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MG:~Close Yet So Far (4)-ENDED (Page 37)

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 October 2011 at 11:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by princes939


hey sorry for the delay!
Been so busy..but I will start writing the part right now
and if I don't post ti today then I will do it 2marowEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by mrs.msk

Originally posted by princes939


hey sorry for the delay!
Been so busy..but I will start writing the part right now
and if I don't post ti today then I will do it 2marowEmbarrassed

Oh itx ok take ur time!! Smilebut try 2 post some nd finish dis suspence!!cant wait!! Tongue Lolzz
rampriya1991 Newbie

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Wow i just finished reading your ff it is beautiful. Every expression you give is perfect continue soon dear and please add me to the pm list :)
Water. IF-Rockerz

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pls update soon.
JeevanaP IF-Stunnerz

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pls update...waiting
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 October 2011 at 9:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rampriya1991

Wow i just finished reading your ff it is beautiful. Every expression you give is perfect continue soon dear and please add me to the pm list :)

Tahnk you very much!
Glad you liked itEmbarrassed
will upate soon!
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay been busy but finally an update of this fan ficLOLLOL

                    Chapter 63

Geet looked at him shocked..Sargam went behind Geet because she was scared looking at Maan with anger. Geet looked everywhere except at Maan and smiled nervously at him. 

Geet: ohh Maan sorry forgot you had to use the gym at this time

Maan: How do you know I use the gym at this time?

Geet: ohh woh Dadima told me.

Maan: hmm what else did Dadima told you Geet?

Geet: umm nothing..just this and umm what you like...ohh umm excuse me Maan I have to put Asha to sleep. (Sargam runs off leaving her mom to handle Maan..."scardy cat.." Geet said under her breath...)

Maan (stops her way) Why are you putting her to bed when its Yash or Meera's job?

Geet: ohh umm because they are sleeping. I was bored and she was up so umm I decided to umm take her with me...(She walks past him and goes toward Asha's room while Maan followed her...Geet wondered if he heard Sargam calling her mom..and if so why hasn't he said anything yet? She knew Maan, usually he would ask everything up front...but why not now? She sighs in relief thinking he doesn't know the truth yet...she puts Asha to bed...Maan watches her every move very closely...she turns off the light and bumps into Maan as soon as she was out...she looks at him with a nervous smile and tries to move away but Maan stops her..) Maan what are you doing?

Maan: Nothing...why?

Geet: Then move I am tired...I want to go to sleep...

Maan: Why can't you spend some time with me?

Geet: We can do that tomorrow..its been a long day..with everyone..please

Maan: hmm okay only on one condition...

Geet: What?

Maan: Give me a kiss

Geet (gives him a kiss on his cheek) okay happy?

Maan: no give me on my lips


Maan: okay then (he leans closer to her...blocking her from both sides) I guess we stay like this all night until you give me what I want

Geet (sighs knowing there is no other way out) okay fine...(she moves closer to him and gives him a peck on the lips and moves away) now move...(she pushes his hands away and runs...Maan looks at her and goes to his room..."now to find out the truth...I knew something was wrong from the beginning when my crazy family started acting more crazy ever since my accident...and not once was Dadima shocked to see Geet or question him and her...Geet seems so comfortable with everyone and there is no way that she would know the ins and outs of this house this fast...they can mess with me then they got another thing coming...but how to find out the truth? how? no one will tell me...maybe I can ask Adi? no no how would he know what goes around this house? Then how? He got an idea and starts going to work...)
A week later everyone stood in line except for Geet's family. They had left 5 days before. The whole house was crazy...filled with people, kids running and screaming around...Maan all this time kept a VERY close eye on Geet and her behaviors. She knew everything in the house and even the things that he didn't know...something was defiantly wrong...especially if they say that she has been here for little bit now which was not enough time to know everything. So he spent the week searching, digging, and paying attention to everything until he had enough proof to take everyone down. Now, it was time to reveal and/or ask for the truth. Everyone except the kids were standing in the line while Gabar Singh ooppss sorry while Maan Singh Khruana walked in front of them with his hands behind his back...

Maan: Okay so who wants to speak first? (Everyone look at each other in worry...they all looked at Dadima who was standing at the end...she looks at them and looked to her side to look at the next person but realized she is by herself. She shook her head no...they all stepped back leaving her standing there by herself...Maan turns around and saw Dadima standing alone...she gave everyone a killer look for putting her into his mess...Maan smiles and stands in front of her) Dadima...

Dadima; JI beta...(she smiles...)

Maan: Baat kya hai?

Dadima (holds her heart) Ohh my palpitation..I need to sit down...

Arjun (stepped forward) here Dadima let me help you walk upstairs

Pinky: No bhai let me help stay

Vicky; No guys let me do it..after all when will I get a chance to serve Dadima...

Meera: Yeah let me help Vicky too...

Maan (looks at all of them) ENOUGH! (Arjun who was holding Dadima...almost drops her..but all manages to make her stand up straight) Dadima tell me the truth

Dadima: What truth?

Maan: About everything and everyone.

Dadima: okay (Maan looks at her with anticipation) You are Maan Singh Khruana, this is your house, you are the MD of Khruana Constructions, I am your Dadima, she is your sister Pinky and that is your brother Arjun...(Everyone tried to hold their laughter in hearing her)

Maan (holds his head trying to control his anger) I know who I am and I know who they are. 

