoring his "Hello." About an hour after, I heard the door to my room open and a tentative Armaan walk in with Rahul and Prithvi staring from the door. I was relieved to know that my tears had dried up but a treacherous sob escaped my mouth which was enough to trigger Armaan's turtle speed into that of a hare's. He looked at me worried and I could not help but become all fuzzy inside, inspite of myself. He held my shoulder, sitting on the bed before me and asked "What happened?"

I suddenly hugged him and started sobbing uncontrollably as if he had told me he didn't love me instead of what happened. I could feel him patting my back and soothing me and it left an odd taste in my mouth that it made me feel so good that it was irrational. I mumbled the reason into his chest while he said, "Huh?"

Despite of my sadness and weeping, I couldn't help but roll my eyes. He was such a stereotypical male; completely not understanding a sob-talk. I came out of his hold and said, "I didn't get the job." He looked confused at first but then realization hit him and I felt him hug me again. I had tried out at a day-care centre for the post of a teacher but they had refused me saying I was 'too young and under-experienced.' Hell, I was bloody 21 years and better than those grubby old ladies who worked there and couldn't even run behind a small child when he did some mischief.

Armaan looked murderously at Prithvi after I came out of the hug and I shouted, "Oh for crying out loud! Stop being furious at him Armaan. He just backed me up when I said I wanted to work. Not make me jump from the Empire State building!

"This is the reason you were upset?", Rahul asked positively appalled while I nodded. The three guys looked at me oddly as if trying to digest the fact that someone being upset because of a job rejection was something completely new for the planet.

"What?" I asked while the three just dumbly moved their heads negatively. "This is your first rejection isn't it?, Prithvi asked while a nodded yet again and lo and behold the fountain of tears started off again.

All the three guys sighed loudly and Armaan said, "Let's get you out of the bad mood okay?" I kept sniffing but followed them out of the room into the living room anyway.

"Ok, when I got my first rejection letter, I watched back to back episodes of How I Met Your Mother. You think that'll work?", Prithvi asked while I signed that I didn't know.

"I watch Tom and Jerry when I am low, you know?", Rahul said, while Armaan asked, "Rahul, Riddhima lost a job, not a balloon that cartoons would cheer her up. And just for the record, how old are you again? Four?"

Rahul scowled and replied, "No, Four. At least I'm not standing like the useless Herculean statue as you are, Mr. I'm too grown up for cartoons."

"Uh-huh? At least you admitted I have the stature of Hercules."

"I bet you missed the part where I said "useless." The main word."

"Oh really? You watch Baby Looney Toons and teach me what is important in a phrase?! Ridiculous!"

"Ridiculous? I'll tell you what else is ridiculous. The fact that you said you would fail the freaking exams and instead turn out to top the batch! I mean seriously! Stop bluffing dude."

Prithvi and I, who were consumed in the war of words between the two, came out of their trance and glared at Rahul. Prithvi said under his breath, " And he was telling me I would disclose the surprise."

I slapped my forehead and huffed, wanting to strangle both the idiots I had included in my plan. Two days ago, a mail had been delivered that Armaan had gained the highest rank in this graduating med-batch, being the nerd he was. Rahul had passed by good grades too, but after knowing Armaan's score, we all had decided to give him a kind of surprise party of something to acknowledge his feat. Which is the time when Prithvi had accidentally disclosed that Armaan had worked the for about four years, alongwith Med-School as a personal-trainer at a nearby gym in the evenings. Although it surprised me that even after knowing him for three and a half years, I was unknown to the fact, I as my brain usually does, overthought it and came to the conclusion that I could work too. Of course, my job plan just got busted, but the two partners-in-crime even ratted out my surprise. So much for a good day!

Armaan was opening his mouth to speak when his face held a confusing look and suddenly he screamed ' "Wait.  I did what?"

Rahul bit his tongue and looked at us apologetically while we did nothing to hid our anger and looked at him with blazing eyes. "Could you convince him to jump out of the Empire State Building?", I asked bitterly to Prithvi while he was busy at the staring game. Ha! If only looks could kill.

Armaan asked out loud again , "What did you just say?" while Rahul stood there quiet and child-like.

"Go on. There's nothing much left to let out, is there?", Prithvi said completely disguising his words in sarcasm.

Rahul made a sad face and then replied, "You topped out batch and are the valedictorian for this year."

Armaan stood stunned for a minute, completely expressionless while I sat there thinking, if Rahul knew anything about cardiac arrests because it sure looked like Armaan had on out of shock at the moment.

