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MG/Arhi FF-Suffocation Part 22 UPDT! pg31/ DEC 27 (Page 16)

.Sam. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 November 2011 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
gr8 flashback yaar...didnt think it would turn out this way...Smile

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 9:56am | IP Logged
Ok Guys I am Posting the update today! FINALLY AFTER A LONG TIRING WEEKBig smile
So Here's the link to the promo and coming up scene!
Njoy and Do comment Smile
lots of love

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Part 17

Location: Handa Haveli; Time: 6:30 p.m;

The Handas along with Savitri Devi, Arnav and the Raj Purohit (chief priest) sat in the hall of the haveli. The center table was full of gifts and various kinds of sweets and snacks. Everyone had their eyes on raj purohit ji as he looked at Maan and Geet's Kundalis (Birth Charts).

Sukhdev Handa (Daarji): Kya baat hai panditji? Kundaliyan mil toh rahi hai na?

Panditji: Haan ji Handa saab. Gauri Shankar ki jodi hai. Main bas mahurat hi nikal raha hoon.

Mohinder: Panditji, Jald se jald ka nikaliye. Kyun Savitri Mausiji?

Savitri Devi nodded with a big smile plastered on her face.

Hearing this Geet's face turned pale. She didn't know how to react. Khushi side hugged her all excited and Geet gave a slight smile to her.

Panditji: Ji ! Aaj se 15 din baad ka mahurat nikala hai.

Brij: Aaj 28 october hai toh 12 november ka?

Panditji: Ji haan agle mahine ki 12 taareek ko.

Rano: Par itni jaldi tayiyarian kaise?

RP: Sab hojayega tu phikar mat kar. Hum sab kisliye hain?

Daarji: Savitriji aapko to koi taqleef nahi hogi?

SD: Bilkul nahi Handa saab. Hum toh bohot khush hain. She got up and walked towards Geet.

SD: Geet Beta, aap khush toh haina?

Geet was still in shock. Her mind couldn't process any information given to her. How could this be even possible? She cannot get married to him. He didn't love her. He never did. They were not supposed to be together. Then why was destiny bringing them together again?

Geet: Maan! His name escaped from her lips unconsciously and a sweet smile formed on Dadima's lips.

Geet: Maan ne' [She looked in SD's eyes and started speaking]

Geet: Maan ne shaadi ke liye'

SD: Haan kaha hai. Dadima completed her sentence and answered her question.

Everything froze for her at that moment. She had never in her life felt so much of hatred towards anyone as she felt for him today. Why was he doing so? She wanted her answers NOW!!!

Geet: Main Maan se milna chahti hoon ABHI! She announced in front of everyone.

Silence prevailed and everyone looked at her shocked. But Khushi felt something different. She was shocked for sure but more than that there was a part of her brain which was telling her that there was more to it. Unknown to everyone!

Arnav: Bhai Ghar par hi hain. He said in a low voice.
Geet didn't wait for anyone else and moved to the porche.


Location: Khurana Mansion; Time: 7:00 p.m;

Geet entered the mansion which held no life. There was pin drop silence and even the main hall was dark.Though she had met the security guard, he had only escorted her till the main door. She felt scared and called for someone.

Geet: Koi hai? Maan?
She saw an old man with a candle in his hand approaching her. She felt really scared now.
Geet: Maan? She tried to call for him a little louder but the voice barely came out of her throat.

Nakul: Ji Madam? Aap Maan sir se milne aayi hain?

Geet: Haan! Kahan hain woh? She sighed a relief finding him in the servant's uniform.

Nakul: Ji yahin kahin honge. Woh light chali gayi hai. Main generator chalane hi ja raha tha. Aap rukiye, main Maan sir ko batake aata hoon par pehle generator chalakar aata hoon. He said so in a typical Nakul monotonous manner. 

Geet: Hmm. She nodded.

She was about to sit down when she heard some noise. It was a pleasant one like that of the waves in an ocean. She started moving towards it. It took her some time to realize that it was coming from the pool and someone was probably swimming. She walked towards the pool area and found it filled with green plants. Even though it was dark, the moon light coming from the small opening of the pool area was enough for her to see the plants. The corridor towards the pool had beautiful plants but no flowers. Huh? Well she knew the answer to her own dilemma. She knew Maan's younger brother loved gardening but Maan hated flowers and therefore his "Chhote" never dared to put any flowers in any corner of the mansion. She walked further towards the soft rippling noise made by the pool water and statued once she reached there. She saw the man who had once been the sexy devil in her dreams. The only man who needn't do anything but just stand infront of her to make her cheeks turn deepest shade of red. And the only man whose one touch could excite her sexual needs till no limits.

Maan's strong arms cut the water with force and he completed the lengths in the pool within seconds. There was anger, guilt and disgust that he felt for himself at that very moment. He wanted to come out of it but wasn't able to. He needed her desperately in his arms right now. He wanted to ask her if she was Okay.  He wanted to see how she reacted after getting to know his decision. And that's when his eyes caught the most beautiful vision he had ever seen in his life till date.  The beautiful angel stood in front of him wearing a white churidar. She wore tights which were see-through made of net cloth. A white tight fitted, one shoulder kurti reaching a little above her knees and her hair open. She wore no jewelery and had very light make-up on but looked more beautiful than ever before.

His eyes travelled from her toes upwards till they reached her angelic face shining in the moon light. Her full lips were trembling and eyes had tears filled in them ready to fall. He knew he was being selfish but he wanted her to only love him and nothing else. He had and could never give her the same but felt extreme pain to see anything else than love towards him in her eyes.

Maan: Tum yahan? He said without any expression on his face.

