Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

A Special Journey...From CB1 to CB2. Come join in

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Hello Everyone! 

Dec 8 2008 

A date none of us CBians can ever forget. A date which we shall remember probably for many years to come by. Big smile 

Because it was on this day when a beautiful story was launched named - 
Choti Bahu-- Sindur Bin Suhagan 

The story revolved around Radhika, who was an adopted daughter of a priest in Vrindavan. A great devotee of Lord Krishna, she found happiness in even in the smallest of things and kept the smile on her face always. Her life although wasn't a bed of roses. Since she was an orphan and her caste wasn't known, people in Vrindavan didn't allow her to enter Temple/Puja places. On top of it, she also had to hear taunts by Shastrijee's mother Amma, who would keep abusing her as a ill-fated child. In this misery of Radhika, entered a Prince Charming Dev...and her life changed entirely. He loved her unconditionally, stood by her through thick and thin and made her realize her self-worth. 

During this show, we met two extremely talented and wonderful actors. 

Avinash Sachdev as Dev Purohit
Rubina Dilaik as Radhika Shastri 

Two stars emerged and and became famous overnight as the show went on to break records. Choti Bahu became the HISTORY MAKER as the very first show on Indian TV to fetch 4.0 + ratings at an early evening time slot - 7.30 PM. Media claimed that ZEE's 7.30 spot was on steroids as the ratings kept on increasing with every passing day. Such was the magic of Choti Bahu, that attracted the audience automatically with its beautiful story telling and ofcourse, the two leads! Avinash and Rubina's chemistry as Dev and Radhika was instantly loved by the audience and they lapped up them easily! Clap

The sweet-poignant story of Dev and Radhika touched all our lives -- their pain drew us closer to them, our hearts went out when they cried in silence, their happiness made us smile, their misery made us angry, we hated those who brought problems in their lives and we loved those who supported them. We started living their story and got so involved that we almost started believing that RaDev are a part of us. Such was the impact of Choti Bahu on our lives. 

Alas, but our dreams shattered, hearts broke on that fateful day of 17 Sept 2010.

This was the day when Choti Bahu -- Sindur Bin Suhagan was last aired in ZEE TV. Cry Cry 

CBians all over the globe must have wept on that fateful day when CB was unceremoniously pulled off-air, despite having a wonderful ratings of 3.0+ Cry 

It was extremely painful to bear, especially because Choti Bahu was doing really well on the TRP charts and yet ZEE decided to take such a harsh step. Not just us, even the actors couldn't hide their pain. Rubina was seen criying during the farewell party and Avinash wasn't able to speak properly, his throat seemed choked, while giving an interview to a media segment regarding their farewell Cry Cry

When CBians got the news of CB ending, we tried our level best to stop it from happening. From calling ZEE people to sending letters to various sections...everything. But CB still went off air, leaving us all shattered! Cry 

However, we didn't let the injustice done to our CB go under the carpet. We decided to fight back. It seemed impossible at first because we didn't know which route to take, which map to follow. We didn't even know whether we would get success or not. Bringing back sequels/second seasons of the shows were not seen in Indian Television and whether Choti Bahu can return was still a question mark.  

However we didn't let our faith waver and started building things slowly. I remember it was Tara, who started this all. She was the one to collect information from another show's members whose serial was coming back on public request. She made Promotional Siggy's, Promos, VM's, new taglines to be sent to various addresses that we had in hand. We didn't think whether our efforts would come in to fruition or not, just kept sending emails, petitions etc.  

During this period Avinash and Rubina got to attend a World Tour Concert in Trinidad, Mauritius and U.S. They were flooded with FANS over there. In every single concert, in every single meet they found thousands, even lakhs of fans waiting to see their Dev and Radhika. I am sure, you all remember the Trinidad event where Avi's entry was greeted with uproarious applause  and then Avi's proposal to Rubi Wink Embarrassed which took Rubi by surprise. Wink LOL And then Rubi hitting Avi as soon as they stepped in the wings LOL

Both Avi and Rubi had admitted that they found all this love from their fans too overwhelming and very sweet! Big smile Clap Indeed AviNa you deserve this Big smile

While they were entertaining their FANS all across the GLOBE, we FANS were also putting our efforts in to bringing back CB. Big smile Clap

And our efforts paid back Finally!