Before I could panic, Armaan's face broke into a smile and he screamed. Like literally screamed. Squealed. I couldn't help myself from growing happy all over again for him, seeing him happy, those dimples on his face was much better than any surprise could bring on there. He took Rahul into a hug and then Prithvi and soon all three of them were engulfed in on big group hug, all smiling and laughing. I stood there feeling weird and left-out but then decided to break the ice and said, "Okay. Enough. Separate before I term you people as gay again."

They grinned at me as they came out of the hug and I could swear on Shah Rukh Khan that Armaan's eyes were misty. Before I could contemplate, I was taken into the bear hug by the three of them and all my curses that I could not breathe were conveniently ignored. Guys. Weird.

That night, after we had celebrated with food from an Indian Restaurant, I was sitting in my room, getting ready to sleep when a knock on the door disturbed my Hanuman Chalisa chant which I recited every night before I went to sleep. Armaan came in my room looking awkward, like he usually looked around me nowadays.

"Hey.", he said as if we were meeting each other in school on a week-day morning and not seeing each other after ten minutes.

I raise my eyebrows at him and he came and sat before me on the comforter I was wearing. I sat up and looked at him patiently, waiting for him to speak.

"Uh. Don't be sad about the job Riddhima, okay? It's not that big a deal. You know when I started off, I was merely 18. I didn't even have a physique then! The gym I worked out at, just thought I could help other people and soon I myself became a trainer. I didn't even know I was going to get a job. The point is, day care was probably not the best option for you anyway. I mean, which talent of yours were you going to use!"

"Are you trying to make me feel better?", I asked pointedly, narrowing his eyes at him, "Because evidently it isn't working."

He smiled at me and added, "I am not trying to do anything. I just want you to know that if you want to work, you'll probably get a job that you love. Don't compromise on what you want to do Riddhima. It never works."

I smiled at him and said, "So how does being the official certified nerd of the year feel like?", tongue in cheek.

He rolled his eyes at that but winked later and said smugly, "Pretty good. With me on the front cover as valedictorian, even the invites for the graduation are going to look better."

"Ah! The Ever Modest Armaan twin kicks in!", I replied sarcastically while he grinned. And then his face went into a morose expression and I raised my eyebrows to ask him why.

"You know how they select residency right?", he asked me while I nodded confusedly not knowing where the topic was heading.

"The top students are usually sent to-

"Dales. Dad's hospital.", I said suddenly seeing where he was coming from while Armaan nodded, and hid his face in his palms.

"Arrgh! I hate this. Why does everything good have to have something worse hidden in it!?", he asked exasperated and as expected I didn't have an answer for that. I was lost in my thoughts when he said, "You know why they didn't select you?"

I said No and he replied, "Because they wouldn't want three year olds to be talking about Bollywood movies or latest gossip, would they?"

It took a second for me to understand but when I did, Armaan was awarded with a pillow in his face and a punch on his arm while he guffawed away to glory.

Two days later, I woke up fresh and happy, in fact a tad bit too happy for someone who had been kicked out of her house. Then I noticed the bedspread I was lying on and my happiness vanished into thin air. Everything about the house was nice except for the fact that it was more like an old haunted mansion that they showed in horror flicks instead of a nice, sweet home. There was dust everywhere- on the floor, on the couch, on the table, in the CD player, everywhere. It was as if it was second skin to all the furniture and equipments in the house. Good heavens, they kept the washroom clean. Or else, I'm sure I would have not survived to see this day. I'm not exactly what you call a cleanliness freak and neither do I have an OCD for it, I just don't like living in a cow-shed.

I freshened up and went out of my room, to find the house empty. Not surprised, I walked into the kitchen and took out the carton of milk and decided to make myself a coffee when something caught my eye. I smiled wide when I saw a post-it stuck on the refrigerator's door. It read: Prithvi-Work, Rahul-Usual, Armaan-University. Have a nice day.

If you are wondering the reason behind the note, let's rewind to an incident yesterday. I had woken up to a similar atmosphere but unlike today, I had freaked out on waking up alone in the house. So terrified, I had called up each of my house-mates, only to find none of them picking up my calls and instead my calls went on going to the voicemail. They had all returned in the evening to get a huge dose of my anger and some tears were shed. Naah, they didn't cry, it was just me crying in rage. They had simply laughed at my condition of not being able to be angry for more than a few seconds, when I had started smiling at their petrified faces. And therefore in order to avoid more drama today, they must have put up this note on the door. Pretty adorable, don't cha think?

