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Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani
Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani


SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2011 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
ohh thts a cute update I so luved it yay jst one day they became frnds,fall in luv & evn confess it.I so luved it yaar.Plzz continueEmbarrassed

preet111 Groupbie

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"I Love you too Abhay .. "' she told him..and Pya was glad.. finally .. the thing that was torturing her mind and heart was finally out.. she told him..

 Abhay froze ' and hugged her more tight ' resting her head on his shoulders..




Abhay Point of view


She rested her head on my shoulder.. I was so happy.. she loved me..and I loved her.. and that in just after meeting her twice.. I could not believe how I survived those years without her' The girl in my arms.. she felt so warm and soft.. so close to me.. I wish the time could stop and I would never need to let her go.. I really couldn't believe how I came in this position.. The girl I am totally in love with, is gorgeous, smart, funny, and beautiful.. and she loved me back.. 

"Abhay' "' .. hmmm' " why aren't you wearing any shirt or something.. "' I had to laugh..she was so sleepy now and yet she asked me such a silly question.. "I don't know Piya.. does it bothers you? "..

He felt her cheeks getting hot.. "silly Piya.. It was really hot in my room and outside.. so I wanted to get some fresh air.. ".. .. she smiled..

Parting from the hug position..she smiled.. "I love you Piya.. God I can't say it enough.. "..Piya blushed..sensing her tiredness.. He slowly took her hand and turned her around.. before pushing her gently with her body to rest her head on his lap' Piya understood what he meant and laid down her head on his lap..

She took his hand, while holding it she placed it on her stomach.. while his other hand was going through her hair.. feeling comfortable'


"Sleep Piya.. I am here.. ".. Abhay couldn't be more happy.. the scenario in front of him was everything he need it to live.. the girl of his dreams was sleeping in his lap.. smiling ..

He took his phone and made and set a alarm for over a hour.. he took her hand and kissed it slowly.. feeling that Piya was totally asleep.. he rested his head on the head rest and closed his eyes'

Piya's Point of view.

Hearing a soft buzz..made her get awake a little.. she moved..and then felt. Where she was.. she opened her eyes..and then she saw.. the person who made her feel so save and loved'was resting his head backwards.. with his lips giving away a very small smile..Piya woke up.. getting up and standing in front of him.. trying to think how to wake him up..

 She came close to his face..and placed her hands on his shoulders..

"Abhay.. ".. she whispered.. "Abhay.. wake up.. "'

Before she could realize what she was doing she almost slipped off on something and by reflex she grabbed Abhay's hand ..with this move she made him wake up in shock..and before they could both do anything..the fell..on the ground..

Abhay helped her before they fall by putting his arms around her waist..and help her not to get hurt for the fall.. he fell and piya fell on him ..and then they made eye contact..

 " if this was the way waking up everyday'. Life is too good..".. he joked with her..but still having that serious tone in his voice.

He rolled her so he was now on top of her.. " You are so cheesy Abhay.. ".. she blushed..he was so close.. his hands both side of her holding his own weight.. still staring at her with adoration in his eyes..

 Still staring in each other's eyes' they automatically came closer to each other..Abhay slowly and gently pressed himself to her not holding his weight anymore.. getting close to her lips..his own lips begging him to close the distance.. but Abhay knew better than that..

 Piya closed her eyes..something that went automatic in her brain.. she wanted to stop this..This was not right.. but she couldn't ..she could not move.. how can it be so wrong when it feels so right..

And thinking about that..she felt his lips.. those soft warm lips..were now laying a soft gentle kiss on her eye lids..

 Her heart was beating so hard..

 " I ' "'' a kiss in her cheek, " Love " .. A kiss on her temple " You "' a kiss on her chin .. "So much.. ".. slowly moving his lips from her chin towards her neck .. leaving a warm trail of kisses..

