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ff:will fate bring them closer?prt4 pg7 09/10/2011 (Page 7)

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Originally posted by preya_radev

HASISHIwaukeshaak4423766463masumasrilankarohkajeffinsuwinfilmyprincess*Maleena*chymanju7fatssrilankathank for pressing the like button and also to those who left a comment really loved it

@masumasrilanka: thank u so much im glad ur enjoying it.. lool their is loads to happen so hope u enjoy the following parts thanks for commenting  Big smile

@harianjana: hahah yep the coffee was on the dress hope u enjoy the next part thanks for commenting Big smile

@Myra.nelly: her dress is ruined and i guess u might know what it feels like when a fav dress u just bought get ruined... yep radev do meet but how it will go u have to read part 3 thanks for commenting Big smile

@fatssrilanka: thank u im glad u liked the last part and hope u like the following parts too thanks for commenting Big smile

@jeffin: yep radev met hmmm will they have a cute fight or romance u will have to read that in the next partWink thanks for commenting Big smile

@meenaluma: thank u  glad u liked the previous part hope u like the following part and thanks for commenting Big smile

@ ak4423766463: thank u im glad u liked the previous part hope u like the coming parts too will update soon and thanks for commenting Big smile

@filmyprincess: thank u im glad ur loving it... heheh lool no worries i understand how it feels by getting too much homework, but yh i actually was thinking y hasn't filmyprincess left a comment yet usually there is always a comment then finally i saw it. loool yep u got it right the coffee is gone be spilt on the dress hope u like part 3 and thanks for commenting Big smile

if u want pm add me to ur busy list so i know as two people already sent me pm Big smileEmbarrassed thank u


I'm loving it !! Big smile I cant wait to know what happens next...Smile I love every single thing in this FF... thanks so much Sonali and Preya for this FF...I really cant wait...hehe happy to know someone understands my Hw situation..Btw Lovely job.Clap...I'm like speechless...Love this FF so much...
Heart Love all the characters love Arjuhi Love RaDev and love Mohini Virat Ammo And Rohan and Rohan was sleeping in the car...hehe  

This is for you Preya and Sonali( Palak13)... 

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lovely updates priya
enjoying a lot and first radev fight was really fun and then old couple talks more added fun.
oh now first phone talk,it will also be fight or love will start bloosming?

b/w i know phone through virat,when rads asked no. of virat,i instantly understood.may be in uniting virat and mohini ,dev and radhika help them and so fall in love.

oh oh ,will wait for next and pls add me to ur pm list.

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Wow! Nice update. Hope love blossoms between RaDev soon.

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thanks to those members below who pressed the like button

also thanks for the lovely comments to those who commented

@harianjana: yep dev did and he kind of like it well you never know when love blossoms it maby happen quick or take some time, glad u liked virat and radhika convo and also the mandir scene hehe about the precap u have to wait for the next part to knowWink. thanks for commenting Xx Big smile

@SHELLY-AMANDA: thank u im glad u liked the previous part and also the concept. thanks for commenting XxBig smile

@filmyprincess: thank u im glad ur loving everything in this ff hope u continue reading it... lool yep i understand about the H/WLOL... glad u liked all the character, hehe i was laughing too when rohan slept in the carLOL, the picture r so lovely they r very sweet and cute Starthank u so much for commenting XxBig smile

@ekta-avinafan: im glad u enjoyed the fight of radev and the old couple talk and about the first phone talk u will have to wait for the next part to see what happensWink. yes radev will help mohini and virat to unite and also their friends will be part of it, sure i will add u to the pm list thanks u for commenting Big smileXx

@fatssrilanka: thanks for commenting even i hope love blossoms between radev soon Xx Big smile

thanks for the lovely comment and also for pressing the like button guys im glad u enjoyed the previous part and hope u enjoy the following parts too will update soon once again thanks

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gosh its been a long time no updates waiting impationtally for the next update
pls guys hurry up

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Radhika went back to the cabin and saw her sister working while her two best friends was busy in the account file, radhika sat next to them and started to help them out.

Arohi: radhu where did u go?  she asked kind of whispering

Barkha: and y do u look so happy?

Radhika whispers: guys cant tell u anything now will tell u at home ok, all nodded and got to work. After few minutes

Mohini: radhika, arohi and barkha r u guys done.

Radhika: haan di just have to write the total now.

Mohini: don't worry about that I will tell someone in the office to do it plus its time to go home so lets go before amma starts calling us.

Barkha: oh ya once sweet Hitler starts calling then she wont stop and when we reach home she will be like kaha thein tum log yh kya time hain ghar anna ka (where were you all and is this the time to come home) everyone laughed when barkha acted like amma and soon headed to go home.

radhika went in mohini car since the driver took the car back home and barkha and arohi went in another to go home once they reached to the sharma mansion they all entered inside and saw amma end the call.

