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MG:~Close Yet So Far (4)-ENDED (Page 46)

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Finally an update!!!!!!LOLLOLLOL

sorry sorry sorry for the long wait!

                     Chapter 64

Maan sat on the breakfast table...reading a newspaper. It has been two days since the whole truth came out and still he is being able to process his marriage with Geet and the kids. It is taking time for him to understand how? Its not like he didn't trust Geet and everyone in the house but it just too much information for him to handle. There is a lot of things that happened in his life that he has to process. Like his baby sister is married and has a kid. A Kid...he liked Adi and he knew that he would never hurt her...Arjun always made his own choices so he was happy that he found someone and adopted a cute little girl and then Geet...his marriage and the kids are so much like her...except for the boys...they were more like him...wait did he just say that? Him and Geet were still sleeping separately in the room but he could't avoid her forever could he? 

Now, he was at the table trying to concentrate on the daily events if only the kids could stop making all the noises. He could hear them whispering to each other while Asha made some baby noises while Geet tried to feed her. Maan brought the newspaper down a little so that he can look at everyone on the table without having them find out. He looks at the kids...who were discussing something among themselves. He looked at Geet who looked great in that sari and very motherly as she fed Asha. He smiled. Maan quickly brought the newspaper up when the kids looked his way. He pretended to move his head from side to side to make it look like his is reading. As he was reading someone knocked on the newspaper. He brought it down and saw Sargam standing before him with a big smile. Maan puts the newspaper down straightening his tie.

Sargam: can we go see a movie tonight? 

Maan: I can't

Sargam: Please papa please...please...I want to see Shahrukh Khan's movie (Maan looks at Geet for help.)

Geet: Sargam if your papa can't go its fine. We all will go.. (The kids yell in happiness) what movie is it?

Sargam: Its Ra.One...there is one song I like in there...what was it...ohh yeah...its criminal the way the booty goes pop pop pop (Maan spits his juice out hearing the song name and stares at her angrily...Geet sees the anger...she quickly gets up ...)

Geet: Okay kids time for school...come...(She holds Asha..and leads the kids to the car...Maan gets up and follows her...the kids quickly gets in the car and drive off. Maan comes and stands in front of her)

Maan: What kind of movie is she seeing tonight?

Geet: Realx its a funny movie. Its about superheros...

Maan: They have that song in there?

Geet: Of course..

Maan: We are not seeing that movie

Geet: Who is we? you said that you can't come...

Maan: Well umm..maybe I can

Geet: Maan you don't have too...for now go to work. (Maan hmm Geet comes close to him to give him a peck on his cheek when Asha slobbers him with  her dirty face...Geet pulls her back and holds her tight. Maan makes a face as he wipes the baby food from his face...) bye (Maan just leaves without saying anything...while Geet sighs in relief.)
Maan comes home early from work to go to the movies. He already had everything planned. He was going to his room when he heard music coming from the kids room. He opened the door and saw Sargam dancing to the song from the morning while everyone cheered her on. For some reason Maan got furious. He opens the door.

Maan: What is going on here! (Sargam stops in her tracks while everyone stands up to see him..)

Dadima; when did you come?

Maan: Just now

Dadima: ohh well come join us...

Maan (sits in the room) What is everyone doing?

Geet: Sargam was performing for us...

Sargam: yeah you wanna see my dance

Maan: No..umm Geet can I talk to you?

Geet: sure..(both leave the room...Maan comes in his room while Geet follows...Maan turns around...) what happened Maan?

Maan (looks at her) what happened? How come you don't stop Sargam

Geet: What did she do?

Maan: Did you see the song she was dancing too?

Geet: Yeah I

Maan: so? Do you let the kids watch and listen to these kind of songs?

Geet: Maan there is nothing wrong with it you are over reacting

Maan: I am over reacting? (He holds her arms) this is like a joke to me. I don't know what to do anymore

Geet: Well am sorry if our marriage, our kids and our house seems like a joke to you (She removes his hands..) I am going to the can stay here at home. 

Maan: Geet wait...(he holds her hand) woh I don't 

Geet: enough Maan..I am you have any idea what I went through all these days? How much it had pained me to see you so close to me yet so far? Do you know how much it had hurt me find out that you don't remember me? You don't remember our marriage, kids, all the moments we had spent together? I had to hide the fact that I was married sindoor or anything only so that you don't become suspicious so that nothing happens to you. 

