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Friends I am already running this f in the forum of Chotibahu_sanwre ke rang rachi and upto now had 14 parts I am giving all those parts at a time here, hope u all like it and If any one requires Pm please msg me.Wink



PART 1 TO 6 PG 1

PART 7 TO 14 PG 2

Hope u all enjoy it and like itSmile

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                CHARACTER SKETCH

Radhika Sharma- Rubina dilaik

Radhika is a simple girl, who was studying buisness management. She always care for her family and was always honest to her family as she was an orphan adopted by them. She love her friends and her silent love was Dev. Indeed she is so silent at home but hyper active at her college.Wink
Dev Purohith:
                      Dashing person who likes to enjoy his life.Hottest hunk studying buisness management after whom girls will always drool over. His life take a change when Radhika enters his life.

Raj purohith:
He is the father of Dev and indeed a sincere Raj purohith. he loves his son a lot but indeed strict to. Every one fears for him but his key was in hand of Radhika which only Dev knows.


Mrs.RP , Dev's mom Loving mom by nature and always love her family.

Sharada purohith
Daadima of dev always love her family and she is wise and indeed modern in thoughts too. Dev comes first to her what ever problem he gets and daadima loves dev a lot.

Vivek purohith:
Dev's elder brother. Helps his father in buisness and he is more than own brother to radhika , always care for her and fulfil his responsiblity of being jiju to her. He is always strict at work but in the same way give time to his family too.
Elder sister of radhika and the eldest daughter of Sharma family. Adorable girl who always love her sister and cares for her daai. She was interested in designing more than buisness and choosed her career in designing.
 Brijmohan sharma and devki sharma:

Parents of Mrinalini who adopted Radhika in her childhood and Raised her. they were loving parents, but fortune took them away at the childhood of radhika.But radhika love them a lot and was always humble to them.

Sheetal sharma

Mother of mohan sharma , and a loving daadi of radhika and mrinalini who raised them after death of sharma couple. more concerned for radhika and a helpful daadima who was the owner of Sharma industries.

RanjivSharma, Vydehi sharma:
Cousin of Mohan sharma, drooler over sharma's property and want to assert whole for himself. presently working as one of ceo's in empire of P.s industries.Jealous with radhika and always try to harass her.
Vishaka Sharma:
Daughter of Ranjiv sharma, Spiled brat and Dev drooler, studying her buisness management. Hate radhika and always try to show over her.
Susheel purohith:
Brother of Rajpurohith. Always humble t his bro and efficient share holder of P.S empire.Love dev and always concerned for his family. what can be said is efficient,concerned,aorable chachu.

ArjunPurohith,Deepika purohith:
Son of susheel purohith, helping his dad in buisnees.Deepika was a loving wife of arjun and best friend of radhika and mrinalini.


Mother of Ranji Sharma and sister of Sheetal daadi.Over arrogant and always hate Radhika and harass her. Love vishaka a lot and try to show up vishaa more than radhika always.
an orphan being careseed by mr.rp and was brought up in purohiths place. best friend of dev and shares a brotherly bond with radhika. always naughty and share pranks with others., especially with dev.

dev's younger sister, love him a lot and always used to join birju's pranks on dev, indeed in silent love with birju but fear to tell it out becoz of her father.doing her designing course.

 abhijit purohith:
son of vivek-mrinalini. naughty child who loves radhika to core in the world. always with radhika and shares everything with her.

SO The family introduction was completed, Now comes the friends introduction.
Radhika's friends:
Best friend of radhika, who always share everything with her and same with radhika, indeed they both share a sister bond. Assmi loves arshad. she's doing her buisness management along with radhika.

Arshad: friend of radhika who indeed treats radhika as his sister. Loves asmi and was on his buisness management

Eswar, Nikitha:
Loving cheerful friends of radhika. where as nikki is a distant cousinf of sharma's.


fire brands in radhika's friends always try to cheer up others and share a loving bond with radhika and always help her in doing noise in collge.
the only single girl in radhika's batch. Independent and never thinks abt marriage. Like the word Love but hate the relation Love. Moderngirl yet bond to the traditions.




Best friend of dev-armesh and indeed shar a brotherly relation with him. Soniya was a loving vute girl who was more concerned with his friends.

Chilling guys yet can be considered as doubt boxes always have a lot of doubts. Innocent of dev's batch but always be firendly with others. Love each other a lot.

Buubly guy of Dev's batch and indeed modern. the only single person in thei batch. Believe in word love but doesn't like to get int
o it

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the scene starts with a early morning clear sky with the birds singing in
in the purohit house.,,,,,,,,

 mr.rajpurohit woke up listening the cute voice of a girl singing aarthi song

and went up to the mandir side

at mandir place,

there was a girl wearing red colour anarkali with dupatta on her head with aarthi thali in her hand and singing the aarthi song(her back was shown to us)

daima, vaishali ,mrinalini,vivek every one stood up there listening to the aarthi joining their hands together and closing their eyes

raj purohith freshened and went there by the time aarthi completed.

the girl turned back and went to rajpurohith giving him aarthi.

it was radhika

rajpurohith:(took aarthi and smiled at her,she touched his feet in order to take his blessings.purohith caressing her) beta aj mujhe maaf kariye kyun ki i woke up late in morning.kal
raat kaam karne mein jyada der huyi aur isliye subah nahi uthpaya

radhika:aisa koi baat bahi hai chacha ji, work comes first than any other.

radhika went to daima to give her aarthi and took her blessings

daima:bhagwan isse duniya ki saari kushiyan dedo

next radhika went to the other family members and gave them aarthi

radhika turned to vaishali and asked her
"maa birju bhaiyya aur shalini kaha hai vo yaha kahi par nahi dekh raha tha"

vaishali:beta aj shalini ka excursion hai na vuse bus tak chodne ke  liye birju gaya

radhika: mai tho bhooli gayi aj vuski excursion hai na

               lekin maa abhi kaha hai vo kahi nahi dekh raha tha
mrinalini:abhi ab tak vuta nahi hai radhika. aaj se vuski vacation holidays hai na,he will wake later

radhika:thik hai didi
               mai vuske pass jakar vuse vutaungi(think radhika is mrinalinis sister)

mrinalini:thik hai

radhika went upstairs to abhi room and tried to wake him up

abhi:massi aj se holidays hai na mujhe sone do

radhika:if u didn't wake up now then u will miss a gift from massi

abhi: GIFT his eyes sparked listening it
         kya hai massi vo gift he just wake up and sat on his bed

radhika: pehle tum fresh karke aao mai tujhe batadungi

abhi:thik hai massi and he went to bath room
radhika came down stairs...,
mrinalini:kya radhika tere kaam huyi kya

radhika:ha didi apka beta vuth gaya

daima: radhika ajse tujhe bhi holidays hai na tere college par

radhika:hi dadi ma

dadi: tho aj hum kahi bahar chalenge kya mrinalini

mrinalini: thik hai to hum vrindavan jayenge mai aur radhika mama ji se miilna chahte hai

dadi:thik hai
         vaishali raj beta aur vivek beta ko office jane ke baad hum vrindavan chalenge
        office ke kaam katam hone ke baad raj aur vivek bhi waha aayenge

vaishali:thik hai ma

just then phone rings...,

vaishali receives the phone
and shouts that "ma dev ne call kiya"

dadima rushes to phone and take it from vaishali
daima:helo dev beta kaise ho tum?

dev:i am fine dadi mai kal india wapas aa raha hun

               mujhe toh ab bhi yakin nahi ho raha tha
              tum seeda vrindavan aa jao
               hum sab log vrindavan apr jane wale hai vacation ke liye

dev:ok my dear darling

dadima:chup raho badmash
                acha mai rakhti hu

(she keeps the phone and says to every one that dev is returning
 every one feels elited except one person
its radhika)

radhika sees at mrinalini but mrinalini is just happy in talking with vaishali and goes to her room

radhika lying on her bed with her dupatta over her head remembering about her past