 Getting all warm and dizzy.. Piya opened her eyes and kissed him on the cheek and run of giggling'

 "Piya' ".. he called..laughing to himself.. '

He looked after her till she was inside the hostel.. he smiled to himself..thinking how lucky he was..looking for his phone he saw her pen and diary.. he took it with him to his room.. getting ready for school.

Piya stepped into her room..having a big smile on her face..she walked towards her bed and saw dawn.. sighing loudly and dreamingly'.

 "OMG .. Piya what happened to you.. ".. she saw Misha waking up removing blanket..and walking towards here.. moving her hands up and down in front of her eyes..

"I have never seen you so awake and happy in the morning.. ". .. piya turned her head towards her..

I am just very happy Misha.. I can't tell you why..

With Misha looking at her as if she had 3 heads..Piya walked towards the shower and tried to take a douche..

Deciding what to wear..  she chose a black knee length skirt and a white tank top.. with some cute rainbow colour bracelets and a black schoolbag , taking her flats ..she waited for Misha..

"MISSH!! ".. yelling to her when she saw peeping Misha from the shower having all foam on her head and hiding her body behind the door.. "WHAAT ".. she yelled back

 Pya laughed.. " Misha the school starts over 15 will be late.. "..

 No man, my art classes start from the third hour .. you go na.. we see each other at the break! Love you'

 And then she closed the door and piya smiled to herself.. she didn't know what to do without her best friend. Still smiling and being excited to see Abhay again..she walked out of the building and before noticing anything she heard her name .. "Piya.. ".. she turned around and saw him standing there.

 Abhay Raichand, all jeans and a polo shirt, a Converse bag at his shoulder ..behind him a black car , shining in the sun .. "Abhay.. "..

Before she could realize there are in a public place..she run and jumped into his arms.. hugging him very close and tight..

 Abhay did tight his hold around her.. "  I know you missed me very  much miss, if there was no one else around here..I would hold you so long..but sadly there are people around us..  and I can't ruin your reputation before school even started..  "

 Piya blushed but was confused in a way .. what do you mean by ruining my reputation..

 "Piya love, you know that I am the son of the headmaster.. that doesn't mean that everyone will accept me , because they think that mom told those teachers to high up my marks..and if they see you with me..they might think that your marks are also not your own deserved one, or using me or won't mean something good at all..

Piya smiled at his worrying about her. .. she came close to him again . " I don't care Abhay.. I only care to be with you.. only you.. no matter what people think.. I Love you..and only you ..for what you are..".. Abhay was touched by her words.. he wanted to hear them again.

He closed the distance and placed  soft kiss on her temple.. "I Love you so much Piya .. I am glad you think like that.. but please..I am worried and I won't take any risk.. we can wait  .. I Love you, and because I Love you , I can't take the risk.. We can be as friends, but not really more in front of other people.. but never forget how much I love you.  ".. he looked at her apologized..

 Piya nodded..still wanting to  tell the world that she was Abhay's now..  Let's go ..we are going to be late ..Abhay smiled and pressed another kiss on her temple. " You are so understanding, I don't know why I deserve you' ".. Piya smiled at him. "it's me who is asking why .. ".. Abhay looked at her.. "don't be silly Piya. "..

 Abhay opened the door for her and she stepped in the car.. and Abhay went to his driver seat..while piya was putting on her seatbelt.. Abhay started the car and started to drive'


While driving..they laughed and enjoyed of the blow while opening the window of the car.. Abhay looked back to Piya and saw her laughing and her hair was getting blow it  away by the wind.. he slowly took her hand'when pya looked at him she smiled..he closed the distance between her hand and his lips and placed a soft gentle kiss..


Piya turned her hand .. cupping his face in her hand..softly stroking his face.. "you know Abhay.. I can't believe this.. ".. she said..

Abhay smiled at her..  what? What cant you believe?... I mean look at me..from one day.. I was just a simple plain orphan girl in India, now I am sitting in the car of the love of my life going to university  in dehradun.. it's just unbelievable..sometimes I am scared..I might just wake up and this might all be a dream.

