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Mera Phela Phela Pyaar MG ff On Hold (Page 70)

bhanu_rekhag IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 August 2012 at 1:03am | IP Logged
congrats 4 fashion show..

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Infinity. IF-Addictz

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Phir Mohabbat

Mera Phela Phela Pyaar

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janu_2006 IF-Sizzlerz

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gr8 part..
thanks for pm dear..

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..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 18

Prithvi, "Aur mera kya haan??? Tumne mere bare main socha ke agar tumhe kuch hogaya toh mera kya hoga???" (N what about me??? U didn't think about me what would happen to me if anything happened to u???)

Geet, "Prithvi kuch nahi hoga mujhe aur ek bar yeh kaam hojaye uske baad main yaha se dur chali jaungi" (Prithvi nothing will happen to me just I finish this work once n then I will go far away from here)

Prithvi, "Theek hai abhi tum araam karo." (Ok fine u take rest now)

Prithvi then made Geet lie down n caressed her hairs n soon Geet dozed off. Maan who had come with the medicines was feeling pain that Geet was going to go away n she didnt even bother to tell him. He didnt know why but he was feeling pain in his heart n felt that he was again alone like before when Geet wasn't in his life. 

He then gave the medicines to Armaan n went away from there. Geet was feeling better n so she went home. The next day she didnt come to colg as Beeji n Bauji had strictly warned her to stay at home n take rest.

The whole time she was restless as she wanted Maan to be out of Sameera's trap as soon as possible but she wasnt able to do anything. She then remembered Sameera's warning n decided to let go of the matter for a few days till Sameera thinks that she has forgotten it n then she would tell Maan the whole truth.

So the whole week Geet avoided being with Maan n even Maan as he felt he had lost his friend n couldnt bear it n again had started being rude to others. Sameera didnt care about it n she was enjoying her life.

After 15 days, Geet got to know that Sameera was out of town n she found this the best time to tell the whole truth to Maan as Sameera wouldnt be able to do anything to anyone n decided to go to the coffee shop as she was sure that she would find Maan there.

She called Prithvi n told him that she was going to tell Maan the whole truth n left her home. She prayed to Babaji that everything be alright but she didnt know the storm that was coming into her life to destroy everything.

Geet went to coffee shop but didnt find Maan there n then she asked the owner n he gave her Maan's house address n she went there n found Maan drinking there n many empty bottles strewed there. Geet ran to the kitchen n got lemon juice n came back n kept it on the side table n held Maan's arms n tried to pull him up to make him sit in a proper position.

Maan saw Geet n smiled painfully n said,"Geet tum yaha kya kar rahi ho??? Tumhe toh Prithvi ke saath hona chaiye na toh tum yaha kya kar rahi ho??? Waise bhi tum bhi toh mujhe yaha akeli chod ke ja rahi ho jaise sab mujhe chod ke chale gaye." (Geet what are u doing here???  U should be with Prithvi then what are u doing here??? Anyways even u are leaving me here alone like everyone else.)n then took the bottle which was on his hand n again took a swing from it.

Geet wondered what was he telling n when she saw him drinking again she pulled the bottle out of his hand n got the lemon juice n gave him n told, "Maan tum yeh phele peo aur phir hum baat karte hai waise bhi mujhe tumse bohut zaroori baat karni hai." (Maan first u drink this n then we will talk n anyways I have something important to tell u)

Maan drank a bit n then Geet made him sit on the sofa n told him all about Sameera n how she was had tried to hurt him.

