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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Dhak Dhak Corner-17 --Barbe-Q Spl.

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W   E   L   C   O   M   E
Tanu --- Cry
Dimple -- Confused  Whadd is up with u n ur Ganga-Jamuna??

 Tanu -- M hungry ...Ouch

 Dimple -- Confused So go thoosofy something from the fridge ...why u flooding my NL??

 Tanu -- *Stomps foot* Moi want.. shumthing ...shumthing Tongue..where u know .. u ROAST/ GRILL/TOAST shumthing???
Dimple -- Barbeque??
Tanu -- Yuuppiee Tongue  Me want Barbeque Embarrassed
Dimple -- At this hour of nite?? Where will i get a Barbeque?? Confused
Tanu -- Right ere... in the NL Tongue
Dimple -- Whadd?? Shocked
Tanu -- N guess who is gonna get  'BARB-e-Que-d'??? Evil Smile
Dimple -- Who??
Tanu -- THE BOSS Approve

ash: Shonnu *huggies* just wanted to let you know its our golden chance to grill our favourite Geet DT member..

shonnu: Hey ashu *jhappis back* OMG lemme guess who else can it be, Our Jyots Mata..

ash: Well done haha so we need to work on it jaldi or else we will be thrashed by Tanu on D-DAY..

shonnu: okay just let me know what we have to do, I am all set to grill her like no one else has...

ash: Me too but Tanu said limit mein because her neck is gonna be under Jyots' knife. We have to create some set of questions for her. It can be anything you know.. 

for e.g 
Choose your favourite Hyperventilating Reaction!


What is your Favourite Night Activity?
-Discussing in Den till 4 am
-Talking to Chanda Maama because its Maan's Favourite.
-Blushing or flooding in the den regarding Birdie's News.
-Eating ice-Cream
-Sleeping like a Normal human being.

Choose Your Favourite CON Place!


shonnu:ROFLwowie ashu this is gonna be fun. I will work on the questions&send them to you, by the way one innocent question why are we chosen for this dangerous yet entertaining task?Ermm are we done with this Jeewan ? i mean i dont wanna die before getting married Ouch, you know na? Jyo's MOD-Danda? Danda hota sab ke paas ha, per deta koi nhi ROFLROFL but jyo Gives it na?

ash:  Ouch Yeah, right, Thaper se  darr nhi lagta, per Danda se lagta ha Ouch but no worries tanu&dimps will be our shield..Cool anyway  you are the special one because you are a member gifted with a great sense of humourTongue and if anything happens we two will be called as Shaheed ROFL

shonnu: Finally I get the chance to be the evil one. But I am still worried for poor tanu&dimple. We will run away from patli galli but they will become Shaheed protecting us..Ouch 

ash: no worries about the coolbies re. They ARE clever! they will put a vid of Munda doing hoo-haa in front of Jyots and she will melt in minutes. Har ek ki kamzhori hoti hai naROFL, Maan the male Maneka will melt Jyo in minutes.

shonnu: And that kamzhori will calm her down waah you have planned it all. Lets see if it works the way &we should give everyone darshan of some BAAL-Gyaan too..

ash: shonnu hailaa Baal bina chain kahan reROFLbut how are we gonna add BAAL-Gyaan to this task..Kuch zyaada hi torture ho jayegaa..

shonnu: Haww ashu what are you thinking of?Shockedare you thinking about Hair-Gyaan?OMG and I thought you were one of the innocent people around here..I am talking about Baal-Gyaan as in Jyots as a Baalak. We will need something for introduction.

ash: HAILAAA Shonnu yu darbadlu..CLEAR-ly bolo to..Bachaa doesn't understand Pahelis naROFL Yes we should surely do that. SO the first line can be something like.

On 25th July, was born a cute little girl amidst several other Leos..

shonnu:  yeah and she was born in Mumbai so after her birth the song 

"yeh Mumbai Shehar Haadson ka shaher ha"  was created ROFLROFLROFL

oops i got carried away *clears throat* 

Kehte hain har yug ka ek maseeha hota ha.

jo logon ke dilon pe raaj kerta ha

unhein jeena ki nayi rah dikhata ha

Yeh Thread aisa hi ek masiha ka ...


ash:ROFLROFLROFL yeah our jyo is anything but Maseeha ...TongueThat is jhakaas shonnu& don't worry I will improvise with the graphicsBig smile

*after some days*

shonnu: I am done with the questions now they are not a lot because I was thinking about tanu & dimple too..Embarrassed

ash: Yep I am done too but shonnu my list of questions is super long..ROFLI culd not CON-trol I got carried away...humri vaat lagne vaali hai..I feel like we are going for our phaansi now. RIP ashu& shonuu.

