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ARHI FF : Life and its twists !!! *On Hold* (Page 91)

nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 11:52am | IP Logged

Part 25 :

It was his routine to go to Mehra's every Wednesday and Friday morning to have a word with the designers and check the quotations. Although initially he saw some quotations which were downright absurd, since it was the first time Mehra's needed the materials and suppliers tried to bank on that to quote more, the name Arnav Singh Raizaada set them right. Also , the nagging problem of photographer was sorted out, since one of buddies , who thankfully wasn't affected by the ASR persona had agreed to do the shoot. Although ,he had tried to inform Kaajal and Khushi about the photographer ,it was impossible for him to make them listen to him. Either they talked a lot or cribbed a lot (with Khushi being the winner here). He never realised at times when for two hours the only words uttered by him were "Hmmm" ... "ahan" ... "yes" .. or "OK" .


"No wonder Prem doubted that he had done some real bad karma in his past life to have sisters like them. I get annoyed when dii behaves like a kid he has three of such to handle ", he thought shaking his head with a small smile on his face. He just heard a hustle in Khushi's cabin , assuming that it was Sia(Khushi's PA) he went there to ask for some files and opened the door. "What the !!! ..." , said Arnav, looking at Khushi at her desk giving instructions to her PA. He was sure it was Khushi , since Kaajal was at Bangalore from past couple of days and she was to return today afternoon. She gave him one of his nervous smiles before burying her head into the sketch book. She had worn jeans and a peach Chikkan kurti, her hair was tied in a messy bun, a pencil in held in her mouth and had atleast 4 color-pencils attached to it at sides making her look like a modern tribal woman.


Arnav – tum ... tum yaha kya kar rahi ho ?? ... tumhe rest lene ke liye kaha gaya tha naa ??

Khushi – hmmm ... (concentrating on her sketch)

Arnav – Khushi ... Khushi !!! ... (now losing his patience , he nodded at a scared Sia to get out, who promptly did that) ... KHUSHI !!!! ... (he strode to her and caught hold of her hand with a jerk while she looked incredulously at him) ... Kitni baar kaha hai ... jab tumse baat kar raha hoo ... toh meri taraf dekha karo !!! ...

Khushi – (blinked at him) ... hmmm ... woohhh ... chummeee...cbooree... (she tried speaking with a pencil held in her mouth) ...

Arnav – (not able to make out what she was telling , and then looked at the pencil in her mouth and took it out) ... ab bolo ...

Khushi – woh ... hum bore ho rahe the ghar pe ...

Arnav – toh ??? ... kisne kaha tha bimaar padne ke liye ??? ... aur bore ho rahi toh office aa gayi ??

Khushi – arrey ... toh aur kya karte ?? ... aur waise bhi ek design aaya tha dimaagh mai toh socha ki isse pehle ki woh gayab ho jaaye , hum usse sketch kar lenge ...

Arnav – u know what ?? ... you are Unbelievable !!! ...(and let go of her hand .She made a face and got back to sketching as if nothing had happened ) ...

Arnav – Khushi ...

Khushi – hmmm ...(gesturing him to wait with one hand) ... (after about 2 minutes , she looked satisfied at the design and gave a huge smile and showing it to him) ... howzzatt ??? ...

Arnav – (looking intently at the design and its cuts, with Khushi looking nervously at his expressions) ... its good ... pehle baar aisa design dekh raha hoo ... bridal design which is backless ...n a overcoat...  interesting ...

Khushi – actually ... backless nahi hai ... (showing him the intricate criss-crossing of dori's at the back) ...

Arnav – actually Khushi ... I have a suggestion ... if its ok with you ... (she nodded and he took one of the pencils from her hair and added pompoms at the end of choli in held by pearls) ... we have to just make sure these pompoms are slightly bigger than the pearls. (Arnav just turned and froze .Khushi who was just peering at the sketch, hovering behind Arnav , never realised how close they were. Their faces were just inches apart ,with him looking at her and she looking at the sketch. When he finally breathed out, his breath lingered at her cheeks making her realize and she gulped in some air, while still pretending to look at the sketch)

Khushi – hmmm ... crystals kaise rahenge ?? (she tried to divert her mind) ...

Arnav – eh ... cr... crystals ??? ... too flashy ... specially with the rustic material jo tum use karna chahti ho ...

Khushi – hmmm ... shayad aap sahi keh rahe hai ...(slowly straightening herself, without making it obvious) ...

