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ARHI FF : Life and its twists !!! *On Hold* (Page 84)

nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 November 2011 at 10:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by lara3110

Loved part 22 and the conversation between Arnav and Kaajal.

thanks lara ... glad you liked the update

nishi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 June 2004
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Posted: 18 November 2011 at 10:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kritianya

Nice update
par ab ye kushi ko kya hua?????
arnav ne kajal ko sab kuch bata diya wowww
cont soon

thanks Kritianya ...
glad you liked the update ...

u ll come to know what's wrong to Khushi in coming parts ... Smile
nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 November 2011 at 10:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by srahs

nyc one yaar

thankx for pm 
kajjal is tooo smart for them as cupid i wish epi main be koi kajjal hoti

thanks srahs ... glad you liked the update Smile ...

yup ... she is miss smartypants LOLLOLLOL ...

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nishi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 June 2004
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Posted: 18 November 2011 at 10:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tinu.jindal

hello nishi
will u update today?

no dear ... Unhappy ...
today n tomo not possi ...
I havent even started writing next part OuchOuch ...

..Anita.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 November 2011 at 9:43pm | IP Logged
kajal will help arnav and khushi get together!!! well i am guessing
great update and please update soon
nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 November 2011 at 9:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anita_21492

kajal will help arnav and khushi get together!!! well i am guessing
great update and please update soon

thanks dear ... glad you liked the update ...
n lets c wats KJ upto ... Wink
nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 November 2011 at 10:02am | IP Logged
Part 23 :

Kaajal – (after around 5 minutes of eerie silence, she gasped) ... OMG !!!!

Arnav – Kya hua ???

Kaajal – (she looked intently into his eyes,with a slight confusion) ... you LOVE her !!!! ... (Arnav looked stunned at Kaajal)... yes ... it makes complete sense now ... you LOVE her ...

Arnav – (trying to get back to ASR mode) ... What ??? ... what the hell Kaajal ?? ... I am not in ...

Kaajal – ofcourse you are ... and ofcourse you wont ...

Arnav – what ?? (confused) ... you know ??? tum khud hi apne baat ko nullify kar rahi ho ...

Kaajal – (shaking her head ) phew !!! Men !!! ... mere kehne ka matlab tha ... ofcourse you LOVE her and ofcourse ... you will NOT accept it ...not so easily atleast... thanks to the three lettered word – EGO ...

Arnav – kya bakwaas hai yeh ...

Kaajal – bakwaas nahi ... sach hai ... it makes complete sense now (speaking more to herself) tumhe ajeeb nahi lagta ??... you remember each and every bit of any moment with her ... every fight ... every word ... and for a business tycoon who doesn't remember his employees name below two levels  management , yeh definitely badi baat hai ...

Arnav – oh really ??? aur yeh tum itne confidence se kaise keh sakti ho ??

Kaajal – coz ... I have done a major in psychology ...and thanks to that ... I can read psychos like you ... pretty easily ...

Arnav – ur crazy Kaajal ...

Kaajal – ahan ?? ... Atleast I am not a egoistic stupid business tycoon who happens to be a chicken in a disguise of lion ...

Arnav – tumhari ...

Kaajal – himmat kaise hui ?? ... by default meri himmat aise hii hai ... one free suggestion to you ... calm down ... apna rusted dimaagh use karo ... aur socho ... Khushi is not going to wait for you forever ... get that ??? sooner or later she will have to get married ... gharwaalon ke wajah se hi sahi ... aur mujhe pukka yakeen hai ki woh zyaada manaa nahi karegi ... knowing the martyr she is , I am sure she will agree to any resume who is approved by the family ...par tum yeh socho ... kya tum usse kisi aur ke saath dekh sakte ho ??? ... can you accept the fact that she would be someone else's wife , live with him , sleep with him , bear his kids and grow old with him ?? ... is it possible for you to not blame yourself seeing her be with someone else wondering if that someone could have been you ?? ...

Arnav – tum kehna kya chahti ho ??

Kaajal – sirf yehi ... there is time now ... the ball is in your court ... if you LOVE her and want her to be with you ... the least you can do is go ahead and tell her that ... (she waited for sometime to see his reaction , but when he didnt budge she shook her head and turned to leave) ...

Arnav – par ... (she turned to look back at him) ... woh mujhe kaise accept karegi ??? after all that has gone through between us , after the number of times i have hurt her ... woh mujhse kaise pyaar kar sakegi ?? ...

Kaajal – (now with a bright smile) ... owww ... poor puppy ... (she pouted a bit) ... you know ... ek raaz ki baat baatao ?? ... (he nodded ) ... I cannot understand the way behana behaves nor can I read her so easily ... I donno why ...par main itna jaanti hoo ... if there is one thing which can be predicted about Khushi ...  its that ... Khushi is unpredictable ... and coming to ur point ... after what you hab told me ... there is a lot to hate about you ASR ... but I am pretty sure , she doesn't hate you ... although i donno if she loves you ... she surely cares for you ... a LOTTT !!!