Aye mere forum ke logo, zara aankh mein bhar loh pani, 
Jo shaheed hone wale hain unki, zara yaad karo kurbaani 

shonnu:Cry Awww bas kar pagli, rulaye gi kya? nothing will happen we'll tell Jeeju to take her to some tabela for some amusement ?

ash: LMAO knowing her, tabela alone wont work for her, she'll demand for rain, you know tabela without rain is as incomplete as Rakhee without Plastic Embarrassed  and  no worries even if we bcum bhaggu ko paraya we will be remembered. 

FF writers will write Fan-fictions in our names,


Ash&shonnu's I-F ke kissey.


 the entire I-F will always remember us in their proud moments


Jab Tak DT ka atyachaar Rahega Ash aur shonnu ka naam rahega..

On our birthdays every I-F Member will write us messages with loads of gifts even though we won't be able to use it but yet pyaar toh hoga na..

*ash gets emotional*

shonnu: ashu Chanda mame ke paas chali gayi zameen pe aa...ROFL
You said Tanu&Dimps will be our shield then why are you giving salaami to our names..I have to say this with pathar on my dil but Put  their names there..OuchI love my Dahlins Tanu&dimple but if they want to do this kurbaani I cannot stop them *dil toh bacha hai hi nahin*

ash: *wipes tears* All the Best..we will mishh tanu&dimple a lot..



On 25th July, was born a cute little girl amidst several other Leos..when we were born all of us cried bcoz all the zaalim docs hit on our delicate delicate butts

 but this baby was different from all..After her birth when she didn't cry at all! Everyone got worried and tried every medical treatment to make her cry but no use, and then they decided to use different sound to get her reaction and from bhajan to blast no sound could get her response and finally they played some Aamir Khan movie, that worked wonders on having heard his voice she said "Ishhh"Day Dreaming
&went totally crazyyy...

 After which the earth people sang:

Kehte hain har yug ka ek maseeha hota ha.

jo logon ke dilon pe raaj kerta ha

unhein jeena ki nayi rah dikhata ha

Yeh Thread aisa hi ek masiha ka ...


aaj se_______ saal pehle , When God saw too much of negativity on earth he decided to send a bag full of positivity and that was Saddi Jyo...

She started watching TV serials (saas bahu sagas) instead of cartoons, when Mom warned her to dont watch the serials she said:"Thappad se dar nahi lagta Maa, Pyar se dar lagta ha" Ouch

So Yeshh Today we are gonna roast this Positive Girl to make a purr-fect barbe-q in the end..CoolLets get some formality done before we start grilling her..
Name: Jyoti aka (chaddo naam mein kya rakha ha?)


Hobby: dreaming about maaneet CON

Specialty:she is always there when you need her as a Friend and she is never there when you need her as a MOD Angry.(kyonki ek baar jyo ne topic close kerne ka decision le liya, toh phir woh apni bhi nhi sunti) ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

*Toh Jyotiji apni seatbelt baandh lijiye aur answer karne ke baad computerji ke andar answers lock kar dijiye hum apke uttaron ka besabri se intezaar kar rahe hai, agar aap phone a friend, audience poll ya 50:50 ka option use karna chahe toh beshak kijiye kaun kahega apne chitting ki hai..*

First thing that comes to your mind when i say
passing phase
Corruption Ermm

What's so good about the person you like? he needs to smell good ROFL

Who's the sexiest person alive?Aamir Khan Cool

Besides to love Blushing and food what are the other things with which you deprive jeeju due to your internet addiction ? shhh I dont give out his carnal desires so openly haan Evil SmileLOL...he is a certified monk till GHSP is on air Approve

Is there someone you really can't stop thinking about ?errr yeah..I guess Geet forum and its regular circus Confused..not any person in particular ...I know I m not sounding normal right now Stern Smile 

Look outside, how's the weather? Dull and cloudy Ouch

What excuse do you make  Jeeju,to spend extra time on IF or FB? Office assignments that my hitler boss has given me Tongue

Have you ever liked someone & then found out you really didn't? Yeah ...,mayb in college ...a passing affair I guess which made me realise love at first sight is total nonsense Ermm

When you think of the rainbow, what color pops in your head? rainbow reminss me of failrytales ...dunno why Confused...magenta is the colour which popped in my head right now and I saw from inside the rainbow Maaneet coming out on a horse which is fake ConfusedConfused...see I know I m not normal Cry

Do you like receiving balloons on your birthday?  No Confused

What are you currently listening to? kurbaan huaaa Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Do you have limewire? I want it but no I dont hv it CryCryCry...mummyyy CryCryCryCry

