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MG:~Close Yet So Far (4)-ENDED (Page 14)

unknown. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
awesome & funny part
& congo for new thread :)

harneet <3

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Congrats on the new thread.
Luv dehlishark n newyorkqueen.
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waitinggg for next part
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great update..thanx for the pm ...sooory late comment kiya was out of station tc...Smile
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Hey guys,

I have some bad news!

I will be going on a one week vacation during this weekend and during that time it would be impossible for me to update. I will return on October 10th and will take me another day or two to write another part for all of my current stories. BUT I will be logging on once a while to reply back to any PM's and/or comments, if time permits. 

P.S. I will TRY to update BM and HAHK by tomorrow and send out the PM's as well!

Thanks hope you guys understand! 

                    Chapter 60

Maan sat in his room thinking about Geet...he had to plan something for her. He had to make it up to her for not telling who he really is but what? He sucked at romance and only god knows how he managed to woo a girl and that too on the internet. Whenever he closed his eyes..Geet smiling face came to his mind. He wanted the whole world to stop at that moment with her smile. Her one smile made his day. He smiled as he pictured her smile. She was the only girl that made him feel this one. Yeah, in the past he had other girlfriends but not the one like Geet. There was something special about her, something that leaves him falling in love with her again and again. Now, she was here, in his home, so close to each other. He wanted to see her right now and spend some time but living with his over grown family which by the way is getting bigger and bigger made it kind of impossible idea at the moment. It seemed like she was more concerned about the kids, which is not even hers, then him. How can he get her to come with him alone? What can he do? 

An idea popped into his head, he opened up his room door and was headed toward Arjun's room. Yeah, he completely ignored the fact that it is close to midnight and he might be sleeping, but he didn't care. Nothing can get in his way now, so he thought. He was about to open the door when he heard some noises coming from downstairs. Alarmed thinking it might be a burglar again, which seems like a common theme ever since he came back, who would be stupid enough to break into HIS house? Rolling up his sleeves and grabbing a bat that he saw lying on the hallway floor. He looked at the bat and frowned. It was a plastic bat, it wouldn't hurt anyone, hearing another noise and having no other option he headed down the stairs. He held the bat in front of him as if he was holding a sword as he proceeded toward the kitchen. As he got closer and closer toward the kitchen, he saw the light on. Did a burglar really break into his house for food? Thinking he could be a new comer into the robbery business, he walked slowly toward the kitchen. He walked fast and went against the wall fast, he felt like he was a cop as shown on the tv, and right now he was going live on the show. He played James Bond tune in head while preparing himself to attack the person. My name is Khurana, Maan Singh Khurana...he counted till 3 in his head before charging in.

Maan: Don't move! (He said while he held the bat in front of him getting ready to hit when he stopped midway...The person yelped in fear and puts the hands up in the air dropping whatever was in the hands. He puts the bat down frowning as the adrenaline that was pumping through his body started to calm down. He so wanted to hit someone right now.) What are you doing up this late? ummm what is your name again...

"my name is Sargam..."

Maan (rolled his eyeballs hearing the attitude from her voice): Right...Sargam..what are you doing up? Don't you kids have school or something?

Sargam: I was hungry...

Maan: Hungry? At this time?

Sargam: Yeah (she grabs the chair to sit...) You know my mumma and I sneak down here at all the time to eat some ice cream without having papa find out

Maan (sits across from her...) How can he not find out with all the noises you make?

Sargam: He is a heavy sleeper (Maan felt like she was sort of describing him...he could sleep like a dead log...zoning out everything around him...Maan watched Sargam as she ate her ice cream...Maan looked at the floor with all the mess)

Maan: I hope you will clean up the mess you created tonight...(She stopped eating and looked at Maan then looked at the mess...she giggled...)

Sargam: How can I? I am just a little girl

Maan: If you can create this mess, little girl, then you can certainly clean this mess as well.

