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Opposites Attract THREAD #8 part 77 (Page 54)

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Originally posted by vrsharma

sanju is offline
di u r in FB n IF simultaneouslyLOL. me too also desperatly waiting

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i am keep on checking her FB status to know more about Update
but now she is offline, so i am not sure, whether she is going to update it now or not

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Originally posted by vrsharma

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hey guys... my exam was rocking...Big smile

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di havin skl 2morow pls update sn

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Geet woke up late drugged by the sedatives. She saw she was wearing nuts dress. Nurse and tammy had changed her clothes last night. Tammy thought she looking at her condition in the morning may make her anxious again.

Geet kahan ja rahi ho?

Tammy di mujhe ghar jaana hai.

R u feeling fine?

She gathered her clothes closer and wrapped herself. Kyu mein thik nahi hu?

U r just fine kal tum thak gayi thi to we dressed ur leg wound and gave u a pain killer. Tum isiliye itna soyi.

Mein ghar jau?

Nuts aati hogi tumhare liye breakfast le k. uske sath chali jaana.

Nahi mujhe jaana hai. Abhi.



She entered KM which was busy like usual. Maan had left for office. Geet went up washed herself and dressed up in a high collor shirt and trousers for office. She closed all the buttons of the shirt to hide the blue mark on her neck.


She entered office and was surprised when everyone gave her a second look. Collegues turned to stare at her and there was a hush tone behind her back.

She walked slowly to her cabin. As soon as she entered the phone rang and she was called to the conference room.

When she entered the room Sasha and Jm were waiting for her.

How can u geet? sasha shouted as soon as geet entered.

She was taken aback by sasha's sudden out burst. She looked around and saw Desai sitting there with his bandaged arm.

 JM – let her explain sasha.

What s there to explain?

Geet looked at all with shock. She turned back. Half of the office was peeping thru the open door to hear the tit bits of the hottest gossip in office.

Mr Desai is a reputed person and he wont do this for fun. Its her fault.

JM – geet desai says u tried to.. tried to woo him yesterday..

Not woo but seduce him?

Geet slumped into the chair. Her head bend in shock. She was still trying to gather herself from last night's shock and framing words to tell Maan and here another mountain was yet to be climbed.

Geet dipped her head thinking how to answer and with so many people staring at her.

Y did u goto his office yesterday? It was a holiday… no need to turn up there. Y were u trying to be extra sincere.

Desai - Oh she persuaded me that if we cud meet today only. Im a family person but thought its her job so I complied. Who thought she cud stoop so low and have such schemes in her mind. Now either u throw her out or else we cancel the deal.


Geet ur silence is affirming Desai's allegation. Speak for urself. JM tried his best to make geet talk. He believed in her but her silence was not letting him help her.

JM had been called by sasha when desai turned up in the morning with this allegation of low behaviour of geet. he was the only board member available as maan had gone for an impt meeting with adi. V had tried calling MSK but his phone was switched off. She knew geet wudnt be guilty like pari and pinky did. The 3 of them wanted to console geet and make her talk but sasha didn't allow juniors to enter. Sasha was enjoying each moment of insulting geet. she kept the door open so that staff cud here all this. For past few days she had seen how easy access geet had to maan's cabin like no other staff had and this was her opportunity to throw her out.

She has nothing to speak. She went there for ulterior motives… how can a girl like u stoop so low… gaon ki gawar cant handle all the glitter of city.

Tears rolled down pinky's eyes. She knew geet cudnt do this. She entered the room. Maam aap ek baar use bolne dijiye na. wo dar gayi hai.

Pinky leave from here u r not geet's lawyer. Ur duty is on reception. Shall I get u too fired along with geet.

Pinky went back to her desk.


What r we waiting for geet will u type ur resignation or shall I ask tasha to do that for u.


Pinky cried sitting on her desk. Soon the info came that maan is back from meeting. Few who heard this came back to their places but most where still on the floor above catching up on geet.

Pinky tried to stop crying but she cudnt stop. V and pari still stood out of the conference room.

Maan and adi entered discussing about the meeting. Adi was stunned to see pinky weeping.

He cudnt stop himself from questioning her as in normal condition she wud never create such scene in front of maan sir. She feared him a lot.

Pinky came out of her desk and started crying. Her sobs became louder.

Kya hua?

Maan was himself stunned seeing this and most office staff missing on their seats. He was about to shout when he heard pinky.

Geet… adi sir geet… sasha maam… ne geet ko bhut bola..

Whats the problem pinky?

Pinky tried to compose herself hearing maan's authoritative voice.

Kuch nahi vo sir.. vo..

Bolo na pinky tum ro kyu rahi ho? Adi patted her shoulder as he saw maan wasn't angry but curious. He consoled pinky and gave her a glass of water.

Drink this and tell me. what has happened.

Pinky recited Desai's allegation, JM being called, geet's silence, sasha not letting her speak, all the staff making mockery of geet. desai's term of either u fire geet or he cancels the project. I dnt think geet can do such thing.

I know that pinky. Adi assured her and looked at maan.