How old you were when you watched the first Amir Khan Film? 12 yrs old ..its Qayamat se qayamat tak Tongue

Do you wish you were somewhere far far away? Yeah mayb in Paris for my second honeymoon Day Dreaming

Is lying ever acceptable? if the lie is for a good purpose ,then I will give it a chance Smile

What was the last movie you watched? Bodyguard ...Tongue

Name someone who has turned your life around?
I guess my mom

Who was the last person to give you a hug? every morning my hubby gives me a hug before leaving for office guess today he was the last person EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Was today a good day? So far yes Ermm

What did you dream last night? Watching Mausam in a theatre with Maan and Geet Confused..see I told u I m not normal Cry..mummyyy Confused

Is there anyone you would like to fight? yess my hubby is my ultimate punching bag as well Cool...errr I hope my hubby jaap is not going over the top Confused...mummyyy CryCry

Last person you seen? my boss Angry

How would you tell someone you like them? u r quite smart WinkTongue

Can you put on mascara with your mouth shut? will try at home tonight Confused

Who was your first crush amongst TV hotties ?Embarrassed Apurva Agnihotri Embarrassed 

What is a movie you can watch over and over again? Hum Dil de chuke sanam Day Dreaming

Have you ever cheated in a test? I wish I had ShockedShocked ..but no CryCryCry

Would you prefer it if good things happened, or interesting things? good things Smile

Where were you three hours ago? office canteen watching Aitraaaz on Zee TV Confused

When was the last time you were out of town? February month when I went out with Satish for an outing to Delhi-Agra-Jaipur Embarrassed

What are you wearing right now? Jeans and T-Shirt

When was the last time you ran? february month only to catch a flight Confused

Are you wearing any cologne?

Who was the last person you couldn't take your eyes off off? well its years ago when I met my first TV crush Apurva in a restaurent Embarrassed

Have you ever cried during a movie? Yesss ...during Hum dil de chuke sanam movie only in the climax scene CryCry

What is your first thought when waking up in the morning?(even tho yu don't really sleep) My first thought is when did I slept today Ermm ..was there any improvement in my timing Tongue

You enjoy sleeping late, who is more sleepy in the morning you or your doodhwaala? normally my hubby takes the doodh or sometimes my mom-in-law I guess I m more sleepy Confused 

What's the last nicest thing anyone has ever done for you? My birthday  this year in july was made memorable by my hubby Day Dreaming

Would you ever tell the person you have a crush on that you like them? Nope I m too introvert to do that Embarrassed

Who tells the best jokes ? Google uncle Confused

Do you give in easily? Nope , a typical Leo Cool

Are you a good guesser? No a very bad one Cry

Have you ever caught a butterfly? Yup Tongue

What do you do when vending machines steal your money? never really encountered such scenario Confused

Whose Abs will you prefer MSK or Amir ? nahinnn...this is a difficult one CryCry...I guess MSK because I m in love with chocolate Aamir more than ghajini Aamir MSK fits the bill here Embarrassed

Do you like tongue twisters? NoAngryOuch
Favorite year so far? February

Collar popped or normal? Normal

Favorite comic strip? Not into comics much ...

Have you ever been asked for an autograph? No CryCryCry

Amongst all your crushes who is the most disliked person by Jeeju and why ? MSK because he does not hv dole-shole like him and he is still trying for it CryTongue

Spell your name backwards. IROGAG ConfusedConfused

Who is the coolest man alive? Dhoni Cool...

 With whom would you like to share your tabela (with or without rain) ? MSK or Aamir? I officially hate tableas now after the disaster Maaneet tabela CON no tabelas for me anymore AngryCryCryCry

Choose One For The Following...
Aamir Khan or Gurmeet Choudary Aamir
Twilight Saga or Harry Potter Series? Harry Potter
Hollywood Movies or Bollywood Movies? Bollywood
Ugly Betty Or Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin? Jassi Jaisi koi nahin
Kajjal or GHSP? Tough one Ouch...present is GHSP but Kaajal is equally spl to me Embarrassed
Koffe With Karan or India's Most Desirable with Simi? None Stern Smile..I will prefer Junta ki Adaalat by Rajat Sharma over these two LOLTongue
One person that your most close to? My mom Embarrassed 
If you woke up one morning and were Ekta Kapoor what would you do? Go back to sleep again forever  Stern Smile
If you got a chance to be part of a dance reality show which show would you chose..

-Nach Baliye
-Jhalak Dikhla Jaa
-Zara Nachke Dikha
-Dance India Dance
Nach Baliye ...dont ask me why Embarrassed

Choose your favourite Hyperventilating Reaction!

