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Masakalli Creations#1 PriAsh/ManVeer/KaJenPg46

MasakalliC. Newbie

Joined: 17 September 2011
Posts: 45

Posted: 17 September 2011 at 1:34pm | IP Logged

Edited by MasakalliC. - 06 February 2012 at 10:33am

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kajenarshianya..-Niru-....Ashi..Nims--Rakshu-pinkssSienna..chahaat.Ritushree_NadalKaJen-amaZayncute_n_sweetSabaah..-RabiaKSGKaJen-U_R_Beautiful..SchnellBus...AngadKripa.Aanya.Maha149varshaSABarishkiduaaAbhayVakil_1992dua_44evercaprigurl-Divz-KaJen.xoxosofiaaax.-Sneha16-abhi_12exquisite.Sani-KarAni-KSG.Almaas.-Aysha-Anjilicious-Hoor-SweetAddiction.Samiyah258-Amby-lipshaa26javeyTheSexyDevilNomaa.lonelyshadowFarzu-DigitalFortressannihilationcant.be.assed.anumeha_rajattehreemmjesss.Real.Madrid-Rinki-.LilGreenRobot.-RK_Ki_Biwi-abditory.Oishi23DelightedHeartammyridz600SleepingBeauty.-CromulentHaze-.Dulcetmcdreamy.anitamalikIshaqzaadiMehak_Luvs_RaniMrs.Hulk..-Jia-..Aquarius18swashbucklingSunshine GirlAS..-Fatima-soundsofcedarJennyPennysjainnotfadedawayNadz_YuNaloverserendipity.-Cherry-YuNa4everSwetha-SaiBepannaah.

MasakalliC. Newbie

Joined: 17 September 2011
Posts: 45

Posted: 17 September 2011 at 1:36pm | IP Logged

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Nims-..-Niru-..TheMelody.-Rakshu-pinksscute_n_sweetBarishkiduaaAbhayVakil_1992U_R_BeautifulvarshaSAKaJen-amaZayn-Nia-dua_44everSabaah..-RabiaKSGKaJen-.AngadKripa.lonelyshadowcant.be.assed.anumeha_rajatFarzu-caprigurl-Sneha16-abhi_12exquisite.Real.Madrid-Rinki-.LilGreenRobot.annihilationNomaa.-Aysha-Samiyah258-Amby-lipshaa26javeyAnjilicious-Hoor-Sani-KarAni-KSG.Almaas.KaJen.xoxosofiaaax.-Divz-SweetAddiction.tehreemmAS..-Fatima-anitamalikSunshine GirlMrs.Hulk..-Jia-..Aquarius18IshaqzaadiMehak_Luvs_Rani-CromulentHaze-.Dulcetabditory.Oishi23DelightedHeartSwetha-SaiBepannaah.YuNa4everJennyPennysjainnotfadedawayserendipity.-Cherry-soundsofcedarNadz_YuNalover

MasakalliC. Newbie

Joined: 17 September 2011
Posts: 45

Posted: 17 September 2011 at 1:37pm | IP Logged

Please send us a Buddy Request if you want PM updates <33

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Angle_AniFaryal-Makhdoom..-Niru-..Nims-meriyaarHazel-eyechahaat.-Rakshu-pinkssxAlishaxTheMelody.-RabiaKSGKaJen-.AngadKripa.KaJen-amaZayn-Nia-..SchnellBus..Sabaah..AbhayVakil_1992cute_n_sweetAanya.-GoldMist-varshaSAU_R_BeautifulNomaa.Sani-KarAni-KSG.Almaas.caprigurlKaJen.xoxosofiaaax.-Divz--Aysha-Anjilicious-Hoor-SweetAddiction.Samiyah258-Amby--Seri-lipshaa26javeyRummy.annihilation-Sneha16-abhi_12exquisite.Real.Madrid-Rinki-.LilGreenRobot.lonelyshadowDigitalFortresscant.be.assed.anumeha_rajatabditory.Oishi23DelightedHeart-Anku-anitamalikIshaqzaadiSunshine GirlAS..-Fatima-..-Jia-..Aquarius18Mrs.Hulk-CromulentHaze-.DulcetMehak_Luvs_RaniJennyPennysjainsoundsofcedarNadz_YuNaloverserendipity.-Cherry-Swetha-SaiBepannaah.YuNa4ever

MasakalliC. Newbie

Joined: 17 September 2011
Posts: 45

Posted: 17 September 2011 at 1:38pm | IP Logged



Page 19- Jennifer Winget ll Sanaya & Barun ll KSG ll KaSu ll Ram & Sakshi ll KaJen
Page31- KaJen ll KaSh ll Requests ll ArHi ll Bolly
Page 39- KaJen || ManVeer || Bolly
Page 44-KaJen || ManVeer
Page 46- PriAsh || ManVeer || KaJen

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-Rakshu-pinkssTheMelody.Sabaah..-RabiaKSGKaJen-varshaSAKaJen-amaZaynAbhayVakil_1992-Aysha-Samiyah258-Amby-tehreemmAnjilicious-Hoor-SweetAddiction.KaJen.xoxosofiaaax.-Divz-caprigurl.Almaas.-Sneha16-abhi_12exquisite.Real.Madrid-Rinki-.LilGreenRobot.cant.be.assed.anumeha_rajatannihilation-CromulentHaze-.DulcetOishi23Mrs.Hulk..-Jia-..Aquarius18Sunshine GirlAS..-Fatima-IshaqzaadiMehak_Luvs_RaniDelightedHeartJennyPennysjainserendipity.-Cherry-notfadedawayNadz_YuNaloversoundsofcedarBepannaah.Swetha-SaiYuNa4ever

