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MG:~Close Yet So Far (4)-ENDED (Page 29)

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 October 2011 at 7:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Water.

when will u update dis one?
when will his memory come back, n how will it come back...phir kya hoga...pata nahin

i will update this today!
Just have to finish writing the part upLOL

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-memorable- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 October 2011 at 11:52am | IP Logged
XXaquafireXX Goldie

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I think I just died from sheer happiness!
Aqua's ghost awaiting...Big smile
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by XXaquafireXX


I think I just died from sheer happiness!
Aqua's ghost awaiting...Big smile

hahah sorry guys updating now for sure
just finishign last sentenceLOL

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Posted: 19 October 2011 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
am dead sleepy yaar update soon .. its 11:42 pm here 
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 October 2011 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
Hey guys,

I am sorrry for this very late update...I don't usually do sorry...I was side tracked and whatnot

here is the update...
                      Chapter 62

Geet ran to Dadima's room as soon as she hung up the phone. Like there wasn't enough problems in her life that now four more were going to come very soon. The Tej brother, Bhabhi, dad, and Pari were coming to see them in two weeks. Raji was away for her school trip so she won't be able to come. The house was already full and how many more can they fit into it. Maan will most defiantly find out the truth soon if more and more show people show up. 

Geet: Dadima (she barges into her room. She was getting ready to go somewhere) Are you going somewhere?

Dadima; Yeah my kitty party. Why?

Geet (closes the door) Umm we have a huge problem

Dadima: What could be worse then what is going on right now?

Geet: umm my family is coming over in two weeks

Dadima (drops her earrings on the floor hearing this) What? No what?

Geet: I don't know...we have to think of something

Dadima: I don't know if I can think of anything anymore. How much more can my fragile brain handle all this

Geet (roles her eyes seeing her being dramatic) come on Dadima if its anyone its you that can think of something.

Dadima (paces around the room) You got a point...let me think...(Geet paced behind her. Dadima stops to tell Geet when both bumped into each other..) Geet can't you stand in one place

Geet: sorry

Dadima: Okay I thought of something. We can't do anything

Geet (shocked) what do you mean?

Dadima: Just let them come and don't tell Maan anything about them. You act like you are surprised when you see them. Simple. 

Geet: But dad will be calling him Damadji 

Dadima; Just explain to Maan that he already considers you part of the family. 

Geet: but

Dadima; Geet chill nothing will happen...tell Nakul to prepare the guest rooms for their arrival. (Geet nodes her head and leaves the room...thinking of new toofan coming their way...)
Two weeks later, everyone in the house waited for her family to show up. Everyone was worried and nervous of what they might say and most importantly reaction of Maan. He was slowly bonding with the kids but still maintained his distance with them. Meera's news was a shock to everyone but everyone was very excited to have another member added to this already huge and crazy family. Arjun and Yash went to pick her family up from the bus station. Geet waited outside of the house for them, wanting to tell them the truth about Maan's current condition too bad she couldn't go with Arjun to pick them up as a lot of work was needed to be done at home. She smiled and ran toward the car as soon as she them coming. Everyone got out of the car. She hugs her brother Tej and bhabi and her dad.

Gurvindar: How are you beta?

Geet: are you all?

Teji: We are good. We wanted to see you and the kids. Is everything good there?

Geet: yeah of course. Bhabhi where is Pari?

Nandani (laughs) she is in the car sleeping. Suniye could you pick her up

Teji: hmm 

Geet: I have to tell you guys something...(but before she could Maan comes there. He was confused looking at the new people in front of him)

Gurvindar (goes up to him) How are you bete? (Maan looks at him confused.)

Geet (jumps in) umm papa lets go inside and talk. (Teji stops in front of Maan..he smiles and puts his hand on top of his shoulder and goes in. Maan turns around and looks at their retreating bodies)

Maan: What the...(He goes inside following them with many questions going around his head. The kids came and hugged everyone making Maan even more confused. He sits on the sofa in front of them. He clears his throat) ahem so you are Geet's family? (Teji and Nandani look at each other confused.)

Gurvindar: Of course. You know that beta. (he looks at Geet who just looked at Dadi for help.)