Arnav – shayad ???? ...(raising an eyebrow) ... Arnav Singh Raizaada kabhi galat nahi hota ... (he added haughtily, while Khushi rolled her eyes at him) ... aur Khushi ... (just then Sia knocked the door and peered inside)

Sia – Sir ... woh Mr.Dev has arrived .

Arnav – OK ... usse yahi leke aao ... (Sia nodded and left )

Khushi – Mr.Dev ??

Arnav – woh ... photographer jiske baare mai bataya tha ... actually batane ki koshish kar raha tha ... tum aur Kaajal sunne ko tayyar kaha rehti ho ?? ...

Khushi – oh !!! ... toh kya hua ... hum dono ne aapse pehle hi kaha tha na ki aap jise chaahe hire kar sakte ho ... (just then Sia came bak with Mr.Dev)

Arnav – hey !! ... kaise ho ?? (they both shook hands and gave a one arm hug to each other) ...

Khushi – UD ??? ... (with a mixture of pleasure and horror written all over her face, which was reflected on his face too ) ...

Mr.Dev – Kaa ...Khu ... ??? ... (not sure who exactly it was) ...

Arnav – (a bit confused) ... Khushi ?? ... tum isse jaanti ho ?? ...

Mr.Dev – oh hell !!! ... thank god ki tum ho ... else by now mai ek prt aatma hota !!! ...

Khushi – Yuvraaj Dev !!!! ... tum ?? ... yaha ??? ... no ... no ... no no no ... oh god !!! hey devi maiyaaa ... what the !!! (which made Arnav raise his eyebrows, she went and hugged UD) ...

UD – woh ... tumhaari behen yaha pe hai kyaa ??? ... if yes please tell me ... mai apna bulletproof jacket leke aata hoon ...

Khushi – (hitting his arm) ... oh come on ... woh aisa kuch nahi karegi ... (she said with a tinge of doubt )

Arnav – tum dono ... exactly ... ek doosre ko kaise jaante ho ??

UD – London se jaante hai ...

Arnav – that doesn't explain anything ...

Khushi – ek hi university se hai ... Kaajal ka friend hai ... thaa ... 1 saal pehle tak ... (UD's face fell) ... par mera dost hai (added holding his arm) ... waise tum yaha pe kya kar rahe ho ??

Arnav – (before UD could answer) ... Khushi !! ... do minute pehle hi toh bataya tha ... ki yeh humara photographer hai ...

Khushi – KYAAA ??? ... nahiii ... don't mind UD ... tumhara kaam accha hai ... maine dekha hai uni mai ... par Kaajal tumhe maar daalegi ... uske baad mujhe maar daalegi ... aur phir aapko (showing Arnav)...

Arnav – kyun ??? ...

Khushi – (going near Arnav) ... in dono ka bahut bada jhagda hua tha London mai ... aur phir uska gussa toh aap jaante hi ho ... details baad mai bataaungi ...

Arnav – no ... I don't get it ... hum dono (showing himself and Khushi) bhi jhagadte hai ... i mean the ... but it never was a problem in professional life ... we need to convince her bass ... (she thought for a sec)

UD – its ok Arnav ... I don't think it will ...

Khushi – arre ... no ... tum kahi nahi jaaoge ... ek hi toh friend hai mera London se , usse kaise jaane doon ... aur waise bhi ... mai Kaajal ko samjha doongi ... mera collection hai... mai hi decide karungi ki kaun photographer hai ... (she said with a slight mischievous grin) ... btw UD ... welcome to Mehra Group ...(she called sia to acquaint him with the office , procedures and signing of documents)

Later during lunch , Khushi had explained Arnav about UD and KJ's relation. They were once very close friends who got along like a house on fire. People, including Khushi thought that it was just a matter of time until they officially became a couple, until a misunderstanding in the name of Shyla tore their friendship and love apart. Kaajal was very hurt ,since she had atleast expected UD to be man enough to tell her about Shyla himself, but she had got to know about them from a third person. She had vowed to kill him , but then Khushi had put some sense into her. What was even worse was even UD didnt budge and explain himself to KJ , although he had told Khushi that it was shyla who was throwing herself on him at every opportunity and spreading rumours. He was hurt that KJ didnt trust him and didnt know how to get rid of Shyla. Khushi had tried to explain it to her twin ,but to no avail , since KJ wasn't ready to listen .Khushi then told Arnav that all she wanted was UD and KJ to make up and be friends again, since without him KJ was broken from inside. The trail of broken relationships she had in the past year was alarming and Khushi was sure that UD was the only answer. Just then UD came and joined them .

UD – hey ... mind if I take some shots in ur studio ??? ... Mujhe check karni hai if I need any extra lenses or cameras or softwares ...