Yes, on  October 29 2010, there was a small SBS Segment where Avinash and Rubina along with Tony Singh (CB's producer) confirmed vaguely about CB returning back!!!! Shocked Big smile

Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing 

We CBians were over the ninth cloud!! Choti Bahu, was indeed returning back!! 

However, we needed some strong proof to back up these vague news because we were all wary by now to believe vague rumors.Stern Smile

And then finally on Nov. 23 2011 we got a strong proof when Telly Buzz reported about Choti Bahu returning back with Avinash and Rubina as the lead.  

 Dancing  Dancing  Dancing    Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Party  Party  Party 

The article caused a uproar in the forum!!!!!! Choti Bahu was indeed returning back! 

Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing 

It was another milestone for the show because it created another record by becoming the 2nd show to have returned back with a second season!!!! Clap Clap Clap Clap

It was PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!! 
  Party   Party   Party   Party   Party   Party    
Thereafter it was raining articles, media sections, press interviews etc. etc. stating the return of Choti Bahu in the same time slot 7.30 PM!! PartyZEE, too soon released articles confirming the return of CB!!!

We CBians collected each and every single thing that confirmed the return of CB and re-read it enthusiastically repeatedly. Thereafter we all just Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming for the day to come when Choti Bahu's second season will start again...for the day when Avinash and Rubina would don the garb of Dev and Radhika again, and together they would  bring back the same magic on our screens!!

 Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming  Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming  Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming 

Then on 15th January 2011, we saw the first glimpse of RaDev in Choti bahu- Season2!!!! Whoppiee!!!!! Clap Clap

Dev aur Radhika ki ek nayi prem Kahani...
Bahut Jald ZEE TV par!! Big smile

Here is the link to the very first promo of CBBig smile Enjoy, I am sure, its worth watching thousand times and more Wink

Thereafter, the wait from January to February 15 2011, the launch date was almost unbearable! We couldn't just wait for CB to return back to our screens!! Day Dreaming Day Dreaming 


The countdown had begun...tick tock...tick tock Wink

And then, the day arrived...

Choti Bahu
Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap
Choti Bahu -- Saanwre ke rang rachi!


Choti bahu -- Saanwre ke rang rachi is about two lovers who were bonded in to the sacred bond of wedding right in their chidlhood, albeit unknowingly. Lord Krishna blessed the two souls to be bonded eternally by getting both of them married on a very auspicious date. The story shows the ups and downs faced by Dev and Radhika as they come to terms with this marriage, their love and as they struggle to keep their bond intact. Smile

The second season started off with the child Dev and child Radhika in a village Rawal where Goddess RadhaRani is assumed to have appeared first. During this Radhashtami fair, Dev and Radhika meet and unknowingly tie the knot on a sacred date that comes once in 100 years. Dev goes away to Mathura after the fair while Radhika, who learns the truth is left beind in Rawal awaiting for her Kishan kanhaiya. 

So the show was back. Dev and Radhika were back, albeit in their little avataars. What was left? 

Avinash and Rubina's entry as our beloved Dev and Radhika!!!!

AviNa as Dev and Radhika

Finally our wait ended! On 3rd march our eyes were glued on to our TV/PC screens, waiting eagerly for Radhika and Dev (AviNa) to comeback in front of us! 

Then it happened. 

The little Radhika as she was drawing a pot of water from the pond transformed in to a beautiful young girl and started walking across. On the other hand, there was a guy running across the ghat, as if exercising. Wink

She circles the pot of water, letting the pearls drop from her pot while on the other hand, the guy was running past the pearls of water in the floor, splashing against him. Big smile

The girl stops by to clean the temple. The Guy stops to pant hard, then turns to run again and starts his push ups! Wink Embarrassed Meanwhile the girl sweetly spreads the water around the shrine. 

Then the girl raises her pot to revere the Lord Sun. The guy rises and jumps down in to the water. She brings down her small pot and smiles...her enchanting smile takes you away in a different land. She prays to her Lord that her Kishan Kanhaiya should be fine, and should remember her. 

Just then, the guy comes out of the water...and shakes his head off the water to smile. 

Dev and Radhika were back! Big smile

I am sure this was the BEST Introdcution scene ever, ever given for any leads in any show!! The introduction scene was mesmerizing...enchanting and drew us completely in to itself!!! 

My words might not be able to do justice for this absolutely wonderful scene. Please click the link below for refreshing the memories of that scene.

