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Opposites Attract THREAD #8 part 77 (Page 24)

lalitha.. Goldie

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 12:16pm | IP Logged

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DoItAlready IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by mons_mb

Originally posted by rockingfan

Originally posted by mons_mb

she's offlineCry
k then till she's offline
we'll make this thread reach page 50Wink
i would love to spam
but right now i m dead sleepySleepy

u frm india?
waiting 4 d update is it?Embarrassed

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Geet I wanted to talk something.

Hhhmm'boliye. she smiled making guesses as to what he wants to say.

How were ur papers?

Geet nodded her head and smirked at him.

Acha hua.

They discussed sometime about it.

#shall I tell her first about shifting into the room or before that I must tell her about the last thing left. Ahh clear everything before u make ur moves maan'#

Geet ek aur baat kahani thi tumse'

Hhhmmm. Im waiting.

Aahh. Just that u dnt think later that I didn't tell u or something like I lack trust in u. I trust u but sometimes one gets biased and mind is so clogged with previous experience that we decide or understand people thru the veils.


I hope now u can understand y im so sceptical about things and people especially someone I dnt know very closely.

Will u stop making this Bhoomika and tell me.

Yes I was coming to it.

Ok I know u went to recheck my info.


U went to the doc to check my knowledge' its fine' as it is im not with science background but these r girly things and I got it from tammy as she explained things to Riya.

Its fine.

Ok but how?

I saw u there at the hospital.

But I was not talking about that''..

Then now what?

Actually before' when I didn't know much of u. I misjudged u. I dnt want things to crop up later or daadi telling u so let it be me who tells u this.

Geet was bewildered by his statement'# wasn't this enuf he has more to tell' waise hi difficult hai and he makes it more''#


Geet I saw u with sam for the first time and thought' I know its wrong but' I thought u were her close friend' it seemed as though u were' listen to me first before reacting'

He told her the whole scene when he had gone to reconcile with her in college and seen her laughing and enjoying with sam like best buddies.


How can u just make opinions.. geet vined.

It was so obvious and I had the prejudice and''

Geet walked towards her room and maan followed.

Geet listen to me. I told u what happenedbefore only so y r u reacting this way. Try to understand.

Geet walked to her room and closed the glass shutter leaving maan on the terrace.

He knocked consistently as he sat on the bed facing her back to him.

She thought and pondered for sometime. She cud understand his plight on seeing her then with sam when they were not on talking terms even. She cud relate to his outburst in study that night with daadi.

Her frown transformed into a smile slowly. She thought of reconciling and turned to look at maan. He was still waiting for her at the door, knocking and rubbing his temple thinking of ways to convince her.

A glint of mischief entered his eyes seeing his pleading eyes. She walked to the door and he left a sigh of relief. But to his astonishment she didn't come to open the door instead she pulled the curtain and peeked her face around it.

Im off to sleep so plzz dnt disturb me.

She cud see shock on his face hearing her talk this way. She closed the curtain as she cud no longer contain her smile and fake anger. She smiled to her self.

She called meera when she felt maan had left.

Someone sounds super happy'

Yeah im.

Kya baat hai?

We reconciled' everything is cleared.

Really? So sam?

Sam was his ex' u know she is too cheapo types'.. cudnt imagine so low types..

One sided story hai geet.

Nahi he didn't lie.. he told me about his faults too. My own deduction is sam is a cheat so lets not talk about her. finally he opened up. Confessed and told me about his behaviour' sam ke baad koi bhi aise hi behave karega' so all grudges gone.

That sounds good' to tu maan k kamre mein shift kar rahi hai?

Abhi nahi..

Geet panditji se time nikalvau'. Pick ur things and barge into his room actually tum dono ka room.

Are abhi to mazaa araha hai' can u imagine maan pleading and manaofying someone..

Maan vo to bhut serious types dikhta hai..

Dikhta hai nahi serious types hai par abhi 15 min mere door ko knock kar k mujhe pacify kar raha tha.. meer I will rarely get this opportunity' mujhe thora jhutta gussa dikhane de aur usko manane de..

Geet tu bhi na but enjoy.. what else is happening? Riya ki shaadi ki tyaari kaisi chal rahi hai?