Arohi: hi amma. 

Amma: wow all my girls together how was office and shopping

Mohini: office was fine

Barkha: and shopping was gd too.

Ammo: that gd now go nd get changed till then ill tell niven (servant) to set the table ok. They all nodded and went to change' soon they started to get settled at the dining table and after few minutes dinner was set. They were eating and chatting when ammo spoke

Amma: bacho (kids) I want to tell u something

Mohini: go ahead amma u can tell us whatever u want.


Amma: ok I wanted to say u know my friend rita me and her daughter-in-law have planned to go on a trip where we will be taken to all kind of mandir (temple) and visit many places so do u mind me going.


Radhika: ammo if ur trying to ask permission then don't you can go wherever you want and why do you think we will mind that's gd that you all have decided to go somewhere.


Ammo: I know dear u lot wont mind but its just that will u guys be able to take care of yourself and plus I have to wake barkha up in the morning to, but if u want then I can cancel it.

Mohini: no amma, you should go to the trip and about us then don't worry we will take care of our self and about walking barkha up then im sure she will wake up and we will be there to wake her up to

Barkha: haan ammo u don't worry radhika, mohini di and arohi will be there to na so im fine u shouldn't cancel your trip for this.

Arohi: haan ammo go and enjoy yourself like radhika and di said we will take care of our self don't worry

Radhika: so its final ammo u r going ok now no more discussion on this ok. Ammo smiled and nodded

Mohini: but ammo when r u going and for how long?

Amma: we r planning to go tomorrow afternoon and about coming back then I don't know coz it could be that we extend out tickets but don't worry I will let u guys know ok and they all nodded.

In the Purohit mansion

Dev: but dadi y all of a sudden, I mean u r going tomorrow and telling us now.

Dadi: dev im sorry beta its was just decided the person who arranged the trip called me this morning and that what me and padma was discussing about.

Rohan: but who will look after us.

Virat: y u r old enough to look after yourself.

Padma: ma look at these lot they r behaving like small kids

Virat: choti ma and dadi u guys carry on with your trip and im sure dev and rohan will be fine.

Dadi: dev and rohan if u don't want us to go then we wont. Rohan had a happy smile

Dev: no dadi I don't mind u going its just that you told us all of a sudden that's y but anyway u guys and enjoy and like virat bhai said we all will be fine and we all can call each other on the phone right? he said with his boyish smile.

Rohan in his mind: they all will be fine but wt about me coz once they have gone then virat bhai will give me lecture about wakening up early and do this and that oh god plz save me.   

Padma: rohann what r u thinking about

Rohan: nothing mom u guys carry on with the trip we all r happy. they all started to talk about various things and had their dinner.

At sharma mansion in radhika's room

 All the girls where sitting on the bed and trying to finish of the assignments which was due on the next day. 

 Barkha: yaar y do teachers give us so many assignments to research on this illness or that illness.

Arohi: so that when you work in a hospital we can know the solution that's y we r in medical college and getting trained too.

Barkha: oh yh radhika u was gone tell us why did u leave the cabin and where you went. Radhika looked up as she remembered, she took of her specs

Radhika: barkha, arohi I went out to catch up with virat because I wanted to talk about di'. She narrated the whole thing to them.

Arohi: wow that is amazing yaar so what is gone happen now.

Radhika: well we have to speak to virat and see if he has decided anything or not and if he hasn't the we can help him .

Barkha: ok then call him tomorrow morning.

Arohi: no, tomorrow morning we will be busy so call him in the afternoon when we reach home coz that time ammo will leave for her trip.

Radhika: yeah this is a good idea ok now lets finish this group work up and go to sleep. 

As soon as radhika closed her eyes dev face came in her mind which made her open her eyes straight away and then in her thoughts: oh kanha y am I seeing his face. She tried to close her eyes and after a lot of struggle she finally went to sleep, and the same case was with dev he was not able to sleep as radhika face came in his mind.

In the morning

Radhika: bye ammo tc we all r gone miss u hope we were able to come to drop you in the afternoon

Ammo: don't worry I will be fine and first I will go to rita house and from there we will go and catch the coach. But u guys tc coz when u return home I wont be here ok and do eat on time.

Barkha/Arohi: bye ammo we will miss u tc. And all 3 friends hugged ammo and then left to go college. Soon mohini came and left too telling amma to tc. Afternoon passes and ammo, dadi and padma had left for their trip, as soon as radhika came home with arohi and barkha she was missing amma coz this was the first time she was gone be away from her.

Arohi:~ radhika lets call virat

Radhika: oh haan lets do that. They sat in radhika room and radhika tried to dial the number and waited.

In the Purohit mansion

Dev was going past virat room when he heard a cell phone ringing, he entered inside and looked around when he found virat phone on the bed.