 Maan gestured adi to follow him to his cabin gave him some instructions and then went to the IE floor.


As he walked to the conference room staff moved to give him way.

Saha stopped in middle of her blabbering as she saw maan enter.

Whats happening here?

Sasha gave a brief without any masala as maan had a very stern expression and one wrong word and the volcano may burst on her.

She added that geet isnt saying anything that means she is guilty.

Geet stood up. I can explain. Came a hoarse meek voice of geet.

Maan just raised a finger in her direction to make her keep quiet. Geet was too shocked at his response and kept mum. She stood there giving him a pleading look. Sasha smirked seeing maan not hearing geet.

What do u have to say Mr Desai?

This girl is a cheapster. First she persuaded me to meet  her yesterday for a meeting then when she came her papers where not upto mark. She flaunted herself and persuaded me to sign without reading. I tried my best to stop her and when warned her of dire consequences she turned hysterical. Look she hit me with a vase. I believe in proffessional work. cant tolerate such staff.

So Mr Khurana either u fire her or we cancel the contract. Desai's eyes glinted with victory as he looked down on geet.


Then adi entered and whispered something to maan. Maan nodded and took the papers adi was carrying.

So lets be proffessional Mr Desai. Lets cancel the deal. It means we pay u 50 lakhs on cancelling the contract. Right adi?

Yes sir.

So here are the papers sign and leave.

JM – it's a very big amount MSK. Y do we pay him. geet isnt saying anything.

Sasha added. MK geet is not clarifying.

She doesn't need to. I trust her and need no explanation from her side.

JM – it's a big loss I wont agree. Lets have  a board meeting.

No use JM even the board will have to decide in my favour. I own more than 51% shares. I have bought all the shares in the market. U own 45% and all the rest r mine. U better sign it.

Geet slowly moved close to maan. She bend her head on his shoulder sideways gently holding his left hand with both her hands.

I shud have known that hse was sleeping with u. desai spat in anger

That was enuf for maan. Till now he was trying to handle the situation in a proffessional way but now desai crossed his limits.

Maan swung his right hand and slapped desai hard. By the time he balanced himself maan slapped him on his other side. The whole office was stunned. They had seen worst of his scolding but never seen him loose his hand on someone. MSK never liked to beat someone. His anger had no boundaries.

That's y she said u wont spare me. she shud have told me..

Maan punched him hard on his stomach and was about to leave geet's hand and hit him more when he felt geet was slipping on his shoulder. he turned to look and geet had fainted. She slowly moved down as her head slipped on his shirt.

Geet… he held er by her waist as she lost her balance and rested completely in his arms. maan lifted her in his arms and moved towards the exit.

Adi get rid of this B*******.

Pari opened the door fully for maan as he walked with geet in his arms to his cabin. The crowd dispersed and no one dared to come into his sight.

 Maan entered his room with pari in tow. He laid her gently on the couch and started removing her shoes. Pari was stunned to see MSK opening someones sandals.

As he held her legs to ease the sandal she winced in pain even in her unconscious state. Actually he had held her injured calf.

Maan softly touched her calf and cud feel the bandage from the thin fabric of her trouser. He hesitantly pulled up the fabric. Pari gasped looking at the wound that's when he realised her presence. He gulped in caressed her leg once then pulled down the fabric.

Order some food for her… cold coffee, sandwich or something but fast.

Pari ordered and stayed there. She wasn't ready to leave as she cudnt understand the chemistry of maan and geet and she didn't want to leave geet in any condition.

Geet woke up after few minutes. As she gained conscious first thing she did was wrapped her hand around her chest in fear as if she was exposed. Maan kneeled on the floor near the sofa.

Its fine. U r fine.

She looked around to gather the surrounding and then she got up.

Keep lying. U need rest.


She got up and pari hurriedly opened the door to help her but she saw geet moved in different direction. Maan was holding the door to the washroom of his personal use and geet without hesitation was going there.

As geet closed the door, maan turned and looked at pari.

They waited for geet. pari felt awkward. She was already angry with the situations since morning and now was shocked to see extra caring MSK.

As her eyes met maan she needed to move out to think straight.

I will check if the food as arrived. It will help her recover.



Maan heard geet vomiting and knocked the door. He peeped in on no response as the door wasn't locked. He rushed and held her by her waist as she leaned over the pot and was about to fall.

He held her as she let the last bits out…

She washed her face as he stood there for help if she needed again. Some drops trickled down her neck. She opened the top buttons of her shirt to dry the water. She neatly dabbed her face but when her hands travelled down and she looked at the mark on her neck in the mirror she stood rooted. Maan looked at the mark and moved in front of her barring her from the mirror. He gently raised his hand took the towel and wiped her neck. He stopped near the mark looked at it, raised his other hand to touch it but stopped reluctantly as geet raised her lashes to meet his eyes. He looked at the pain in her eyes and pulled her into a hug. He held her tightly to his chest and patted her back in soft caresses. She hid her face in his chest, clutched the sides of his vest and remained still.