Of course IshhhBlushing

What is your Favourite Night Activity?
-Discussing in Den till 4 am
-Talking to Chanda Maama because its Maan's Favourite.
-Blushing or flooding in the den regarding Birdie's News.
-Eating ice-Cream
-Sleeping like a Normal human being.
All except sleeping like a normal human being Stern Smile...I told u I m not normal earlier Big smile

Choose Your Favourite CON Place!

At present Maansarovar is a safe bet Ermm

Imagine you were the host of Television's Most Desirable with Jyoti, who would be your first guest&pen down an interview session with that actor/actress.(should not be less than 2000 words)
Ok my first guest would be the famous on-screen couple Gurmeet and Drashti together ...sorry cant help it Cool
Here goes the interview session ...(Since the Anchor Jyoti is not a normal human being the questions will b abnormal as well ...sorry for the inconvenience viewers Smile)
Jyoti :Welcome on board ...its my pleasure to hv u both for a joint interview which till yesterday looked impossible Cool
Gurmeet :We had to come here for this spl interview because u see we really dont hang around anywhere outside the sets Smile
Drashti:Yeah we only hang around inside our sets which is not at all hygenic and makes us sick Cry
Jyoti:Errr but u both r in my set right now which is outside the Geet set Confused and is hygenic as well na Embarrassed
Gurmeet : Well thats what I meant na Jyoti ..your set and Geet set is one and the same na
Jyoti:How ?? Confused
Drashti :Aree he meant both sets look like tabelas na well u see not much difference Tongue
Jyoti:U both mean to say my set is dirty like a tabela AngryCry and even Geet set is like a tabela ?? ShockedOuch
Gurmeet and Drashti :YES Approve
Jyoti:Well ..for that I m not responsible ...its the Tanu spl channel on which my show is airing which is responsible  Angry
Gurmeet and Drashti:U and Geet CV team r true soulmates ..they too say the same that always channel r responsible for everything Big smile
Jyoti:Anyways lets move on to some other talks ..tell me something about the future track ..when can we expect Maaneet CON...errr I mean Maaneet reunion to be precise Smile
Gurmeet :But we r already reunited na ...I mean Maaneet r already reunited na Embarrassed
Drashti :Arree nahin Jyoti is asking when will your memory go...errr I mean when will MSK ka memory come back Confused
Gurmeet:See once again we r CONfusing things here Angry
Drashti:Its not me ,..but u Angry
Jyoti: ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused
Gurmeeet:Ok see very soon love will bloom between both of us as soon as we both come out of our sickness Big smile
Jyoti :But Maan and Geet r not sick na Confused...
Drashti:Arree he is saying we r not well na automatically we cannot shoot u see ..and so the falling in love track is getting delayed a bit Big smile
Jyoti:I hope u both get well soon as viewers r really missing their Maan and Geet on screen and wondering how every year this month only both our Gurti fall sick together ..Cry
Gurmeet and Drashti:Yeah we too r trying to solve this mystry ...ErmmErmmErmmErmmErmm
Jyoti:Oh kk...moving on what r both your future plans in life Big smile
Gurmeet:I think soon both are going to fall in love ...sing songs in rain ...jhappis and puppies and much more Day Dreaming
Drashti:U r again CONfusing Angry...
Jyoti: ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused
Gurmeet:Errr Well I m talking about Maan and Geet ka future Big smile
Drashti:Yeah we live the characters 24 /7 u see ...Smile
Jyoti:Hats off to both of u much drowned in the characters ..truely amazing ClapEmbarrassed..moving on further ..there hv been questions hanging around show ka future as well...any comments on that
Jyoti: ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused
Gurmeet and Drashti:Well u see This is the first time our show ka future will b decided by our two fan grps and the media as they lubbb us so much that they keep writing about its future since the time show started keep guessing Evil Smile...end mein wohi hoga so manzoore Mahiii hoga Tongue
Jyoti :Waahhh well said Clap ..with that we come to an end of this most abnormal interview tonight ..hope u all hv enjoyed this joint interview of Gurti after a long time ...Embarrassed
Drashti:Dont forget to watch us on the show everyday at 9.30 PM Big smile ...
Gurmeet:From tuesday onwards  Big smile..we r sick na Cry
Drashti:Damn think about trps Angry...errr watch from monday only Big smile
Gurmeet :Yeah watch us getting sick together ...errr I mean watch us making GHSP watchable together minus the Amritsar circus from next week onwards Big smile
Jyoti:ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused..Ok byeee ..phewww
(Interivew is done in plain humour no belan guys ..even mods can hv fun sometime na Embarrassed..on a more serious note I wish both Gurmeet and Drashti a very quikc recovery Thumbs Up)

At Last to conclude this grilling session

Who would you like to kill right now?
-The People who Promoted you as a Moderator.