Dadima (sighs) okay good...since now you know we can go then...lets go everyone...he is okay...(Everyone huridley started to move..)

Maan: WAIT! I am not done...(Everyone turns around to look at him...he walks up to Geet..everyone backs up leaving her alone...he holds her hand and brings her in front of Dadima)  Yeh kaun hai

Dadima; Geet...(she touches his head) Maan are you alright? Do you need to go to a doctor?

Maan: Dadima I am answer me who is she

Geet: Maan what are you talking about I am Geet...

Maan: I know that Geet..(he looks at Dadima) what is my relation to Geet? (Everyone looks at him shocked..Dadima looks at Geet for help..she shakes her head no..not knowing what to do)

Dadima: She is your...umm...

Pinky: Finance

Arjun: Yeah bhai..I thought you knew

Geet: Wait everyone...I think it is time we let him know...

Dadima; Geet you know what 

Geet: I know Dadima...but I can't do this anymore...he has to know

Maan (looks at her) Know what? 

Geet: The truth is I am your wife

Maan (was shocked) What? You are kidding right?

Arjun: No bhai she is telling the guys have been married for about 10 years now (Maan backs up)

Dadima: Yeah and Sargam, Asha, the twins they are your kids that too four?

Geet: Yeah..we wanted to tell you this before but umm doctor said that it will affect your brain if you put too much pressure on we hid it

Maan: what else?

Pinky: Woh Adi aur meri shaadi ho chuki hai aur Ramesh humara beta hai

Arjun: yash and I are living together and we adopted Priya

Vicky: Meera is my wife and Ranbir is my kid

Maan (sits down) what...

Dadima: Maan believe us we wanted to tell you the truth but we couldn't...(Maan gets up and just then the kids come home..they stopped and looked at everyone...Maan looks at the kids and makes his way to leave)

Geet: Maan where are you going?

Maan (looks back) I need time to process all this...(he leaves..Dadima puts her hand on Geet's shoulder)

Geet: What will happen now?

Dadima: I don't know...all we can do is wait and see

Meera: Dadima I think until he returns we should have the house back to how it used to be before his accident...

Dadima: meaning?

Meera: Have everyone lead the normal lives that they once that way it will time for Maan to understand better when the house is not too crazy

Pinky: Maybe you are I will be back to my own home with the kid and Adi

Arjun: yeah that might be a good idea so that way when Maan bhai comes back the house will be quiet with less distractions

Geet; Should I move back to the outhouse?

Dadima: For now it is better you stay here...there is plenty of room in here..

Vicky: We will leave and go to a hotel

Geet: you guys don't have to do guys are staying here

Meera: but

Dadima; Geet is guys are not going anywhere...but for now lets get this house back to normal and put up all the pictures that we took down...just like how it was before (all shook their head yes and started moving around...the kids went straight to their room deciding to be quiet seeing their, respective, parents busy)
Maan came home and looked around...everything was changed. It was quiet..just the way he liked it...he was going up the stairs when he saw pictures up against the wall...he looks at each picture very closley as he moves up...there were pictures of him and Geet.married...of the kids..with Maan holding the twins when they were born, Asha, Sargam...there was a family portrait of all of them...he looks at Arjun and Yash together...holding Priya...Pinky and Adi with Ramesh...its weird..he thought..he doesn't remember any of can he forget his family? He goes to his room and saw Geet there...he opens his closet and takes out his clothes ignoring Geet..she comes and stands next to him

Geet: Maan 

Maan (looks at her) Geet I am going to sleep on the sofa

Geet (shocked) but why? We are married...

Maan: I know Geet but like I said I need time to process all this..its happening way to fast

Geet: What is there to process? We have been married for 10 years now...

Maan: Geet you don't know how I am day I find out that I am single and have a GF and the next day I find out I am married and I am a father of FOUR kids...(he runs his hand through his hair in frustration) 

Geet: Maan but try to understand that

Maan: Geet I understand that what you guys did was for my benefit but I just can't grasp the idea of marriage and kids

Geet: Well its not like its my fault that we have four kids...its all your fault

Maan: What do you mean...

Geet: Like you had control..oOo Geet I want to make a cricket team..I want to have more kids...(mimicking him) you didn't complain then and mind it it is me who has to go through the labor pains...not you

Maan: GEET!

Geet: Well what I am saying it true...

Maan: you know what I think i must've been crazy before to marry you

Geet: Well its not like I have been living in a fantasy land marrying you...

Maan (grabs his pillows and blanket) I am sleeping on the sofa...GOOD NIGHT!

Geet: good...I get the whole bed to myself...dhust dhanav

Maan: monkey

Geet; your face (she turns around showing him her back..Maan also does the same)

Note: Okay so I decided to eliminate some people in the house as it was getting so confusing..haha I sound like terminator...LOLLOL Anyways, I also decided to let the truth out to Maan I mean how long as I prolong the truth? So now the story will focus on Maan getting to know his new found wife and kids...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed I had to stay within the title Close Yet So Far...they are together but still far away...he needs time to understand and so does GeetLOL

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hey terminator
wonderful job Thumbs Up

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