Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

CHOTIBAHU 19th september writtenupdate complete

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Barkha pulls Dev's arms and says Dev come rest and takes him to the bed, Dev sits on the bed still touching his head and Barkha asks what is the matter Dev, then Dev just falls back on the bed asleep on his back and Barkha is smiling.Bharka was reminding her talks with radh during the haldi ceremony and also with dev on the night iof janmashtami and says Then Barka sits on the bed next to Dev and says I have waited for this moment for so long Dev, touching his hand says  today you are so close to me as never before and now nobody can come between us , then says closing her eyes I LOVE U Dev,. Radhika was trying to open doors and thinking that she has to go in fast she rushes to the otherside. then says did you know that today I wanted to light the Maha Jyoti with you, I even tried to stop Radhika but she still managed to come in, do you know it was me who inform and who got the blame BB. Now what is Radhika going to do as all the doors are locked, how is she going to reach the diva kutt. Then places her head on his chest and says I like listening to your heartbeat so much and says from today every night we will be like ths only. Then dev utters Radhika's name in his subconscious ness and bharka suddenly become serious and says tell her name but no differeence to me (yeah yeah u are a soorpanaka and what will made difference to u) and then days that matadeesh ji said that we will be forever if we sleep  today night here and after that none can seperate us even radhika . (day dreamer radev for eve u can't seperate them) . Saying this Bharka was abt to sleep beside Dev when ,Radhika who came there sees this and get shocked and says Bharka. Bharka who was abt to lye on the dev's chest looks at her with shock and gets up. Radhika looks at her with hatred ness and turns her face away, bharka whoo was shocked comes saying radhika why u did late and  to our utter surprise says that see my situation and dve's situation and Radhika looks at dev who was lying unconscious and uttering name Radhika , Radhika rushed to dev worriedly , Bharka says  dev was now unconscious.Bharka then thinks to her self how radhika came when she closed all the doors. Radhika was now all worried for Dev and says we need to call doctor and then Bharka consoles saying she was also a docttor and says that some one mixed drug in their juice and drinking it dev was unconscious Nothing will be dangerous to dev and she is alright but will sleeps for sometime. Dev was uttering Radhika's name in the unconscious state


A shocked Radhika comes to bharka and says "why any one want to make u unconscius"
Bharka:"i don't know"
Bharka now runs to Dev and sees him turning his head in subconscious stae and comes to Radhs and says "u don't worry Dev will gain conscious ness in 4 to 5 hrs." Radhika was relived a bit but looks vexed. Bharka continues her bak bak "why any want to make us unconscious , may be they want u to see me and devv in some awkwad condition when we are unconscious and want u to hate us. some one wants to break our friendship(yeah that's goos for her health than being be friending u) , so that we both will be weakened and they can pleay with us. we both know who were doing this"Radhika was thnking through out her convo and says with a shock "badi maa" . Bharka says "yes, first of all she want both of us to get caught when u was lighting diya and when it failed she did this to seperate us." Radhika was shocked and then Bharka continue saying "thank god i didn't drink it and dev also might not have drinked it but a s u were late he was bored and drnk it, and by the way why u were late." Radhika says that " the doors were closed"
Bharka being shcoked says " what but i kept the dor open na". Radhiak some how having a sad look go to Dev and was worried abt him , Bharka consoles that nothing will happen and was abt to saying she will return early in the morning when some one closes the door.Bharka and Radh were shocked. Bharka try t open the door and says that "some one locked it outside" Radh in a worried tone says "what to do now"Bharka says if ever the door wasn't opened till tomorrow mng then every one will know that there was a third person along with RFp couple (yeah that's u)
Radhika was all worried now. Bb comes to viraat taking her blanket and keeping it on there. Viraat says that dev will not leave us this time for sure and bb says him to chill and says "they can't escape this time and now dev will loose his rp ship and viraat will be next rp" Viraat had some hope and Bb had a confident smile.


Radh was all worried now thinking what happens if mahanths come to knwo abt this and was thinking to get out of there and getting an idea she tru to call to pb taking dev's phone but was unable to do it becoz of lack of network and bharka also was unable to do it becoz of lack of network.Radhika and Bharka was all the way worried and now Radh says that only kanha can protect us.\

It is morning and they show Dai and Padma getting the tray ready to be used for greeting the RP and RPtin. Dai says to Padma, while keep the kalaah of ganga jal on the tray and say that Mahantji will throw this jal of Dev and Barkha's feet. Padma replies if we have Kahna's support like at the Maha Jyoti time they both did it then again this jal will fall on Radhika's feet.