MasakalliC. Newbie

Joined: 17 September 2011
Posts: 45

Posted: 17 September 2011 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
Reserved for Sahar =))

Originally posted by -Sary-

Kay so like for my other reserve let me sing a song Embarrassed
Kuch khwaab dekhe hain..
Kuch siggies ke rang soche hain..
Ab maine future daabe apne.. 
tere siggies aur avis ke sang soche hain..
Iss forum mein jab bhi.. 
tum duno saath hoti hai..
Kisson ke panno si har baat hoti hai.. 
(erm IDK what this lin means so not changing ROFL)
Ankhein jo huyi meri fida..
Toh pal mein uthi koi sada..
Sadka kiya yoon iss shop ka..
Ke sar jhuka jahan.. deedar hua..

Haye main kitna acha gaati hoon Day Dreaming I want a reply to my song in a song too ok :) Hm what else can I do OH OH OH I know wait :D

Let's dance together to this :D ROFL Kay now go edit this in to my first reserve muaaah!

Edited by MasakalliC. - 20 September 2011 at 7:19am

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soundsofcedar IF-Addictz

BollyCurry Buzzer
Joined: 25 December 2008
Posts: 60425

Posted: 17 September 2011 at 1:46pm | IP Logged

^ Sonam represents you two obviously and that's me aka Abhi happy about this shop ROFL ok BRB with the rest of the comment :P Kay I is back Cool I feel so special that I have two reserves ROFL Hm Let me finish this one other wale kayliye bhi kuch blab karti hoon phir =) First off C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S mere bachcho I am going to call you all bachcho since I am Mama Masakalli Big smile Hm so like have I ever told you two MnMs that I love yall's work Day Dreaming it's kind of pretty damn obvious anyway :| Cos whenever I tried to think of someone doing something for KaJen AT MONI popped in my head ROFL and whenever I need a siggy I  ping Mehaki ji and both of  you happily do it for me Embarrassed I feel special :P Aur agar zindagi mein khush rehna hai toh mujhe hamesha khush hi rakhna ROFL JK but seriously you guys are so freaking talented that it makes me all teary eyed psht! I have literally seen Moni grow as a siggy and avi maker :| It's crazy starting from those KSG avis IDK if Moni remembers but erm she made bunch of them and when I saw them I was like ME WANTS TO MAKE PRETTY STUFF :| ROFL and then how she made that pretty KaJen avis in one siggy, siggy :| I still love it so much <3 You have been an inspiration of mine since the very beginning Moni and you have only grown since the time you started and now you are a pro at all this :P I especially love your coloring it's so different and has your personal touch to it and I have yet to see anyone get that enchanting touch :D Do I have to tareef the other one? Ermm Sir pe chadh jaye gyi jyaada tareef ki usko toh :\ Uff I guess I will have to warna daandhe hi padhein gaye madam ji se :P OMG :| As soon as I start talking about Mehaki ji Dhanno starts playing on my ipod ROFLROFL gaana tere liye hi bana hai lagta hai :P Oh dhanno oh dhanno hey dhanno hey Dancing You my dear Mehaki ji have ze majiiic you make shittiest of the people look good in your siggy ROFL and make me want to use :| No I am not dissing KaJen :P I am referring to someone who might or might not be getting married soon ROFL naam nahi layio :$ Anyway I am a huge phanka of your blending and that blur shit you do so flawlessly Day Dreaming OMG you two should make a MnM siggy :| like you blend it and Moni colors it and I will copyright it ROFLROFLROFL but yeh :D it does sound like a good plan Ermm if I ever request I am asking for that :P So like I am going to cut it short now and say GO UPDATE :D I want lots of SonamShahid & GroverWinget (Yeh them too :P) GO GO GO GO GO NOW :D Love you both <3 and God bless ju two :)

Edited by -Sary- - 19 September 2011 at 7:36am

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-Cherry- IF-Addictz

Joined: 17 December 2007
Posts: 66287

Posted: 17 September 2011 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
Congo Shongo on this gallery to both Mehak and Moni, and i can't wait to see creations from you both :)
Muah xx

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Oishi23 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 06 December 2009
Posts: 39250

Posted: 17 September 2011 at 1:49pm | IP Logged

CONGRATULATION   2M( Moni & mehak Tongue) For this Gallery HugHug

What a combination, Mehak & Moni ROFLROFL
whenever I say chalo someone make a KaJen/KSG Siggy,  Mehak  always says Moni you make it & Moni always say Mehak you make it ROFLROFL
And now 2 Both lazy Opened a Shop that too together Stern SmileStern Smile I am really surprised Stern SmileROFL
But on a Serious note...Both are extrememly talented, and One of the best siggy makers of IF.
As ar as I know Moni likes mehak's Blending & Mehak likes..Moni's..hmm..everything LOLLOL
and now that Both are together, ME Expecting a Outstanding outcome of 2 Genious...
CONGRATS..I am really happy to see that both of youopened a new shop..though I'll miss individual ones OuchLOLLOL
when saw the title masakaliC.. I Instntly felt that moni is opening a new shop with new name, because this big C is her identity TongueLOL
Mehak Ji..don;t be soo lazy. you still didn;t make any stuff on KSG's new pics -___-
 I love you too Both...
all the best for this new Shop Thumbs UpThumbs Up
 I know this will bw awesomee...
eagerly waiitng for the dhamaka wala update Day Dreaming
Update soon.. TongueLOL

Edited by oishi_ksg - 17 September 2011 at 1:58pm

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