Sargam: But

Maan: I don't want to hear fact I will wait here with you making sure you pick up your mess

Sargam: But I (Maan gave her a strict look which made her shut up...Even Maan was surprised that he could get along with a kid like this. Using authoritative voice was nothing to him..he used it on his employees everyday but he was so not a kid person...he watched in silence as she ate her ice cream very slowly. Maan could tell she was doing this on purpose but she doesn't know that he has a lot of patience. He smiled to himself. He looked at the clock on the wall as it ticked...he yawned and moved unconfortable in his chair. He looked at the time again it was 11:30...he looked back at Sargam who was still finishing her ice cream. Sighing. He got up and took the ice cream from her...)

Maan: You are done now. Clean up the mess...

Sargam: But I am not done yet with the ice cream

Maan: You are now...

Sargam: No. (She crosses her arms over the chest as she sat their with a angry face...)

Maan: Alright fine. Tomorrow I will have a word with your dad...(he picks her up and carries her in her room...he watched as Sargam giggled and laughed. He stopped mid-way on the staircase he eyed Sargam with suspicion) What is so funny?

Sargam: You said that you will talk to my dad tomorrow (She smiled)

Maan: Yeah and?

Sargam: How can you talk to your...(She stopped half-way knowing what she was about to say...she yawns and puts her head on his chest pretending to sleep. Maan shakes her a little to wake her up but she didn't open her eyes)

Maan: Nautanki (He mumbled to himself as he carried her all the way to her room again. He places her on the bed and after truly making sure she is asleep. He leaves the room...he goes and lies on his bed again closing his eyes. He sits up as he remembered his forgotten mission. He looked at the door which seemed to be really far away from where he is sitting and before he knew it he dropped on the bed sleeping...)
Maan wakes up the next day after hearing a lot of noises coming from outside of the room.  He puts his hands on his ears, as he laid on the bed with eyes closed, to block out the noise but it seemed as if it just got louder and louder. He opened his eyes and moved back a little when he saw two pair of eyes looking at him with fascination. He sits up looking at the kid with weird faces.

Maan: what do you need? And how did you get in my room?

Armaan: The door was opened

Maan: ohh okay...

He sat there quietly and watched Armaan as he still looked at him with a huge smile. Maan was a little creeped out. Somehow the kids reminded of the american movie he once saw, forgetting the name of the movie. Well in that movie, these two couples car broke down in the middle of the road and as they went to get help from this small town, they found themselves surrounded by kids. Demonic kids to be exact. Maan called them creepy corn kids as their was a corn field in the town as well where the kids could perfectly hide. It seems like the movie would have a live role play here where he was stuck in this house with all of these kids, Sargam being their leader, the kids were out to get him. He was sure about it. And to add to his misery, not only did he had to got stuck with the corn children but he also got stuck with weird adults as well. Nothing in this house made any sense. Vicky and his so called wife and a kid...his brother-in-law Yash whom to Maan seemed like he was kind of off. The way he talked and dressed did not seem like, how can he put it gently, straight...Arjun, who seemed to change a lot in just over a week and even Dadima and Pinky. What is going on. Armaan poked him to get him out of his thoughts, Maan looked at him and weakly smiled, he had hoped that he left but to his dismay his twin joined him as well.

Maan (cleared his throat) umm do you guys need something?

Armaan: No...just came here

Maan: Why?

MJ: Actually, we needed your help with something...

Maan: What?

MJ (whispered in his ear) We need an advice...

Maan: What kind? (Maan whispered back but then he realized what he was doing..he cleared his throat and said in a regular tone) I mean what kind of advice...

Armaan: You see pa (he stops...) I mean (he looks at MJ for help not knowing how to call his dad, dad without actually using the word dad...did that make sense? Poor kids. Their brains are all scrabbled with all this new track in their lives...)

MJ: Pa...we saw the movie Pa last night and we were wondering how you can look so similar to the character Pa (Maan held his head with his hand as he tried to decipher what they meant. He had no idea what the movie Pa was about and what character were they speaking of and most importantly how did this Pa, that they speak of, looked like...)