Choti Bahu's second season came back with a bang!! It garnered around 3.5 + ratings in the TAM chart in the first week itself!! Clap This easily went on to prove as to how much audiences were yearning to see this show back, as to how much audiences wanted their RaDev back on screen!! Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile

The show progressed through various twists and turns. It stood strong throughout the Cricket season (CB was launched during the peak World Cup and following IPL seasons). 

From Maheshwari's lies to Rohan's deception, Dev and Radhika faced it all. Howmuchever they wanted to stay apart, they couldn't because their love brought them close again. Lord never let the stay away, come what may Big smile Big smile

[You can find the story upto the month of July 2011 in the following link]

Now they are facing with some new problems -- to preserve the RPship, Dev has to sacrifice Radhika but he doesn't want to. They now have an additional villain in the form of their trusted friend -- Barkha!

What's in store? No one knows, except the creatives ofcourse who are great in dishing out wonderful stories, isn't it? Wink LOL

Nevertheless, Dev and Radhika have to pull up the gears to battle their next enemy...and we their loyal fans are always there to support them whole heartedly!! Big smile

Through the various ups and downs the show Choti Bahu is still maintaining its position only due to the sheer love of its Fans! Big smile The fans who managed to make the impossible...possible by bringing back CB. 

Its been a entire year but it seems like just few days back when we had decided to fight back for our CB...had send in so many PM's to each other for addresses and other stuffs. Smile

An year passed by. CB is still with us. We are still with CB. We never know what shall happen tomorrow. What has to happen will happen. Storylines in TV shows can never satisfy each and every audience. Sometimes wierd things are shown in TV shows that become unpalatable for normal audience like us LOL

But today lets just forget all those things and lets just rejoice for having CB with us. Big smile Big smile

And all this wouldn't have been possible without our loyal CB FANS, who worked day and night to send letters/emails/petitions/to call up ZEE offices! 


Indeed, CB wouldn't have been here without all your efforts!! So CBians a HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE OF EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!!  

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap  Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 

Nah...nah...the post is not yet done with. Please see below to read the messages from our dear members. If you haven't posted ur message yet, pls PM me soon Big smile


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My journey towards CB :
 " I still remember the first day I watched a CB scene, it was Dev and Radhika locking their eye at Nidhivaan, but this small scene did not capture my attentionConfused and I flipped the channel. After some days, I was just sitting alone and getting bored, so I switched on the TV and saw the first and the most beautiful HUG of RaDev under the rain and then the confrontation.Smile This scene captured my attention and I again switched on the TV at the same time to see what happens next and again the next, slowly making me an addict of CB and a hardcore fan of RaDev, specially of AVINASH.Embarrassed
I felt very bad when it went off-air abruptly, Cry when it still had lots of potential, but am overjoyed watching the second season of CB. Hope the CV's put logical tracks and CB 2 scales higher than CB 1. Smile

my love and prays with you AvIna and CB...
I pray for the success

but I miss CB1 a lot...dadi vivek bhaiya and all...
hope we can see lovely tracks in CB soon with good success and good trps...

Its been 1 year since Choti Bahu Sindoor Bin Suhagaan went off air . It was the worst day of my life , I felt so down and sad ..Watching Radev daily became part of my life and would anticipate to watch it every episode . Since Choti bahu went off air I would send E-mails every day after school , it became like a routine for me .I know for a fact that I probably sent over 100 e-mails.
Everyone's hard work paid off and we got our Radhika and Dev back . In choti bahu 2 we got a chance to see a new Avatar of Radhika and Dev and we got a chance to see them when they were little.I just hope that the storyline will get more stronger and give more opportunities to Avinash and rubina to show there emotional scenes and expressions. I just want to Thank Avinash and Rubina for making RAdhika and Devs character so real and showing us a lovely chemistry between the two characters  .I will always support them no matter what!