After hearing it Maan started laughing loudly n then with anger filled voice said, "I knew it Miss. Geet Handa. Mujhe pata tha tum aisa kuch hi kahogi Sameera ke baare main. Mujhe Sameera ne phele hi bata diya tha ke usne tumhe aur Prithvi ko yeh plan banate huve sunna taaki tum mujhe aur Sameera ko alag kar sako aur kuch Bet jeet sako. Kyu Geet kyu kiya tumne aisa??? Kya tumhe apni bet zyada pyaari hai apne best friend se bhi zyada??? Kya tumne socha ek baar bhi ke mujhe kaise lagega jab mujhe sachai pata chalegi lekin tum kaha sochti yeh sab. Tum toh bet jeetne wali thi na aur maine suna tumhe bohut paise bhi milne wale the agar tum jeet gayi toh. Kitne paise chaiye tume hai Geet??? Kitne chaiye??? Kya tum paiso ki lalch main itni khoh gayi ke tumhe yeh bhi yaad nahi raha ke tum apne best friend ke upar bet kar rahi ho??? Bolo Geet ab chup kyu ho???" (I knew it Miss. Geet Handa. U would tell something about Sameera like this only. Sameera told me before only that she heard u n Prithvi planning to separate me n Sameera so that u could win some bet. Why Geet why did u this??? Was ur bet more important for u than ur best friend??? Did u even think for once how would I feel when I get to know about the truth but where did u think. U were going to win the bet right n I had heard that u were going to get a good amount of money also if u won the bet. How much money do u want Geet??? How much??? Have u lost urself so much in ur greed of money that u didnt even remember that u are betting upon ur best friend??? Tell Geet why are u quiet???)

Geet who thought that Maan would believe her was confused as to why was Maan laughing but when she heard him accusing her for betting on him for money she felt the ground slipping beneath her but what hurt her most was that Maan believed it all. She was so hurt that her face went blank n her eyes had no tears in them.

Maan seeing Geet quiet felt something is wrong but the alcohol was taking a toll on him n he said, "Tumne mera bharosa todh diya Geet... todh diya. Ab kabhi mere samne mat anna tum warna main bhool jaunga ke tum kabhi meri best friend thi." (U have broken my trust Geet... Broken it. Never come in front of me ever again or else I will forget that u were my best friend ever) n pushes her n walks away into the room without seeing what damage he did.

As Maan pushed Geet she fell on the empty bottles fallen there n hurt her arms n shoulders by the bottle breaking n piercing her skin but she didnt feel it as Maan's words were more painful than the physical pain she was feeling n it felt like thousands of needle which were pricked into her heart. She just numbly got up n started walking aimlessly on the road as Maan's words rang in her mind. As she was walking she got a call n she picked it n heard Sameera, "Geet maine kaha tha na tumhe ke tum Maan ko kuch mat batana lekin tumne meri nahi sunni aur ab dekhna main kaise tumhare parivaar ko tumse dur leke jaati hu." (Geet I had warned u not to tell to Maan but u didnt listen to me right now u see how I separate ur family from u) n started laughing n cut the call.

She didnt know when she reached near her house she saw a big chaos there n she heard that some house had caught fire n then she saw her neighbour running n when she saw Geet she took her into her arms n said, "Geet housla mat harna beta. Sab theek hojayega. Abhi todhi der main hum log Beeji - Bauji ko sahi salamat ghar se leke ayenge." (Geet dont lose hope daughter. Everything will be fine. In few mins we will get Beeji - Bauji out of the house safely)

Geet then understood that her house had caught fire n ran to go to the house but before she could go she was held by few people who were convincing her to wait. As she was struggling she saw few people bringing two stretcher out n she ran towards them n as she saw the bodies both were fully burnt n she shouted, "Beeji... Utho Beeji. Dekho aapki Geet aapke pass hai. Beeji utho na dekho abhi Pari ayegi toh main usse kya jawab dungi???" (Beeji... get up Beeji. See ur Geet has come to u. Beeji get up see now Pari will come then what will I answer her???) n then turned to the other body n said, "Bauji utho na Bauji. Abhi toh aapki book publish honi baaki hai aur aapko toh abhi mere liye aur Pari ke liye bohut toofe bhi toh lane hai aur aapka sapna tha na ke hume dulhan ke roop main toh aap kaise ja sakte ho hume akela chod ke???" (Bauji get up Bauji. Still u have to get ur book published n u still have to get lots of gifts for me n Pari n it was ur dream to see both of us in bridal dress then how can u leave us alone n go???) n shook both of them n said, "Bauji utho... Beeji utho..." (Bauji get up... Beeji get up...)n when she saw the people taking them away she pushed them n said, "Mere Beeji - Bauji ko kaha leke ja rahe ho aap log??? Unko chodo aap" (Where are u taking my Beeji n Bauji??? leave them)

