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CB2 Maha Episode 17th Sept 2011- Complete update

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 10:55am | IP Logged

 CB Maha Episode 17th Sep 2011.

Part 1

Episode starts from where it ended yesterday, Dev on the terrace with flute in one hand and with the other holding Radhika's hand both are smiling. He pulls her towards him and are facing each other now, gazing into each other's eyes. (OMG what chemistry), then Radhika says Janaam din ki bohot, bohot shub kaam naiya. ( Wishing him good tidings on his Birthday) Dev says no, just wishing me is not enough, Radhika becomes shy and looks down then turns her face, Dev says kiss me before going, she turns and they come closer while Dev signals with his eyes to carry out the deed, Radhika is smiling (Tosa nainaa laage is playing in the BG), Dev now places the flute on the table and then goes down on one knee and brings out the ankle bracelet. RAdhika is surprised seeing this and asks him why, it is HIS Birthday na, Dev replies that today it is both theirs Birthday, infact it is their life's new beginning so this present is for that. They both smile and then Radhika lifts her right foot and places on his knee so that he can place the bracelet on her ankle. (Tosa nainaa laage is still playing in the BG). Smiling at each other Dev gets up and say now not only will your bangles but this payaal's noise will also make me feel that I am with you.

Radhika nods and Dev bends to pick up the flute from the table, then Radhika holds his hand and they walk to the swing and sit down. Dev starts to play his flute the same music as before and Radhika is looking her Dev adoring him and then places her head on his shoulder listening to him playing the flute until morning.

The sun is rising and Radhika walks in to the Mandir smiling with a bucket of water and starts throwing water at the Mandir floor, they show  Radha & Kishna  statues and she starts singing Mora Kahna while cleaning the floor, still singing she put sindoor on  Radha & Kishna, garland and a flower in Kahna's hand and folds her hand and is praying then lights the diya, still singing throws flower petals on the Radha & Kishna and does their aarti, then folds her hand again and prays. Then says that today is my KK birthday so keep your blessing on him at all times, also today is a very important day for us, it is the start of our wedded life and I know that this has been possible because of you. There is only one thing I ask for and that is no hurdles should come and bends her head with folded hands while she is doing this the flower in Kahn's hand falls in the aarti tray and the diya falls, Radhika is shocked to see this and scared,  she picks the diya up and adds more ghee so remains lit.  Then asks Kahna what is this, no Kahna today nothing should go wrong, whatever and which ever hurdles are tobe in his kismet , I want you to divert them on to me but nothing should happen to him.

Radhika is walking slowly in the hall while in the BG Padma is talking to someone about the arrangements for todays puja and things. She sees Radhika and goes to meet her saying you went to Mandir early in the morning, Radhika replies yes because it is his birthday today and giving her the Prasad then bends to touch her feet and Padma gives her Aarshiwad saying you remain suhagan always, then says Dev is very lucky to get a wife like you, who takes care and stops noticing Radhika's worried face. She asks is anything wrong, Radhika inform Padma what happen in the Mandir and Padma says stop worrying, as long as you are with him nothing will happen to him so get rid of any bad thoughts in your mind and embrace today with happiness as it is a new beginning for both of you. Now go and wake him up because your face is the first one he should see, Radhika goes from there.

Radhika and Dev are in Dev's room, he is all dressed up in Red Sherwani looking very handsome and Radhika is placing an Handkerchief in his pocket but Dev stops her and looks at it saying your name joined with my name looks so nice, then someone cough's and in walks Barkha with a birthday gift for Dev. He takes the box from her and opens to see what is inside, it is a watch, Radhika says you did not have to do this and Barkha says I wanted to because after all Dev is my husband also na. (Radev are so innocent and trusting) that they smile at Barkha for saying this.

Part 2

Dev is in the hall and lights the diya near his Dada's picture, Padma wishes him birthday, Dev says  to Padma that he never imagined that on his 23rd Birthday his Dada would not be there to give him Aarshiwad. Radhika is also in the hall with her head down and so Barkha and Dai. Padma says to Dev don't think like that, even though he is not seen but is with us. Dev touches the picture and takes Aarshiwad and goes to Padma and takes her Aarshiwad, Padma wishes him long life and every success , then he takes Dai's who wishes him happiness in life, in walks Golbaldas and wishes him all success, then Mohina wishes him Happy birthday with flowers, Radev exchange glances, then walks in Viraat and BB.

Dev walks to BB and says I have been taught to take Aarshiwad from elders and I am confident that you will give me Aarshiwad. BB says elders in this house are not given their rightful place but I will still give you Aarshiwad and wishes him no evil eye should befall on him. Viraat now wishes him Happy Birthday and Dev thanks him and walks away to join Dai and Padma, Padma asks where is Rohan, Rohan shouts down I am coming and says Happy Birthday to DEv.