Shonuu: Ashu its done,  lets run...

Ash: wait, lemme wear my chappals 

Shonuu: arre we are gonna get many jutay chappal by Jyo,you can choose any of them now run harder ROFL

Ash:Shonnu After this we are going to get a lot of curses how about we catch each chappal and donate it to the needy..

Shonnu: First we need to survive to serve others..Bhaagggooo Ree...

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P E E   L O O N  T  E  R  E   H O T O N   S E   S H A B N A M
10th September, 2010
RECAP - An affluent couple de DE-Mellos-Gellos arrive at KC and de Mishter wants to build a 'Pyaar ki Nishani' for his misshus!! Embarrassed  Maneet join forces to aid in turning the De-Mellos dream come true..!! In the process.. Maneet get invited to the Re-Wedding of de-Mellos Tongue
Munda thinks what better occassion to SPICE up shum romance wit his Kudiye..& lo n behold its time for 'Maan to Pee loon shum shabnam from Giths hoth'Embarrassed!!
Demellos rewedding to start! MSK says...that Geet will take time to come.. n turns n spots Geet...who is looking shyly at him...! Embarrassed BG peeloon starts...!! MSK is standing next to Demello n Geet is walking forward slowly! MSK is looking at Geet.. ! Both couples at the altar... ! Its a christian style wedding..! Rose aka Mrs. DeMello tells Geet...that she looks like a bride !.. Demello says..if u wish lets get u two married today..! Geet says No Shocked..n Maneet look at each other... ! Wedding vows exchanged... Maneet look at each other... thruout! Its the ring!
Priest explains the meaning of ring exchange n Geet looks at her ring..n to MSK... both grining.. ! Flashback of the taqdeer moment... ! MSK bats eyelid as if consenting to Priests promise..Geet looks at him...n  then the kiss moment of Demello couple..  ! Maneet  niharing each other.. BG main to kurbaan...  n Mahiii!!
MSK n Geet at the altar alone..n MSK self thot that Geet wants to confess ..but alone..n Geet self thots that..i m scared to talk to u alone... ! Rose asks Maneet to pose for pics.. n MSK puts hand on Geet shoulder...n Maneet look at each other..!
Geet  is shown searching for MSK.. n sees him playin wit a kid...Tongue *girl child*.. Geet asks Babaji...dat first time i see him smile..n that too wit a kid /girl... r u telling me something Babaji... ?? MSK sees Geet n goes away..n Geet starts following...  Geet comes to an open place n its all decorated...Wink
MSK touches Geet with a flower all over..Embarrassed right upto her lips.. MSK kisses Geet head on th backside.. then her eyes...n almost her lips..Geet turns to leave!
MSK lifts Geets chin n says... 'main tumse...'  n stops n says.. Geet today u speak..tell all that u hv in ur heart... n dont stop urself...!! I m wit u all the way...! Geet is about to say n MSK...says...Yes Geet tell me...that u luv me...!! Geet says i m  pregnant.. n MSK..shocked..MSK.releases Geets hand...!! Shocked