Just then pinky entered maan's cabin hurriedly. She kept the food packets on the coffee table and turned around to look for geet. she moved to the open door of the washroom and saw maan consoling geet, a rare sight. Her fuse blew and jaw dropped but she came back to her senses soon remembering the chaos she has left outside.

She crushed the paper bag in her hand to making an odd noise which distracted or attracted maan's attention her direction.

Aah sir vo vo  bahar..

Kya hua? He softly eased geet out of his arms, pulled her collar to straightened geet's shirt and walked out of the washroom.

Sir vo Bas… nahi nahi desai bahar chaos create kiye hue hai. He says he will file a case against u for beating him if u dnt talk to him.


Maan moved out of the room to find an angry shouting desai.

U know khurana im a man of means.. not someone whom u can throw out. I will show u what I can do. U have beaten me in public in ur office. I will file a complaint against u. just show me what u can do. U have no evidence against me. u can do nothing.

I will show u what I can do… a limping geet walked barefoot out of maan's cabin. She moved lifted up a big cane vase outside maan's cabin and hit him on his shoulder. everyone was taken by surprise including desai. She flung the vase again in air and hit him with all her strength. He winced in pain.

He raised his hand to hit geet but she moved.

U deserve this. She hit him with her knee between his legs and he crouched as it him badly.

Maan moved to help geet, his fist tight and face stern. Adi stopped him for the first time.


Maan turned furiously at adi.

Sorry sir but its her fight let her win it… if she does this today she will get back her lost pride and confidence. She needs to break the shackles and stand for herself.

Adi added meekly… jarurat pari to jaenge…

Maan was convinced. He wanted her fighting striving geet back not the one who was shocked to the extent that was not even talking.

Geet turned to leave desai in pain. He raised his hand to hit her on her back but was stunned when he got a tight slap as immediate response. V slapped him as she was standing near to him.

V shouted in her accented tone – u back stabber. Piche se marta hai. Becoz of jerks like u we cant work peacfully.

What followed was unexpected and maan didn't stop it even. He infact gave an approving look to pari when she looked at him.

Pinky lifted the phone reciever and smashed it on his head. Geet turned back lifted some files and started hitting him. pari came with some stuff too. One of the staffs blessed him with her sandals and ultimately few women unitedly turned him to the floor and kicked him badly. He was beaten as the whole office stood there to watch.

Sasha – MK this is not right.. our reputation and name are at stake. This is not civilised way to behave and that too in khurana's office.

I own the place. and it is fine for me. the most civilised way woman shud behave.

When he was beaten black and blue the ladies backed off. Geet gave him the last and looked down upon him.

V – now go and file a complaint that 5 women have beaten u. I can tell u the names and address even. But be prepared for answering us in public. Call the media and show ur plight.. tell ur wife that we have beaten u. u wanted to file a case against Boss go first do it against us and we r ready to take the balme.


Geet looked back and maan. She was tired ad swayed. Maan rushed to her and she again fainted. It was a mixed effect of sedatives, tiredness and low sugar level.


Maan took her to the car in his arms. As he was sitting he saw sandeep, geet's old bodygaurd holding the car door for him.

He replied to the unasked but obvious question.

Sir madam had called in morning and asked me to report from today at the office.

Maan nodded. He knew how terrified she must have been.


Geet's phone was ringing on way to home. Maan recived as it was nuts and she kept calling.

Finally u picked the phone. Geet tu hospital se kyu chali gayi?

Its Maan singh khurana.

Ohh.. vo geet.

Was she in hospital.

Yeah. Vo kal raat.

I know that. She has fainted now so..

Plzz use hospital le ao. She needs to be  checked.



Tammy examined her.

She is fine just tired. Needs a lot of rest both physical and mental.


Nuts and yash rushed to the examination room as soon as the nurse informed that she is conscious.

Geet was showered with questions..

How r u? why didn't u call me? mujhe batana tha..

Tu subh chali kyu gayi?

Had I known nothing wud have happened in office. I wud have reached there.

Geet tell us na what had happened?

Im fine. She just answered this much before coming down the bed and moving to tammy.

She sat on a chair next to maan.

Nothing to worry geet. just take rest. Tammy pacified her.

I will use the restroom once.

When she left tammy scolded all. She is fine. I told u its not rape but she is shocked. Behave normally. Dnt pester her.

Geet came out and sat on the chair.

Maan cud see how restless she was as nuts and yash tried to make some casual talk.

Ghar chalen?

Haan. Was an instant reply and a comforting one.


As maan started walking she followed him closely. Nuts and yash were stunned to see this. Geet didn't even talk to them.

Tammy - Dnt worry she is just feeling close to him. aur pari ki baat sunk aisa feel hota hai. That becoz he trusts her she is feeling secured with him.

Geet clutched his vest and walked very close to him as they entered the busy corridor. Maan held her around her shoulder and took her home.


 done... doubts clarified? waiting for comments.

maaneet at home

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Originally posted by pearl_warrior


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u know guys, menstrual cycle is a long question in my Gyn& Obs question paper which di had described in recent update...LOL

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