Maan: umm its normal to look like Pa (He smiled at them with confidence to show them that he knew that they were talking about. MJ and Armaan looked at each other and laughed which confused Maan...) What is so funny? (Mj and Armaan got up from the bed and started doing Pa handshake with each other...)

Armaan: Alright PA we have to go to school now. 

Maan: Don't call me Pa

MJ: Why not? You just said that you look like Pa...

Maan: Yeah but

Armaan: Alright Pa bye..(both laughed...Maan laid back on his bed with a huge migraine because of these kids)
Maan sighed when he listened to everything around him. It was quiet...he took a deep breath..just the way he likes it. He saw everyone, all the adults to be precise, sitting at the dinning table with their breakfast. He smiled when he didn't hear any kids around. He sat next to Geet and smiled at her. He couldn't concentrate on his breakfast at all seeing Geet up this close and above all sitting to him this close. He never got the chance to be this close..yeah they kissed but only for what seemed like a second to him. He couldn't wait to spend the whole day with her just him and her with NO distractions whatsoever. He completely, ignored what everyone was saying around him and continued to look at Geet while he ate. After the breakfast was over and as everyone left one by one. Maan took her hand and dragged her outside.

Geet: Maan where are you taking me?

Maan: It is a surprise. Come on. I want to spend the day with you

Geet: But I can't 

Maan (looks at her) why not? You came here for me and you don't want to spend some time with me?

Geet: I do umm what about the 

Maan: Don't even say kids..because they have their mother and father to take care of them. Now come on. (Geet sighed seeing she has no other option but to agree to him. She quietly sat in the car as Maan drove. After few minutes, she finally asked him.)

Geet: Where are we going?

Maan: I don't know...on a long drive maybe...

Geet: How long is the long drive? And how long will it take?

Maan (looks at her) How would I know how long is the long drive and how long will it take. (Maan shook his head as he just replayed his words in his head and couldn't make out what the hell he just said. He could feel it, he could feel that he is slowly, but surely, he is going crazy...)

Geet; but...

Maan (stops the car on the road and puts his fingers on her lips. Geet looks at him and then to the fingers on her lips...) Can't you just shut up and enjoy the ride? (She nodes her head yes..he removes his hand and smiled at her) Good...then shut up...(He smiles at her and begins driving again) 

Maan stopped the car at a park...Geet came out looking confused

Geet: here? You brought me to a park?

Maan: Yeah I thought it would be nice since we were originally suppose to meet at the park in NY remember?

Geet: umm yeah..okay...sure (Maan puts his head on her lap)

Maan: This feels good Geet..I wasn't sure if you wanted to see me ever again

Geet: Why wouldn't I? 

Maan (sits up and looks at her) Geet I think I am in love with you

Geet (touches his face) I do to think the same Maan...but (She stands up and goes little bit farther away from him...she wanted to tell him who she really was and what relation kids have with him but the doctors advice stopped her from going any further. Maan comes and stands in front of her)

Maan: Geet everything okay?

Geet: umm yeah

Maan: Are you sure? (Geet puts her hand on his mouth..0

Geet (stands closer to him) Can't you just shut up and not ask any questions? (She whispers near his ear and slowly removes her hand. He looks at her as Geet leans closer and closer to him until there is no space between them. She licks his lips with the tip of his tongue before finally giving him a peck on the lips. she was about to move away when Maan firm hands held her in place..)

Maan: And you think you can get away after doing this? (He bends down fully kissing and exploring her mouth. Both move against the tree as Maan pushes her fully against it. He holds her by the waist as he kisses her non-stop, exploring her, tasting her and probing even deeper as if he hadn't kissed her in the longest time. She wraps her arms around his neck holding him tighter and tighter)

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yay !! me first to comment
awesome update
loved sargam and maans scene
loved the way how maan wants to spend time with geet
pls continue soon

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nice update...loved it...

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awesome update
maan is again going well with the kids
continue soon

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