The people held Geet to stop her. As she was about to wriggle out again she saw Prithvi n Pari running n she ran to Prithvi n said, "Bhai dekho na Beeji aur Bauji uth nahi rahe aur yeh log unhe kahi leke ja rahe hai. Unko bolo na ke mere Beeji Bauji ko chod de. Bolo na Bhai. Yeh sab mere wajhe se hi ho raha hai Bhai yeh sab mere wajhe se hi huva hai" (Bro see Beeji n Bauji are not getting up n these log are taking them somewhere. Tell them to leave Beeji Bauji. Tell no Bro. All this is happening bcoz of me only bcoz of me.)

Prithvi was feeling so helpless seeing Geet like this n to bring her back to senses he slapped her. Geet held her cheek which had turned a bit red n saw Prithvi, Pari n then saw her Beeji - Bauji being carried away n shouted, "Beeji... Bauji" n fainted.

Prithvi held Geet as she fainted n then felt something sticky on his hands n hugged Geet n removed his hands n saw that it was blood n saw her arms n back where her dress was covered with blood.

Prithvi carried Geet in his arms n told Pari to call the doctor as they ran towards their car. Prithvi drove the car in full speed breaking all the rules n as he entered he kept her on the stretcher which the doctor had arranged as he got Pari's call. The doctor then took Geet to the OT.

Pari hugged Prithvi n said, "Yeh kya ho raha hai Bhai??? Phele Maa - Papa aur ab Geet di. Agar Geet di ko kuch huva toh main jee nahi paungi bhai." (What is happening Bro??? First Mom - Dad n now Geet di. If anything happens to Geet di then I wont be able to leave bro.)

Prithvi rubbed her back to calm her down n said, "Geet ko kuch nahi hoga Pari... kuch nahi." (Nothing will happen Pari... Nothing)

Prithvi then went into flashback how he had gone to the coffee shop searching for Geet when his detective told him that Sameera was back in the city n couldnt find her n then got to know that she had gone to Maan's house but by the time he reached there Geet had already left n he saw Maan had falled asleep bcoz of the alcohol. He called Raj n told him to be with Maan n left after Raj came there.

As he was deciding where to go he got a call from Pari telling him about the fire accident at their house. He told her to come to her colg entrance n he picked her from there n they reached the house n saw Geet shouting them to leave Beeji n Bauji. He was so scared to see her like that.

As he came out of the thoughts he saw a nurse coming out of the OT n rushed to her n asked, "Nurse, Geet kaisi hai???" (Nurse,How is Geet???)

Nurse, "Abhi kuch nahi bata sakte lekin unka khoon bohut beh chuka hai aur unka blood group ki bottle humare blood bank main abhi nahi hai isiliye aap logo ko jaldi se blood arrange karna padega." (Right now we cant tell anything but she has lost too much blood n her blood group is not available in our blood bank so u will have to arrange for blood soon) n rushed to get things which the doctor had told.