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radhika listening to daimas words that dev is coming back becom upset and go back to her room from
the hall.
in her room she is on her bead with her dupatta on her face and her locket having the letter r in the middle of her lips  she was completely lost into her thoughts
radhikas locket

te story goes back for five years

radhika and mrinalini were own sisters

and they are planning to go for their friends deepika arjuns  wedding

mrinalini:dadi we r leaving as we have to reach there before sunsets

dadi:thik hai beta.sambhal ke jaana

mrinalini:thik hai ma

radhika:chalte hai ma

dadi ma:thik hai bitiyan jaao

the car starts and they leave away mrinalini was in driving seat and radhika was sitting beside her

radhika:didi go fast hume waha jaldi pahunchna hai
                nahi tho rashi hume murder karungi

mrinalini:ok sis u don't worry we will go there by time just a half an hour left

radhika: didi dekho waha that car is coming in wrong way

mrinalini see a car coming in wrong way and abt o hit their car she carefully controls her and comes out
and goes to that car

mrinalini:hey don't u have eyes can't u go properly

a youngster who is around 19 years come out of that car

youngster: madam i can control my car whats need for u to control your car

mrinalini: hey mr. shut ur mouth and first learn to drive properly

youngster:madam my name is dev purohith not mr.
                   okay i know how to drive the car u r only coming talking to that girl beside u

radhika vexed by listening all this came out of car and said

radhika: u mr. dev purohith wat problems u if ever my sis talks to me
              and by the way u r coming in wrongdirection

dev: hahaha dekho choti behen aayi hai badi behen ki tarif karne chal hat mujhe bahut jaldi kaam hai mujhe jaana hai

radhika: u mr. one day i will see u . even now we also have an urgent worrk

                didi chalo we r getting late

mrinalini: okay radhika lets go

both of them went off in their ways

radhika and mrinalini reached her friends marriage venue

radhika: hi deepu congrats

deepika: hi radhu miss u a lot

mrinalini: acha dost ho meri lekin miss karte ho meri behen ko

deepika: yaar mrinu i miss u both yaar

mrinu: okay chalo
             tere haath mein marne wala vo bakara kaha hai

deepika: mrinu tujhe mai nahi chodungi aj

radhika: kyun deepu didi kya hua mrinalini didi toh kuch galat nahi kaha na

both radhika and mrinalini hi fi each other

deepika: ab tum bhi radhika mweri bachi tujhe toh jaroor dantni hai

radhika: okay okay baad mein dant te hai pehle ajit hai kaha

deepika: he is busy with his friends

mrinu:yaar i am tired lets show me my bed

deepika: okay sorry i forgot
           maa mrinu aur radhu ko apni kamarein dikhao

padma(deepikas ma):
                                   tum log kab aa gaye mujhe ata bhi nahi

mrinu: bas abhi aaya hu aunty

padma :chalo thodi der aaram karlo its already 9;00 pm
              kal subah milte hai

radhika : thik hai aunty ji hum jakar fresh ho jaye

padma: ja kar fresh ho jao aur my khana toh tere pass hi bhejungi

mrinu: aunty thats great

mrinu and radhika went to their rooms and freshened

radhika: didi ap se ek baat bolna hai

mrinu; kaho meri pyari behen

radhika: didi aj shyam ek ladka hai na jo humaari car ko accident diya

mrinu: yes

radhika: wahi chehra hai didi jo mere sapne mein aate hai

mrinu: kya are u sure

radhika: yes didi i am sure

mrinu: no nothing like that i think u are worrying a little bit more and i think u confused because he lkept speads on his face

radhika: i am sure didi

mrinu: ab sochna bandh karo aur so jao

radhika: okay didi

at the night radhika got a dream in which she saw a person hugging her and after that getting away from her

radhika suddenly woke up and she wanna drink water but the bottle was empty
so she went out to bring some water

as she opened her door she saw dev going there

radhika: tum tum yaha kya kar rahe hain

dev: madam ye toh meri dost ki shaadi hain

radhika: tera dost koun hai

dev: tujhe kyun and what r u doing here

mrinu came out listening the mess and she was also equally shocked

mrinu: hum dulhan ki best friends hain
             aur tum yaha kya kar rahe ho

dev:mai dulha ke cousin ho

radhika :oh god wat to do now i have to see this face till completion of marriage
               okay didi aap andar jayiye my jakar pani larti hu

dev : oh god whats this now i have to see this face tiill the completion of marriage no

dev went to the next room radhika saw this
radhika: ye kya he tum is room mein kyun jarahe ho

dev : madam ye mere liya diya gaya kamara hain

radhika: shooked her head and went away again she thought to her self this is  the face i saw in my dream
                kya kanha ye kya hai is jiddi ko mere sapna me kyun aata hai
she drank water and went to her room and said mrinalini about her dream

mrinalini: oh radhika leave about that person right now i has to sleep

radhika: okay didi and slept
    again radhika got same dream

radhika went down and was just walking in garden

dev was in his room beside him was vivek who was having a sound sleep but dev was not able to sleep because the girl whom he gets in his dreams was radhika

dev: hey kanha whats this i am getting this dtupid larki in my dreams
        okay i will sleep
        when dev slept he again got the dream he used to get
       dev woke up and went out to walk in garden suddenly he saw radhika in garden

dev: tum is samay mein yaha

radhika: tum yaha

dev: main bhara ghumne aaya hun

radhika:ights are meant for sleep not for walk

dev; acha toh tum kyun ghum rahe ho

radhika:i came here to talk with my friend

dev ; acha toh suno mujhe neend nahi aaraha tha is liye bahar aaya

radhika in her mind whats this evn i am also up here for same reason and whats this kanha

radhika:tum ghumlo mai jakar soongi

dev: thanks a lot for leaving me alone madam

radhika looked at her seriously and went away


radhika went to her room and also after wandering in garden for sometime went to his room and slept

next day morning

padma was busy in doing preparetions for marriage

radhika and mrinalini came down to padma

vivek just then came to padma to ask her some thing. he saw mrinalini and just kept gazing her.same is situation of mrinalini(shayad love at first sight).as thhey come down padma introduces mrinalini and radhika to vivek. just then susheel comes in along with purohith parivaar.seeing susheel mrinalini and radhika rushes to him.

mrinalini hugs him and asks him about arjun

susheel:dulha sajane mein jyada waqt le raha tha

mrinalini and radhika laugh loudly but seeing purohith parivaar looking at them surprisingly kept their hand on their mouth to hide their laugh

susheel:mrinalini,radhika ye hai mera parivaar

he introduces mr. purohith , vaishali,dev ,vivek,shalini to radhika and mrinalini.

both radhika and mrinalini took blessings of mr.purohith and vaishali and shaked their hands with vivek,dev,shalini

next susheel introduced them to sharada

susheel:radhika,mrinu ye hai meri maa sharada purohith

mrinalini:namastey aunty

radhika:namastey aunty

sharada;namastey beta jeethe raho

                  aapki maa baap kya karte hai beta

radhika and mrinalini looked dissapointed

susheel interrupted saying "maa aap isko pehchan nahi payi ye aap ki saheli sheetal sharma ki potiyaan hai"

sharada: aap sheetal ki potiyaan hai

mrinalini smilingly: ha aunty.aap dadi ko jante hain

sharada:vo tho mere bahutachi dost hain

                  tere bachpan mein hum bnbhi vrindavan mein bhi rehne wale hain tab tum log vivek aur dev ke saath khelte hi rehte hai

mrinalini and radhika looked at each other and also at dev and vivek sur[prisingly

dev and radhika are elated llistening this

dev:dadi aap sach bol rahe hai

dadi:sach dev.tujhe yaad hai radhika tere bachpan ke sab se achi dost hai

dev:ye wahi radhika hai

dadima:haan radhika tujhe bhi yaad hain dev tere bachpan ke sabse achi dost hai

radhika:jee aunty mujhe yaad hai lekin mujhe yekin nahi ho raha ki ye wahi dev hai. ye toh bahut badal gaya

dev gave a serious look at radhika and radhika smiled in her self seeing that look

where as vivek and mrinalini are involved in gazing at eachother

they both came into senses with radhika slapping mrinalini

mrinalini: ouch! radhu kya hua kyun mujhe is tarah mara tum

radhika:diidi i am calling u since 5minutes lekin tum mujhe reply nahi diya is liye apko mara

dev: kya hua vivek bhaitta

        u seemed to be lost in something

vivek:(blushing and tried to cover his blushing)

           slapped on dev head and said

          arey stupid aisa kuch nahi hai

every one laughe there looking at vivek and dev

just then padma came there and said "shadi ki rasam shuru karni hai

susheel bhaiyya aap chaliye na"

susheel:jee padma pandit ji aagaye kya

padma:ha bhaiyya aur pandit ji toh aapko bhula rahe hai

padma smiled at purohith parivaar and said radhika and mrinalini to

go to deepika room

purohith parivaar went to the mandap and mrinalini and radhika were on their way to go to deepika room

before going radhika gave a smile to dev and went off

during wedding...,,,,

pandit ji: vadhu ko mandap me le ja na

padma went to deepikas room and told radhika and mrinalini to bring deepika to the mandap

mrinalini aur radhika deepika ko mandap tak lekhar aa gaya

deepika was wearing a redcolour wedding outfit with the matching jewellery

radhika wored a pinkcolour lehenga with matching bangles and earrings

mrinalini wored a white colour ghagra with matching necklace and bangles

vivek can't take off his gaze from mrinalini and same is situation of mrinalini through out wedding. sharada observe all this and smiled to her self

vaishali and mr.purohith seeing sharada smiling asked her the reason then sharada told about vivek and mrinalini and told them that she want mrinalini get married to vivek to which purohith couple agreed happily

sharada called to sharmas mansion. sheetal received the phone

sheetal: hello

sharada; hello, sheetal?