Dai replies that if Radhika comes out early and stands with us then we can wiggle something so it happens. Padma says if god willing then Barkha would have handle everything, then says just shortly I was trying to phone BH but it did not connect. Dai says do not worry Majli Bahu everything will be fine and if something would have happened then Barkha being very capable will handle everything fine. True says Padma, with Barkha being there, we do not need to worry about anything, then continues that sometimes I feel like making my bahu of this house and keep her here. Dai is not pleased with this but says nothing and Padma adds that my Rohan also did to get married na, he is going through a strange emptiness at the moment. Dai says it is time to go and lets cxall everyone.

Next they show Dev coming slowly out of his unconscious state, Radhika is standing next to him and Barkha sitting some distance away,Dev wakes up and takes Radhik's name, Rdhika helps him to sit up and calls Barkha.

Barkha starts to get worried and think to self, what will Dev remember from last,Radhika says to Dev I will get some water for you because Dev is still a bit groggy. Dev refuses that water that Radhika brings and asks how is he feeling. Barkha come to them and says to Dev your head must be spinning na.Dev looks puzzle at Barkha and asks why, what happen to me. Next they show everyone walking towards their room, BB, Padma, Rohan and others.

Next they show Radhika telling to Dev what happened, they could not get in touch with anyone via phone, then says if Mahantji sees me here with you then and stops. Then they show everyone almost at their room. Then inside Dev is saying to Radhika I have no problem anyone seeing you here with me because you are my wife, and Barkha makes faces, then Dev adds but I am worried about RP samman which will be destroyed. Radhika places her hand on his shoulder to reassure him, Barkha again making faces.Dev continues that now what ever happens will happen we need to get ready to anser peoples questions.

Barkha is not too happy, then everyone are at the door and are shocked to see the door locked only BB is smiling,then one of Mahantji men says you said no one is suppose to come here so who has done this deed. Everyone are lost in thought, Mahantji geos forward and unlocks the door and we see Dev standing there alone. Everybody are show, Rohan, BB is smiling, Dev says to Mahantji to call a the mutt doctor as the RPtin is unwell. Mahantji turns to his adie and tells him to call the doctor and bring the stretcher as well, while BB is little puzzle, Padma says I will go inside and see what has happen, Mahantji says no Padmaji nobody can you in. We have to greet them at this threshold only, Dev says to Choti maa do not worry as soon as the stretcher comes I will bring Barkha out. BB and Dev look at each other, while Mahantji prays to Kahna and asks to make RPTin well again.

The stretcher comes and Dev carries Barkha and places her on the stretcher and walks out with the stretcher and others, while BB stays behind and looks towards the room but Gopaldasji comes and says to walk in line with others and show your concern with one last glance towards the door walks away.

Radhika now tries to come out of the room but hears someone coming and rushes to hide but an adie catches a glimpse of something and stops to look inside the room. Then Rohan comes and tells him that Mahantji is calling him but the adie still is lingering there so Rhan says I said that Mahantji is calling you and you, what is the problem, the adie says I feel I saw something here, Rohans says go go I will look into it, the adie then goes and Rohan calls Radhika to come out and she slowly comes out hiding her face, Rohan says if you try leave in this state then everyone will suspect you, you can walk along side me, Radhika hesitates, Rohan reassures her that she can trust him. Radhika turns her face but slowly starts to walk behind Rohan, they encounter BB and Rohan give BB a knowing smile that your plan has failed, BB looks at angrily and the episode ends.


BB is saying to I threaten, but did not say anything to anyone, turning to Barkha says why are you getting so hype, you are not from the RP family, Barkha says some people being outsiders are like family and some family members are like strangers as well.

Padma agrees with Barkha and tell BB to leave this house immediately.

friends sorry foir late update but actually i had an operation to go today and asked zam 23 for help and as i didn't get a fast reply i started the thread but later felt a lot of headache and left it in middle and aksed zam to help me, she helped me a lot and did the part 3 for me, so today the credit goes tO both

                                        ZAM 123

hope mods forgive me for this and i promise that from next time i won't create any nuisance like this. now i have to go for my surgery and bye bye good nightSmileSmile


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Thanks harianjana...!!! Take ur time...!!!

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Thanks Hari for the update.

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Thank u for ur effort!

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Thanks, So Radhika did not hear Barkha? that's a drag

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Thanks hari for update

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Thanks  Hari...

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Thanks Harianjana take your time.

hari was it a small operation Zam thanks

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