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Mera Phela Phela Pyaar MG ff On Hold (Page 67)

t_areeb IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 July 2012 at 6:05am | IP Logged

quite emotional but nice update


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monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 July 2012 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
amazing update love it 

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punam2712 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 July 2012 at 11:09am | IP Logged

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love2_soma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2012 at 5:29am | IP Logged

excellent update...

loved it...

thank u very much fr such lovely update...

continue nxt prt soon plz...

eagerly waiting...

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Ash1991 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2012 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
amazing update...
lvd it alot...
waiting fr the precap...

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.LilGreenRobot. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 July 2012 at 8:19pm | IP Logged
Great update.. Poor Geet remembering Omi is so sad.. Loved the song you chose for Geet to dance to. Can't stop listening to it now lol.. Well written update.. Waiting for next one to are the truths come out.. Thanks for wonderful update ..

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smallville IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 3:54pm | IP Logged

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..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Part 17

As Drashti went in to meet the kids Maan excused himself n went n thanked the people for coming n helping them to raise the funds.


After all the guests left only Maan,Drashti,Prithvi,Naina,Raj n Pari were left as the kids had gone to sleep as they were tired.


Prithvi, "Chalo ab sab humare saath chalo. Mujhe tum sab se kuch baat karni hai." (Ok all lets go. I want to talk to u all about something very important)


Maan, "Prithvi kya mera chalna zaroori hai???" (Prithvi is my presence necessary???) as he didnt want to involve in their family matters which they might not like n so he was trying to avoid going there.


Prithvi, "Haan Maan tera aana zaroori hai. Ab chup chap chal." (Yes Maan u are needed there. Now shut up n come) n they all left.


Drashti had by then guessed seeing Prithvi knowing Maan that he was her best friend Maan n she was lost in her thought as too how did she not recognise him but she consoled herself that maybe bcoz he had changed a lot in the past 5 years. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didnt even realise when they reached the flat.


She came out of her thoughts when Prithvi called her n said, "Drashti mujhe lagta hai ke ab samay agaya hai ke tu Maan se mile aur usse sab sachai ka pata chale." (Drashti I think now is the time that u meet Maan n tell him all the truth)


Drashti, "Par bhai kya yeh zaroori hai ke main hi batao??? Aap hi bata dijye plz" (But bro is is necessary that I tell??? U only tell plz)


Prithvi, "Nahi Geetu tujhe hi aaj sab batana hoga. Tu usko sab bata tab tak hum log bahar jaate hai." (No Geetu u only have to tell him everything. U tell him while we all will go out)


Drashti, "Nahi bhai aap kahi nahi ja rahe. Main aur Maan bahar jaake baat karte hai." (No bro u aren't going anywhere. I n Maan will go out n talk) n as Prithvi was about to protest she assured him with his eyes that she would be fine n then Maan n Drashti left.


Drashti, "Maan kya hum lake side ja sakte hai???" (Maan can we go to the lake side???)


Maan, "Sure Geet"


Drashti felt good to hear Geet after a long time from Maan's mouth. They went to the lake side n sat on the same place where they had sat when they met for the first time. Geet went back to the time when a storm entered her life n she lost everything. As she remembered it she had tears in her eyes but she wiped them away as she had promised herself that she would not break down remembering it.


Maan sat beside Geet in silence n gave her the time she needed to share her part of the story.


After a few mins Geet began, "Maan tumhe yaad hai ke humare second year main jab Sameera,Prithvi aur Shilpa ne humara gang join kiya tha aur hum sab khush the. Uss waqt jab mera accident huva tha tab Prithvi bhai ne mujhe bachaya tha aur mujhe apni behen maana tha aur hum ek dusre ke saath bohut samay bitane lage. Tab colg main kitni saari baatein ho rahi thi ke mera aur Prithvi ka affair chal raha hai lekin hume pata tha yeh sach nahi hai aur phir kuch dino baad tum aur Sameera ne date karna shuru kiya." (Maan u remember our second year when Sameera,Prithvi n Shilpa joined our gang n we all were happy. That time when I had a accident Prithvi vro saved me n made me his sister n we started spending much time with each other. Then in colg there were many rumours that we were having in an affair but we knew that there was no truth in it n then after few days u n Sameera started dating.)


Maan remembered the time n felt guilty for believing that Geet n Prithvi were having an affair n was about to apologise when Geet continued with her story without looking at Maan.


Geet, "Aur Maan tumhe yaad hai humari fight ke bare main Sameera ke wajhe se who sab jhoot tha Maan. Maine kabhi Sameera ko kuch nahi bola tha Maan. Uss din main bohut royi thi Maan ke tumne mujhpe, apni best friend pe bharosa na karke Sameera, apni girlfriend pe bharosa kiya lekin jab maine thande dimaag se socha toh mujhe laga ke tumne sahi kiya apni girlfriend ki side leke. Lekin mujhe Sameer aka behavior kuch theek nahi laga aur isliye maine Prithvi Bhai ki help leke Sameera ke bare main pata kiya aur maine usko confront kiya aur wohi meri sabse badi galti thi." (N Maan u remember when we had a fight bcoz of Sameera all that was false Maan. I never said all that to Sameera. That day I cried a lot Maan that u didn't believe me,ur best friend but u did believe ur girlfriend Sameera but when I thought about it with a calm mind I felt u did the right thing by supporting ur girlfriend. But I felt Sameera's behavior a bit strange n so with Prithvi bro's I found out about Sameera n I confronted her n that was the biggest mistake I did)


Geet was furious when she got to know about Sameera's intentions n the next day she confronted her in the colg.

