Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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It was another day. Just like yesterday and the day before that and the day before that. The only difference was that the season was changing, summer had gone and now fall was beginning to settle. And the weather today was evidence to that with the dreary gray clouds hovering up above waiting to let loose. Gone were the scorching heat waves and the sweat it brought soaking her. For now it was turning cooler with a chill in the wind and wetness of the occasional rain made it worse. Like usual she was sitting on the second floor of the campus library which gave a perfect view of everyone making their way from this building to that building.

She had always been an observer. There was something intriguing she found in watching people in their natural uninhibited behavior. But this habit of hers was causing too many distractions lately. The point of her coming to the library was to study coursework not people. And despite knowing how important acing her classes was she couldn't pull away from the cozy corner sitting. She tried to deny the fact to herself that she was in reality not watching people but a single person. He was her sole reason for always being there, in same spot, everyday, day in and day out. It was as if her day wasn't complete without sitting there watching and waiting just to get one glimpse of him. This was the constant that remained day in and day out for the past few months. Days changed, months changed, the weather changed but something that was always same was Geet waiting in the library for a glimpse of the guy who occupied her mind constantly.


It was all silly in reality. She had never talked to him but every time she saw him there was warmth radiating inside and a sparkle in her eyes. Geet first noticed him in chemistry class. Being the nerd she was sitting in the front was an obvious but with the first row full she made her way to the second. After getting settled Geet peered around the room for a familiar face but found no one. It was then when he turned his head to pick up the pencil he dropped and she looked into eyes which she wished she never had. Only later did Geet realize the magnitude to which his eyes affected her. How she managed to get through that class only she knew. All semester she sat behind him trying her hardest to focus on what the professor was saying but couldn't think about anything but him. Although she never spoke to him directly Geet gathered a lot of information from simply sitting behind him. She learned he was smart, focused and not at all the stuck up type she first thought him to be. Once the class was over with Geet hoped she'd finally forget him and what she then presumed to be an infatuation. And that would have been likely had it not been for one fated day while in sitting in the library she looked out and saw him casually talked to someone. Geet couldn't help but smile and stare. She probably would have continued to if he had not shifted his gaze towards her causing Geet to immediately look away. After that day Geet concluded his perception of her was most likely of a total freak. Yet she still from that day on went back to the library everyday hoping to see him.


But of course this didn't go unnoticed by her friends. They would often question what she did in the library all the time since canceling lunch and other plans was now more frequent. Plus Geet was rather intelligent and really didn't need to spend hours on end camped out in the library. But Geet cleverly made the excuse that she was tutoring a student. She didn't know how convincing it was but when they didn't question further Geet breathed a sigh of relief. All Geet hoped for was that no one found out what she was actually up to in the library. Since for one it was absolutely absurd and second to a normal person it would undoubtedly seem like stalking. But unknown to her there down below someone was also so called stalking and thinking about those same memories.


Maan was making his way to the McKinney building for his next class, the long way though. He knew she would be there like always and didn't want to miss the opportunity to see her. Maan knew Geet thought she didn't exist but the reality was something else. She wrecked havoc into his senses during that one chemistry class. All throughout it he couldn't think of anything but her scent that permeated into his space, her sweet voice and joyous laughter that caused a soft smile to appear on his face. But he never built up the courage to talk to her then because if she said no Maan couldn't face rejection.


It was only after the class was over with did he realize she also showed keen interest towards him. The first time he saw her after that chemistry class was when he had a meeting with a fellow classmate to get notes. While talking Maan couldn't get over the feeling of someone's eyes on him and after much peering around he finally looked up. And there she was sitting with an angelic smile on her face. For a millisecond their eyes met and instantly Geet looked away realizing she had been caught. Maan, on the other hand, had a gleeful grin on his face. From that day on Maan walked the long way to class hoping to see her lovely face. And so far he was never disappointed. The only question remained now was how to actually talk to her. He had always been the determined type and never wayward so he couldn't figure out why he was so nervous about talking to a girl. Everyday Maan made promises to himself he'd build up the courage to talk to her but never could do it. He let out a loud sigh thinking about his pathetic-ness. By the time he reached the library the sprinkles had turned into a downpour and Maan was completely soaked. He was so lost in thoughts of Geet he failed to realize when it had started to rain so hard. As it began to pound harder he made his way under the canopy and tried to look through the curtain of water to see if she was sitting there. To his dismay Maan couldn't see anything. Glancing at his watch and realizing it was getting late Maan made a run towards class.


As soon as Geet saw the rain hit the glass walls disappointment began to settle in her. It meant she probably wouldn't get to see him. After sulking a little more she decided to be productive by finishing her lab report. But that was a dead end since she got stuck on a question. She decided to get help from her professor and aimlessly walked to the McKinney building. Once there Geet stood under the covering shaking the excess water off the umbrella. Only after folding it up and turning around towards the door did she realize who was standing right there behind her. The sight of him often caused her mind to wander to thoughts where they shouldn't be but it was even worse now.


He was wearing jeans and a white button shirt which was soaked leaving very little to the imagination. The minute she laid eyes on him a soft pink hue began to creep up on her already rosy cheeks enhancing her beauty even more in Maan's eyes.


Maan was in such a rush he sprinted the whole but stopped in his tracks when he reached the entrance at the sight of her. Although it was her backside facing him Maan immediately recognized who it was. She always had her hair strewn only to one side and wore simple but pretty jhumkas. He stood there quietly waiting for her to turn around and once she did his throat dried. Maan lost all thought processes and words he wanted to say when he peered into her honey brown eyes. It was only when he noticed her eyes glaze over his body did he snap out of the trance with a small smirk forming on his face.

