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mjht revisited 3. last part /page 69 (Page 56)

mayu-nups Goldie

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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 5:21am | IP Logged
awsm update do cont soon

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love.mayurarti IF-Rockerz

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awesome update
luved rohan-nupur-samrat part
cont soon

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Last Part

Staff room

Nupur is standing at the door with a lunchbox in her hand waiting to go inside. Princi walks by and seeing her ," hello Nupur tum yahaan kyun khadi ho? mayank se milna hain? ooo achha uso lunch box dena hain? tho chalo dedo" and called her inside.

She walked consciously as the teachers there looked at her half of them smiling teasingly. Myank looked up at her and involuntarily his eyes brightened but catching sight of the teachers staring at them , he controlled himself and placed his hand out to take the box which she held out in front of him.

"subah tum lena bhool gaye the!" blushin at the continuous staring of the staff.

He nodded and she walked back fast, hitting a chair on the way out. mayank sat down with gunjan smiling next to him and samrat burst out laughing. The rest of the teachers joined in and mayank smiled .

"kya special hain?" samrat took the box and opened the uppermost one.

Shukla sir who had been peeping in the box, picked a piece of paper from it and holding it up said," yeh nupur aapke khaane ke saath paper bhi dethi hain? " and opening the sheet much to mayanks embarrassment started reading the chit.

Pyaare patidev,

Mayank snatched the chit before Shukla sir could finish it and while everyone started lauging grinned embarrassedly at Sir. shukla sir held his hand up and sat down. Sitting down next to samrat, mayank opened the chit hidingly and read through quickly feeling a warmth spreading through him as he read it.

Pyaare patidev,

aapke liye sham ko kuch special planned hain. ghar jaldi aajaao .

Tumhaari, (lipstick kiss) nupur.

PS-- Kuch discuss bhi karna hain

"mayank kya special hain?" samrat

"samrat, tum kyun pad rahe ho?" and though he tried to look angry, he couldn't succeed and ended up grining at samrat.



There is a whole gang of students watching attentively , nupur is in the centre with the basketball guy next to her. She has a small paper cup in her hand and a tall tower of paper cups on a table in front of her. She is carefully placing the last one on the top .the tower didn't fall.

The guys around her grinned and one of them smiled at her saying," teek hain. my treat!" . ash gave her a hug and rohan after giving her a hi fi gave her a side hug before catching sight of mayank, gunjan and samrat standing a little away, gunjan holding mayanks arm and samrats on his shoulder.

Those three smiled at sight in front of them- nupur happily doing some vague masti in the canteen was a nice sight to see after all the drama in their life.


Samrats house

Doorbell rang, samrat opened the door and nupur was standing outside.

"nupur tum?!" samrat

"haan tho? kya tumne pehle kabhi mujhe nahin dekha hain? "

"nahin..matlab haan dekha hain par mere darwaaze pe nahin. Tum akeli aayi ho? mayank kyun nahin aaya?"

"yeh lo, meri tho koi izaat hi nahin. Mayank park kar rahaan hain. ab kya mujhe bahaar hi rehna padega ab tak wo aatha nahin. Aur waise bhi tum itna uchal kyun rahe ho? kya baat hain?"

"kuch bhi tho nahin. ..." some sounds from inside.

"wo awaaz kaisi thi? Samrat andher koi hain kya?"suspicious nupur.

samrat shook his head again but almost at the same time there was a cry heard. he rushed in followed by nupur. He went to a crib placed in the middle of the room and picked up a small baby from inside which was crying. As he rocked it a few times, the baby stopped crying and with a finger in its mouth , head on his shoulders became quiet.

Nupur stared at him in surprise and when the baby went quiet, asked " kitna cute baby hain!!! yeh kiska hain?"

Samrat opened his mouth to reply but suddenly with a naughty gleam in his eyes ,asked " nupur tum bilkul ajeeb ho! mere ghar mein kiska bachha ho saktha hain?" and shook his head sideways as if saying you are so dumb.

"kiska?" she asked still not understanding but then stared and pointed to the baby and then to him with disbelief written all over her face.

"kya? Tum paagal kab se hogaye ho? yeh...gunjan kahaan hain? uso pata hain kya? Ooof main kya poochrahi hoon? yeh tumhaara tho ho nahin saktha na."

"kyun? Tumhe aisa kyun lagtha hain ki yeh baby mera nahin hosaktha?"

"kyunki matlab...bas nahin hosaktha .yeh kitna cute hain...haaaiiinn, bolo na samrat kiska hain?"

" bola tho tha. Mera bachha cute kyun nahin hosaktha? Tum ..."

gunjan entered in ," samrat, yeh ro kyun rahin hain?"

nupur looked like she was about to faint when gunjan came in and didnt seem surprised to see a baby in samrats house. Gunjan said hi di and walking to samrat took the child from him saying," main isko apne ghar chodke aathi hoon.iski mummy aagayi waapas." the child cried out loudly again and gunjan took the baby out.

"please mere baap ab tho bolo kiska hain." nupur

"gunjan ki koi friend ki hain. Suddenly usko kahin jaana tha tho baby ko gunjan ke paas chodke gayi thi."

"by god samrat, tumne mujhe daradiya tha! Par kitna cute haina!" 

"kya baat hain nupur.tumhaare chehre se tho yahin lagrahaan hain ki kuch special baat hain! "

"kuch nahin samrat! " but looking at him grinning," tumne mera note padaa?"

he grinned more and ignoring that question asked ,"kuch nahin ! but kyun? abh tho tumhaare zindagi mein next step wahin hain" now a little seriously.