Padma reminds everyone that as it is Dev 23rd Birthday, the solicitor should be coming to read the will soon and he will need RP and RPTan's signature, outsider consider Barkha as Dev's wife and so does the lawyer. I do not want anyone to tell him the truth, if anyone says the truth then she will not forgive them looking at BB and Viraat.

Next they show that Barkha signs the papers and then Dev, then the lawyer says that according to the will, legally  all property now belongs to CB and today I have fulfil my responsibilities and I take you leave.

Dev walks to Radhika and says, what Dada wanted has now been accomplished, Radhika looks at Barkha and smiles , then looks at everyone and says everything has gone ok. Dai say there is still somethings to happen. Radhika gives a slight smile and looks down thinking of SR and so does DEv.


Next  DEv and Barkha enter the mutt with the family, Rohan is looking at Radhika while walking. Dev and Barkha greet the Mahant , he puts tilak and throws some flower on Dev, everyone is watching .

Then Mahant says that you need to go and light the Maha joyti in certain direction(I did not understand here properly). This joyti needs to be lit by both of you and is your anchestors Aarshiwad, once done youboth will become each others for  janaam ,janaam.

Exactly 7.30pm you need to light this joyti with your wife, if you don't do that by then it will be void. (again this part I did not understand fully) also accept for you and your wife no third person should be there with you guys. Radev glance at each other thinking how are they going to do this. Mahant continues after this there is a celebration lineup and then you both need to go in to diive kuthi for the night, again no third person is to be with you. Barkha sighs and closes her eyes and others are worried so no expressions.

Then the Mahant says to Dev to proceed, as he turns he looks at Radhika, she turns to look at him and nods, Dev is saying to Radhika in his mind that I can not light the Maha joyti with anyone but you. It appears that Radhika has read his thoughts and reply in her mind do not worry your wife will be with you at the time of lighting the Maha Joyti. Dev and Barkha go in, Rohan is looking at Radhika and Radhika is thinking how to get in. Then Dev and Barkha pray at the Radha & Kishna  and Barkha says to Dev if Radhika does not come in by 7.30 then we will have to it and there is only 5mins left. Dev says to Varkha that I am fully confident that Radhika will come. Barkha smiles and says if she is coming then she will be seen and goes away from Dev and says I am just coming.  

Radhika is trying to go in without anyone seeing her while Dev prays to Kahna that it is Radhikas right to light the Jyoti, please do not take it away from her. Kahna's murti is show while Dev is still pray then a hand is shown on Dev's shoulder and it is Radhika. Radev are so happy that she could make it in time and hug.

Next one of the pundit come to Mahant and says a third person has gone in, everyone is shocked, Padma looks at Dai in disbelieve and mouts Radhika, the Mahant gets very angry and says they will be punished.  Saying this he says to the other pandit lets go and Padma speaks up saying can we as well, the Mahant says no, we will go and see and Padma says now what.

 Part 3

Next they show Radev still hugging each other, then they part and Dev says he was having strange feelings that she would not come. Radhika says why would I not come, I assured you that for this Maha Jyoti your wife would only light the diya. Radhika then asks, where is Barkha, Dev replies that she has gone looking for you and anyways Mahant had said there should not be a third person at the time of lighting the Maha Jyoti. He further adds lets do it now and they proceed to do so and light the Jyoti and are praying to Kahna, while outside the Mahant and his fellows are walking towards this place.

Inside Radev are still praying and in walks Barkha saying thanks god Radhika  that you came in time to light the Jyoti , I was looking everywhere for you, I was afraid that Dev and I would have to do it but thank god we did not have to do it.

Then the Mahant and his people are still walking to this place while Dev, Radhika and Barkha are praying to Kahna. Dev says we want Aarshiwad  from our ancestors that how many hurdles come but we both are never separated from each other.

Padma is shown praying to Kahna outside, she says please protect your Radhika, otherwise I do not know what kind of punishment these people will give her, please save her.

Then  Radhika is shown, she senses something and opens her eyes, Mahant and his people walk in and stand behind Dev, Dev turns and is surprise to see them there, so is Barkha and Radhika is hiding behind the curtains.

Dev looks around to see where Radhika is and sees her hiding behind the curtains, then asks Mahant what is it? The Mahant says was there a third person with you guys and both Dev and Barkha say no but Mahant says that Raavann one of his people saw someone come here. Dev replies that no one has entered here and Barkha backs him up. The Mahant says maybe he was mistaken, anyway the important thing is that when they lit the Jyoti no third person was there with them.

Mahant says to Dev lets go now and Dev says you go first and we will join you. Mahant and other people leave, Dev stops Raavan asks him sternly who told him there was a thirds person with them he reluctantly replies  that It was Maheshwari, Dev, BArkha and Radhika are shock.