 When CB came to an abrubpt end I was really very upset.I stopped watching TV entirely. To keep myself occupied I used to watch the old episodes & used to satisfy myself. After our repeated requests we finally got our favourite show & jodi back. When I came to know about the second season I was so happy that I was jumping in joy. I hope CB does really well & creates history once again & we get to watch our favourite show & jodi for many more years.

 the day when CB1 ended was so emotional 4 me...i even cried and just can't believe that i cried 4 a daily soap...was so much addicted to CB...Everytime i used to pray to Almighty to give CB back and yess He has listened to our prayers...As CB went off air,so was missing CB and Avinash and Rubina a lott..I used to watch the old episodes of CB online or on zee smile  remembering CB/Avina...Would like to thank all the CBians and radevfans who stand together,have send hundreds of mails to zee and signed the petitions continuously and bcoz of whom CB/Avina r now back was indeed a really sad day for all CBians and yes me too as i am also a CBian

For me choti bahu made history,the story simply imprinted in my heart and avina gained a special place there! When cb1 was over my hunger for cb made me watch endless times the episodes that i loved(for example the one with radev hug in the rain and sau dard hai in the bg)Then the most happy thing happened and cb came bk with a fresh story and our beloved avina,since then i kn keep myself away from the pc when times comes to watch cb2!it became my sweet addiction! I wish cb never ends!!

The end of Choti Bahu left Zee with angry fans and dissapointed viewers.
Now that the wait is over, Choti Bahu is back in a new avatar. So thank you to the entire CB1 cast and also Zee TV. You have made your viewers happy once again. Also, a huge round of applause for all the great CB2 cast and crew. Especially Avina. Clap

For me it was very upsetting that CB1 was ended when its TRPS were so high..3.2
Also the way it was done. and that what the crew and cast faced...
But than, by our  request was heard the show was brought back..with a beautiful story and RaDEv/Avina as college students who fall in love and realize they were married during their childhood.. 
It was set up in city...
We all got interested and happy...but all our hard work went to ashes with the story track since Holi...The cvs and zee only know what they want..TRPS...and that brought down the show and the story line...hope they can salvage it with the new director...

when i wanna say abt my joureny with cb then i should say i travelled very less time with it but what ever time i travelled with it, my love for it increased only.the topic cb was known to me when my friends used to talk abt it during lunch periods in the college during the fire accident track for first time and that didn't dragged my attention,after 7 months from that in the times of july2010 telugu remake of cb was launched in zee telugu, then i watched it with attention and the love story indeed grabbed my attention and knowing it was the remake of cb i tuned for first time to cb when abhay track was going on. but becoz of abhay track i didn't paved my attention properly to it and so left it , but in the times of september cb completely dragged my attention again and i started watching it, but for my bad luck cb was ended with a beautiful episode. Then i started watching all the videos from zee website and other websites and was completely in love with radev. NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER OF 2010 were the two months that made me love cb and radev and made me a dieheart fan of them. In the times of january when once again I saw the promo of cb2 for first time i jumeped with joy and when the count down begin i had a count down in my heart too. Finally on february15 Cb was again aired on zee that day i saw all the repeats of cb and then came to know about IF from one of friend and started to follow it, During the months of may unable to bear the rohan track finally i enterd cb family and after that i got the golden friends and golden moments of my life. IF and cbieans always supported me in the lif ending moments too and made me alive again, I was always thankful to cb and avina for giving me such a huge family.
I travveled very little when compared to all of u but gained a lot of satisfaction and memories here.Smile 

My jouney with Choti Bahu started on in April, 2009 when i was home on leave. I was turning the channel and saw two beautiful figures onscreen whose expressions and emotions were superb. They just cast a spell on me and from that day onwards i never missed an episode.

When news about its abrupt end was circulating i spent hrs nights just writing letters. signing petitions and checking on IF every minute for any update but when the news was confirmed my god i was heartbroken, shattered and speechless because the show was doing great its trps of 3 is more than all of Zee shows right now but still it was taken off air.

Then on that dreadful day of Sept 17 it dawned to me that my beloved show would be just a sweet memory after, t ears flowed through my eyes, my heart was paining and broken! It was one of the hardest day of my life, i can rem.after the last episode was aired i went to my room and weep after the realization that my Favorite RaDev is gone forever...

All i can father saying to my mom is that "this was and will always be the best soap he had seen and he was telling her he will miss Dev and Radhika alot, he used to tease my mom how they reminded him of the two of them when they were younger, my parents and my entire family loved this show and were all heartbroken when it ended.

Then when news of the second season surfaced their was a sense of victory and insurmountable happiness that all our hard work had paid off.

Now i am seeing RaDev again being portrayed by the extremely lovable and talented couple of Avinash and Rubina, my two favorite actors. 