sheetal: haan mai hi bol rahi hu.

               aap koun hai,,,sharada?

sharada: haan mai hi hu

                 suno ek kushi ki khabar hain

                 kal hum vrinbdavan aaraha hain

                 ek mahine ke liye rehne ke liye

                   jab tak humaara ghar thayaar nahi hogi tere ghar mein rehna chahte hain

sheetal: ye toh bahut kush khabar hain

sharada; aur main tum se ek jarrori baat karni chahti hu

sheetal: main bhi tum se ek baat karni chahti hu

sharada: kya baat hain sheetal

sheetal: vahi baat hain jo hum barson pehle soch liya ab shayad vuska waqt aa gaya hain

sharadasmiled and said"wahi kaam mein kal aarahi hun

   vivek aur mrinalini bhi ek doosron se bahut pyar karte hain

  vuski shaadi karne ke liye hi aa rahi hu kal"

sheetal: vivek aur mrinalini ek doosron se pyar kaise karte hain aur tum mrinalini ko kaha dekha

sharada: shaadi mein dekha aur yahi wo donom pyar kar rahe hain

sheetal:acha ye to bahut achi baat hain kal tum aao main tum se baat karungi

               ab rakthi hu

sharada: thik hai rakhti hu

in mrinalini and radhikas room

mrinalini: radhika jaldi karo hum raat ke pehle hi ghar pahunchna hai kjaldi pack karo

radhika:okay didi completed

mrinalini and radhika were about to leave

they both went to padma and took her blessings

after that they went to susheel and took his blessings

when they were about to give send off to purohith parivaar they saw dadima laughing

both the sisters confused a bit

while doing all this also mrinalini eyes are searching for vivek.when she saw him standing beside the pillar a sort of sad ness came on her face.and same is the condition of vivek

they left from there after bidding farewell to all and reached their car

there standing dev

mrinalini:tum yaha

dev:ti ek baat suniye main yaha aap se mafi mangne aaya hu


dev:ji kal main ap se kuch jyada hi bol diya.please for give me

radhika and mrinalini laughed

dev was confused and asked"jii ap has kyun rahe hai"

mrinalini:we forgot that yesterday it self no need of sorry. afterall u are our child hood friend

dev: huh!thankgod

       childhoodke friend ko abhi friend mano na pleas

mrinalini:okay friends (shaked his hand)

dev: radhika ji friend ship toh mai ap se bhi chahte hun

radhika:main itni asaani se  kise se dosti nahi karungi

dev:means u didn't forgive me

radhika:ji aisa kuch nahihai
                 okay friends (shaked his hand)

while shaking his hand radhika felt a bit odd with herself her heart is skipping and same is situation of dev

radhika came out of her feelings immediately and left his hand

both of the sisters gave send off to dev and went on their car

radhika was in driving seat and sitting beside her mrinalini thinking of vivek

radhika:didi aap parshaan kyun ho

mrinalini: vo viv... she stopped and said kuch nahiadhu

radhika:mere kaan achi tarah work kar rahe hai

                 aap vivek ji ko lekar pareshaan hai na

                   lya aap vunse pyar kar rahe hain

mrinalini: radhu tum toh buisness nahi psychology padni hai

radhika:acha didi aap ek designer hai
                agar mai bhi buisness ke bina aur kuch padliya toh papa ke buisness ko koun dekhenge

radhika and mrinalini laughed

mrinalini:acha radhu tum kyun pareshaan hai

radhika:kuch nahi didi main shadi ki ghar mein ek aur din rukhna chahti hu lekin hum toh chal kar aaya waha se

radhika thought in her mind' didi ye ap ko kaise bolu ki meri sapne mein aane wala admi meresamne aa gaya aur wo bhi dev hai"

mrinalini:koi pareshaan mat lo padma chachi shadi ke baad yaha hi aaoge na

radhika:ha didi but i want to enjoy that atmoshphere

mrinalini:chodo agli baar kisi ke shaadi par chala toh jyada din rukhenge


radhika and mrinalini laughed and in mean while they reached their home

radhika and mrinalini went into home silently and hugged sheetal

sheetal:acha tum log aa gaye

                main aj bahut kush ho

radhika:kya hua dadi

              tere boy friend se mil gaya kya

sheetal: mai apni boyfriend se maila nahi lekin teri jiji tere jiju se mil gaya na

mrinalini and radhika shocked

radhika:ye aap kya bol rahe hai dadi

sheetal: mujhe sharada ne phone ki aur wo mujhse ye bola ki vo vivek ko mrinalini se shadi karna chahti hu

mrinalini was very excited and very happy and she want to jump high

sheetal: aur vo ye bhi bola ki vo log kal yaha aane wala hain

radhika:sach hai dadi didi ki shaadi hone wali hai vo bhi vivek bhaiyya ke saath wow its a great news.

sheetal:mrinalini tujhe koi problem hai kya

radhika: aray dadi didi ko problem kyun hogi vo toh apni lover se hi shaadi karne wali hai na

mrinalini was just feared on listening to radhika


mrinalini:wo dadi maaa

sheetal laughed heavily and said" mrinalini parashaan mat ho mujhe sheetal ye bata ki aap donom ek dusre se pyar karte hain lekin main tujhe is liye poocha kyun ki teri reaction dekhna chahti hu"

mrinalini blushed out and went into her room

radhika: dadi mai toh aaj bahut kush ho

sheetal: mai bhi radhu.

                chalo tum bhi jaao jakar aaram karo

radhika: thik hai dadi

radhika went into her room she chandged her clothes and went to her dtable and took a book from it

radhika opened that book it contained drawings and to the surprise those all are the drawings of dev drawn by radhika

radhika looking at that book said" jab bhi tum mere sapne mein aati ho tab main is drawings likhne wali hu lekin aaj tum mere samne aa gaya mujhe kuch ajib sa lag raha hai. mujhe toh is baat par bahut kush ki mrinalini didi ki shadi viveek ji se hone wali hai lekin ye mujhe
bilkul samajh nahi aaraha ki mujhe kya hoti hai

she went on to her bead and started drawing another picture of dev


at shadi ki ghar dev in his room
opened a book from his bag which contained all the drawings of radhika that were drawned by dev

dev: mujhe ab bhi viswaas nahi ho raha ki tum wahi radhika ho jisko meri bachhpan se bhi main miss kar raha hun.
i think thats why only u came into my dreams. but sorrry radhika my tum se kal bahut bada jagda kiya.sach mein u are my best friend.i think u forgive me for all the clash that happened yesterday.but i miss u alot yaar.he looked at that book gave a smile and started drawing the picture of radhika . that picture contained a posture of radhika with the lehenga she wore that day morning during wedding.

the episode ended with dev and radhika drawing the pictures of the other occupying half screen each