They talked sometime about the gang and meer's trip to delhi next week.



Whats the trouble pari? cant u present a project.

I can do it sir.. but u know the client is adamant on geet handling the project.

So y does he wants to meet me? ask geet to handle it. She will be incharge as this will be very nice and profitable business for IE in long run. They have multiple events all thru the year and to get such nice contract for long term basis adds to the repu of the company. Plzz ask geet to be serious about it' no dingle dangle about it.


Sir vo geet hoti to kar leti but geet has left.

Y so early its just afternoon, her college is closed too.

Vo' she had some personal engagement'

Leave it just call her and ask to handle this and them leave for the day. She must not loose this project.

I dnt think she will come.

Tell her I have asked her to do so'''



Geet agar maan sir nahi kahte to mein tumko phone nahi karti. She tried to convince geet again. aur y clent ziddi' kal tumne presentation di hi thi aur aaj zid pe baitha hai further discussiopn bhi tumse karega. I convinced him so much ki u r on leave to kahta hai ki I will leave. geet aa ja na.. yash bhi nahi hai.

Tujhe maloom hai na pari aaj Riya ka sangeet hai.. I will get late aur waise bhi im wearing a sari.. mein kaise au?

Geet sari mein hi aaja' bas 15 ' 20 min lagenge is chipku ko nikalne mein then u leave'. plzz geet aajao na..




Geet came to office and finished up with the meeting.

She mumbled her way to maan's room.

Babaji kaisa aadmi hai ye Anand Desai'. Uuff so disgusting types he is always looking at wrong places' he never talks to ur face but a little lower' never met someone with such yucky eyes'' but pari is fine with him' am I imagining? Nahi he is like that I cant imagine so much.. yesterday also he held my  hand too long in the hand shake and grinned like a buffalo'.. uff this Desai dude' he is gonna get some sandals from me if he keeps behaving this way''.huh.. for now lets see this maan.. why has he called me to see him before leaving' ek to mein gussa thi upar se mujhe manane ke jagah mujhe office bula liya'

Babaji kaise logo k bich phasa diya mujhe'..


Geet u done with the meeting? Maan questioned without lifting his face from the lappy.

Yeah. She answered in a low angry tone.

Good. The project is impt and' the words got lost as he looked at her standing across the table wearing a sari and looking gorgeous.




She looked at the painting behind him ignoring him and tapping her foot. She waited for him to complete so that she wud leave for her party.

Geet this project' she was still looking in other direction. Tum sun rahi ho?

She nodded a yes.

To idhar dekh kyu nahi rahi' meri taraf dekho. He stood and walked towards her. she turned her face away from him.

Mein gussa hu. Ek to mein naraz thi to mujhe manane k jagah fir se office bula diya.. ais ekapro mein aana para' ais ekoi karta hai kya' she kept cribbing and murmuring to herself.

Naraz ho fir bhi mere bulane se aa gayi.. he teased her.

Haan.. office jo hai ghar hota to nahi aati.

Acha. So office mein meri baat sunogi ghar pe nahi.

She nodded yes.

He crossed his arms around his chest.

Ok. To geet finish the last bit of this that u plan to do tommorow. Contract to signed hai par kuch aur discussions baki hai client ke sath. Finish it today.

Meri leave hai.

Leave cancel. He smirked. Geet opened her mouth and looked and him making angry faces..

It wont help. Tum office mein ho and tantrums are for home.. so work.

Huh' ye kya baat hui?

Boss se no arguments. He turned to sit back in his chair.

Geet made faces to his back then said softly' agar mein gussa chor du to.

Maan smiled and turned towards her' to fir leave go for ur party'''

Thik hai she said looking towards the door and smiling softly. Mein ja rahi hu.

Par geet kal ye pura kar dena. I wud like to finish this last formality by tommorow.

Kal to office half day hai.. some festival so bank leave bhi hai.

Geet half day close hai but half day office bhi hai' u can work in half day. Ya fir aaj'.. he let the words trail..

Mein kal kar dungi promise. Mein jau mujhe late ho raha hai.. Riya ki sangeet hai.


He held her hand as she moved. Their eyes met and geet cud see pure admiration in his eyes.

