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MG:~Close Yet So Far (4)-ENDED (Page 62)

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 November 2011 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
hey guys 
i will try to update this today as wellEmbarrassed

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XXaquafireXX Goldie

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Posted: 23 November 2011 at 3:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mrs.msk

hey guys 
i will try to update this today as wellEmbarrassed

Hey Simi! 

Don't over exert yourself since you don't feel to well...its ok we can wait if you can't updateEmbarrassed
ChanandlerBong IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 November 2011 at 11:07am | IP Logged
awesome update dear  
Water. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 November 2011 at 10:42pm | IP Logged
Waiting for this one...too

First update dis one...
Den Hum aapke hai kaun
Den Bramchari Maan
n den shetan ka ghar...

Jaldi jaldi...monday aa jaye
JeevanaP IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 November 2011 at 4:10am | IP Logged
waiting for Maanday updates...
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 November 2011 at 11:57am | IP Logged
Okay you guys are porbably going to kill me but this is the last chapter of this fan fic...the reason will be known at the end...


               Last: Chapter 66

Maan sat on the dining table looking at everyone. The kids were playing with food while making fun of each other while Vicky fed Meera as if she was a baby making her mad. Dadima sat next to Vicky looking at everyone shaking her head while eating. Geet, finally, after serving everyone sat down next to Maan. He looked at her and smiled while Geet just turned her head around. Maan coughed while he held her hand from under the table. Geet chocked on her food and looked at Maan while he just pretended to eat as if nothing is happening. 

Dadima: Geet are you okay?

Geet: Ji Dadima I am okay

Dadima: here drink this water...(Geet held the water glass with her right hand...) Geet use both hands you might drop it

Maan: yeah Geet...use both hands...(She looks at him with anger...)

Dadima; what happened to your other hand? (She tried to release her hand from his but Maan only held it tighter..)

Geet: woh...I got hurt on that hand...(she looks at Maan...)

Maan: Here Dadima I will help her...(Maan holds the glass and makes her drink it...everyone looks at them while the kids laughed...Maan winked at the kids...)

Vicky: Soo cute (Maan gave him a mean look making him look down on his plate like a little boy...Meera laughed at him..)

Maan (looks at her and says sorry to her..Geet just turns her face...) Geet can you pass me the rice please? (She uses her other hand unable to grasp the plate) Geet use the other hand bad is your wound? Didn't you say its a scratch?

Meera: Geet its a won't hurt...

Geet: woh I can't...

Maan: Geet now I know why kids always act so dramatic...they got it from their mother (Geet Pinches his hand with anger..Maan lets go of her hand...) Ouch

Geet (smiles) What happened Maan?

Maan (kisses the mark...and smiles at her) Nothing...I think I hit something...(Geet gets up and clears the table...soon everyone one by one. Maan watched Geet go to the kitchen and clean. He gets up and follows her carrying some dishes in his hands. He puts the dishes in the sink as Geet empties the pots.) Geet do you need any help?

Geet (looks at him) no I don't. Thanks. You can go now. (She stands in front of the sink to watch. Maan was amazed at how in sync she is around the house. Truly, now he knew the house wouldn't function without her.  He stood next to her as she watched the dishes. As she was about to rinse the plate out...he grabbed her hand..Geet looks at him...Maan slowly brought his hands down toward the plate...and held it)

Maan (smiles) I will will be faster that way 

Geet didn't say anything and kept washing. Whenever she would try to put the plate down for him to rinse..he would grab her hand right away..letting his hand linger on top of hers a little bit longer then required to grab a dish. He was testing her patience..his every touch was awaking feelings in Geet for him...not that they were gone but she wanted to be mad at him for what he has said but couldn't...he knew it...and she hated that..she wanted to have upper hand in this little fight..if it is a fight..but couldn't...

Maan at the end always has to win..but not today she vowed. Today, she will win, if that was possible. Quickly, she wiped her hands and went upstairs leaving Maan to rise out the dishes that she left on her side. Maan quickly did the dishes before running upstairs after her..

He went in the room and saw the bathroom light on. He turned the air conditioner up a little so that it was cold in the room. He saw Geet coming out in her night dress...she holds herself when she felt the cold air touching her body. She looks around the room for the air conditioner remote but couldn't find one. Maan smirks...he hid the remote...he looks at her with a concern...

Maan: Geet what happened?

Geet: Its cold in here..what is the ac remote?

Maan: Its nice in here...not too cold...

Geet: Well I am cold...