Khushi – no problem ... chale ?? (she asked the men) ...


In the studio :

Arnav – what the hell are we doing here standing like idiots ?? (he asked Khushi from the corner of his mouth) ...

Khushi – main bhi wohi soch rahi hoo ... (she hushed. UD had made them the makeshift models for his photos and they were trying their best to be not annoyed with it ) ... actually ...(her eyes turned to Arnav's and Arnav looked at her) ...

UD – just hold on ... just hold it ... ( he snapped that shot) ...

Arnav – What the !!! ...

Khushi – aap paagal hai kya ??? ... (the door opened) ...

Kaajal – (entering) ... hey guys !!!! ...

UD – it was ... (turning to Kaajal) ...

Kaajal – TUM ??? ... hey bhaggu !!!! ... Yuvraaj DEV !!! ... tum yaha kya kar rahe ho ??? ... isko andar kisne aane diya ?? ... (menacing towards him) ...

UD – ek minute (shoving Khushi a bit unceremoniously since she had come in between and  was trying to talk peace) ... mujhe yaha kaam ke liye invite kiya gaya hai ...

Kaajal – kis Gadhe ne tume invite kiya ???

UD – is gadhe ne ...(pointing towards ASR) ...

Arnav – What the ?? ... u called me a gadha ...

Kaajal – how dare u call him a gadha u Ultimate Dumbass UD !!! ... (standing with her hands on her hips )

Khushi – (quiet calmly) is waqt aap sabhi gadhon ki tarah behave kar rahe ho ...

Kaajal – Khushi ... tu jaanti hai na ... i don't want to see this person ...

UD – excuse me !!!! mujhe bhi tumhari rang birangi defected shakal dekhne ka koi shauck nahi hai ...

Kaajal and Khushi – KYA ??? ... defected shakal ??? ...

UD – not urs Khushi darling ... iski (pointing at KJ)

Kaajal – oh really PSYCHO ?? ... toh phir tum yaha kya kar rahe ho ??? ...

UD – ek baar kahi cheez tumhare kaan brain tak  transmit nahi kar sakte kya ?? ... ofcourse not ... kyunki information beech mai hi short circuit ho jaati hai ... and btw Khushi ... mujhe is short-circuited brain se baat karke apna time waste nahi karna ... Mujhe apna kaam karna hai ... aur aise distractions (showing KJ) ko mai stand nahi kar sakta ...

Kaajal – oh really ??? tumhe stand karna bhi aata hai kya ??? ...

UD – shut up u nutto !!! ...

Kaajal – u shuttt ...

UD – Khushi ... Arnav ... i hope tum log mujhe insult hone ke liye pay nahi kar rahe ho ... if thats the case ... I am ...

Kaajal – toh jaaa naaa ... aise fake he-man ki tarah pose kyun de raha hai ... (UD started to shove his camera when Khushi came and held his hand) ...

Khushi – UD ... please ... mat jaao ... mai phir se tumhe invite kar rahi ho kaam ke liye ... we need you ...

Arnav – yes yuvraaj ... we do want you to work with us ...

UD – (thinking for a minute,stopped packing ) ... come on guys ... get me the models ... we need to work ... and lets have some *FUN* (added sarcastically towards Kaajal ) ...

Kaajal – tum log ... tum log (showing Arnav and Khushi) ... tum log aise kaise kar sakte ho mere saath ??? ... (and stomped off kicking a earthen pot on the way ) ...


Khushi looked helplessly at the door and at UD and started to go to Kaajal when Arnav came next to her and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder and said"Mai uske paas jaata hoon ... you handle it here" . "Par ...". " No parr warr Khushi ... tum jaaogi toh aur nakhre karegi ... trust me ...(after a moment) ... tum theek ho ?? " , he said . She nodded and he left.


End of part 25

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arshiforeve Goldie

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nice update

Edited by piya19 - 29 December 2011 at 12:08pm

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nishi IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by piya19

update naDisapprove

dear ... I guesss I have exactly done that ... Smile
tina_1234 IF-Rockerz

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awesome part..loved it!!

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meenaluma IF-Rockerz

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nice part pls continue soon

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arhi-fan Goldie

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It was such an awesome update. Seems like arnav has become a close frnd to kaajal.

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LyssaPie IF-Sizzlerz

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amazing update!!!

Please don't make us wait for too long for the next one

I love this FF! It's too good

Keep up the good work Thumbs Up

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-Zara- IF-Sizzlerz

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aww cant wait to see how kajal and dev get along, LOL

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