Geet realized she was making a complete fool out of herself and made a mental note of slapping herself for shamelessly checking his half naked self. Not to mention that too when he was standing right in front of her. Before it got any worse Geet decided to make a run for it as fast as she could. "Excuse me, I should get going."


Maan crossed her path and blocked the door with his left hand. "Should you Geet?" He wasn't surprised by the startled look on her face.


A soft smile appeared on her face and she questioned, "So you know my name?"


"How could I not know your name?" He slowly lifted his free hand towards her cheek and caressed it softly. "Do you have any idea what you have done to me ever since I've laid eyes on you?" Geet in turn closed her eyes feeling a mixture of pleasure, happiness and nervous butterflies. Maan loved the fact that she also was affected by him and continued his act.


"Maan, please we're in public." She quickly jerked away realizing where both of them were. He chuckled and took his hand off the door and circled it around her waist and tugged her close towards himself. He steadily took a few steps back and leaned against the brick wall, the whole way pressing her body right against his own leaving barely any space in between.


Inevitably his wet shirt began soaking her own clothes. Geet started to shiver, not only because of all the wetness that surrounded her but also due to his warm breath which lingered over her shoulders. If that wasn't enough the sight of water drops slowly cascading down his chiseled neck and the alluring cologne he was wearing were enough to completely melt her into a puddle. She couldn't take the proximity anymore and tried to pull away but his grip was too tight. She gained enough stamina to manage verbal communication and tried to press her hands against his chest hard enough and pull back but to no avail.


"Seriously Maan anyone can see us." She whispered.


Maan only tightened more. "So you wouldn't mind staying like this if no one saw us?" He asked in a husky voice. After waiting for so long of having Geet so close there was no way he was going to let her go this easily.


She knew lying would do her no good since it was obvious she was very attracted to him. But of course she couldn't say that outright and fumbled with her words. Maan smirked at her helpless situation in his arms, blushing profusely and tongue tied. However his smirk was instantly wiped away when he heard someone clearing their throat.


"It's about time guys." They saw their friends standing right behind them with knowing grins on their faces. Maan and Geet pulled away looking embarrassed.


"Dude, I understand Geet's situation but what's wrong with you? How come you couldn't man up and ask her out?" Vicky questioned while the others high-fived and giggled.


Maan just put his hands in his pockets and looked here and there slightly embarrassed.  "I know I wondered how long this charade would've continued of you two secretly watching each other from the library." Pinky chirped.


This caused Geet to immediately turn towards Maan. "What!?! You knew I was watching you? Oh my goodness'this is so embarrassing." Geet wanted to bolt herself inside a room at the moment. She felt mortified and glued her face to her hands not looking at any of them.


Maan glared at all of them and silently communicating I'm going to get you all later look which managed to scary them all away. He then turned to Geet and held her by both shoulders so she was facing him. "Geet look at me."


"No! I can't, you probably think I'm a complete weirdo."


"Come on Geet, I don't think you're a weirdo at all. Sweetheart you're amazing and I'm flattered you we're watching me secretly. Plus if it makes you feel better I was watching you too."


Geet slowly removed her hands from her face and looked up at him. "You were?" She asked with a puppy dog face.


Maan nodded and gave her one of his brilliant smiles while pulling her into a hug. Geet gladly went but quickly hit his shoulder and moved away.


"For that you will have to be punished Maan! Vicky's right, if you knew all this why couldn't you make a move?"


Maan squirmed at the question and tried to dodge it. "Does it matter Geet now? Let's just forget it."


"Not so quick Maan, come on tell me why?" Geet stood there with arms crossed and a determined look.


Maan stood there for a while and quietly mumbled. "I don't know'I was afraid you might say no."


Geet bursted out laughing she couldn't believe Maan was afraid of something like that. "Maan you are crazy. Why would you think that? You do know that all the girls are after you?"


"I know Geet but I didn't care about all the girls the only one I cared about was you. And I didn't know how you felt."


Geet smiled moved closer to him wrapping her arms around his neck while Maan inadvertently snaked his arms around her waist too. "But now you do know how I feel, right?"


Maan nodded and returned the smile, then finally captured her lips and kissed her. It slowly became passionate. He felt drugged by her sweetness and unknowingly lifted the ends of her blouse at the waist and caressed her soft skin. Geet also become lost and moved her hands through his thick hair. They were so deep in their own world that they forgot not only what they were doing and but also where they exactly were. That was until they heard...


"Ahem ahem'"


Geet, of course, immediately let go of him and hid her face again in disbelief of how many times she can embarrass herself in a single day. Meanwhile Maan groaned and looked towards the source of noise and saw their friends grinning again. "We think it's advisable you both get a room." And before Maan could get the chance to strangle them on the spot they made a run for it, leaving the two lovebirds to themselves finally.

Hope you all enjoyed it! Likes and comments are graciously welcomed! Big smile


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awww...this was so so cute...the way both maan and geet had feelings for each other...hayyyeee...too gud...i loved it :) Big smile

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I missed come?

Ohh Gosh double bonanza...

I have this silly grin on my lips...loved loved it...Big smile

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very cute os...loved that they were watching eachotherDay Dreaming

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Aw! I loved it! Nice surprise! That was awesome! :-)

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wow this was just amazing! loved it to the core!Big smile

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res.. will come back to read it later!

That was beautiful!! I think one of the best!
The stalking thing sort of reminded me of something stupid we (me and my friend) did once ..well we stalked someone find out if he was single. That's the short version. LOL  I could so imagine Geet and Maan secretly watching each otherEmbarrassed ...
It was short simple, but beautiful and cute! Loved it ... especially after the rain part Wink.. ...Day Dreaming

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it was truely AMAZING!!!!

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