Maan (gets up and walks toward her...while Geet moves back until she is against the cold wall...she almost jumps when her body touches the cold wall...) How cold are you? (he whispers)

Geet (looks at him...unable to look into his eyes...) Very...

Maan: Let me help you warm up...

He comes closer to her...he touches her arm...moving his hand up and down her arm to warm it up..) is it helping? (Geet shakes her head yes absentmindedly...He holds her hand in his and rubs his both hands against it...he then does the same with the other arm...while Geet stood there like a statue..she was enjoying this closeness after a very long time..she saw the same concern and care that her Maan used to have...he had the same mischievous look in his eyes...the look made her blush but as well as brought her out of her dazed state...she slightly pushes him...

Geet; I am tired...I am going to sleep...good night...(She walks toward the bed slowly looking back at Maan)

She goes to lie on the bed...Maan smiles and jumps on the bed...Geet was shocked...she expected him to sleep on the sofa..but he didn't...she smiled but quickly puts up a straight face..ignoring him...she turns to her side showing her back to Maan...he moves little bit closer to her...walking up on her arm with his two fingers...

Geet hits his hand...Maan removes the fingers...and bring his arm to her waist...Geet hits his arm yet again..showing him cold shoulder...Maan fed up...turns her on her back...he looks at her with smile...she turns her face a little...he holds her face making her look at him...his thumb gently traces her lips making her gasp...

"Do I still have the same effect as my past self did?" (he whispers near her ear...she shakes her head yes)

"Am I touching you with same care as my past self?" (She again shakes her head yes)

"Do you see the same concern in my eyes as my past self?" (Again she nodes her head yes)

"Do you hear the same loving tone, concern for you and the kids as my past self?" (She nodes her head yes)

"Do you think that I will be able to love you the same way as my past self?" (She looks at him with tears...)

"It took me time but now I understand what you and this family means to me. My life will be so incomplete without you guys. Yes, I don't remember anything of my past...but Geet we have our future ahead of us...we still have our present. Watching the homemade videos of the past...made me look at how blissful our life was before the accident..although I cannot recollect any of the moments from the past no matter how hard I try...

I still want to try to make our present and the future. I want to start with the new memories with you and the kids..I want to be there for you and the kids...I am not the type of person to get scared nor run away from responsibilities. I just needed time to understand everything..and not being able to recollect the past made me frustrated.and I am sorry for taking my anger out of you. I should've understood how hard this must've been for you and the kids. I guess I was being selfish...stupid...only thinking of my needs, myself...I never gave you any thought..but now that I understood everything..I want to try being there now...

Will you do me the honors of growing old with me? Spend good and bad times together? Make new wonderful memories with me? I promise to always be there for you and the kids..I will put you guys first before anything...Will you re-marry me Geet? (She looks at him shocked and hugs him tight crying...both look at each other with a smile...Maan bends forward to kiss her...Geet tightly wraps her arms around his neck while Maan kisses her passionately...)
Two weeks later:

"Hurry long are you going to take? Everyone is waiting..."

"I am coming..almost done.."

"You girls have been saying the same thing for past one hour..."

Meera opens the door and looks at Vicky with anger..."We are getting the bride ready..of course it will take are acting like you are getting married today..."

Vicky (smiles...) Well I don't mind...(he pulls her closer...)

Meera (hits his hand) Besharm...everyone is here..go to Maan and see what he is doing..

Vicky: he is ready...the ceremony will start any minute now...

Pinky (comes to the door..Meera and Vicky move away from each other quickly) the bride is if you two are done romancing..then should we bring her out?

Vicky (clears his throat) Yeah sure...I will go Maan...

Maan and Geet were getting re-married again. They were hosting small ceremony at home with just close family, the way both wanted the ceremony. Maan sat in front of the fire, with Asha on his lap. Sargam and Ranbir were playing with each other along with the other kids. Dadima and everyone was so happy to see the new change in it didn't really matter if he gets his memory back or not...everyone had the same joy as before. Everyone turned their head toward the stairs where Geet descended with the girls. Geet looked at Maan with a smile and sat down next to him. Dadima takes Asha. Maan and holds Geet's hand as both completed the marriage ceremony together. 

Geet stood in the room looking at the moon feeling happy. Her life was compelted again. She felt so lucky to be married to Maan..and to get a life partner like Maan. She closes her eyes when she felt something light touching her back...she was so lost in thoughts that she didn't notice Maan entering the room. He saw her standing there looking at the moon..looking beautiful. He stood behind her holding a flower and ran it down her back which was bare except for one strap holding the blouse together. He listened and watched for her reaction. He places a small kiss on her back, as he traces her arm with the flower, while his other arm wraps around her stomach protectively. 