Geet: Hmm. She managed to voice out seeing him so unaffected by her presence. Least did she know how much he was controlling himself.

She looked down unable to look at him with tears in her eyes. She slowly walked towards him trying her best to walk with confidence. Yesterday when she met him in the Handa haveli, she had felt angst and hatred towards him for what he had done to her five years back. She wanted to take her anger out at him. And when he had confessed she had felt this sudden urge to make him feel what it felt like to be rejected. Her firm steps while walking away from him were to give him a feeling that she had moved on and he could no longer hurt her in any manner now. But today was different! She felt as if she had lost the battle once again to him. He had again managed to humiliate her by saying yes to this marriage when he very well knew she couldn't refuse to her parents. As hard as she tried, but she was not able to walk straight and was shivering. Maan noticed this. As she reached the edge of the pool, her left leg twisted due to the floor being wet and she slipped into the pool in his arms.

Next: Double update :Jaadu hai nasha hai Wink Scroll down for part 18

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The more the likes the faster I will write and updateTongue

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komlika IF-Rockerz

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Awesome ... Waiting Day Dreaming

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-carpediem- Goldie

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Lookng forwrd 4 jadoo hai nasha hain.pls update it soon

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Shopau Senior Member

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Part 18

Plz play the above music and then read the following update simultaneously!

Geet was completely drenched in water securely held in Maan's arms. He slowly put her down but didn't loose his hold on her waist. Her eyes slowly looked up into his and her lips were too close to his. He was really fighting himself to hold back. Her face glowed as the water droplets on it reflected back the moon light. Geet's cloths had become completely transparent as they were white in colour and her inners were very much visible. She looked down feeling shy. To her misery her body was reacting against her will and she felt her self going hard as her softness came in contact with his hard rock chest.  Geet held her breadth in looking away at the water flowing in the pool. But Maan held her chin and forcefully made her look at him. His intense eyes made her feel secure as never before. She new they could never hold lust for her. They always showered love, immense love which was pure and unconditional. Her eyes twinkled with happiness as a tear rolled down her cheek washing away the pain. Even in the darkness Maan could differentiate between the water droplets and her tears. He slowly moved the tear away from her face using her thumb. Geet held his hand on her face and lightly kissed his palm. But then she suddenly realized her stance and quickly turned away. Maan's hold way still tight on to her waist and as she turned around he made it tighter, smashing her cold back on to his chest. He moved her hair onto one side and whispered in her hair.

Maan: Tum yahan kyu aayi ho?
Geet: Jawab maangne.
She said breathing heavily.
Maan: Toh sawaal nahi pucchogi? He said brushing his lips behind her ear.
Geet slowly looked back into his eyes, their lips angled to each other almost touching.
Geet: Sab jawab milgaye. As she said so she unintentionally brushed her lips along his, which sent a shiver down her spine. Maan realized how far he had let his emotions known to her. He didn't want her to keep any false hopes what so ever. He slowly cupped her face using his free hand (the other still around her tummy) and said.

Maan: Main aaj bhi tumse pyaar nahi karta Geet! He said in his deep baritone voice.
Meri Haan ka koi galat matlab mat samajhna. He said in an extremely rude manner.

Geet's happiness faded instantly. Even though she was standing in an extremely uncomfortable position she kept staring into his eyes rooted at her place. That's when the lights were switched on bringing her back to reality. Maan slowly left her and moved out of the water. He wrapped his black robe and lighted a cigarette.

Geet stood in the center of the pool unable to move an inch.
Maan: Geet bahar aao. Tumhe thand lag jayegi. But she didn't say a word. He tried again.
Maan: Geet bahar aao.

Geet: Toh samjha dijiye na Maan? Apni Haan ka sahi matlab'.samjha dijiye na?

Maan: Geet tumne suna nahi? Maine kaha bahar aao.

Geet: Nahi! Nahi suna maine. Jis din se aapke muh se pehlibaar apne kisi sawaal keliye Naa suna hai, uss din se mujhe kuchh aur na toh sunta hai nahi samajh mein aata hai.
She tried to get the words out of her throat. Maan just kept stairing at her. She came out of the pool and stood in front of him.

Geet: Kya galti hai meri? Kahiye na Maan.
Maan ignored her and looked away.
Maan: Chameli! He shouted to call her.
Geet: Iss baar bhi mujhe akela chhor kar chale toh nahi jaayenge na? Aapki zindigi mein meri koi jagah hai ya nahi. Jawab dijiye Maan.

Geet kept asking him her questions calmly standing infront of him. Tears rolling down her eyes. Maan didn't even dare to look into her eyes even once. He again shouted for Chameli, this time much louder. Chameli came in running.

Chameli: Ji Bhaiji!
Maan: Inhe Annie ke kamre mein lejao aur inke kapre badal wado.
Geet still didn't remove her gaze from his face.
Chameli:  Ji aayiye. Geet slowly looked down and then started to move towards Chameli.
Chameli: Chaliye Madam! She softly held Geet's arm in order to support her while walking drenched in water. As they were leaving the deep baritone voice made them freeze in their tracks.

Maan: Madam nahi, Bhabhi kaho Chameli. He said blowing out the smoke of the cigarette. This made both the women turn around stare at him. Chameli was pleasantly surprised whereas Geet looked totally confused. 5 years had changed a lot. He was a STRANGER to her now. A complete MYSTERY!


Next: Arnav Khushi plan a vacation out for both the families before wedding.
           Our Punjaban Sherni in action to ger her love BACK.
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part 19 -

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kkiddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome ...
what happen in the past ...
maan is really confusing if he loves her then why he is not accepting it damit ...

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