I think u need a bodygaurd.. Sandeep ko wapas duty pe bula lo.

The words fanned her face as he spoke in softly.. his words seemed as if he wants to say something else but is saying something else. The expression of love and his words were not in coordination.

Kyu?  She tried to walk away shyly.

Jab meri wife itni sunder lagti hai aur raat ko bahar jaati hai to mujhe dar lagta hai..

Geet shyly dipped her head and moved away. She blushed with embarrasment this was the first time he complimented her so directly and that too reffering her as his wife. He gently left her hand and she rushed to the door. Before leaving she peeked back into the room where he tried to get her last glimpse.

Mujhe koi guard nahi chahiye. She added with her giggle looked at him lovingly before closing the door.




Geet how long will u work?

Till I complete this pari. I have to do it any how. U may leave now. I will complete and then go..

Most have left' u will be left alone.

No probs. Tum jao.



Geet took sometime to complete the file. she went to maan who was still working in his office.

Done geet?

Yeah. Took a lot of time but its done.

So y dnt u get it signed even..


Hhmmm. It wud be nice' work done and finished.

Unki office closed hogi'

Just talk to Desai. If he is fine  then do it. Meri bhi ek meeting hai. I will complete it also. Then may be we can go out for dinner. Daadi bhi nahi hai to..

Vo actually I had taken daadi's permission earlier only as I had a night stay at Riya's. aur waise bhi file to koi sign kara laega. actually she didnt want to meet the man.

Ok no problem but file tum hi sign kara lo. if he wants to discuss more then it will again become pending. We can plan some other day for dinner. Something special at Riya's

Nahi just a girls party before her marriage. All girly things.

That's pretty good. Enjoy. Tum log karte kya ho aisi party mein? Puri raat.

Geet hurriedly changed the topic. Mein Desai ko call kar leti hu.


Fine. He has called me to his office. I will leave to riya's straight from there.

Bye see u tommorow.

Aapke karan mujhe aaj bhi kaam karna par raha hai' aaj to holiday tha.

Geet one  must be always sincere with our work.



Geet entered Desai's office. She had pinned up her duppata in a fashion that it covered most of her. she checked once again her reflection in lift walls.

Pervert ajeeb dekhta hai. Hope this duppata prevents his dirty eyes.

The office had deserted look. Extra calm. None in the office. She checked the time it was just 6.00.

Usne mujhse kaha office khuli hai'no holiday'.par' y is it giving me sickening feeling. Geet rest ur sixth sense' its just fine.. papers sign karva and nikal yahan se.

The peon led her to Desai's cabin at the end of the corridor and left.

Hello Ms. Geet. take a seat.

The file u wanted' plzz check the final details.

I dnt need to. Afterall u have u have prepared it. I trust u.

Thank u. then the last left formality..plz sign these. This gives us permission to progress with final preparation for first function.

Itni jaldi kya hai? Relax. What wud u like to have?

Nothing actually.

Y so ?

Actually if u wud sign this. I have spend my whole day preparing this and have to leave.

Oh khurana's unko sirf kaam karvana aata hai.. they dnt have any respect for their employees. They make beautiful girls like u work so hard. What was the hurry. We wud have signed anytime.

# idiot first he compulsed us to work fast and now giving air as to what was the need.#

U know we like to complete work on time.

They dnt know what u r worth. He got up from his chair and walked to her side.

Huh will u plzz sign. I need to go. she moved a little back in her chair.

Fir hurry. He slumped on the chair next to her. relax. Dinner?

She tried to get up.

I will leave the file u can sign when u r free.

He stood and towered over her.

Not so easily. I have been waiting for u since afternoon.


He moved and held her hand.

Y did u think Maan singh khurana has send u today?

Dnt u dare that.

Anger?? Dnt give me attitude. He grabbed her shoulders.

Leave me. she twisted her shoulder to get rid off him.

She started struggling as his fingers dug into her. he pulled her closer to hit his chest. he caught her duppatta and pulled it ripping it from safety pin'. Geet tried her best to get out of his hold but he held her too tightly.

The first time I saw u I knew I wanted u. y r u struggling so much.. I can offer u better post than khurana' join me.. it will be easy life'.