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                  dev completed his drawing and about to close book. sharada came there


dev:ji dadima

sharada:dev hum sab kal vrindavan jaane wala hain

dev:vrindavan lekin kyun dadi

sharada:dev, my jaanti ki vivek mrinalini se pyar kar raha hai aur hume is baat ki bahut kush hai aur my aur sheetal ye toh unki bachpan se soch raha hai. is liye hum vunki shadi karne ke lite vrindavan ja rahe hai

dev:mrinalini!(his eyes sparkled),dadi vivek bhaiyya shaadi mrinalini ji se ho rahi hai ye toh bahut achi baat hai. lekin waha humaara ghar toh repair me hai na hum kaha rehne wala hai

sharada: aur kiske ghar mein sharmas bhavan mein rehta hain jab tak humaara ghar tayar ho jaye

dev:thik hai dadima

(dev was very happpy in as he gonna meet radhika ,
but  he doesn't want to show it out side)

dadima: dev ab jaldi so jao.kal hum jaldi yaha se nikhalna hai

dev said okay and daima left

dev went to his book and went on turning its pages.while turning the pages he saw a page which has radhika picture and written below it "get out my life". dev wrote it before a couple of years not knowing who radhika is. dev reminded and felt a bit sad of this and immediately teared page and kept it in cupboard

next day morning...,,,,,,,,,,

dev was packing clothes.during which he kept that paper too along with his clothes unknowingly in his suit case.after that he kept his drawing book in his bag.he ziped his suitcase and came down

downstairs were there purohith parivaarr

vivek was very happy and shalini was teasing him.

dev came there and laughed out seeing vivek blushing out

vivek:dev kya hua

dev:kuch nahi bhai aap ladki ki tarah sharamaa rahe hai na is liye mai has raha hu

vivek: bacha ab to tu margaya

vivek ran behind dev and every one laughed seein this

mr.purohith came there and said
"ab sab aapki bakwass bandh karke chalo"

all became silent and came out with purohith

mr.purohith:birju tum humaari gaadi ka driving karo.doosri gaadi par vivek,dev aur shalini aaoge

birju:ji papa

all started and dev and shalini went on teasing vivek in car

after 3 hours>>>>>>>>>...

the family reached sharmas mansion and every one came out of car.

radhika and ramji are waiting out side to invite them. both are having garlands in their hands to welcome purohith parivaar.radhika wear garland to dadima , vaishali and was abt to wear a garland to shalini by the time which vivek called shalini and shalini went away from there and that garland went into devs head who came there.

radhikas heart skipped a bit seeing this and escaped from there controlling her feelings

dev who was surprised stood there like a statue.

dev came into senses when birju called him

dev: kya birju

birju:bhaiyya ab andhar chale

dev went inside along with birju by the time ramji showed every one their rooms and was abt to show dev his room

ramji took dev to his room and left him there

sharada want to stay in sheetals room so sheetal took sharada to her room and they both sat there

sheetal:sharada aj main bahut kush ho tum jaante ki jab se meri beta aur bahu margaye tab se main indonom ko bahut mehnat se palposhan kiya. aj mrinalini ki shadi pakki huyi hai. ab mujhe koi chinta nahi hai, kyun ki agar my rahdika ki shaadi ke pehle hi marne par bhi vusko teri logon ke pass chod kar main mar jaate hain

sharada: sheetal tum marne ki baad kyun karte hain , acha tum koi chinta mat karo. ab ye bol tum pandit ji ko bhulaya(trying to divert the topic)

sheetal: ha maine pandit ji se baat ki vo aj shyam aayega sajayi aur shaadi ki moorat pakka karne ke liye

sharada: mujhe ek problem hain shaadi toh 15 din ke andar hi honi hai

sheetal:lekin kyun

sharada:dev ko 15 din mein us jaana hain aur wo 5 saal ke baad hi return aayega i don't want dev to miss this marriage, is liye hi shaadi ko 15 din ke andar hi honi chahiye

sheetal:arey koi baat nahi hain. hum vivek aur mrinalini ki shaadi 15 din ke andar hi karenge.

sharada: thanks sheetal. is liye hi tum mere sab se achi dost ho

sheetal: tum bhi

just then mrinalini and radhika came into sheetals room

sheetal:aao bete. hum toh yuhishaadi ke baarein mein baat kar rahe hai

mrinalini blushed

sharada:shaadi ke baat karne se hi itni shaam ho rahi ho shadi ke baad hume teri face mein gjorapan ke bina laal dikhe gi hai kya

mrinalini went out from there to her room aand lied on her bed and was lost in her thoughts

radhika went behind her and seeing her in such situation she amiled and went to her room

as she opened her door she saw dev in her room and was shocked

radhika:dev tum yaha meeri room mein kya kar rahe ho

dev:radhika vo kya ki meri room ye piche wale room hain aur meri room se teri room ke liye ek door hain aur main ye bhi meri room soch kar yaha aa gaya hain sorry

radhika:koi baat nahi hai,lekin teri room se ek problem hain

dev:kya hain

radhika:tere room mein bath room nahi hain tum bath room ke liye meri room mein ani padegi

just then vaishali came and saw dev very angry

vaishali:dev kya hua

dev;vo mom i don't have bathroom in my room now i has to depend on her room for bathroom

vaishali smiled and said "koi baat nahi hain is me kya problem hain "

dev:mom if we both fight for bathroom then it will be such a nonsense

vaishali:aisa kabhi nahi hogi ur timings are entirely diff from that of radhikas radhika teri tarah lazy nahi hain. radhika tujhe koi problem hain kya

radhika has butterflies on her tomb but she hiding it said no problem aunty

dev:mom main itni lazy nahi hun. thik hain jab radhika ko koi problem nahi mujhe kya problem hain

vaishali smiled and said" arey main toh huli gayi dadima tum donom ko neeche bhula rahi hai pandit ji aane wala hain shaadi ki tarikh pakki karne ke liye"

radhika: okay aunty hum aaoge

vaishali smiled and went off

radhika turned towars dev and said to him " dev ye shadi 3 months tak nahi hone wali hain"

dev:ye kya hai

radhika:3 din ke baad koi bhi subh moohrat nahi hain humaare ghar wale tin dinom mein shaadi karna impossible shadi ke liye subhmoorat toh 3 months ke baad hi aayegi isliye this maariage will not happen till three months

dev:if so happens then i gonna miss this marriage


dev:main 15 din mein us jaane wale hain  aur 5 years tak nahi lautenge

radhika felt very sad to this in her mind in order to control this
she said "thik hain chalo ab hum neeche jayenge"

dev:yeah radhika

both came down and played with shalini and birju for sometime after that pandit ji came

sheetal:aayiye panditji pranaam

pandit ji:pranam sheetal ji vo kya ki aap kal raat hume phone liya na hume iska kaaran anhi jaante hainaur hum jald se jald yaha aa gaya

sheetal" vo kya hai na pandit ji mrinalini ke shaadi meri dost ki pote se pakki huyi hain aur shaadi ki taarik pakka karne ke liye aapko yaha bhulaya

pandit ji: aap ki dost koun hain sheetal ji

sheeetal:sharada purohith vuski bade pote vivek purohith se mrinalini ki shaad pakki  huyi hain

pandit:ye toh bahut achi baat hain puraani dosti ab rishtey mein badal raha hain aur vrindavan ki donom bada parivaar ek ho raha hain

sheetal:ji dhanya waad aap shaadi ke liye achi si tariq nikhal do ye hain donom ki kundali

panditji observed kundali for sometime and all are sitting arpuynd him eagerly aiting for result

pandit ji: sharada ji donom ki kundali bahut achi si tarah mil gayi hain lekin shaadi ki date paakki karne mein ek problem hain

all looked woried

mr.purohith:wo kya hain panditji

pandit ji:teen din ke baad buri din aane wala hain teen mahine tak shadi ke liye koi subh moohrat nahi hain

radhika was smiling and dev looked at her surprisingly

radhika winked at him as she know it first

sheetal:koi baat nahi hain pandit ji 3 din mein aane wali moohrat ko pakka karo

all were surprised and vaishali asked "maa do din mein shaadi ki tayariyan kaise karte hain"

sharada:vaishali tum fikhar mat karo shaadi simply klarenge aur one week ke baad hum wedding reception rakenge vusko toh bahut achi tarah celebrate karenge.main dev ko ye shaadi miss karna nahi chahti hu

dev came there hugged his dadi and said thats y i love u darling

vaishali:thik hai ma

mrinalini and vivek were happpy as they are gonna become one in three daya

sharada:pandit ji kal sajayi karni hain aur sajayi ke pehle humaari khandan ki riwaaz ke anusaar dulha aur dulhan ko ek pooja karni hai na aap vuski tayar kariye. vaishali tum birju ke saaath pandit ji ki help karo

panditji:thi hai sharada ji hum abhi nikelenge kal subah paanch baje aayenge tayariyan karni hai na

shrada:thik hai pandit ji

panditji went off and sharada turned to the children and said
"ache tum sab log shopping ke liye jao aur vivek and mrinalini aap donom engagement ke ring bhi select karo"

vivek was happy as he gonna spend some time with his fiancy and same with mrinalini

purohith parivaar said okay. but radhika and mrinalini looked at sheeetal as if asking for her permission.sheetal smiled and sighed them as if she was sying okay

radhika and mrinalini said "okay " and went  to get ready for shopping
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             All the children went out for shopping and the dadimas along with all the elders like purohith couple ranjiv chacha and his wife vydehi ( he was mr. sharmas cousin and now he is looking after buisness after sharmas death) sat in the living room talking.