Arnav – tum yeh kaise keh sakti ho ki woh mujhe hate nahi karti .???

Kaajal – coz you are *Alive* in *one piece* ... without much physical damage ...

Arnav – what ????

Kaajal – oh !!! ... you donno her anger ... do you ??? ... her anger creeps ME out !!! ...

Arnav – aur tum chahti ho ki mai usse jaake yeh kahu ki mai usse pyaar karta hoo ??

Kaajal – ofcourse !!! ... you know *chotte* (he glared at her, while she giggled) ... words are one of our greatest friends and yet one of our greatest foes ... sometimes people depart due to words spoken in the spur of moment ... yet most of the times , people move away from each other due to words unspoken ... so speak up ... (he moved towards the door, while she rushed towards him to stop) ... not now ... (rolling her eyes) ... she is not in the right mind now ... and tum ainviii jaake usse nahi keh sakte ...

Arnav – phir kya karu ??

Kaajal – mere kehna maano ... I will tell you when ... till then for ur own sake ... listen to me and do as i tell you ... and don't act like a lost puppy in front of her ... be urself ... Khadoos and sadu ... and what does she call you ???

Arnav – Laad Governor ...

Kaajal – yup !!! LG !!! ... now go sleep ... good night ... (Kaajal went towards Khushi's room, Arnav followed her) ...  

Arnav – you both share a room ?? ( a bit puzzled) ...

Kaajal – no ... and that doesn't mean ki tum future mai spiderman banke room mai khidki se ghuss sakte ho ...(Arnav rolled his eyes which meant 'as if i was gonna') ... you neva know ... Main aaj raat uske saath hi sone waali hoo ... she might need me ... and you go now ... (she literally pushed him to his room and closed hers and Khushi's door) ...jaaaooo ...




The next day Khushi got up with a throbbing head ache , with hazy memories of the day before . She felt very weak and tired and her body was aching a lot. She felt Kaajal's arm hugging her tightly and Kaajal's hair strewn across her neck ,tickling her a bit . She opened her eyes with a bit difficulty ,trying to adjust her eyesight to the slightly dark room .She moved her sister's hair from her neck and tucked it slowly behind her ears .Kaajal stirred a bit and Khushi gave a weak smile .

Khushi – Kaajal ... (with a bit difficulty) ...

Kaajal – hmmm ... (she opened her eyes slightly , smiled at her sister and closed again to open her eyes in shock after a few seconds. She got up and checked her sister's head to confirm that she had high fever and was pretty weak. She decided to play safe) ... hey thr ... kaise feel kar rahi ho ??

Khushi – hmmm ... sarr mai dard hai ... body mai dard hai ... kaafi kamzor feel kar rahi hoo ... (she tried getting up) ... par Kaajal ... hum yaha kaise pahunche ??? hum to Shantivan gaye the naa ??

Kaajal – (was a bit shocked but composed herself) ... kamzor nahi toh kyaa wresting match ke liye taaqat aayegi agar khayegi nahi toh ?? ... dekh kaise beemar pad gayi ... tum faint ho gayi thi Shantivan mai ... toh humlogon ko tumhe ghar laana pada ... aur bukhaar bhi badd gaya tera ... you know how much you scared us Khushi ??? (Khushi again tried getting up,but Kaajal pushed her back to the bed) ... uthne ki koshish bhi mat kar ... warna I swear I will tie you up to the bed ... now get back to sleep ... mai doctor ko bulane jaa rahi huu ... and no office n kaam for you for some days ... don't even try to protest ... warna I will ban you from entering office ... (Khushi pouted and went back to sleep) ...


Arnav was up by the time Kaajal came out of the room . When enquired , she told him and the family that Khushi didnt remember a thing of what had happened yesterday evening , other than the fact that they had gone to Shantivan . Although , everyone was a bit worried , she explained that it would be better to play along that line until Sunny comes . She told her family to be normal around her , fuss around her but not tell her what had happened. She informed Arnav that Khushi might not be able to start working on the project for sometime and he was fine with it . Kaajal lent her car to Arnav ,since he hadn't got his ,to get back home .


In the evening ,Arnav got a call from Kaajal to come home with any stupid work related to the project so that she could shut Khushi up . She informed him that Khushi was ridiculously throwing tantrums to get back to work and since her fever had come down a bit, even the doctor had told her she could work a bit from home, but not stress herself more. Arnav reached Mehra Mansion in an hour and he was escorted to Khushi's room by Prem.


Prem – pata nahi mera naseeb hi aisa hai ... ya pichle janam mai maine kisi paagal se punga liya tha ... meri behene mujhe paagal khaane bhejne pe tuli hui hai ... (he complained to Arnav) ...(when they reached her room) ... kuch zyaada hi hyper hai ... pataa nahi kaunsi kaam karne waala bhoot chada hai uspar ... All the best ... (he told Arnav , who just nodded in response)

Kaajal – (she saw Arnav open the door) ... Hey !!! ...

Arnav – hi !!! ... Kaisi tabeeyat hai iski ??