He turns her around to look at her...she had her eyes closed...he traces her each feature on the face gently and slowly with the flower. She opens up her eyes looking at him while his hands wandered around aimlessly around her lips. He dropped the flower on the floor and replaced it with his fingers..he touched her each feature on the face again with his fingers stopping at her lips again. He presses his thumb against the lips while looking at them...

"You look so beautiful tonight Geet..." 

He kisses her on her lips..Geet hugs him tight..Maan picks her up by the waist..letting her feet hang in the air as both move back toward the bed...Maan was on his back while Geet on top of him..both their feet dangling on the floor as they kissed like never before...Maan hugs her tightly by her waist and slowly messaged her back...he turns her around as he looks at her...

"you think you are ready Mrs.Khruana?"

"I would'nt have married you if I wasn't...besides how bad can you be?" (she winks at him..) 

"As bad as you want me to be..."

"Well show me what you got..." (Maan smirks...)

"you should'nt have said that..." 

He kisses her neck as he holds both of her arms above her head...Geet moans as he bites her neck while moving down...he kisses her stomach harshly making her scream...he removes her necklace..and earrings..while kissing her on the same spots...he pulls her sari pallu off making it almost rip...he looks at her heaving chest...she was breathing so fast...he kisses her on top of her chest through her clothes..she holds his shoulder for support...Maan hands touches her sari pleats taking it out one by one...while tickling her in the process...

Both roll off now Geet was on top of Maan..she kisses his neck...while opening up his shirt buttons...Maan moans...she kisses his face with passion as she moves down to his chest...she gently rubs his stomach and his ribs...making him crazy...her hands stop on top of his belt...she slowly opens up his belt...before she could open the button...he rolls her underneath him...he opened her blouse strap...Geet hugged him due to shy

"Why are you feeling shy?"

"I don't know...technically this will be our first time..."

"I want to make it special...may I?" (She nodes her head yes...he makes her lie down...he looks at her top naked form...he kisses each of her curve giving them the attention they needed...after that...he locks his fingers with the dori of her skirt...both look at each they were about to start they new journey together...Maan kisses her whole body from top to bottom...he comes on top of both naked feeling the touch of each other's skin against their body. Slowly, he enters her making her moan...)

"I missed you so much Maan..." He moves slower at first then faster after picking up the rhythm. Both became one again as husband and wife as they shared the rest of the journey together. 
Two months later...

Maan and Geet had decided to stay in the mansion permentaly with everyone. Vicky moved his business to India and moved to the outhouse. Meera was about four months pregnant now..annoying Vicky with her demands...Ranbir and Sargam became very good friends almost inseparable...while Maan and Geet relationship imporved tremendously. 

Both couldn't get enough of each other. Maan spent every spare time that he could with all the kids especially Asha. Both shared a very good bond..stronger...Asha couldn't go to sleep without Maan holding her hand and/or signing night songs to her. He was a truely changed Maan. Although, he still didn't get his memory back..he didn't care..he was happy as he ever could be. 

Maan laid on the bed waiting for Geet to come out of the bathroom with a smile on the face. Tonight, they were going to celebrate their two months of marriage together. The room was decorated with flowers and candles. He laid on the bed with heart shaped flower pettels while Geet in the bathroom getting ready. She opened the door and stuck her head out...

Maan: Geet don't tell me you are still feeling shy?

Geet: Maan am pregnant. 

Maan (sits up shocked) What! (he looks up praying to God to help him...)


Okay so I hope you guys liked the the reason for this abrupt ending...I feel like I covered all the loopholes into the story...I don't want to drag it to make it boring...I never expected this story to go this far and this is my very first story with so many now Maaneet have finally become one..and they are ever so CLOSE...

Guys thank you very much for giving me support till here...thank you for reading this light hearted comedy and enjoying every update as much as I have...

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-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 November 2011 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
Awesum ending
Esp the last part
Geet saying she is pregnant n Maan saying what hahahah
XXaquafireXX Goldie

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Posted: 28 November 2011 at 12:15pm | IP Logged

Haha I had a feeling that with such a close proximity b/w Maaneet  Geet was bound to get pregnant again! Surprise surpriseLOL 

All i can say is...what compatibility!!BlushingWinkBig smile

I'm going to miss your updates on this story...each and every chapter made this story as wonderful as it can get! 

What a fantastic ending Simi! Clap

And I'm glad to see u back again!

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