sheetal: sharda mujhe bahut fikhar ho rahgi hain

sharda:kis baat ka sheetal


sharada:radhika? lekin kyun

sheetal kept silent

mr.purohith:aunty boliye na kyun?

sheetal: tum jante ho beta. aj kal mera tabiyat thik nahi tha. ab th mrinalini ki shaadi ho raha tha so mujhe vuske baarein fikhar karne ki jarrorat nahi hnain lekinn radhika wo abhi 17 yrs ka hain, aur wo apni padaai poore kerne tak shaadi ke baarein mein sochna bhi nahi chahti. agar vuski padai khatam hone se pehle hi mujhe kuch ho gaya toh, ..

mr.purohith:aunty aap aisa baat mnat karioye aap ko kuch nahi hogi

sheetal; agar hua toh

sharada: tujhe kuch nahi hone wali hain , agar kuch hua toh vuski sasuraal wale vuski dekhbaal karega

sheetal:sharada , ye kya keh rahje hain tum

sharda: sheetal main thik hi keh rahi hun.

               vuski sasuraal wale matlab hum hain aur hume ye yakin khi hum apni chotibahu ko poori achui tarah se dhyan rakhungi

sheetal:par sharada

sharada: no buts sheetal, ye faisla tum yaan main nahi le rahe hain, ye faisla niyati ne li .

sheetal:haan sheetal lekin

mr.purohith:aunty, ye toh hum vunki bach pan se jaante hain na, ap ko ab itni doubt kyun hain

sheetal: lekin aap vun donom ke taraf se bhi socho. vun donom ko hum bachpan se kuh nahi bataya aur ab vunke man mein kya chal raha hain ye hume nahi jaanti hai na

sharada:sheetal tumhe mahanth ji ki baaat yaad hain na," vun donom sirf ek doosrein se pyar karage aur vun dooosron ke beech koi bhi nahi aa sakte hain"

mr.purohith: aap aisi chinta mat karo, mahanth ji jo kuch bhi bolte hain vo jaroora hogi aur vun donom shaadi ke liye haan hi karenge.
hum ek kaam karte hain is shaadi ke baad vun donom ka bhi engagement karenge aur jab dev return aayega us se tab vun donom ka shhaadi karenge

vaishali:ye toh sahi idea hain.

sheetal: lekin iske pehle hum in donom se poochna hai aur vuski ha leni hain

sharada:thik hain shaadi poore hone ke baad hum vunse baat karenge aur weding reception ke saath saath iska engagement bhi karenge

mr.purohith:thik hain maa

sheetal:okay sharada and dev ke pass wo ring hai na

sharda:haan sheetal he always had that ring on his hand and love it a lot. what abot radhika?

sheetal:radhika likes that ring a lot and i think she took it out for last time when she was 13years old

all laughed and by the timethe children came completing their shopping.

they all had their dinner and all went into their bedrooms. but there are two persons who went into dadimas bedroom they are radev
they both went into dadis room to show things they brought and both were excited saying about how they helped each other during shopping and how they have fun and how they teased mrinalin and vivek

both the dadis are silently observing and were very happy seeing them like that.

next day morning..,,,,,,,,,,,,,

                          the engagement of vivek, mrinalini held in kanhas temple with only members of two families. radhika and dev played pranks on each other and had a lot of fun time. both the parivaars were happy at vivek and mrinalini engagement.

at night.,,,,
                  radhika in her room drawing a picture of dev in her book and she thought to her self " ye mujhe klya ho raha hain kanha. kyun main dev ke saath rehna chahti hu aur vuske saath samay bitaana chahti hu. jab main vuske saath hai na, tab mujhe koi bhi yaad nahi aate hain. kahin ye pyar toh nahi hai na kanha" she smiled to her self and slapped on her head.she listened door of devs room opening and immediately closed her book and kept it in went to his room relaxed for a while and took his clothes from cupboard and went to radhikas rooom in order to get a shower. he didn't find radhik any where in her room and went in to the bathroom. after he took a shower and came out he saw radhika standing in balcony, she was wearing a white colour chudidaar with her hair open and her hair was flowing due to wind.he came silently back of her and closed her eyes with his hands.

radhika said 'dev"

dev (surprisingly):radhika i came in a silent manner how did u know its me

radhika:arey tum meri dost ho aur kya hum apni dost ko bhi pata nahi chalte hain kya.

dev;okay then ur friend is getting bored and please let him get some time pass.

radhika: okay what shall we do.

dev:okay lets talk

they both had a lot of talk and dev was admring radhs taste and same is situation of radhs.finally after a long talk

dev:thanks yaar! tumse baatein karte huye mujhe samay bhi pata nahi chala

radh: ye kya baat hain
         dost hain meri, aap se nahi toh kis se baat karungi main
           hum ne apni dosti ka waada nibha liya ab teri baari hain

dev:okay what should i do

radhika; u should study well and up to where i know abt u u are not interested in studies, pls don't be like that u should get good grades and u should help uncle in buisness

dev:its a tough job but i will try to do so

radhika:no try u should do it

dev: ok yaar!
        other wise we will do a thing "tum bhi buisness pad ne wali hai na. tum meri taraf se papa ko buisness mein madad karo"

radhika: haha sorry! i wanna read buisness in order to get after my fathers buisness. but i was ready to help u any time u want.


radhika: pakka lock karo

they both laugh and said gud night to each other and left to their rooms.

after dev leave to his room radhika closed common door of the rooms and balcony oor and felt a sleep

The nextday passed as the family were busy in completing rasams to be fulfilled by mrinalini and vivek. there were 2 people who were enjoying all these rasams peace fully. they were radev. the both had a lot of fun with each other  and one should admit that they both became best friends.

the purohith family left to pb which was just beside the sharmas bhavan. during night unable to sleepradhika came out into the balcony suddenly see saw dv standing in balcony in his room in pb she waved at him but she saw him lost in some thoughts. she flt some thing wrong but left it.

finally the day of marrioage...

                     every one including radh and dev were also busy in preparations. radhika was helping deepika and vydehi i decorating mrinalini and deepika was playing pranks on mrinalini in the same way she played on her and in pb dev,arjun were getting vivek ready.
                       the moohrat was at 11:30 am and the baraa reached sharmas mansion by 10:30.the marriage rituals were started, radhika brought mrinalini into mandap. mrinalini was wearing a red colour bridalcostume where as radh was wearing a blue colour ghagra with a diamonds set and her hair can;t take his gaze away from her but immediately something striked his mind and took his gaze away from her.radhika didn't notice all this as she was busy in helping the pandit.
                        after completion of marriage biddai was done and all went to purohith bhavan along with married couple and only radhika and sheetal wre there in hopuse. sheetal was seeing things get ready to send for shagun and radhika a bit restless went to her room.after going to her room she opened devs room and went into it, there she saw a paer lying on floor and took it, she saw her picture beneathh which was written please get ou of my life and below signed at edge was dev. she was shattered on reading this and she was fed into tears went into her bed and was crying. dadima thought she was sleeping as she told her not to disturb before she comes into her room. at night its nearly & radhika was out in balcony, at that moment only dev came into balcony of his room and seeing her he waved his hand. but radhika on seeing him went into her room and shut the door. dev felt a bit odd on this and some thing wrong about her.

radhika:haan dadi

sheetal:ye box ko jakar sharada aub=nty ko dedo

radhika:thik hain dadi

                 lekin ye kya hain

                  aap ramji ko nahyi bhej sakte hain

sheetal:ye toh gehna hain mrinalini ke liye is liye tujhe bhejrahi hu

radhika:toh thik hain dadi

radhika went into pb and saw birju,

radhika; arey birjy bhaiyya

birju:bolo radhika ji

radhika:bhaiyya aap muje sirf radhika hi bhulaiye

birju;thik hai bolo radhika

radhika:bhaiyya vo hum dadima se milni hain
               wo kaha hain

birju: mere saath aao main tujhe dikhavunga

birju took radhika to devs room where dadi was talking some thing to dev. radhika was about to go in but listening dadi saying important matter she felt wrong to diaturb tem and stopped there. they both stood beside door but radhika can heear their words.