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Yeh hum aa gaye hain kahan!----Story till now
(By  Parisa )
Day 1: Geet tells Maan that her prayers have been answered finally. Maan asks Geet to give him time to accept their relationship. Geet and Maan come to office. Geet, Pinky and Adi decide to go for a film's premiere. Maan overhears Geet telling Adi that Maan doesn't like watching films so there is no point taking him along. Dev thanks Ranbir for uniting him and Nandini. Dev and Nandini plan to go to a coffee shop. Geet tries to finish work soon so that she can attend the premiere with Adi and Pinky. Lucky rushes back to Amritsar after receiving a call. Adi cannot arrange the film premiere passes. This upsets Pinky and Geet. Maan tells Geet, Adi and Pinky to get ready for an important meeting. They are upset as they cannot attend the film premiere. Maan gets Geet to a hall and tells her that he sent Adi and Pinky for the film's premiere.  Geet is surprised when Maan arranges the film's private screening in the hall. Maan admires Geet while she enjoys the film. 
Day 2 : Nandini and Dev are in a coffee shop. They witness a guy proposing to a girl on his knees and Nandini forces Dev to propose to her in the same way. Dev proposes to Nandini on his knees. Nandini then challenges Dev to secretly marry her without telling anyone in the family. Dev is hesitant but accepts the challenge. Geet thanks Maan for showing her the film. Maan feels jealous when Geet drools at the film's hero. Jugnu feels Nandini is running away when he overhears her making plans of quietly sneak out of her room in the night. Dev arranges for a priest for his and Nandini's marriage. Geet overhears Dev making arrangements over phone for his wedding. On questioning, Dev tells Geet that he is marrying Nandini secretly and tells her about Nandini's challenge. Geet doesn't succeed in stopping him. Dev requests Geet not to tell Maan anything. Geet wants to tell Maan about Dev and Nandini's secret marriage but wonders how. Maan asks Geet to make him a coffee. Maan helps Geet fold her saree when he sees her struggling to fold her saree. They come closer.
Day 3 :Maan notices Geet disturbed and questions her. Geet hides the truth about Dev and Nandini's marriage from him. Geet scolds Nandini for secretly marrying Dev but Nandini wants to stick to her decision as she knows she is doing nothing wrong. Maan catches Adi entering their house in the night and questions him. Adi handles the situation. Geet helps Nandini get ready for the marriage. Geet and Nandini decide to tell Beeji about Nandini and Dev's marriage soon after this. Geet, Dev and Adi hide from Maan and do all the marriage arrangements. Geet tries to keep Maan away from the terrace where the marriage will be held. Geet wants to tell Maan the truth but has a fear that Maan will stop the marriage. She feels guilty for hiding the truth from him. To keep Maan away from the terrace, Geet tries various antics like reminiscing the past where he had come to Amritsar donning a turban and lived with them as Balwant Singh. Maan finds it strange. Geet is upset as Maan has changed and doesn't love her the same way he use to. Maan consoles Geet. Geet feels guilty for hiding the truth from Maan. 
Day 4: Geet decides to speak to Dev before telling the truth to Maan as she cannot take this guilty anymore. The priest cannot come. Dev is worried. Adi and Dev look for another priest. Lucky gets married to Preeto and brings her to Delhi. Lucky decides to break the news to Geet first. Maan wakes up in the night and Dev hides from him. Lucky hides from Dev. Geet tells Jungu to sleep when he annoys her with his doubts. Lucky enters Maan's room by mistake and on hearing footsteps outside, he hides inside his blanket. Dev tells Geet that Maan is awake and requests her to keep Maan in his room till he gets married.   Geet goes to Maan's room where Lucky is hiding and mistakes him to be Maan. Lucky gets out of Maan's room. Jugnu mistakes Lucky to be the guy Nandini is running away with. Lucky and Dev go towards Geet's room and they are unaware of Jugnu following them. Jugnu catches Dev and starts screaming.

Day 5: Nandini gets irritated sitting alone in the room and goes out, despite Dev's warning. Preeto confuses Jugnu when he goes after Nandini to catch her red-handed. Preeto and Lucky scare Jugnu away. Everything is messed up in the Khurana household. Geet gets confused when she sees Maan sitting in the library. Adi finds a solution to his problem of arranging a priest. Geet is shocked when she doesn't find Maan in his room. Jugnu gets confused seeing Nandini and Preeto. Dev takes Nandini back into her room. The security guard of Khurana house come in aid for Adi as he agrees to become the priest for Dev and Nandini's marriage. 
Mahi Moment of the week----Most romantic moment

(By Mallu)

 12th September 2011 i.e. Monday:

Geet and Pinky insists Adi to get the passes of the Movie Bodyguard and Adi couldn't arrange them. MSK overhears their conversation. MSK sends Adi and Pinky to see the premiere of the movie and takes Geet with him and arrange a separate cinema room to enjoy the movie with Geet. Geet is so happy from MSK's surprise and thanked him. MSK brings popcorn for Geet which he first refused to eat and as the movie starts and Geet begins to watch the movie. MSK begins to watch Geet constantly and with a smile on his face and notes Geet's every cute epxpression she gives during the movie when she bites her nails and when she gets shocked and seems to have fallen in love with geet again , geet offers him popcorns which he wanted to eat this time but geet takes the bowl back because she is busy in watching movie and maan loves her more for this cute action and keeps on looking at her more deeply and the smile never leaves his face.

After all these years I see that I was mistaken about Eve in the beginning;
It is better to live outside the Garden with her than inside it without her..!
Dialogue Of The Week
(By  mchopra)

Geet: Sach kahoon maan toh jis din se aapki yaadash gayi thi,tab se aaj tak lad rahi thi, intezaar kar rahi thi ki kab aap puraani dino ke tarah mujse meethi meeti baatein karenge , intezaar kar rahi thi ki kab aap mera khayal karenge, kab aap meri baat sunenge magar intezaar itna lamba ho gaya tha ki man he man mein main haar gayi thi par lagta hai babaji ne meri sun li

Saari ziandagi aapki nafrat sehne ke liye tayaar thi, toh ab toh phir se umeed bandh rahi hai..