Little incidents like these made me feel much more at home than I felt for the 21 years of life. These guys may be crazy, but they do know how to make me feel all fluffy in the morning. And keeping that stupid smile stuck on my face, I started my morning with a cup of cappuccino and a newspaper which unlike all the other expired things at home, was today's.

Now sitting idle, without any tensions or people in the house, my mind wandered off to all the other things happing at home. Cleanliness is still an issue and the other one being the nutritional habits of the place. From breakfast to dinner, pretty much everything came from eateries near the house and I couldn't help but miss the good old home-made cuisine. Just when I was lost in the divine smell of Aloo-Paranthas, a knock kicked me out of the sweet reverie. Annoyed at the disturbance, I scowled and made my way to the door only to find Armaan at the other side of the door.

And as corny as it may sound, seeing his face knocked out all the traces of irritation I had, and a stupid smile came on my face and needless to say, I felt like some teenager holding a crush on the side door neighbor.

Still lost in the stupid dreamy smile, I ignored Armaan confused gaze, held his face in my hands and kissed his cheek, softly and sweetly, before I could even comprehend my own actions. Armaan's eyes widened and his ears grew hot and that was when I realized what I did, only to turn a deep shade of crimson. Armaan still looked as if he had just seen an ogre and stepped into the house when I moved aside sheepishly and muttered a "Hey."

I don't know if it was merely a figment of my ever-enthusiastic over-driven imagination or reality, but I can swear on my Enid Blyton book collection that I heard him say something on the lines of, "I would kill for that welcome every day." And as if on cue, my face got even hotter than before. I slapped myself hard and closed the door, ready to begin another embarrassing day.

Armaan and I were sitting on the couch, watching the Super Bowl and studying respectively. He had told me that he had gone to the University in the morning to collect his results and submit some other applications and that my classes would resume in week to which I had simply nodded, mortified after the morning incident. At this moment, I could feel his pointed gaze on me, and ignoring it was becoming a task too hard for a blabbermouth like me.

"Is something stuck on my face Armaan or do I remind you of Megan Fox, that you're staring at me?", I huffed, annoyed.

"Megan Fox, in your dreams," he said and I rolled my eyes and he added, "What happened to the job search?"

I gave him a sly smile, patting myself on the back internally as I realized that John Abraham had the same smile sometimes. Nonchalantly, I replied, "I have my interview tomorrow."

"And where is that again?" he asked his eyebrows furrowed.

"Like you said, I'm going to take up the job with what I do best."

My tone made it clear that I would not be disclosing any more details and the manner in which his eyebrows completely disappeared into the mop of his hair made my smirk grow wider.

Armaan Mallik was in for a surprise.

This one's for Shru! Dude,Congrats on your results and here's to hoping that you'll get into any University you want. Doesn't even stand a chance to be the appropriate gift for your grades but then again, I hope you read it and liked it! :) I love you! <3

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Munchkin. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2012 at 4:42pm | IP Logged

Whoever said you can't write in first person? You kidding, right? Because dude, this chapter, this part of it at least was EPIC. It was funny, majorly, and cute, and just right. Plus, it was the perfect set up to give us a glimpse of what's going on in Riddhima's mind. 

But, just as a suggestion, just a suggestion, I love the part just as it is, but - if you showed the thing as a diary entry, or you know, as a private note in her phone, or something like that.. Just a suggestion, up to you to use ;)

Anyhow though, this part was A-MA-ZING. Maybe because it had YOU pouring out of it! I've interacted with you enough to know that you're EXACTLY the same! Tangent, blabber-mouth, and nonsensical talker LOL

So I was just in fits of laughter when I read the part about Armaan just staring at her, wondering what she's thinking, and R & P staring as well, just to see what Armaan was staring at! ROFL
That part had me cracking up!

And you explained the whole thing about why she isn't sad about leaving her Dad thing, extremely well, kudos!! She's got a point. She was with her Dad, but she never got what she craved for - love. And now that she's with Armaan and co., she's getting that, and even though she doesn't have the luxury that she had with her Dad, she's got Armaan, so she's alright! Because she didn't need the luxury in the first place!! 

I loved that bit. It was very well-written! 

Over-all, I really think you should continue writing in first person, this chapter anyway, because you're a pro at it! Defos! 

ILoveYou :*

P.S. Not gonna be on IF for a couple of days.. Need a break :) But I want updates (LONG) of both LOL and AEIP whenever I come back <3

Shru <3

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