sharda:dev my tum se ek jarroorat baat karni hain

dev:bolo dadi

sharda and vaishali looked at each other and dadi continued

"dev humaari donom parivaar bachpan se bhi teri aur radhika ki shaadi karna chahte hain. aur ab sheetal ki tabiyat thik nahi reh raha tha is liye hum ne socha ki aap ki wedding engegement abhi karke tere padai ke baad tum donom ki shaadi karenge. tum kya kehte ho dev.

dev was silent. radhika who was listening this from out side was thinking of paper and waiting for devs reply

vaishali; dev kuch toh batao. we are waiting for ur reply.

dev:maa, dadi mai ne indagi mein kabhi bhi tumse inkaar nahi kiya lekin ab aaj i am sorry to say no to u

vaishali: no ? but why dev. don't u like her

dev: no maa i like her a lot , ( radhikas face is happy) shes my best friend. but i doesn't have any feel towards her

dadimaa:dev tum kisi aur se pyaar karte ho (radhika again tensed)

dev:no but may be in future.

      so i don't want to take a decision right now till completion of my studies


dev:maa sorry but please don't hope on this because i am not sure.

           and right now stop this

radhika was already crying in her heart but in one way shes happy that he considers her as his friend but she was crying a lot for his disagree. unable to stay there radhika left giving box to birju and saying him to givew that to dadima. when birju tried to speak she said him not to tell any one that she listened all this

the next days though the senior citizens are unhaapyy they tried to be normal with rads as they thought radhs doesn't know all these and radhs to pretended to be happy. she avoided dev mostly which made dev think that she hates him and he was really sad that his best friend hate him.

the day before his departure dev came to radhikas room to tell her bye.


radhika:kya dev

dev: i am leaving tomorrow

radhika:okay dev

dev:radhika whats wrong with u and why u are bahaving like this

radhika:nothing dev i was just a bit sleepy right now

she said this and closed the door andd inside she said sorry dev but i don't want u to know that i know all this

dev was really sad with the way radhs with him he just doesn't liked it.

radhika gave a letter and a gift to birju telling to give to dev before he left in airport

purohith family along with mrinalini left vrindavan.

after 2years...

it was a great meeting as the two main companies of delhi purohith industries and sharma industries were becoming one p.s industries

on the stage were the company m.d rajkumarpurohith and sheetal sharma and ceos from both the companies... vivek,susheel,ranjiv,padma.

after releasing the logo of ps industries shetal started talking and in between she was a bit emotional which resulted in heart arrest. sheetal died.

                       after sheetal death ranjiv chacha wants tot ake care of radhika but sharada wants to take care of radhika. there was a small argument between them but finally sharada succeeded in saying that she gave a promise to sheetal. finally radhika came int o purohith bhavan,delhi.she cmpleted her 12thstandard and joined buisness school and succesfully completed her 2 years with a top rank. and the upcoming year is final year and if she completes it tooo she will be the youngest woman to complete the buisness schooling at a tender age of 22 years

 in these three years she was very much attatched with the purohith family and even she loves rp couple more than her parents.

she came back from her thoughts as her phone ringed and lift it up
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              Radhika came out of her thoughts as phone rings and she liftes phone , its asmitha on other side.

Asmitha: hello, Radhu

Radhika:haan asmi bolo.

Asmitha:radhu , h.o.d did another head ache thing.

radhika;kya hua

asmitha: he kept some special assignments for our batch we have college today and tomorrow

radhika: lekin hum toh vrindavan jaana hain na

asmitha:haan lekin budda hume aane ka must keha tah we have to leave today for college

radhika:okay! i will be there in half an hour.

asmi: cool and i have to phone to varun, ria,niki,aanchal,eswar,and arshad too

radhika;okay cool bye


radhika cutted her phone and rushed downsatirs.


vaishali: haan radhika,tera packing ho gaya na.

radhika:maa asmi ne call kiya, humaari h.o.d ne hume aj aur kal bhi classes rak diya tha. is liye hum aj nahi vrindavan nahi aaoge.

dadima:lekin varun, niki,aur arshad ke parents bhi humaare saath aa rahe hai na

radhika:haan dadi, lekin vo bhi aj college aa rahe hain.

purohith:toh ek kaam karo radhika hum log chalenge aur tum log kal college ke baad directly vaha aao

radhika:thik hain papa

dadima: raju tum ye kya baat kar rahe hain, aj raat radhika akhele rahengi gar mein no

radhika: main akhele nahi hungi maa asmi aaogi mere saath


mrinalini;aap fikhar mat kariye maa oh sambhal [payegi

dadi;okay radhika

vyshali: chalo jakar tayar ho jao tujhe college jaana hai na

radhika;okay maa.

radhika went upstairs and changed her dress and came down. she was wearing a jeans pant with a white top.

radhika came to vyshali and said her bye

dadi: sambhal ke rehna radhika by the time u returnb frm college we may not be there thats why i am saying u now.

radhika:dadi my apni poori khayal se kal ssam tak lautenge its a promise.

dadi;okay radhu, tujhe yaad hai na kal tumhaare dost aane wala hain

radhika felt a bit upset but she managed and said "haan dadi mujhe yaad hain"

vaishali:"radhika i am taking ur bag too u directly come to vrindavan from college"

radhika:"okay maa"

she took her car and went to college

at college all friends have a hi-fi and they all went to class. all are involeved in assignement but radhika is not at all listaning her thoughts were revolving around dev. how she will be able to face him and what will be his reaction after that i hurted him when he came to meet me.

asmitha is person who is best friend of radhika and she didn't hide anything from her. she saw at her suring class and found som thing wrong.

At lunch time.,,,,

radhika and asmitha were sitting alone and the otthers didn't come yet. radhika was lost in her thoughts.




radhika:haan asmi bolo

asmi:kya hua


asmi: tum aj normal nahi hu, some where lost in ur thoughts.

            what happen.

radhika:nothing yaar

asmi: if u don't want to tell me then don't

radhika aisa kuch nahi hain

asmi: toh kya hain problem

radhika:kal wo aa raha hain

asmi;wo kaun?


asmi;dev! okay now understood every thing u are angry at him na thats y u are upset.

radhika:angry? but for what

asmi:u said about that marriage topic na

radhika: i am never angry with him yaar and coming to marriage topic thats my fault that i mis understood his friendship as love.

asmi;then why u are bothered abt him

radhika;yaar i can't take him as my friend yaar and i alwayys see my love in him i don't know how can i be normal with him.

asmi;toh ye hain tera problem, radhika tum donom pehle dost hain aur tum hain jo vus dosti ko pyar samajh paya jab vo pyar ta hi nahi toh kya problem hain ujust treat him as ur friend

radhika:lekin how can i forget the way i behaved with him when we met for last time

asmi; no mattter radhika it happened five years back now he might have forgotted every thing leave it and be a friend with hin

radhika:thanks asmi for clarifying my dobts and i will try to adjust mind for this.

asmi;that's what my darling is.

radhika and asmitha hugged and meanwhile others came in.

eswar:ye kya ho raha hain

asmi;kuch nahi

varun:any thing serious

radhika:no yaar

              waise bhi hum kal vrindavan ja rahe hai na tere packing khatam ho gaya na

aanchal:yes i am really excited yaar

varun:kyu aanchal u like dalhi na why u are excited to go to vrindavan. actually we people shou;d be excited as we are leaving this hell for sometime and reaching a heven like place

aanchal:varun i love delhi as u willl be here when u are not there delhi is of course a helll for me too

radhika errr

ria:aa gaye love birds(aanchal blushed)

    waise bhi asmi where is ur love bird arshad

asmi;ria i don't know yaar and may be he was sleeping in home

nikhi;wah dekho aanchal she is not blushing like u at all when they mentioned about arshad

eswar;whats there in that to blush nikhi. tum bhi mere liye kabhi blush nahi hoti hain

nikhi"humaari baat chodo yaar

          waise ria is lucky she doesn't have any one

ria:me no way the person will die if he love me with my wishes ans behaviour

          waise bhi mujhe hi nahi radhika ke liye bhi koi nahi hain na

radhika's face turned upset and asmi saw this

asmi:arey ria aur radhika ko tak karna chod ke class me in gaya toh acha hoga

as the time completed all went to classes and asmi made radhika relaxed by some jokes and radhika involved in her work.
by evening they aall made a decision to directly leave vrindavan from college the next day and left home.

asmi went to radhikas home to sleep along with her and they both had a lot of tak time.

asmi:my jakar fresh ho kar aaungi

radhika:thik hain

asmi went to fresh up and radhika went into balcony and stood there lost in her thoughts.

radhikas phone ringed


vaishali:radhika main vaishali bol rahi hu

radhika:haan maa

vaishali:khana kha liya

radhika:haan maa

vaishali:asmi aagayi

radhika:haan maa wo fresh up hone ke liye gayi

vaishali:thik hain aur mrinalini se baat karo


radhika:haan di

mrinu:kal jab tum aage na tab mere kamare se dev ke liye laya gift lekar aao

radhika:okay di

mrinu:thik hain abhi ro raha hain mai rakthi hun

radhka:thik hain di gud nyt

radhika kept the phone and asmi came out they played chesss for some time and radhika left for sleep.