"nahin tho. mujhe aur bhi responsibility hain! mujhe apni behen ki shaadi karwaani hain, uskeliye ek achha sa ladka dhoondna hain. wo kaun karega?" and walked away towards the kitchen leaving samrat staring at her in shock.

Mayank walked in ," hi! Sab kahaan hain?"

" mayank yeh tumhaari biwi paagal hogayi hain kya?" worried samrat

"now what ?"

"wo gunjan ke liye ladka dhoondegi?" nupur signalled to mayank from behind samrat.

"ismein kya hain? gunjan uski behen hain tho..." mayank catching up.

"mayank...tum bhi! Dekho tum apni biwi ko bolo..."

"kya ? Kya boloon? Ki samrat ke proposal ka wait karo , tab tak gunjan bhi shayad forty ya fifty years hojaayegi" nupur grinned at him and did a thumbs up.

"mayank..." samrat

gunjan came in with dia and uday saying," yeh bachhe kitne mushkil hote haina sambhal na!"

"kabhi kabhi bade bhi!" mayank looked at samrat.


everyone sitting on the sofas

Nupur to gunjan and dia," sab kitna khush hain! mujhe tho ab lagtha hain ki gunjan ki shaadi hojaaye tho bas aur kuch nahin chhaiye life mein!"

gunjan smiled and blushed," dia , tum itne saare logon se milthe rehthe ho na. Bolo koi achha sa ladka hain?"

gunjan," di kya?" and looked at samrat worried . Dia and nupur looked at each other smiling .

"kya gunjan ki shaadi samrat se nahin horahin hain?!" uday

"kya uday bhaiyya aap bhi na! gunjan aur samrat ki tho koi baat nahin hain, un dono ke beech sirf dosti hain tho hum kisi aur ke baare mein soch sakthe haina shaadi ke liye? "

" achhha mujhe tho pata hi nahin chala! Bad luck sam! Warna gunjan meri best sister hain" and turning to dia," dids , yeh mera dil third time toot rahaan hain."

"kyun dodo?"

"pehle tho nupur ka ...phir tumhaara aur benji ka break up aur ab yeh! " and getting up," mujhe bhook lagi hain, maina khaane ke liye kuch dekhtha hoon."

the rest of them stared at him and again realised how true he usually was.

gunjan said suddenly ," mujhe shaadi nahin karni hain!"

"teek hain. Baad mein sochenge!" nupur winking at mayank and dia who grinned while samrat stared at gunjan.


MN house

Nupur placed the mobile on the side table and stared at the photo of the whole gang on the table. She turned as mayank kissed her on the cheek from the side.

"gunjan se baat kar rahin thi?"

"haan mayank main kya karoon is ladki ka. Un dono ka kya hoga?"

"kyun ab kya hua? Aaj ka dose ke baad tho dono soch mein padgaye honge" he grinned

she grinned back," haan. Par abhi abhi gunjan ne kahaan ki samrat ko life mein settle hona hain!"

"Samrat ne tho kahaan hi ki wo padega but seriously mujhe nahin lagtha ki usko interst hain padne mein."

"haan wohin tho. par wo alag baat hain. ..."

He pulled her into his arms and said," tum pareshaan kyun ho? sab teek hojaayega." Nupur wasn't convinced.

She fidgeted with the sheet end "pehle tum pehle tum mein na gaadi nikal jaayegi."

"ab hamari gaadi nikal jayegi tum agar aise hi sab ke baare mein baat karthi rahin tho" and kissed her hair.She smiled.

"waise aaj kya special plan tha tumhaara?" he asked her . She lifted up her face to meet his eyes and said," woh.." and dragging the woh...his eyebrows went up.

"kuch interesting lag rahaan hain!"

she grinned and pulled his face closer, kissed him on the forehead," kuch nahin tha. Bas aise hi likha . Tumhe ghar jaldi bhulaane ke liye!"  she nodded and traced his nose with her finger.

"tho teek hain jo main tumhaare liye laaya tha wo bhi rehne do." she was up immediately.

'tum mere liye gift laaye the? Dikhaaona...kya hain? Please...mayank..."

"ek shart par. Tumhe meri baat maan ni hogi" he asked her giving her a meaningful look.

"wo tho main waise bhi maanne waali hoon " she replied and then blushed ," mayank please do na."

he got a box out from under the pillow and gave it to her. She opened it excitedly and found two chains ,one a long chain with a heart shaped locket in which she had put in both their photos ages ago and another a gold version of the same.

Nupur felt her eyes moisten and once mayank put the chain on, stroked his face and pulled him willingly into her arms.

"I love you "


this is the end of the FF. Thanks a lot for all your encouargement, comments, likes and everything.

If its not too much trouble can you please also let me know what you liked specifically or disliked , was slow,fast or anything. It would help me improve. also any silent readers please press like - would make me feel great!

Thanks a lllooottt.

(i replied individually to the previous parts)

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np18 Goldie

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Originally posted by love.mayurarti

awesome update
luved rohan-nupur-samrat part
cont soon

thanks for the reply. glad you liked rohan -nups part
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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mayu-nups

awsm update do cont soon

thanks so much for all yur replies
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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by DhanakZ

this was so beautiful ,romantic and full of emotions
plz dont end this Ff so soon
thanks for pm

thanks a lot.full of emotions!!! thanks
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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Faria-

beautiful update dear
loved it so much

thanks alot for all your replies.glad you liked it
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Originally posted by gopi06

beautiful updt
finally nupur started to move on...loved nupur & rohan conv
thanks for the pm

thanks for the replies. glad you liked nup-rohan / yes...she finally moved on

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