You think I wanted this? You think that we wanted this on ourselves? There was a point Maan where you couldn't stay away from me and the kids. You would cancel your meetings and put everything on hold just to spend time with us. Now, I see you so distant from everything. I see you at night sleeping by yourself...not wanting to share the same bed with me..why? it hurts Maan..and what hurts the most is that you are trying to punish the kids of no fault of there own. They are kids. What do they know. Don't you think I noticed that you are trying to avoid them? Why? Just because you never thought of having kids? Well tough Maan. The truth is you ARE married with four kids. (She removes his hand.. and leaves) 

Maan sits in the room thinking about everything. He doesn't attend the movie with them. He couldn't. He sits on top of the bed with all the pictures of their wedding, kids, trips the good and the bad spread out. He couldn't believe that this is his life now. In some ways it hurt him to know what he has missed. What he is missing. How can he forget all these moments? It hurted him. He picks one photo where the twins were walking holding his hand...their first he wanted to remember that...he looked at his face..he was happy and content with his life...he picks the next picture of him and Geet looking at each other..there was so much love in his eyes for Geet..the question is did his love for her decreased since then? Does his memory really needs to be back to show how much he loves her?

He looks at their family picture that time she was pregnant with Asha...he was standing next to Geet placing his hand on her belly while the kids stood on their sides...he smiled when he noticed Sargam's funny face in the picture..she was sticking her tongue out...while she had peace sign behind Armaan's head...As he was putting away all the pictures..something caught his eye...there were Dvd sticking out of the folder. He took the Dvd and went to the home theater. He placed the cd in and waited for the thing to play.

He assumed he was recording the video and yelling behind from it. He saw the camera being focused toward Geet. She was pregnant...

"here is Geet..coming down with her big belly..the doctor told us that we are going to be expecting twins...I am so happy! Geet say hi to the camera..." Maan smiled as she made a funny face toward the camera...she was trying to sit down...but couldn't...after few tires...she looks at the camera..

"Maan could you help me at least...put away the camera.."

"sorry Geetu I can't..I want to document everything..for the kids.."

"Maan they are not going to know about this..come on help me NOW!" She yells!

"okay okay!" He puts the camera down after hearing her scream..he helps her..sit down before running back to the camera...he walks around her..."okay now she is sitting if you are going to be watching this..then remember don't get your mom mad...her nose flares up in anger...and her cheeks become all red..." He says quietly to the camera..

"what did you say Maan?"

"what I didn't say anything...did I kids?" (he shows his face...and shakes the camera no...") see am are hearing things

"Just wait and watch..." she tries to get up..but couldn't..Maan laughs behind the camera...

"She can't do anything...come on Geet get up..." 

"you.." She grabs a remote in her hand and throws it at him...while Maan runs to cover himself..

"Geet the camera...Geet..." The Dvd goes blank..he was about to turn it off when the next segment came on...he was talking to a small girl...he was trying to pursade her to call him papa...

"call me papa...say pa"

"maan forget it...she will say mama first...right Sargu? Say Mama" Maan puts his palm on her mouth to stop her...

"Say pa pa...say it..." Sargam looks at both of them fighting and laughs...she opens her mouth...both look at her closely and moving their lips to say "mama" and "papa" 

"She is going to say it now..." (maan said..)

Sargam: uh oh (Both Geet and Maan looked at each confusion..then they smelled something...Maan started walking out...)

"I think that meant for you! Bye Geet I have a meeting to attend too.."

"You coward...scared of a baby's potty..." (she yells after him as he runs away...he turns off the tv...trying to process everything...)

Dadima who was standing behind him cries. She sits next to him...

Maan: Dadima I don't know what to do

Dadima; Just accept it...I know no matter if you loose your memory or whatever other situations..Geet has been the first person on your lips. No matter what...I won't pressure you into anything...take your time beta...(she gets up to leave..leaving him all alone to his thoughts)

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I hope after watch DVD he try accept his life.

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You know...I do like the fact that Maan is taking the truth with a calm mind. He didn't abandon his family because of overwhelming feelings as I expected. So I am happy with Maan. Smile Geet, I feel so bad for her. Till now, she had been trying to take in the situation as"glass half full" but it finally took a toll on her and today the expression of her feelings was completely justifiable. 

Babaji (Yes Simi, I'm talking to YOU LOL), please sort everything out between them soon! 


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Ahh Simi..
why  did u stop...
lol ..
please update soon x :)
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very emotionl update
continue soon

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maan s accepting the truth slowly..
i hope he vl accept dem sooner..

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Awesome update.  Maan is trying his level best to keep himself calm and composed.  I like this maan.

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