 "No I don't think so.. if this is a dream.. then I am dreaming too..and I am not that creative' I hope not.. "' Piya laughed at him.. "you are sometimes so silly.. ".. Abhay smiled..

 We are here' Piya looked around and gasped' "don't let the size of the school scare you.. if you are having classes her for 1 year.. you will even think that this school is too small.. and I am here worries .. ".

 Piya nodded. Getting excited.. Do you have your time-table or your schedule? .. Piya nodded and took it from her bag and give it to him when he was ready parking. He took the time-table..and smiled..

Thank god, we have at least 2 classes together in a day.. Music and Spanish.. I didn't know you were doing Spanish ? .. She smiled.. I love Spanish.. I always dream to go to Spain sometimes.. I have read a lot of books about Spain, but why you mister? .. Abhay laughed at her use of words..

 I have a uncle in Spain.. he has a own company'and maybe if nothing works out in my medical school carrier. .. then going to Spain is plan B..and its handy to know the language.  She nodded..

 Let's go.. I will show you where you have your first and second classes.. I will pick you up for the third hour..we have music together ' they walked and talked.. people were starring and people were smiling and some were looking like she was some shark .. " Abhay are these people going to stare at me for the rest of the school year or will it stop? .. "It's because you are walking with me.. I am not really someone to make friends with everyone.. people who do understand the reason that I am the son of the big boss.. Piya smiled and looked a little sad..

Piya took his hand and rubbed with her thumb his hand.. " Can I meet your friends? ".. Abhay smiled at her worry . ' of course.. you might get a little overwhelmed by them' oh here is your second  hour lesson.. two doors further is your first lesson.. he walked with her till the door..

 Just before piya wanted to go inside.. Abhay took her hand and pulled her back..before looking both side before no one was looking..  came close to her ear..

 "I will be sitting in the class..thinking all the time about you.. just waiting for the time to go fast so I could'.." .. and he placed a gently warm kiss on the edge of her lips.. Leaving a blushing Piya behind..

Piya did like the lessons .. she did not like the people in her class so much..there was a girl in the last few tables alone..she looked nice..having a little weird fashion sense.. piya took the seat next to her and took the books out of her bag..


Hi I am Sonia.. You are new right.. ?

Hi , Yes I am , I am Piya.. nice to meet you..

 Like that the girls talked and talked' Piya was glad she made one more friend.


  I saw you walking with Abhay Raichand this morning.. how do you know each other ?


Oh,  I met him ..he lives next to the girls hostel.. why..something wrong


No I don't think so, it's only that he has not that good reputation in this school.. he is nice otherwise..I haven't had talked so much to him.. he is kind and ridiculously good-looking..  you just have to be aware of Tina Malhotra. 


Pya got confused.. Why? ..




                                                   END of Chapter 5



                                    This was it Friends!

                          I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks again! :)

                                           PLEASE COMMENT!

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shivanirajput Goldie

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 2:27am | IP Logged
awesome updateClapClap
u really wrote it well
i loved all abhiya moments
who is tina?
i hope their love story will blossom

--peehu-- IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 2:40am | IP Logged was a good update..i loved abhiya a what is with this sonia..i hope no misunderstanding is created between them...update soon..thanks for pm...
-srija- Goldie

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 4:25am | IP Logged
Wow preet it was awsm.the way u explained each n every moment was just fab.i wish i could write like u.hats off preet.
hema_rawat Goldie

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 6:03am | IP Logged
nice story ... pls pm me nxt time...
SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 8:10am | IP Logged
hey nice update dear I loved it.Its awesome yaar.I so loved it.Abhiya bonding is too gud & their romance is awesome plzz continueEmbarrassed
piya_abhay_love Senior Member

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 11:04am | IP Logged
nice update...

thanku for pm

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