Loved the dialogues..coz in one she tells him her expectations and in second she tells him the depth of her love in such a simple yet beautiful manner..she is ready to wait her whole life for him and ready to take his rudeness just in the hope that he will love her one day.

Intezaar kiya hai na maano aapka yoon,

Jis tarah raah mein bikhre hoon sitaare jo,

Har dil mein reh jaati hai bas ek hasrat,

Who mile humse kin a koi reh jaaye mushakat!

Dhak Dhak momentof the week
(By jnawaz)
 Alright people...this week...i have legit DD moments...which i havent had in a while because i've been so taken with all Maneet get me wrong...the monday maneet scene was off the hook...just fabulous...the tenderness, the sweetness and the new-blossoming love was just dripping from every frame!! Day Dreaming and...have these two other scenes not caught my attention...that monday scene would have made it into the DD Moment of the week...Wink...enough of my bak bak...lets move on...

1. Ladki and Chabbi Catching: ...ok...that one...short scene on monday...Maan had left his keys on his desk so Geet gets up to take it to him...only...she isnt paying attention and neither is they run into each other...then...OMG! the way that Maan not only caught Geet but the keys...Shocked...lets be honest...its not a very impressive move...had it been done by any other Tom, Dick & Harry...but...because it was the great MSK that did it...that scene was down right HAWT!!! just saying...i must have watched that scene a good 10 times...Wink...not to mention the way he looked at her...with is faux-frown!! Shocked..*jaz dead*

2. Jadoo Hai Nasha Hai: ...this part has two movie dekho main tumhe dekhoon...umm...need i remind you the sexylicious looks Maan was giving Geet as she watched the movie and he conveniently watched her!! Embarrassed was that just not the cutest looks ever...especially with his hand resting on his lips...omg...just...drool worthy!! and two...saree ki darmiyaan...folding a saree has never been so...seductive...leave it to Maneet to turn something so...blah...into something so hot and question is Geet not melted into a pile of mush from the way he was looking at her! i mean...if looks could kill...we'd be dead for sure!! TongueTongueTongue...if i had MSK...make sure that none of my saree's were folded...and if they were...i'd unfold them just to fold them with him!! and dont you dare give me looks cuz you'd do the same!! Wink

3. Oozing Sweetness: ...alright...this moment comes from wednesdays episode...the opening...just after Maneet's seriously sensual saree folding what happens is Maan notices his mishti is upset...he can clearly see that something is bothering her (major brownie points for that mr. msk Tongue) ...when he asks her whats wrong...she simply says that she's tired...then...he asks..."Paaka?" was a one word question...just one simple word...but oh lord...the way he said it...omg...*jaz dead (again)* ...the small frown showing his uncertainty and then a second later his sweet smile...omg omg omg...*jaz dead (yes...again)* was just ah-mazing!!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

So those are the seriously Dhak-Dhak inducing scenes of the week!! im ready to bet money that these scenes made your heart flutter a few times over!! oh oh...b4 i forget...special mention to the fact that Maan is now touching Geet w/out hesitation...simple things like her shoulder or her hands...but...haq se choo raha hai...haye main marjawaan!! Embarrassed
Hayo Rabba -- W*F moment of the week
(By jnawaz)
W*F Moment of the Week going to pretend that Thursday and Friday's episodes didnt happen...cuz if i count them..this section is going to be super long...Ouch anyway...we will stick to other stuff...but...hands down...the W*F moment(s) of the week belongs to all ready to get married for a 3rd time...w/out so much as hinting towards his torrid past to his new fiance...Confused...woh toh hai hi besharam...isse hum aur kya umid kaar sakte hai...Angry...but Nandini...come on...really!? she put down that ultimatum...Shocked...that he has to marry her by 12am...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? ShockedShockedShocked...yes she fell in love with Dev...i cant fault her for that...she doesnt know his kamina types harkat' her eyes...he's just a nice guy that got stuck with a wacky wife...usse kya pata ke woh serial dulha hai...ladki dekhi nahin aur phisal gaye DeadDead but her...she is a smart'd think she would have more sense!!! W*F is wrong wit her!? Censored...and then...she's telling Geet that her "asli" shaadi will happen with full ashirwad from the bade busurg...umm is this a fake wedding on the roof top of KM...cuz im utterly confused...shaadi ho rahi hai ke nahin...aagar nahyin toh kahe time waste kaar rahe ho? AngryAngryAngry...i mean...who does that...he said ILU and you're like lets get married!! really!!! koi isse mental asylum mein bhejo re!! AngryAngryAngry
 Hayo Rabba Moment of the Week
Hands down...the entire episodes of Thursday and Friday had me going hayo rabba and smacking my head...i mean...what was all that...yes...i understand...both GC and DD are out sick...poor souls just need to get better and relax a bit...itna kaam karte hai both leads down...the cv's had to create filler episodes until they come back...chalo...woh samaj mein aata hai...but...what they came up with...the current bhagam-bhag...luka-chuppi...track...woh samaj mein nahin aa raha hai...koi mujhe samjao re...watchman ko pundit bana diya...shaadi ho raha hai KM ke chaad pe...dulha is acting like dulhan...aur dulhan is maha besharam...dusra dulha (lucky) is acting like a girl also...while his votti is busy eating and chasing Mamaji around the kitchen...Wacko...GC...DD...jaldi vapas aajao...i cant take this Cry