Dadima: ohh umm he forgets so easily these days you know it comes with age and on top of that he has to worry about his business. The stress adds up. Right everyone? (Everyone said yes in a hurry. Maan looks at all of them in anger. "did Dadima just called me old?" he was about to speak)

Geet: Pinky didn't you said that Adi had called from office asking for Maan? (She interrupted Maan. Maan looks at Pinky for the answer. She looks at Geet who were giving him signal to say something. She then looks at Maan who was giving her the usual look)

Pinky: haan..ummm Adi called..he wanted you to go to work as soon as possible.

Maan: Why?

Pinky: why? yeah why? umm 

Arjun: he didn't say

Maan: how do you know?

Yash: because Pinky told Arjun and Arjun told me.

Vicky: And Yash told me what Adi said on the phone to Pinky

Meera: Yeah and Vicky told me what Yash told Vicky, what Arjun said to Pinky and what Adi said to Pinky...right? (She did the circle in her head making sure if she didn't forget anyone...after few seconds) Yeah am right. (Geet's family, Geet's and Dadima's mouth fell open...)

Maan (loosing all his patience): Okay I am asking what did Pinky told i mean what did Adi tell Pinky 

Pinky: He didn't say Bhai...remember Arjun bhai said it..and then Yash bhai and then

Maan (yelled) okay enough...I am leaving this mad would be way better then here...sab log mujhe pagal kar ke chode ge (Everyone sighs in relief hearing him. He walks away soon as he left..everyone explain the situations at home and about Maan not remembering anything. 
Meanwhile, all the kids talked to Pari. 

Pari (goes up to Ranbir) Hi my name is Pari...what's yours?

Ranbir (smiled...and cleared his throat) My name is...uhh...

Sargam (elbows him with anger) this idiot name is Ranbir. Anyway lets go to my room away from these boys.

Ranbir: Do you have problem playing with us? (He puts his hands on his hip)

Sargam: Yeah we do. We don't play with dumbos like you guys. Pari lets go. (The boys block the door)

MJ: So we are dumbos huh? (Pari looks at her with anger while she gives a nervous smile)

Armaan: Well little sis...we boys will show you who is dumb...

Sargam (puts on a brave face...) OH yeah what are you going to do?

Ramesh: We will show you. (All the boys look at each other...)

Ranbir: GET THEM!!! (The girls yell..)
It was a very long day. Everyone was running around like a manic mangaging all the guests, kids, house and Maan. They were glad that the root cause of all the problems were away in the office. For now everywhere were retired off to bed, even though it was only 8pm, everyone was so tired that they couldn't stay up any longer. Geet took Sargam and Asha to the gym area. 

Sargam: mom do I have to do this?

Geet: yes. Its been a while since we practiced. Now put on your payals. (Geet from time to time taught Sargam classical dancing just like her mom used to teach hers. Its become a hobby for them. Geet enjoys teaching Sargam and hopes that she goes into competitions and/or participate in events. Asha always was in the background watching clapping while watching them. One in a while, she would get up and dance as well.) Okay are you ready? Get in your position. (Sargam does so while Geet starts playing the music...Asha claps...

Meanwhile, Maan came home cursing Adi for making a stupid phone call and calling him at work for no reason. There was no emergency. His whole day went to waste by doing nothing at office the whole day but at least he had fun yelling and screaming at all the employees most importantly Adi. Yes, Adi was his main target for the day. Maan laughed to himself when he almost...almost made him cry. The poor guy will have nightmares about him forever. That will teach him to mess with me. He goes to the gym area to do his exercise to relieve his stress when he hears music coming from inside. He slightly opens the door and stood on his ground rooted...he was mesmerized seeing Geet classical dance with Sargam while Asha was sitting in corner smiling. He was in awe. He held his head when black and white images played in his head of her dancing in different outfit. He held the door for support. He felt like he saw her before, dancing but when? 

"MOM I am tired..."

"Alright mera bachaa...lets call it a night and end it before your papa comes home..."

Maan stood there shocked..."MOM" did he hear right? How is Sargam her daughter? What is going on? Geet opened the door while holding Asha and was shocked to see Maan standing in front with question filled eyes. 

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MROFLLAI!! (Mentally Rolling On The Floor Laughing Like An Idiot)ROFL
So many people in one house!! hahahaha...its a miracle that everyone has managed to pull off this stunt for so long...this is too muchLOL
Awright! Maan is finally starting to remember something! Yee-hawww!Clap
Uh-oh...How is Geet going to answer to what he just saw?
Please update soon, loved zee update!Embarrassed

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wow that was an awesome part...i wonder what maaan will do next...he must be having so many questions

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