Khushi – hum theek hai ... aur waise bhi aap humare tabeeyat ke baare mai humse bhi pooch sakte hai ... (clearly giving a hint that she was annoyed. When he looked at her ,he saw she had a bowl of soup ,which he assumed to be spinach soup and another bowl of oats and fruits mixture and a glass of juice kept near her)

Kaajal – whr is Prem bhai ?? ...

Arnav – I think ... woh abhi yaha se nikle ... why ??

Kaajal – oh !!! ... He was on doctor duty ... and I am here on Khushi Patrol ... (she asked him to come in and indicated him to sit on the bed ,while she was seated on the other end of the bed with Khushi seated in the middle ,resting her head on the headrest) ... and who on earth asked you to stop eating it ??? (she asked Khushi) ...

Khushi – (irritated) ... soup is supposed to be drunk not eaten ...

Kaajal – all the same (rolling her eyes ) ... now just drink or eat or whatever ... or you want me to shove it down your throat ??? ...(Khushi took in a spoonful of it and gulped it in making a weird face) ... tum babies se bhi worst ho ... even Neal doesn't throw soo much tantrums ...and btw ... staring at food with soo much hatred doesn't make it disappear ...(jes then her phone rang and she answered it )  

Khushi – mujhe yeh khana bilkul pasand nahi hai ... yeh toh bimaar log aur gadhe khaate hai ...

Kaajal -  exactly the reason why *you* are having it ... (Khushi looked at her annoyingly ) ... Ek ki tum bimaar ho ... aur doosra ki tum *Gadhi* ho !!! ... (Khushi just took the nearest pillow and threw it at her twin, but missed it) ... no use behanaa ... and btw mujhe kuch kaam se baahar jaana hai ... (to Arnav) can you babysit for sometime ??? (making Arnav smirk)

Arnav – sure ... (Khushi looked at him while narrowing her eyes in slight anger) ...

Kaajal – and sadu ... don allow her to even look at work until she finishes eating all of it ... (she showed the platter) ... and be careful ... (she left to the door) ... and don't let madam get off the bed ...


Khushi waited for her sister to leave and with a naughty smirk kept the soup bowl on the table and extended her hand towards Arnav indicating him to give her the files .

Arnav – (nodding his head in disapproval) ... pehle khana khao ... uske baad ...

Khushi – mujhe nahi khaana ... (she crossed her arms and pouted)

Arnav – then tumhe files nahi milenge ... (both stared at each other for some time and Khushi realised that Arnav was not the one to give up ) ...

Khushi – (frustrated took the soup bowl again and started to gobble up the soup and finished it) ... abhi mil sakte hai ?? ...

Arnav – (controlling his urge to laugh ) ... well Kaajal ne kaha tha ki tumhe yeh sab (pointing towards the platter) khatam karni hai ...

Khushi – accha ?? aap kabse doosron ki baat maan ne lage Mr.Arnav Singh Raizaada ?? ...

Arnav –(knowing very well that she was trying to provoke him to ASR mode) ... kaafi time se ... anyways ... kal tumhari haalat dekhne ke baad ,I agree with Kaajal ... (Khushi sighed in annoyance) ... soch lo ... khana khalo aur kaam pe lag sakte hai ... ya phir aise hii baithi raho ... bina kaam ke ...

Khushi – (irritatingly shoved the oats and fruits museli into her mouth) ... this should be illegal ... (Arnav looked questioningly at her) ... Khana khao yaa phir kaam mat karo ... (he chuckled) ...waise aapko yaha coat pehenne ki zaroorat nahi hai ...


After about 10 mins Khushi had finished her food while refreshments had been sent for Arnav. He had got rid of his coat and was going through the files while Khushi cleared her throat to get his attention.

Khushi – ab khush ???

Arnav – nahi ... (taking out her tablets ) ... yeh khalo ... tab shayad khush ho jaau ... (she silently took it and had ) ...

Khushi – Arnavji ... ( in a soft tone) ... kya main aapse ek baat pooch sakti hu ??

Arnav – poocho ...

Khushi – dekhiye hume pataa hai ki mujhe aapse nahi poochna chahiye ... par Kaajal aur mere family waale mujhe kuch batane se rahe ...par mai ummeed karti huu ki aap mujhse sach kahenge ...

Arnav – poocho khushi ...

Khushi – hume kal kya hua tha ??? (Arnav just stared back at her )

End of part 23

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nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 November 2011 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Hey guys !!!

I know ... I know ... I had promised an update long back ... but I couldnt ...
since ... my brain refused to co-operate with me ..CryCry ...

Although I have posted this part ... I am still not satisfied with it ...
This is almost the 3rd or 4th draft of part 23 ...
But I do hope ... that I havent let you guys down OuchOuch ...

Please do go thru and lemme know ur comments/suggestions
Any further ideas are more than welcome ...

And plzzz do not forget to "LIKE" the post if you do ...

And I welcome real jootas , ghisa pita types also chalega this time ..OuchOuchEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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