It feels like a dream one which i hope i never wake up from.

Love you Choti Bahu and Avinash & Rubina...our magical jodi!!! HeartTongueEmbarrassed

For Choti Bahu
Still remember when I read Choti Bahu was coming back with Avinash and Rubina and was so happy. Because I felt the story wasn't over yet, so much to tell yet with Dev and Radhika!! And I loved Avinash and Rubina as Dev and Radhika. Mine first favourite tv couple, they are the cutest.
Want to thank them for their hard work to entertain us al and keep entertaining usl. Love watching them and their cute scenes. And both ar so talented, great actors!
And love their on screen chemistry as Dev and Radhika. I always wanted to see them as husband and wife.
Choti Bahu is a show who is different it concentrate on a lovestory with Dev and Radhika and not about usual stuff happening saas-bahu kinda stuff. It about a couple who try to be together with Kahna as important element. I think he should come back and talk to Radhika always like that when it happen.
Choti Bahu is a show who popular global mine family always talk about the show the good and the bad.
I loved in this season how Dev and Radhika run away and created their own loving world and their scenes where so cute and nice. And wow their first meeting with the boat wow. And loved the kids as Dev and Radhika. Always support Choti Bahu as it is mine first hindi serial I watched regular.
Want to thanks all cast members of Choti Bahu too they are doing amazing job too! Working really hard and can see you are really talented. Keep rocking and entertaining us
Also want to thank Zee tv for bringing a great show with great talents in it. Hoping for the best for the show. Still hoping it will create magic  everything is possible.
Dev and Radhika Embarrassed
Fan of Choti Bahu and Dev and Radhika

"CHOTI BAHU",WHAT SHOULD I SAY about these 2 words.Its like most beautifull words.When i hear "choti" word normally,even then i go in the memories of radev.Such is the existance of this in my life.I saw the first scene when rads fell down and gets hurted on forhead and then kanha gives apperance.i loved rads innocent behaviour then and dev's when he was saying to vishakha that i can't give love.his pain and i was so addicted after that i used to see each epi as many times as possible.When closing of cb news came,truly speaking i was not accepting ,my heart was not accepting.But with the truth acceptance,i used to live so sad.On 3rd december,i was making my minor project sadly and then on net,i saw the topic and believe me,my project completed so flowly without any tension,worry in my mind.It was the happiest day of my life.
I want to say a heartily thanks to avinash and rubina to give us dev and radhika and zee tv also to make us meet with the lovliest jodi and in fact ,kanha selected zee only to make avinash and rubina - a heartily thanks.i wish cb2 makes the greatest records than even cb1.

Choti Bahu season 1 was the most beautiful story i had ever seen. When i first saw the show, there was nothing great about it, but somehow the innocence, the freshness of the show drew me in. The actors were relatively unknown for me but yet they managed to make my heart pain for their characters. I wasn't a regular viewer until Feb' 09, I guess so, just used to watch it randomly. However was aware of the story. Dev and Radhika's pain touched my heart, it pained me to see them suffering so much despite loving each other. I wanted them to be together and everyday i would come back to see what happens today that would bring them closer. Since the show had become so close to my heart, it was rather very painful to bid good bye to the show Cry However, i was pleasantly surprised to learn the news of its comeback. I wasn't too sure of it coming back, yet, i kept supporting fellow CBians in posting letters and petitions. And every effort of CBians came in to fruition when CB's return was announced back Big smile. The show surely deserved it, and so did AviNa!! Clap I was awaiting with bated breath for 15 Feb, and then for the clock to strike 7.30. The story of little Dev and Radhika took my breath away...and the intro of AviNa was just superb!! Thereafter the show took many twists and turns (some which we liked and some which we didn't) But still I continue to adore AviNa Big smile and shall always do so.