Next Dev and Barkha come down the stairs and join Padma and others and Dev glares her Maheshwari. Mahant goes up to Dev and says that on this auspicious day they have organised an Ustaav (celebration) and we should all proceed towards the stage. Dev says to Mahant you go we are coming. Then turns to Padma and says Choti Maa please make Bahi Maa understand because I can not make her understand, if she does this again then she will no longer be part of RP family. BB says but what have I done, Dev says what you have done today you will hear the verdict tomorrow .

Radhika comes there and says let it be, we have lit the Maha Jyoti together, this is very important and do not ruin your mood now, lets go towards the stage and celebrations are going to start lets go.

Padma chips in and says lets go to everyone and they all go towards the stage except BB and Viraat, who gets angry with his mum informing Raavann about Radhika and Dev. BB says I did not do anything, Viraat says don't lie and walks off, while BB is thinking to herself if she did not do this so who is doing this.

Next we see Golpaldas acting as the anchor and announces that today is so auspicious for them because Kahna had sent Dev to them on this day for all of us. Then he says that he requests Dev's Yashsodamaya (who is Padma) to give him Aarshiwad in her own style. Padma start singing, ( I am sorry but it too much to write out the lyrics of this song) it go something like why is Radha is Gauri (fair) and he(Kahna is ) dark. Radev glance at each other and smile. Then Mohini sings and dances, while Radev are glancing at each other from time to time and smiling and Radhika goes in a trance where Radev are dancing on the song until Mohini comes and pulls her out of the trance. Then Golpaldas makes an entrance with the song Yeh Dil, Mohini joins him, then Padma, then they pull BB to join them, Mohini pull Viraat then Rohan and they all are dancing while Radev keep glancing at each other.

Part 4 

All are gathered in the hall and Mahant is saying to Padma that it is now time for RP and RPtin to go in to Diiva Kutti and with this your saath janaam journey starts. Padma says to Dev come along and I shall take you to the dwarka, Radev look at each other and are worried, Radhika is touching her Kahna locket.

Dev and Barkha start walking, Padma and others are walking with them, Radhika still touching her locket thinks to herself why do I keep thinking of the Diya falling, then Padma looks at Radhika, while Dev and Barkha and others are still walking, Padma goes to Radhika and asks her what is the matter, Radhika points towards Dev and Barkha and Barkha is shown ass smiling. Padma says do not worry, Barkha said she will take care of everthing and don't forget to go in through the daskshan dwarka.

Radhika nods, then Dev and Barkha are in the bedroom and Dev goes near the window looking for Radhika while Barkha takes off her jewellery and goes up to Dev and asks what is the matter, Dev replies I don't know why Radhika is not here, I am going out to look for her. Barkha says No don't go now, suppose someone from the mutt sees you then they will ask 50 questions and Radhika may not have had the chance to  come here but I am sure she will come. Then Barkha's says with all days function has made you tired and is showing on your face, come and rest, Dev sits himself while Barkha goes to the table where there is some juice and brings out a packet with some drugs I presume, looking at DEv all the time while mixes the drug and fills the glass with juice. Angry

Dev is sitting with is face turned away from Barkha. Barkha comes to Dev and hands him the juice saying full of Vitmin C, Dev takes the glass from her and thanks her, Barkha says Ooh Hello there is no need to say  thank you or sorry in friendship. Dev just smiles and starts to drink the juice while Barkha is watching him drink with a smile. AngryDev finishes the drink and hands the glass back to her. Barkha turns and places the glass on a near by table, Dev is now feeling the effects of the drinks and is holding his head. While outside Radhika is pulling on the door handles but the doors are not opening. Radhika thinks to herself that Barkha said that she would leave these door unlock but they are not and looks up and down the door thinking, while inside Barkha pulls Dev's arms and says Dev come rest and takes him to the bed, Dev sits on the bed still touching his head and Barkha asks what is the matter Dev, then Dev just falls back on the bed asleep on his back and Barkha is smiling. Then Barka sits on the bed next to Dev and says I have waited for this moment for so long Dev, touching his hand says  today you are so close to me as never before and now nobody can come between us , then says closing her eyes I LOVE U Dev, then says did you know that today I wanted to light the Maha Jyoti with you, I even tried to stop Radhika but she still managed to come in, do you know it was me who inform and who got the blame BB. Now what is Radhika going to do as all the doors are locked, how is she going to reach the diva kutt. Then places her head on his chest and says I like listening to your heartbeat so much, then she senses or hear something and turns around to see Radhika standing there, both are shocked and Radhika has tears in her eyes.

The episode ends here.

Sorry for the delay and for any mistakes, also thanks for your patience for the update.

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thanks for the update!!!

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Thanks zam for update

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Bansi sunke sr will over this time,no discussion of b,as she will burn their bed
Thank you zam

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Thanks Zam...Take ur Time...!!!!

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Thanks 4 the update!

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Thanks Zam for the update...Rubina as Rads looked lovely...I really like her in maroon/red saree...I really like Dev in white and Radhika in red...

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thanks zam for the update..

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