NEXT DAY MORNING...,,,,,,,,,,,

all completed there work quickly and they left for vrindavan by 11:00 so that they can reach there by 2:00

varun was driving a car having aanchal,eswar,nikhi

and arshad was driving radhikas car having radhika,asmi,ria

on their way while they were travelling on ghat road a black car came from back speedly and while overtaking it did hit varuns car. seeing this arshads car which was going infront stopped.
                    varun came out of car and saw the paint gone out and called the person driving that car to come out. the person was armesh.

armesh:what man

varun:don't u know how to drive a car

they both were quarreling and the quarrel increased all joined supporting varun but it was radhika who was in car lost ion her thoughts.after a while she came from her thoughts and listened a man scolding arshad as mannerless guy.
                    radhika understood situation and came out of car and shocked to see person standing there. its Dev.Dev who was busy in quarrel stopped by seeing her. she was wearing a white colour salwarkamez with her hair open.


both were lost in their world and started walking towards each other, they both had a warming hug and radhikas friends were shocked to see this as they never saw radhika hugging a man except for varun,arshad and eswar. asmi was smiling as normally.

radev released their hug and sheked hands.
dev:radhika! tum yahaan

radhika:haaan dev i am returning to vridavan and how's ur journey

dev;yeah its well and you with these people.

radhika:yeah sorry i forot these were my best pals and introdueced varun.ria,eswar,nikhi,and asmitha

radhika:dev are they ur froends

dev;oh! yeah radhika these are my pals and introdyced armesh,manoj,soniya,piya,and rickie

armesh:sorry guyz its my fault

varun: no yaar actually we should say sorry as we are a bit arrogant.

all shaked their hands and they talked with eachother standing there for a long time and soniya was talking with radhika about how gud she looked and how dev used to say abt her. dev want to etalk with radhika and same with radhika but both are hesitating remembering their last meet.
after sojme time
they decided to go homes and wwnt into their cars and drove their way to vrindavan.
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All the cars reached pb and radh and his buddies waved bye to dev and his buddies

Dev:radhika! aap log andar nahi aaoge

Radhika:dev wo kya hain ki hum sab log tak gaya aur aap log bhi tak gaye hoge na is liye hum baad mein aayenge


radhika: sorry dev!aap log jaiyiye aur hum baad mein aaoge

              waise bhi maa aur bakhi sab log bhi tee liye intezaar ar rahe hoga vun log se tum abhi busy hojayega

dev :okay but u people come fast

varun:don't worry yaar we will come

dev's car went into pb where as varun's car and radhika's car went towards sharma bhavan

at purohith bhavan...

birju was standing out side and he saw dev's car coming in.

birju;dev bhaiyya...

dev;birju! kitni din hogaye tujhe dekh kar. tujhe bahut miss kiya tha main

birju:main bhi bhaiyya

dev:err andar chaloge

birju:andar toh jaroor chalenge bhaiyya lekin is ghar mein nahi vus ghar mein

dev looked connfused and same with the others too

dev:ye tum kya kehrahe ho birju

birju:bhaiyya wo kya ki ghar mein kuch repair karna hain is liye sab log waha tha yaha koi nahi hain


soniya:ye waha yaha ka baat kya hain hume kuch samajh nahi aa raha tha

dev:wo kuch nahi sonu ye building toh repair mein hain is liye sab log doosrein building mein hain

piya:doosri building?

dev:yaani radhika ka ghar


dev said birju to bring his friends there and he hurried to sharma's mansion through the connecting gate.

radhika was getiing her things from car and she was coming towards the maindoor talking with asmi

dev rushed to the entrance in joy of meeting her parents and at the same time radhika came there talking with asmi facing her back towards dev.radhika dashed dev unknowingly and she turned towards dev to see him standing there.she was confused as he was supposed to be at pb , at the same time mrinalini,shalini throwed flowers from top as a welcome greetingto dev. actually those flowers were supposed to be thrown on dev but they fall on radhika even who was standing there.radhika and dev who were lost in their gaze came back to the original world as the flowers fall on them and looked up not knowing from where the flowers are coming from.
                     daima who came out along with vaishali to give aarthi to dev was very happy to see this scene and same with vaishali.

dev:bhabhi wow its really good

mrinalini:thank u devar ji, lekin ye plan toh dadima ne di hain

dev turned to dadima who was standing at the door and smiling at him . he rushed to dadima and hugged her saying "dadiii"


dev:dadi, thank u so much for doing this.

dadima:u like it

dev:of course dadii and i miss u a lot

dadi:me tooo

dadi turned to radhika and asked her "radhika tumj kab aagaya"

radhika who was lost in her trance came back and said "err wo abhi aaya dadima"

dadima:arey kya hua radhika aise kyun ho

asmi:wo kuch nahi dadima and wo thp shock ho gaya ye rose scene say

dadima:toh ye hain baat wo dev ko surprise karne ke liye kiya tha hum aur radhika milo apni dost se

armesh came from back and said

"dadima hum sab ka miljuln ho gaya hain"

dadima:hey armesh hii aur tum ye kya bol rahe ho

then dev narrated their meeting on the way to dadima but he didn't said the scene where they both hugged feeling to be awkward.

dadima:toh ye achi baat hain aur dev tum mujhe nahi bataya ki tera dost bhi aane wala hain.

dev:aap log hi mujhe surprise dete hain kya main bhi aap logon ko surprise dena chahta tha

dadima:teri bachpani ab tak gayi nahi

            chal ye sab chodo aur andar aao

dev:thank god atleast now u gave me permission

vaishali:a aa ek minute rukho aarthi dena hain tujhe

dev:thik hain de do

mrinalini came along with shalini to give aarthi to dev and as soon as aarthi completed dev rushed inside and his friends followed him. radhika and her friends were busy in bringing their things and radhika went upstairs to keep the luggage in her room and same did her friends as they were familiar with their rooms.

down in hall dev was meeting his mother
"maa kitne din hogaye aap ko dekh kar"

vaishali:"haan dev ab main bahut kush khi mera beta wapas aa gaya"

dev:haan maa aur dad kaha hain

mr.purohith:dev tera dad yahan hain

dev rushed to his father and hugged him "daddd"

mr.purohith:dev hpw r u doing

dev:its well dad and u looked to be more fit, whats ur secret dad

mr.purohith:u know na till why are u asking me

vivek tapped dev back which mde dev to turn .