Dev: looks like bhai forgot his phone over here. He looked at the caller id and saw it saying rads (as that's what he called her before when mohini and him were together) and decided to answer it.

Radhika: hello virat ji.

Dev: sorry who's this?  Radhika noticed it was not virat but someone else. She covered the phone with her hand and asked the girls what to say.

Barkha: say it's a bit personal and put the phone on loud speaker so we can hear

Radhika: erm it's a bit personal so if possible can u give the phone to him

Dev: erms sorry miss (he looked at the caller id) miss rads but virat has left his phone so I guess u can tell me coz virat doesn't hide anything from me

Radhika in her mind: doesn't he get what personal means now what shall I do.

Dev: hello?

Radhika: im sorry but all I can say is that if virat never hides anything from you then he must of told u something about yesterday but I guess u don't know about it so sorry I cant tell u until virat himself doesn't assure that I can trust you. Dev was about to answer back when virat came,

Dev: bhai tell me one thing do u trust me?

Virat: dev what sort of question is that of course I trust you

Dev: den can u tell me about yesterday about this miss rads. Virat was confused but when dev said radhika name he understood.

Virat: dev u know about me and mohni right actually the thing is that rads decided to help me so that I can get mohini back in my life.

Dev: what? Bhai u r telling me now.

Virat: sorry dev I completely forgot about it but how do u know about rads.

Dev first gave a boyish smile to virat an then showed him his phone and then spoke putting it on loud speaker

Dev: so miss rads you can trust me now right he said with a smirk. Radhika who was listening to all this didn't know what to say after a while she just said.

Radhika: if virat trust u then I don't have any problem so now plz can I speak to virat.

Dev: sure we r listening. Radhika some how new by his talk he wont go without listening to the convo.

Virat: radhika you continue and tell me what happened?

Radhika: k have u thought of anything yet

Virat: nop im still thinking what can be done

Radhika: ok no worries I have got an idea about the first step u can take

Virat: ok so what is it and how shall I start it?

Radhika: ok u have to be friends with her and this time u both have to find out each and everything of each other, and when you can see that trust that she has for you u may take ur relation to the second step but do it smoothly.

Dev: miss rads do u think that will work coz I don't think it will

Radhika: well if virat thinks it work then I haven't go any problem and they can give it a try what say virat.

Virat: ok rads ill give it a try but in office she acts professional sometimes so what can I do.

Radhika: then take her out somewhere and try talking to her. Because if you don't start soon god know what will happen.

Virat: ok thanks you so much ill keep informing u about how everything goes k and when I will proceed with my first step.

Radhika: k bye virat

Virat: bye radhika. Dev looked up at virat when he heard him say radhika.

Dev in his thoughts: is the same radhika Arjun was talking about but Arjun said she is very sweet and this girl seems to be a bit different. He didn't know y but he wanted to find out

Dev: um excuse me miss radhika since u know that I know about this is there anyone from your side that knows about this plan.

Radhika: yes there is my two friends ok virat ill talk to u later bye.

Virat: bye. Dev cut the call nd gave virat his phone.

Dev: bhai r u going to the office now.

Virat: haan in a minute im going to the study room to get some file, ill be back ok.

Dev: k.

At the sharma mansion.

Barkha: finally radhika now hope this plan will work but we have to be very careful that mohini di doesn't know about this.

Radhika: barkha is right di shouldn't know about this so we have to make sure we don't say anything in front of di that will make her suspicious.

Arohi: hmmm u guys r right the plan seems to be easy and a bit complicated but it will take some time, depends how virat will persuade her to start everything fresh  let me tell Arjun about this otherwise if he knows I didn't tell him anything then he will start his drama.

Barkha: will he start his dream or will u? she said winking

Arohi: barkhaaa

Radhika: arohi don't listen to her and tell Arjun not to tell anyone ok. Arohi went away leaving the two in the room.

Barkha: by the way radhika who was that guy on the phone.

Radhika: virat she said causally

Barkha: oh hello even I know that but im talking about the other one who called him bhai. Radhika looked up at her giving her ' r u stupid' look

Radhika: when u heard him say bhai then surely he must be related with virat right' till den arohi came back.

Arohi: I told Arjun and he said that's it's a gd idea and he promises not to tell anyone and also he told me that virat is dev brother.

Radhika: who is this dev?

Arohi: radhika dev is Arjun friend he came with us to shopping that time but u were not able to meet him.

Barkha: oh ya I totally forgot about dev so that mean that guy must have been dev. But arohi y didn't u tell us before.

Arohi: arrien yaar u remember that time mohini di mentioning about virat Purohit I was thinking that I have heard the name Purohit but didn't remember where then today Arjun reminded me again

Radhika: ohhh anyways we just hope virat starts the plan soon.