Chhoti Bahu Season 1, was  a great change in my life. This season brought me happiness from my personal life and it gave me the courage to smile secretly when those RaDev special scenes came. Despite, the ups and downs of Chhoti Bahu Season 1 it had ended for CVs personal reasons however Avinash and Rubina deserved better than this quick ending on Sep. 17 2010, though us fans never gave up in giving this show a combeback with Chhoti Bahu Season 2. Here we kept reaching and finally strived through our goal. We did this for Avinash and Rubina who loved their fans dearly and we loved them, and I as a die-hard fan, kept up with the petitions and protested against this injustice. CB1 became a piece of my life, if it had not came back than I don't know where my smile would have gone... but luckily Krishna helped us in bringing it back with CB2. When I first saw the first promo and articles of CB2 coming across the net. like a waterfall I was astonished to see that smile on my face was back. I felt the feelings and remarks of other fans' happiness also. It was great to see that the peice of CB1 is coming back with CB2, where we will get to see Radhika and Dev in different avatars performed by Avinash and Rubina. We also saw new actors/actresses such as Gopal Das with his poems and Amma (Positive Person), ohhh and who can forget Mansaram who had a hear and Shanti the evil one, ohhh and Chenu these characters brought me to think that they will support this show just as the other characters did, I LOVED IT ! I LOVE THIS SHOW, Avinash and Rubina are fan. with their chem. as Dev and Radhika... now we also have ups and downs because of the CVs but I know that ALL FANS OF CB AND AVINA Will STAND STRONG, and FIGHT for Justice because this show has fantastic ACTORS! I love you guys, and Avina dearly. 

My Journey And Love With CB

For me , I have never watched Chhoti Bahu like a serial , that is the part of my life.My journey started with Chhoti Bahu from March 2009.when I was watched first time ,Radev's story touched in my heart and i am fallen in love with them.Chhoti Bahu is the first show that made me so addicted to watched for Avina and  Chhoti Bahu made me watch every episode endless times and it makes me cry so many times.Chhoti Bahu season 1 was the most beautiful story in my life , i have never seen it before and loved Avina's chemisty as a megical jodi Radev , i want to see more them as couple always.
When Chhoti Bahu season 1 ended , that was the very shocking moment fo me.Because Chhoti Bahu closed with their high point and after that i felt sad and disappointed , I was crying watching Chhoti Bahu and Radev became part of my life then i started to watch some old episodes of Chhoti Bahu.But after 2 months, I got a news Chhoti Bahu is back with Avina that was the very happy and joyful moment of my life , i can't explaing in words.That was the result from much efforts to be done by every CBians.Again we got a chance to see our Adorable Avina with new story and their beautiful love story is started from their childhood  and we saw ups and downs in their life but they are still together.I want to say much Thank to Avina for giving us Radev's characterand I Love most Beautiful Chhoti Bahu World and i don't want to loose again , hope it will continue for endless times.
Love Avina

Spoke on this topic Misti and many others users  on this forum, but I think we can comment about these two movies CB1 and CB2 over and over and even about their protagonists  and we exhausted the subject.
I liked the first moment when I saw those two, Radhika so tender and pure and Dev so young and in love. Naturalness with which they play roles amazed me and captured my attention since the first episodes of CB1. I continued to look the show, I noted the number of key episodes in the series and look at them the same pleasure every time.
This is the first Indian serial that I looked and I could not compare with others of the same gender, because the game scene of Rubina and Avinash is unique  !!


Here comes a beautiful VM made by Niha Smile


More to come soon...Big smile

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Harianjana: Concept.

Sia_lovely : For the entire presentation/Labels
Harianjana: For Montage Banner
Ekta: For Montages
Rest to all CBians who had uploaded the pics and info.
Thanks and hope you enjoy this thread Big smile

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Amazing how you all managed to organize this in a short period of time.
Awesome presentation. =]

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Thanks Sia send mine message now I think it was kinda too long. But wow amazing Smile

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wow what a beautiful post here dear Sia, I still remember when I sow for the first time Choti bahu it was the second meating of Radhika with Dev on the temple in Nidhivaan but after that I didn't watched from many episodes I think I start watching again in the moment than they were going on Goa and Vishaka come there and from their moment I start watching all the episodes from the start to the end, one by one and I can't tell how big was  my feeling something special in my heart is from there moments till now, I look  on Choti bahu second too not miss an  episode and I follow every post of the other forum friends
thanks a lot for what you do here friends , for this beautiful show, for this brilliant couple that is Dev and Radhika as Avinash and Rubina keep this hard work my dears and God always bless you all my sweet friends  ClapHug

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thank you so much for these loving memories

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                                                        THANK YOU
Each and every one who had hand in bringing back CHOTI BAHU
Love this show just because of AVINA
Will keep watching it no matter what kind of storyline
Still watch certain old episodes of CB1 and CB2 again and again

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