He bend his head and kissed her nape. Geet winced and cried she hit him with her fist while he held her. seeing geet still struggling he nipped her and bit her on her shoulder. she tried to hit him with her leg. Continuous hitting made him stop. She bit his wrist to detangle her hand.

U witch. He bend and tried to kiss on her lips. Geet shook her head so that he cudnt. He banged her body into the wall and encircled one hand around her body to hold her stable. With his other hand he fixed her face and kissed on her lips. Geet closed her mouth shut. He bit on her lips she winced in pain but didn't let her mouth open. He hit her back with his fist to make her weak and tired. Geet got hold of a vase kept on the near bytable. She hit his back with it. The moment he loosened his hold geet hit him hard on his hand with the broken vase to injure him hard. She took the time gap to run towards the exit.

u will loose ur job i will complain to khurana.
maan will kill u for this...
he crouched on the ground in pain. He picked up a glass piece and hit her on her calf muscles. It was painful but geet struggled with her injured foot out of the room.

As soon as she got out of the room she pushed the sofa outside to block the door and limped towards the stairway.


She found a safe corner in the parking lot. With her torn dress she didn't had the guts to walk to the front potico where her car was waiting. She looked down at her torn dress, it told the whole story. She tried to wrap herself with her hands. She called maan. He didn't pick for the first time. She called again.

Haan geet.

She kept quiet.

Geet hurry mein meeting mein hu.


Did u get the file signed?

Nahi. She replied very meekly.

Geet plz do it before u goto riya's place. and im in a meeting we will talk later.

Geet thik hai? r u there?


He cut the phone.


She sat there for some more time.

Her phone started ringing. It was nuts. She received it.

Geet kahan hai? When will we goto riya's place.

Geet bol na'

Nuts mein nahi aungi.

Geet kya hua?

Nuts tu aaja. Address note kar.

Kya hua?

I need u.

Geet?fine mein aa rahi hu.


Nuts entered the parking and as she saw geet she knew something has gone wrong. She ran to her. she expected geet to cry and tell her what happened. She questioned her umpteen times but geet didn't reply. She just cuddled in nut's arms.

Yahan se chal. was all she said.

Nuts took a taxi and wrapped geet in her jacket. They soon reached hospital where nuts had already informed tammy.

Di is she fine tune check up kiya na..

Fine. Not raped but attempted to. Sedatives diye hai to calm her. did she tell u?

Nahi. Kuch bhiu nahi. Maine bhut pucha.

Mat puch. Let her take her time.

 Geet's phone rang.

Who is calling her so late?

Uske ghar se phone hai, landline'

Kya karegi..

Driver ko to meine call karke ghar bhej diya tha.. varna shak hota' everyone knows there that she is at riya's place. par mein bata deti hu. Daadi nahi hai delhi mein.

Stop it nuts. Dnt be silly. Uski family especially her husband may react weirdly. U dnt know what he may do. Geet khud bolegi. Tu jhut bol de. Varna use shak ho jaega.



Vo she is busy.. mein nuts.. natasha

I get it. Im her husband. Just called to know if she is fine. She left the driver.

Haan we travelled together. Usse bulau kya?

Nahi just tell her I called. No need to call back. Enjoy.




Oh god. Ye to easy tha.

Uska husband caring hai yaar.

Pata nahi di ab aage kya hoga.





geet u will have to tell. u r silence is affirming Mr desai's allegation. JM tried his best to make her talk 


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we are waitinggg
friends we are already reached 28 pages

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wow just loved it didi .. i was refreshing page like anything ... 
oh my god !! i wonder how maan gonna react on this ... hope geet ll be fine .. 

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Day DreamingDay Dreaming

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Originally posted by mrk_1

Originally posted by mons_mb

Originally posted by rockingfan

Originally posted by mons_mb

she's offlineCry
k then till she's offline
we'll make this thread reach page 50Wink
i would love to spam
but right now i m dead sleepySleepy

my condition is so pathetis here .near to 12 and my street dogs r giving varieties of sounds and scaring me ... 
yaar my mom is yelling at me Cry
to shut the damn lappy and sleep
and i m literally refreshing like every 5 secsAngryAngry

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Thanjs for the update =) x

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