One of the trusted person (niven) who has been working at sharma mansion so may years came to radhika room

Niven: radhika baby what shall I cook at night since amma ji is not around im not sure.

Radhika: niven kaka u can cook whatever you want we wont mind k.

Niven: ok and I have set the room for arohi baby just in between urs and barkha baby room

Arohi: thank u niven kaka. Soon the worker left. (as they planned to sleep in their own room)

At night time arjun called dev'

Arjun: hey dev yaar since we don't have to go college for few days how about we go out somewhere.

Dev: not a bad idea but where?

Arjun: erm lets meet up at ******** restaurant and then later we can go to watch a movie or something.

Dev: teek hain ill tell rohan to join us too.

Arjun: cool dude ill just ask the girls if they r free too?

Dev: k so we can meet around 12pm

Arjun: superb ill just call the girls and ask them k.

Dev: k see u tomorrow.

On the other side arohi receives a call from Arjun

Arohi: hey Arjun?

Arjun: hey arohi missing u.

Arohi: missing u too wish I was able to see u

Arjun: well u can if u r free tomorrow

Arohi: tomorrow?

Arjun: yes tomorrow as we don't have any college we have decided to go out to ******** restaurant and then after that we can go to the cinema or somewhere else wt say?

Arohi: Arjun it's a good idea but we have got college till 9 to 11.

Arjun: haan then no worries we have decided to meet at the restaurant around 12 so u can probably make it.

Arohi: haan we can ok then done see u tomorrow ill go and inform radhuu and barkha ok tc love u.

Arjun: love u 2 and tc. Arjun cut the call and texted dev saying the girls r gone be coming nd as soon as dev got it he went to rohan room. When dev entered rohan room he heard him speaking to someone on the phone

Rohan: baby plz don't be angry , no I don't hate u plz don't cry. Dev shook his head and walked towards rohan he took the phone and cut it.

Dev: rohan u and ur gf.

Rohan: arrien bro I broke up with her and she was upset so I was trying to help her out

Dev: rohan if virat bhai, ma and dadi finds out god knows what will happen to u.

Rohan: promise I wont break any girls heart. Dev smiled the way rohan was pleading and told him about the next day plan.

Dev: so how is it?

Rohan: awesome bro too gd,

Virat: where r u guys planning to go? Dev and rohan looked at virat and saw him walking towards them.

Dev: virat bhai the things is that we haven't got college tomorrow so Arjun and us guys have decided to go out.

Virat: k enjoy yourself.

Dev: we will bhai and we will also think of other ideas of re uniting u with ur princess he say with a boyish smile.

Rohan: princess?

Dev: rohan ill tell u some other time. Virat bhai y don't u join us.

Virat: if im free then ill let u know k. dev nodded and virat went away.  

At the sharma mansion

Radhika: wow that is a great idea totally love It.

Barkha: exactly who else is coming?

Arohi: its only gone be us, Arjun, rohan and dev.

Next morning it was a really sunny day so the girls decided to wear something casual (here r some pics of what they were wearing it was hard typing the address finally found it *phew*) they were getting ready to go college.




As soon as they entered in the college they started to walk to their class room.

Samrat: hey radhika how are you?

Radhika: hey um I'm fine wt about u? 

Samrat: im fine so what are your plan for today.

Barkha: nothing we r gone go home and do some work house work, ok samrat talk to u later lectures are about to start. And they walked of

Arohi~: god that samrat always asks the same question.

Barkha: exactly and really if I cant control myself I don't know what I will be able to do. Radhika how do u tolerate him.

Radhika: calm down guys and forget it. soon their two long lectures finished and they were going to the restaurant.

Radhika was driving. Arohi was in the front passenger seat while barkha sat behind in the middle. After 45 minutes they reached to the restaurant.

Radhika: guys u guys go ill park the car and come.

Arohi: k we will wait for u nar the entrance ok.

radhika moved to park her car and she saw the parking area was kind of full. She then spotted one area and was about to park the car there but all of a sudden she saw another car trying to park over there. But none were able to get through. Radhika got out of her car

Radhika: excuse me move ur car so I can park over here, the owner came out from the driving seat and both were shocked and at the same time said

Radhika&dev: Tum!

Ok guys here was part 4 I have started to write part 5 and may update it 2dai if I finish it, loool the thing is I couldn't stop myself from reading part 5 and read the whole thing so I thoughtit wont be fair me reading it coz I promised that I will read each part if im gone update it on that day so im fulling my promise and gone update part 5 soon till then enjoy part 4 hope u like it

Do leave a comment (hopefully long one lol) and don't forget to press the like button I have left a comment on all the previous comments hope u like this part love u all tc

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Originally posted by maia22

gosh its been a long time no updates waiting impationtally for the next update
pls guys hurry up

hehe part 4 posted hope u like it x
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im gone post part 5 later on hope to see some comments for part 4 

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