Prithvi n Pari then went n got their blood tested n by luck Prithvi n Geet's blood matched n Prithvi gave his blood n after 2 hours the doctor came n told, "Prithvi abhi woh khatre se bahar hai lekin usse jeene ki icha jaise kho di ho. Woh ek baar sink ho rahi thi aur hum uske heart beats wapas normal karne ki try kar rahe the lekin aisa lag raha tha jaise usse jeena hi nahi hai aur woh har man chuki hai. Jab usse hosh ayega tab hi isske baare main kuch pata chalega." (Prithvi now she is out of danger but it seems as if she has lost her will to live. She was once sinking n we were trying to bring her heart beats to normal but it seemed that she doesnt want to live itself n she has accepted defeat. When she gains conciousness then only we can think about this)

Prithvi nodded n asked, "Kya hum usse mil sakte hai???" (Can we meet him???)

Doctor nodded n said, "Abhi usko special ward main shift kar rahe hai uske baad tum usse mil sakte ho." (Right now she is being shifted to a special ward after that u can meet her) n left from there.

Prithvi n Pari went into the ward after they shifted Geet n sat there waiting for her to gain conciousness. After 20 mins Prithvi got a call n he went out to attend it n then he told Pari that they had to do the final rituals of Beeji n Bauji n he left to make arrangements for it n called Armaan n Shilpa to be at the hospital with Geet while he n Pari went there.

Geet didnt gain conciousness for another 10 hours. The doctors were getting worried that Geet might slip into coma if she didnt gain conciousness in another 12 hours.

Prithvi n Pari had finished the final rituals came back to hospital n were informed what the doctor had told.

Maybe Geet had really lost her will to live after the accusations Maan had put on her n then her Beeji - Bauji lost their life bcoz of her n she couldnt bear it n she didnt gain conciousness for the next 12 hours n slipped into coma.

Prithvi n Pari's world shattered hearing that Geet had slipped into coma. For few days they couldnt handle it n after they had managed to overcome the news Prithvi sent Pari to London for her studies as all the matters were affecting her n he didnt want that n made sure of her safety there.

Though Pari didnt want to go but Prithvi gave Geet's promise n then she left for London though she used to call every day n ask about Geet with the hope that maybe today she would hear some good news but everyday she was disappointed but never gave up hopes.

Prithvi was always with Geet in the hospital n he had also exposed Sameera in front of Maan. After Geet slipped into coma he asked his detective to find the whole truth about the fire accident n got to know that Sameera was behind it n he couldnt keep quiet anymore bcoz now she had crossed her limits n then he showed Maan all the proves he n Geet had collected though Maan didnt believe him but after seeing the proves he confronted Sameera n at first she shed some fake tears but then seeing the proves Maan had finally accepted her intentions n also told that she was the one who had planned his accident n also the fire in Geet's house was done by  her. 

After confessing she was arrested n Maan asked Sorry to Prithvi n told him to leave him alone for sometime n he would meet him tmrw.

The next day when Prithvi came to tell Maan about Geet's condition he saw the whole house was empty n then he found a letter on the bar counter n read it,


    Im really sorry to not have informed u that Im leaving Delhi n going to Dehra Dun. I know u must be angry with me for it but Im really sorry after all that happened I cant face u neither Geet. I know u wanted to tell me about Geet but I know everything n I cant face her bcoz Im the cause for all her pain n after the accusations I hurled on her I dont think I would be able to face her. I know maybe she might forgive me but I wont be able to forgive myself for all the words I told her n so Im going away. I hope she soons forgets her pain n moves in life.

Thanks for everything,

Ur frnd,


Prithvi was at first angry hearing that Maan had accused Geet about something but then he decided to not get to any conclusions befor talking to Geet about Maan.

He then went to the hospital n told Geet all about Maan's decision hoping that she would respond but to his bad luck she didnt. Every day he used to talk to her n even kept the phone near Geet's ear whenever Pari called him.

6 months had passed but Geet hadnt showed any improvement. Prithvi n Pari were getting worried for Geet n Prithvi contacted all the top doctors in the world to get Geet treated.

Precap - 

Will Geet come out of coma???

Is this is the end of Geet's sufferings or are there more???

So here is Part 18

hope u all like it *fingers crossed* 

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lovely update 

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update poor geet

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that was heart breaking

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