Geet, "Sameera mujhe tumse baat karni hai" (Sameera I want to talk to u)

Sameera, "Lekin mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni. Tumhe yaad nahi Maan ne tumhe mujhse aur use dur rehne ko kaha tha." (But I don't want to talk to u. Don't u remember what Maan said to u to stay away from me n him)

Geet, "Haan lekin use yeh todhi pata hai ke tumhara asli iraada kya hai???" (Yes but he doesn't know ur true intentions right???)

Sameera was confused as to what Geet was saying n her brain started overworking whether she knew about her or not??? N to confirm her doubts she asked, "Kya matlab hai tumhara???" (What do u mean???)

Geet, "Mujhe sab pata hai Sameera ke tum Maan ke saath uske paiso ke liye ho jo uske dad ke hai lekin tum uske saath zyada din tak nahi reh sakti kyuki main usko tumhari saari sachai batane wala hu." (I know Sameera that u are with Maan for his money which is of his dad but u wont be with him for long bcoz I will tell him the truth)

Sameera got afraid for a moment but regained her composure n said, "Main bhi toh dekhu Geet ke tum Maan ko kaise sachai bataogi??? Agar tumhe kuch hogaya ya phir Prithvi ko ya phir tumhari behen Pari ko ya phir tumhare pure parivaar ko toh tum kya karogi???" (Let me also see Geet how will u tell Maan the truth??? If anything happens to u or to Prithvi or to ur sister Pari or ur whole family then what will u do???)

Geet, "Tum kisi ko kuch bhi nahi karogi Sameera. Agar tumne kisi ko bhi kuch karne ki koshish ki toh main tumhe chodungi nahi." (U wont do anything to anyone Sameera. If u try to do anything then I wont leave u)

Sameera laughed mockingly n said, "Oh Geet main dar gayi tumhari dhamki se." (Oh Geet I got scared by ur warning.) n started laughing again. "Agar tumne Maan ko batane ki koshish ki toh sabse phele Maan hi khatre main hoga samjhi tum." (If u tell anything to Maan then the first person to be in danger will be Maan only) N went away from there.

Geet decided to let Maan know about this n she called Prithvi to get the proofs to show it to Maan n left from there to search for Maan.

Sameera who had hid behind a pillar to hear what Geet was planning smirked inwardly n said in her mind, "Ab dekhna Geet main kya karti hu" (Now u see Geet what I do) n left from there.

Geet searched the whole colg but didn't find Maan n then she walked out to search for him n saw him crossing the road, she called out for him but he didn't hear as he was wearing earphones. As Geet was about to call him again she saw a vehicle rushing towards him n honking but Maan wasn't able to hear it n without thinking she just rushed n pushed him out of the way but as she pushed him she stumbled on a stone n fell on the side after her head hit the footpath. Prithvi who had come out searching for her saw her saving Maan n rushed to her. Maan seeing blood flowing from her head picked her up n shouted for help.

Prithvi, "Maan Geet ko colg sick room main le chalo. Uss ka khoon zyada nahi beh raha toh hum yahi doctor ko dikha sakte hai." (Maan lets take Geet to the sick room. We will show her to a doctor here only as not much of her blood has not flowed) N rushed in to call a teacher for help.

Maan followed Prithvi n kept Geet gently on the bed in the sick room n waited for the doctor to check Geet's wound anxiously.

After a while the doctor bandaged her wound n said that she was fine n it was a minor cut n that he had given her a seductive to decrease the pain. Prithvi sent Maan to get some medicines that the doctor had prescribed. Maan didn't want to go but then went away.

After Maan left Prithvi went to his class to get his bag n Geet's bag also. After he went Geet opened her eyes n her head felt a bit heavy bcoz of the wound. She slowly tried to sit when she saw Sameera enter the room with a smirk.

Geet, "Tum yaha kya kar rahi ho??? Aur Maan kaisa hai??? Who theek toh hai na???" (What are u doing here??? N how is Maan??? Is he fine???)

Sameera, " Maine tumhe phele hi warn kiya tha na Geet ke agar tum Maan ko kuch bhi batane gayi toh sab se phele Maan ko hi tum koh dogi aur dekha maine aaj uska bhi intazaam kar diya tha. Ab tum isse warning samjho ya kuch aur mujhe koi farak nahi padta par agar tumne phir se yeh galti ki toh ab baari Maan ki nahi tumhare parivaar ki hogi" (I had warned u before only Geet that u if try to tell Maan then he would be the first one to be in danger n see I did that today. Now u consider my words as a warning or anything I don't care but if u did this mistake again then it wont be Maan it would be ur family) n went away.

Prithvi who heard their conversation entered the room after making sure that Sameera was not there shouted on Geet, "Yeh sab kya hai Geet??? Tumhe pata hai na ke Sameera kitni khatarnak hai phir bhi tumne yeh khatra uthaya." (What is all this Geet??? U know  how dangerous Sameera is then too u took this risk)

Geet, "Prithvi tum jaante ho main yeh sab Maan ke liye hi kar rahi hu" (Prithvi u know I did this for Maan only)

Prithvi, "Aur mera kya haan??? Tumne mere bare main socha ke agar tumhe kuch hogaya toh mera kya hoga???" (N what about me??? U didn't think about me what would happen to me if anything happened to u???)

Geet, "Prithvi kuch nahi hoga mujhe aur ek bar yeh kaam hojaye uske baad main yaha se dur chali jaungi" (Prithvi nothing will happen to me just I finish this work once n then I will go far away from here)

Prithvi, "Theek hai abhi tum araam karo." (Ok fine u take rest now)

Precap -

Flashback continues

1 incident which changed everyone's life.

So here is Part 17

hope u all like it *fingers crossed* 

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P.S.- Plz see the note on the next page.

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