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Uff teri Ada -- Stylish Character of the week
(By  Armu4eva )
*seriously?? i hv to give an entry??.. can i skip??* 

Erm.. well thats just the desperation thats creeped in me... thanks to a week full of Devini-Meri Shadi karwao-atyachar..!! But then i guess.. Munda Maan in his Kaala sha Kaala or was it brown Geek .. shirt.. deffo deserves a mention...!! So yes... yes... presenting before one n all...the Stylish Character of the Week... Munda Maan..!!

^^ Just look at him... haiii Day Dreaming

On second thots...however outrageous the circumstances were.. cant deny that Nando did look decent enouf in her pinky outfit.. so well..*with a very heavy heart* ...a special mention to Shadi-Karna-Mera Shauk hai- Nandi---niii!!

Dev and Nandini
Silly Me/ Shatir Jasoos of the week
(By -Dimple-)

Shatir jassos for this week goes to none other than ...The whole familyLOL Jugnu mama, lucky, nandini, dev, preeto, and Our very own Geet Khuranna also. Khuranna Mansion was filled with some Jasoos type people for the whole week. Although everyone was involved in the shatir jassos category but i personlly will say that Jugnu mama was still the best with his jasoosi. 
Dhak Dhak Picture of the week
(By -Thush-)
Hello Peeps !First i would Like to Thanks to Sara & Zaara for taking over the work for Past Three weeks...Thanks a lot guysHugOkie..Here again im Back with 2 Dhak Dhak Pictures... Wonder What WinkEmbarrassed

This one is  from Monday episode Where Munda arranges a special screening for His Mishty and while Geet Watches the Movie he stares At his Sweet Mishty with a Satisfied Smile seeing her HappyEmbarrassed...EmbarrassedLovely SceneDay DreamingU Will Defiantly drool over him for that simileBlushing

and this one is from Wednesdays episode where Geet tells Msk about all Amirster Track and she gets so emotional while telling how much he used to love her ... Munda Looks into her teared eyes and cups her face with full of love and wipes her tears... Beautiful scene Embarrassed 
Most Popular FF/ OS of the Week
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FF of the Week with 415 Likes
"-Awaken Me-"
Most Popular VM of the Week
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VM of the week with 33 likes

"Kya hua tujhe"
Most Popular Siggy of the Week
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Siggy of the week with 23 likes
:|: Thanks to :|:

Super Special thanks to 'Shonu' & 'Cute_Ash'
for the brilliant interview of our BOSS!! Clap
Huge Huge THANK-U to THE BOSS herself..
Jyo ..
for being kind n gracious in giving us a go-ahead n answering the questions.. Hug
:|: Thanks to :|:
-Dimple-  for  NL Special AVs
Mllu.NMistyColors for  NL Special Siggies
Sano88   for   Weekly Sub-banners

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Tanu this was FAB!! i loved it!!

Great work everyone. Thanks Everyone for all your support and contributition. This NL would have not been to such heights without all of you!!

Thanks alotHug

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Dimps.. second u..!! Thank u to all the contributors.. u guys have made th NL what it is..!! Clap
Awesome interview by Shonu n Ash... n thank u to Jyo for agreeing to be on the Hot Seat..
And.. Pari / Mallu /  Kirti/ Shreya / Jaz / Thush / Hetu/ Hasini / Ashy ..thank u guys for ur hard work.. day in n out..!!
Dimpleee.. ...*do u wanna partner* .. love u.. Hug

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Originally posted by Armu4eva

Dimps.. second u..!! Thank u to all the contributors.. u guys have made th NL what it is..!! Clap
Awesome interview by Shonu n Ash... n thank u to Jyo for agreeing to be on the Hot Seat..
And.. Pari / Mallu /  Kirti/ Shreya / Jaz / Thush / Hetu/ Hasini / Ashy ..thank u guys for ur hard work.. day in n out..!!
Dimpleee.. ...*do u wanna partner* .. love u.. Hug

I Love ya ToooHug

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WOW, u people making so much creative stuffs, keep it on Thumbs Up

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