dev:ouch! bhaiyya

vivek:helo brooo

dev and vivek had a hug after which dev met mrinalini

:hey bhabhi u looked in the same as u looked before 5 years

mrinalini:thanks dear and u too look smart

dev:that's as usually common akhir dev purohith smart nahi hain toh koun smart hoga

all bursted into laugh and dev continued saying "waise bhabhi where is my monkey"

mrinalini:wo waha tha ;she showed the place where shalini is standing

dev:hi monkey

shalini:hi mr.pumba

dev;bachi mujhe pumba kehte hain tu dekho ab tumhe kya haal hogi he pinche her ears

shalini:ouch! bhaiyya chodiye na sorry

dev:thik hain chal chodunga

dev left her ear and they both had a hug. then only rdhika came down along with her friends, abhi came beside radhika and asked her showing dev "massi ye koun hain"

radhika:abhi ye tere chachu hain

abhi:yaani tere husband hain

radhika was shocked and mrinalini came there asking abhi "kya bola tum ne"

abhi "nahi maa wo massi bola ki ye mera chachu hain toh maine socha ki ye massi ka pati hain"

dev:no champ i am not ur's massi's husband but ur fathers brother

abhi:oh!toh aap dev hain

dev:yes but how u know my name

abhi:mamma used to tell me about u that i resemble u a lot

dev:oh!! chal choclates le lo

he gave choclates to abhi and abhi taking the choclates gave half of them to radhika

dev was stunned and every one sttarted laughing. mrinalini spoke out
"dev agar tum abhi ko koi bhi eatable diya na toh vus mein half part radhika ko jayegi aur its especially in case of choclates"

dev:oh lagta hain ki in donom ke beech kafi uderstanding hain


dev:will u do friend ship with me champ

abhi:kya aap massi ke friend hain

dev looked at radhika and saw her smile fading

abhi :boliye na aap meri massi ki friend hain

radhka:haan abhi ye toh meri bestfriend hain

abhi:toh thik hain u are my best friend too

dev looked at radhika's buddies who were trying to stop their laugh and dev's buddies were shocked by seeing the relation between radhika and abhi

dev:ye kya hain

varun:wahi toh hain in donom ka relation agar abhi kisi se friendship karna hain toh wo pehle radhika ki friend hona hain


armesh:radhika please accept us as ur friedns too then only this bacha will do friend ship with us

radhika:aisa koi baat nahi hain aur as usual u are my friends

soniya:thank u radhika and abhi dekha hum apki massi ka friends hain na ab tum hum logon se friendship karenge


soniya:then come to me

abhi went to them and soniya lifted him up and gave hima kiss

after getting the kiss abhi rubbed his cheks which made evry one laugh again,

piya came to the side of radhika and asked her "can i ask u a thing"


piya:lagta hain ki tumhari friends ko toh aapki family mein bahut milgaye the

radhika:wo kya hain ki varun aur arshad ki parents bapuji aur papa ke saath partners hoon aur nikki is my cousin so even my friends were well mixed in family and almost we all are family friends

piya:oh thats cool

mean while dadima said every one to go and take rest because they might nbe tired with their journey

radhika and her friends went into their rooms as they know already and dev went along his friends to show their respective rooms. dev left armesh,manoj,and rickie in one room and went along with piya,soniya to show their room.ramji brought their luggage and kept in their respective rooms. after showing piya and soniya their rooms dev went to boys room to find wether they were comfortable or not

dev:hi guys!

manoj:dude finally u got some time to spend with us.

dev:hey nothing like that dude just i was lost with my family as i met them after a long time

armesh:yeah yeah first u lost in radhika on road and near the entrance  and now after entering in u lost in ur familyWink

dev:hey aisa kuch nahi yaar, just i lost with my family only.

rickie:oh yeah! u lost in ur family on;y not in her toh theek hain. if so then what about that hug

dev:she is my best friend u know that na

rickie: oh! mens u say that she is only ur friend nothing else


rickie:oh thanks a lot dude

every one was confused and dev asked him "for what"

rickie: thanks for clearing my way yaar she's so hot dudeWink

dev was clenching his jaws in anger yet he controlled himself and asked him "kya?"

rickie:whats wrong , she's awesome that i liked her and really want to flirt her

manoj and armesh were confused with this type of behaviour of rickie and dev fuming with anger held his collar and about to hit hi, saying "how dare u to talk about my radhika"

rickie burstedout and even did armesh and manoj understanding the prank played by him on dev. dev kept rickie still in that position and looked confused.

rickie:teri radhika lekin wo sirf teri dost hain na. tumhe itna ghussa kyun aa gaya hain.

               waise bhi jab main teri kisi aur girlfriend ke baarein mein aise baat ki toh tum bhi mujhe join karte hain but whats wrong with radhika huh!

dev:(still in angry mood) yes they are my friends but she is my life


dev: she is my life samajh gaya tum log

rickie again outbursted and said "dude i did all this to listen this word fromj you"

dev knowing tyhat he was caught "kya?"

armesh;what did u think dev, when we saw u hugging radhika in such a passionate manner then only we understood that u love her.
                    but we want this to listen from u

manoj:dev, we found a clear change of happiness and a life in ur eyes as soon as u met radhika. that life and happiness was absent in u all those days u were in U.S

rickie:after leaving for U.S from day one we found a clear change in u and a type of somberness in ur eyes. we thought these m,any days that it was due to u living away from ur family but today we understood that the reason was radhika.

Dev kept all the way silent

Soniya and Piya who came there to chat some time stood at door listening to all this.

Soniya:Dev! u always used to tell us about radhika as ur friend. but u never let us know that she is ur love why?

piya:Dev upto now i thought that u never hid any thing from us. but u hid such a big thing from us. kyun? bolo dev kya tum hume sach mein apna dost nahi maante hain.

Dev :kya aap sab ka baatein katham ho gaya

           pehle aap sab log mujhe vaada karo ki ye baat aap kisi ko nahi jaane dange


Dev:shh! aap jo bolna bol diya na ab mera bhi suno

every one came to the coach and sat there , dev started telling them

"i wanna say  sorry to all of u for hiding this thing. par mere man se mai hi ye baath bhoolna chahte ki ilove her"

"aap sab se mai kya bola ki hum donom kab mil gaye"

Armesh:wo arjun ki shadi ke samay mein ek road accident pe mila tha

Dev:yes lekin vus se pehle hi main radhika se pyar kiya

Soniya:kya? Shocked hows that possible

Dev:Soni wo mere sapnom me bahut pehle se hi aate haiin and indeed she was my dream girl. when i met her for first time i really shocked to see my dreamgirl infront of me.but when she was rude wit me i felt pain of her neing rude at me , so i too behaved to berude woth her. but i can't be rude with her for much time it twinched my heart a lot. so the next day i pnly forwarded my hand to do friendship with her,and we did became best friends.

rickie;woh woh wait a minute if so did then why u disagreed for marriage

dev: jab vus din raat hum donom baatein kar rahe hain na a topic about marriage came and she reluctantly said that she had no interest in marriage  with an unknown person and she always want to concentrate on her fathers buisness.
         is liye hi maine vus din jab maa aur dadi se mana kardiya because i know she will surely say no to this and i don't want her to be bad infront of family. but me and gods knows how much pain did i felt in my heart.

Armesh:atleast u can say her about ur love na

Dev:yeah armu i tried to talk to her many times but she kept on avoiding me for no reason and even i went to her before i leave to U.S but no use she even didn't see me.
                  and after i left for U.S i missed her a lot and i don't know how i lived for this 5 years with out her. i spent every moment of my life in these five years in my life feeling her to be with me and always i followed each and every word she said and i changed my self according to the way she wished to see me.
                    but today when i saw her on road i just couldn't control my self .

a smal tear drop came down from his eyes,radhika who was sleeping soundly on her room suddenly woke up with a twinch of pain in her heart and she felt that some one who was too dear to her was feeling some pain. she looked at her kanha and said "kyun kanha kyun aisa lag raha ki koi dearest person ko bahut dard sehan raha tha.please kanha wo jo bhi ho cusko apni zindagi ka har khushi de dijiye na " saying this she drank some water and again went to her bed as she was too tired.

            dev was very upset and armesh.manoj.rickie stood their not knowing what to do.

Piya:Dev! Radhika ko anjane admi se shaadi karne ki nafrat hain, iska ardh ye nahi ki vusko shadi se nafrat hain

Dev:Piya what does u mean

Piya: agar wo admi vuska pyar hain toh
 shw winked at him sayin thi and a small smile creeped across his lips . but again that smile faded

Dev;Piya jo keh rahi hain , wo toh thik hain lekin agar vo already kisi se relation mein hain toh

armesh:dev yeh jaan ne ke liye u should talk to her

Dev:yes agar my vunse baatein karna hain toh mujhe energy chahiye toh energy ke liye main toh rest karna hain

Rickie:okay dev rest here

Dev:no yaar i had my room and as u know that i can sleep well only in my room

a small smile was creeped on dev's face when he said about his room but the others didn't understood whats up with his room as they doesn't know that it was connected with radhika's room.

Rickie:okay cool but why were u so excited about ur room

dev tried to cover up saying that he was over excited as he came there after five years

though they were not satisfied with his answer they gave up as they didn't want to argue further and Dev went out towards his room. these people looked at him going towards his room and closed door and sat there thinking about his friend

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